drunken morning sex. sadness

“I screamed like a banshee when I came. / “You didn’t wake up.” / She takes another drag and holds out the cigarette. / I reach and …


I’m going / to die now, / just / to become wind / And become ,,,

I Stand Here Naked

I stand here naked / Looking in the mirror / Sad because / My body is not what it used to be / It was once so tough / A dancer’s body bot…

Naked and laughing

…whispers promising raspberry kisses and galaxies of freckles swirl into my ears…

A Model Woman

“Do you know the time of love?” She spoke / To move to my mind with breathing’s way

Tahitian girls, naked ballerinas and coal miners

characters in my dreams


Her hair flows freely, looks like ravens / Guarding the tower of her nubile frame / Taunts and teases with every movement / Playing with de…

The naked city. I want to go back, at least once …

I spent five days nude. / Going shopping. / Sitting in the open-air restaurants. / Going to the post-office and chatting with fellow gue…

The naked truth: nudism, naturism. No clothes.

How you too can be a naturist would not be a bad topic. It is often said that most people would love to skinny-dip some time in their lives…




I’m strutting my verve on these pages / Flaunting my literary juices / Succulent dissertations to assimilate / I want your doing wor…


Have you ever danced naked / on the tip of a flame / or skipped on ripples / of a butterfly’s wake

Soulfully dirty girl

Will you get soulfully dirty in my words? / Plump up yourself with conceptions of me / I am hunting for an incense of cinders and petals / …

Naked Garden

She was nude, but no chill had ever been felt to her skin. The softness of her innocence mirrored the purity of the garden.

naked in the presence of where your roots grow

I knelt down / to Her naked / with my naked— / my ear to her musk / heavy breast; / her heart beating / in love / with mine. / I listened /…

The Naked Wilde

While the air moves through marrow / To excite what is life


Excuse me while I stare at your honesty.



Vagina Soul —a poem

Sustained to join inhale and live it’s release..

Starkly by Daylight

starkly she is torn brightly / ripping at the shreds of her allure / exposing her flesh to the gaze


he was found there / morning after / sitting naked

I Will Lay Naked Before You

I will lay naked before you / Wearing nothing but my heart / Enthralled by your natural beauty / I will give to you my love of which / Ther…

Brutal Regime

I fought a long battle against prejudice and ignorance!



How I ended up naked, beside a V.W..

The one with the covered breasts soon appeared in the main Sunday papers, (Sun-Herald, in NSW, spread across two pages.), as well as the Qa…


arms laden with masks / paper thin / and transluscent / pages of my delusions

naked thoughts the talisman breathing, will know

sky, / a limitless tasting; / ocean, / spells the sanity over mere words / man’s intention can be cheap when actions are spent / dig…

Lost my nerve


Into the opening naked

No more than the last breath / you took for the first time

Walking Naked On The Face Of the Earth

This magnificence will pass / As it is written / To be ensnared in its own elements and disintegration.

Come Hither, Poet

Layest thou down, / Betwixt petals of my tortured heart, / my tender soul, my gardens.

labour intense

she’s working hard. / arched neck, flexed toes. / rocking, writhing, grinding.

Naked we Come ©

Naked we Come © / BY: Hector A. Encinas

Counterfeit love and naked self

lying lips taste sweeter in the night / lotus blossom fragrance / and the scent of loves slow decay / like a dance of devils fork / they em…

Sound, Body, Broken and Rendered

Not for the faint of heart

Ice Age – Naked Water Sprite

In Swedish folklore Nature was animated by spirits. / They were not hostile, but could be tricky and / dangerous… You needed to be ca…

The Note

He came from a place I’d never heard of / Summoning / Through a window held ajar with string / Bird song / To land on his strong olive hand…

“The worst trespass against the goddess Ven…

“I don’t buy the myth…”

Sinful pride – Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes, / What do you see? / or are you too busy / eyeing the rest of me!


a terrifying trap, these / two bodies colliding

If Lily could talk- The naked baby

I am naked, languishing in my bath time / Trusting, innocent, vulnerable / So silky soft and wide eyed too / You hold me up, wetting my cro…

As i sat naked in the showering rain

As i sat naked in the showering rain / being cleansed within the universe / Eyeslids closed, can hear the high’s and low’s / o…

You drew me naked

You drew me naked  / With strokes of feeling / A Micheal angelo  / On the Sistine ceiling / My manhood stood / For you erect / But it wasn…

Nearly Midnight

…I will go to her and I will hope again / tomorrow…

room 301


Pain and Ice Cream

Come on laughter and cry aloud / with the madness of ending the staged comedy

The naked truth

Not that naturists (or nudists) instantly turn into nice people, when they are naked in each others’ company.

Sonnet no.1 Nectars naked honey Buzzed.

