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A synonym for b r o k e n Always the dreamer - / still hoping to be loved / by what’s not there… / (Naïveté in a bottle) Visitors From Another Time We say to ourselves, / “How could I ever have / been so naive?” Pain Nothing to live for / Nothing left to see / But the blood on the floor “Dear Beezer” by Ellen Hecht © 2… “Gully’s flooded . . . Not much to do but help sand bag. Figured since they locked you up and you can’t go no place neit… This has got to stop ‘A searing, stretching, sadness / is pushing my insides, out: / It’s like I have no centre. / I gave that role to you / these p… Naive Wrong is choosing / Choosing naive / Naive walks alone The Weight of Waiting I chose this life, I’ll play the game until I’m out / Then buy back in, so self assured, / without a doubt, without a thought or worry. Tide Pools high tide / running deep with love and expirience / low tide / pulling out all knowledge of love / leaving me shallow and naive / … naive? I saw no ending, / only hungry perpetual daylight, / warping my shadow Incurably Green Till I met you, / And the battle betwixt, / My guilt and the spell on which me you bewitched. Running again for governor of CA CA, lifornia Running for Gov of CA CA lifornia Picture Perfect Rainbow Suffocate the baby which cries when it should sleep. / These mistakes aren’t worth the chance, / We should know our place, / The rules, / B… the worst approach i’ve lost myself / in reality. / glimmers of hope / bother me Naive? She gasped and spoke, " You bit me? But why? I was trying to save you. I was going to take you home and feed and take care of you. Why… Birthday Party Something we thought could last / Torn to pieces / Thrown to the wind / Yet we wait, bound to this life / Which we have so proudly / Naivel… Naive so i’ll shut up this mind / and keep these thoughts from them / because who are they to understand? / they doubt the strength in me /… Naive What was that shimmer in the glass? / It was strangely and coldly familiar. / But it went to quickly past. trivial and naive i sit / hatred pulsing through my veins ‘Eva’ I’d not ever intended to be so uncouth; has the roster of the unappreciative garnered one, or ’ave I always been so out-of-line… Sap girl A strange situation / when your cell floor / tastes sweet / like an empty sensation / or cliche unique. Poems I wrote when young and naive, but still lik… She is lost to me, lost completely / I search unending, across the lands / one day to see, her face again ‘Arid’ There’s a grave accent about the whole fiasco; highlights my naive foolishness. / Wrote myself out of the subject; forced to carry on… Then vs. Now When we had lisps and pronounced our R’s like W’s. / When our biggest fear was the dark, / and our nightmares consisted of / th… ‘Reign’ I came to learn my breath and fierce heartbeat were separated. / It precipitates to me; that my affection is the same. I’d been so na… Poems I wrote when young and naive, but still lik… for you, the heavens I flew / in search of the rainbow’s hue Something Beautiful I never felt so alive. / Shivered arms wrapped around my waist. / His broad tan shoulders holding me. / You look at me like I’m you’re only… Naive I tried so hard to keep you out of my heart / I couldn’t do it / You slipped in and filled the cracks / Until I couldn’t separate you from …

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of naive writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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