3 nights in an artistic and mystical city

Last week We were on vacation in Safed a small city in the north of Israel. / First, a few words about the hotel we stayed, Ruth Rimonim Sa…

In Love With The Single Alien

The cold showered earth slept below  / As the heavens burst in the afterglow,   / To subjugate the moment above  / I relinquish the frozen …

Unforgotten Pasts, Beautiful Presents and the Mys…

This photograph was taken on the road from Point Reyes National Park to San Rafael, CA. / The Fence / Certain remnants of the past will alw…

A Cloning Of My Car

it was a Policeman and the officer said / without paying for your petrol? / Police station …. and its you!

Ode to my Ancient Mariners

Like Paradise and Moriarty, / with bling and glitterati


my eyes roamed to heart / I saw the sun blazed down from a clear blue sky / the garden blazed with colour / and in the blaze we go

Bed time story.

Giant angel sat knitting hills and trees

A stranger on All Hallows Eve

There, in front of him she stood. / Her eyes were sparkling and the reflection of the moon shone in her long, dark hair. He dare not breath…

Eyes Wide Shut — A Mystical Memoir

“Don’t open your eyes yet.” / But this warning didn’t register as fast as the fear did. I opened my eyes just as he was putting his hands u…

Velvetine Flakes.

Sparkling flowers on midnight breeze / Magic a spell to make it rain / All laid out on velvetine with sentry


I have found that the soul’s senses / wake up in a baptism / of sustained silence.

Fitting Retribution

With purpose I set out a sunny day, / A task to be performed in wild wood. / Not far had I progressed upon my way / When a dark stranger dr…


As ripples on a still pool / expand in silver Light, / so Love expands to embrace all —


Love is the bed / out of which hands and feet grow, / from which eyes form, / ears, the curve of a hip, / the long leg and arm.


Perhaps in the garden of a Taoist; / perhaps in the slow movement of Chi Gong; / perhaps in the fervent prayers of a Rabbi; / perhaps in a …


Under the blankets of the soul / a forgotten beauty stirs.


Cat lover or hater you may never see them the same way after reading this.

Mystical Green

Mythical, / magical, / mystical green / shrouded in mist

Mystical sights of fairy lights

She hid quick then was quite shook up / Moved fast was gone from view / But straining eyes she reappeared / Young fairy of the dew

A Letter of Advice to an Old Friend

I recommend that for two months every year / you run wild in creation; / become naked and primal; / that you run through forests and pastur…

An Aurora Stevens Novel: Chapter 5

His white wavy hair played softly where it rested on those broad shoulders, as if a gentle breeze encircled him and made his hair and cloth…


With the chords of a song, / I’m soaring low over deep ocean swell. / I can see the fish dancing, / And the dolphins waltzing.

Love is the Bed

Love is the bed / out of which hands and feet grow, / from which eyes form, / ears, the curve of a hip, / the long leg and arm.


No manmade avatar can replace me, / no laboratory invent me.


He listened, he acknowledged with a slight breeze and she accepted…they shared a bond, a bond so deep, she knew none would understand.

Bells for Her

Beauty is in the eye & heart / Not only of the beholder. / If we love ourselves as we are / Our growth will not be hindered.

True Love

Where two loves entwine and become unto one, / The pulling of it’s core has a fast and tremendous force!

Spirits of Nature

We are spirits of nature running wild, running free; / Only the chosen few will see us travelling at speed from beth to nion, from fearn to…

Mystical Cat Tiger

I am the Mystical Cat Tiger / I am so much wiser / Look deep in my eyes / I will hypnotize / I am so much more / Than the cat next door / I…


as magic will / and magic does, / i reverted back / to before the flood


On water’s edge she pauses / Transcends all thought and form / In heavens arms she wavers / Before the brink of dawn / This woman of the oc…

Like Giants and Frog Princes in a Dream

Like Giants and Frog Princes in a dream / So magic and fantastic are you to me. / You are a lullaby, a child’s laughter, / You are my…

Magical nature

Firefly fairy seldom seen till dusk falls, / Flits and darts amongst the trees giving her, / Own miniature light show as she goes.


and to taste on the tip of our tongues / the sweet release, / the trembling end of trembling,

Read between the lines

It pains me to write such words about (the) one I love.

Thank You Again You’re Accepted Group!!

Thank you You’re Accepted Group members and hosts for choosing my image “Sensations” for a featured work. I feel so honored!!! :))


Drunk with the beauty, / we spin towards sleep / in a creak of wings.


At peace they swam in my song; / till the song swelled / and broke like the tides


Swan Love is pure / For two alone with no intrusion / Soft and inviting / With one gaze and one conclusion / A breeze / Softly whispering l…

A Story Like You’ve Never Heard It Told

Hansel tossed his cloak about his sister’s shoulders and guided her toward the door with a scoff. “You’ve seen the last of us, fiend,” he …

Mystical Undertow

You’ve taken me under to your world before / I clung to you, so afraid you’d leave / I put my trust in you not to let got of me…

DAGAZ : An Aurora Stevens Novel

I know that sounds harsh but I’ve found that most people tend to sensationalise their lives in a quest to be more interesting, more unique.…


Faery fingers weaving gossamer wings

Killing The Rainbow

Here we go, forward ho, / tally ho, tally ho. / One beautiful thing to go. / We’re chasing it down / we’re killing the rainbow.…

Mystical Freeze

That tenacious dead boyfriend, / An arbitrary firebrand. / Remained strewn across the Dead Sea, / I would laugh until I wept no more!

The Mistress of Cats

What could I do? / That cat had seen through my disguise, / scented out the tiger underneath the jacket.


Evidence of things not seen are experienced. Many things are hidden and forgotten aspects of the true nature of life.

O Mystical Veil

reaching for your soul’s true mate

Mind full of Memories

When I open the door it is Wonderland I face. / Have I lost my already broken mind?

On Top of Myself

an old boiler / without a pot / to…well….in / part of a half-remembered / car

FROM YU XUANJI (843-868)

The wind carries me here and there / to villages, and flowered fields, / to hermitages and exotic cities, / to desolate deserts in oceans o…


releasing the innocent flood through head and hands, lips and eyes

Pathway to Paradise

What is the One and is it Me?

As the crow flies.

For, i found him in that crushing; fishing line,on grass, tangled ;entwined. That passive not dead crow. …

The Great ONE Note

A rhythmic pulsing note / of sound / The WORD…

Mountain Stream

dance / swing along / sunshine glint reflection / glide / sing a song / skyward wink perfection

The face of God

multiplicity is only a dream and if God became man for us, we must became God for Him.

Story of the mystical shower~

AS Faith, pulled herself from the hot seducing shower, she wrapped herself in a warm oversized black towel, the contrast on her creamy whit…

seeking the sacred

i stumble, clumsy, wrong-footed, / in the murk / no compass to guide me

Book of Dimensions

Sidestep through alternate realities / And witness the wonders of creation.

Unkown Forest Dweller

Beckons them in, former glory restoration / Some find false courage on occasion / Led in, astray from safer passage / Becoming her playthi…

Mystical Realm

l am from the mystical realm / be-careful for l will bewitch you / l will steal your heart in a heartbeat / l will enchant you with my wor…

Mystical Fire

Mystical Fire / God is fire holy without equal then you have glory boy that burns with every despicable evil in his favor / Our make up by…

Will I ever know???

I draw in my breath, / and hold it, / my chest tightening in fear, / my mind filled with wonderment… / What could it be…?

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