Nectar naked honey buzzed / To sweeten love’s desire / Honeycombed that moment / In summers sunshine’s fire / Sweet the scented…

Evening Star – XXX


She Is Naked

You are free to be inside yourself / Completely naked; being

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #3

A sexual waking and the romantic quaking / to touch less …

gourmet delights – a breakfast tale ®


push n’ shove

he forces her legs apart roughly as he mounts her from behind. with ease he penetrates that sweet subtle core.


let’s form a river, darling / and follow its silver curves / to liquid bliss



For Those Who Would See Me Naked…

Simply playing. I don’t really have issues. I just found this amusing. :) / Happy Monday!!!!!!!

Body of Art

poetry’s ink on naked bodies

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #1

The earn of love’s lasting … / The spirit of naked soul / pleasures. (A CRITICAL THREAD POEM)


that certain glance / that certain sigh / that says one thing / you and i / seductive heart / you give yourself away / come dance with me …

I Don’t Believe in Magic

I don’t believe in magic, but in your presence I’m possessed.



An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #2

Here there is a pungent spirit. / Lips stick to my soul’s listen. / And the body of this …

Morning Kiss

Oh, to taste the waking kiss of beauty


Shall we abandon clocks / destroy time / and every social etiquette / to idle in mouths and movements? / I imagine intimate afternoons, /…

Just The Bare Bones Exposed

Flighty fanciful moments occur / on the spur / of a whim / Long whispered

standing naked

the lights are dim / the stage is set / it will be a night / he will never forget / the champagne is chilled / the cheese is so fine / the …

The Ride

Her blonde hair flashes over my face, / As she bites her bottom lip and cries out, / A rebel yell into the wild night, / With her white h…

Dreams and Dust

You gave yourself to another / untrusting soul / And I belong to no one / untrusting soul

Naked and Warm

Naked, I take shelter in a tempest

Stripped, Bear Chested and Naked

Stripped / Bear chested / Naked

Stripped Naked

I strip off / Shed shirt, jeans, jocks / And run butt naked in the street

Hotel nudity

I needed to increase the thrill

Naked Again

The seconds feel like hours / The shadow forever a perfect silhouette / A burning desire…..

recalling the summers of her naked shoulders

streaking comet of sexual velocity

Naked Prayer

Trembling hands touch / the sacred ground / you walked / the chasm, / the cavity of / my heart. / Love is a knife that / belongs to those c…

the naked dance

dancing in the fields / naked and in love / hearing every sound / the cooing of doves / a blanket on the ground / where they lie and rest /…


“Why do we only smile when we’re high?”

Magnetic Soul

Consume me / With a taste / Of your amorous, / Alluring, / Attraction.


To avoid unpleasant things is not the same as to create pleasure. If you want pleasure – and we all crave for pleasure as this is the…

Get Thee out of Babylon!

Get thee out of Babylon! / come to the House of the Lord / where the Doors are marked / with His Precious Blood / inside the Ark / where …

Photographer’s delight

In sweet silence, / I / Shed my clothes / For you / Bare my soul / To you / Broken whole / By you / Would you take me then, / Love? / When…


under the stars / it was a naked dance / they loved / their sweet romance / they had a special place / where they could swirl and whirl / …

You are all now protected from Me.

Original Message——- / >From: Rhana Griffin <support@redbubble.com> / >Sent: Oct 12, 2008 3:49 PM / >To: roughske…

The Enchanted Forest

Over 20,000 people are expected to attend The Enchanted Forest 2010 so make sure you purchase your tickets early to avoid disappointment


Naked / But not as you imagine / Flesh exposed / As eyes move slow / Over curves and hollows / Staring, peering, ogling / Hands on skin /…


I see the fires burning / Embers all around / Men in festive headdress / Women abound / Drums in the distance / That only I hear / Getting …


time and space choreography / inarticulate relativity / certain distractions / zapping my frequency

Stripped Naked

I whisper this / in a stolen moment. / There are no curtains / to hide behind. / I dig deep inside for / the courage / to say what I feel. …

Lying Naked in a Bed of Truth


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas toall fellow friends of Redbubble. / I wish each and everyone of you all the very best for 2010 and hope you and your famil…

This Time and Forever was an instant experienced …

draw what you see, not what you think you see

got a fan page on Facebook

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grubbanax-Swinnasen/8984731298 / If ya interested!

Lady Godiva is Naked

That girl on the horse is naked / Who cares what she’s saying

The Art of Killing Naked Roses

The Art of Killing Naked Roses / Aesthetically their petals and stems allure us, / draw us into the soil of their beds. / Content to see th…


She looked in the mirror / With so much pride / It was the first time / She did not hide / She realized her sexuality / The beauty she bore…


My broken heart beats / Emotionally naked / Now that you are gone.
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