lost lake  by agawasa Lost  by sunnykalsi She came down by Kenart scale by magicman Fogscape by Evelina Kremsdorf

Capturing Ghosts

Trapped in that time of night / When the world goes quiet
Mystery - Tea Party  by PetaStreet Odd Jumble - Plastic Spheres by waddleudo Mystery skeleton, Tasmania by wearehouse An Innocent Storm by Kenart

I will never forget those eyes

She would never escape this nightmare alive, and those eyes would haunt her for eternity…
Gemini by LisaMC

One Day

One day

Just Like That

Fingers dance / across Creation’s / keyboard…..

Music of the Night

And I like to hear you singing along with the silence, closed in our dark room in the middle of the day. / Those little red bows that tied …

inverted thoughts

how do eyes see thousands of years ago?
The Palm offsets this window green hues and browns; excellent artwork God & Man! by jemmanyagah

Ironwood (I)

The conductor pulled back the brakes and let the train come to a stop at the station, the station that he hadn’t stopped at in thirty years…
Mystery Man by Bojoura Stolz Les Miserable by tuffcookie mystery rose#1 by picketty Mandala 2 by GregoryE Eye4 by GregoryE Wonder by Line Svendsen 048 by myndzi

The Girl-Witch (In a Graveyard of Sand)

She had caught my attention as I was strolling past, some distance away from her. I had glanced across to my left and seen her dark form, a…
079 by myndzi Bridge of Sighs by GregoryE Stellar Shower by GregoryE Elegiac Spark by GregoryE Call Her "Mystery" by photocookie327 Precious Gold by florene welebny Sandalwood by queenxtc tyre on a pole by morrbyte ♚ ♥♥♛ SHE'S A MYSTERY TO ME ♚♥♥ ♛  by ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ York Mystery Plays by MayWebb ...and God knows where hides Aguirre. by Big  GZ Serenity at the Bridge by Judi Taylor Mystery Man by George Krause Mystery - Records by PetaStreet What's In Here? by J J  Everson Untitled by athex unsolved mysteries by Morpho  Pyrrou


Life is a mystery, / nobody ever knows what is going to happen, / The happiest moments of your life, / Can turn into the worst in an instan…

..tHe rUttiNg seAsOn wHisPers…

She hurriedly hid herself in an almost wrenched cabin. Exhausted at the run she made, she pulled the tin of wine from her belt bag and in b…

Life or death.

It started off as any normal day for the New York City Police Chief Max Sparks, a blonde 36 year old with two daughters and wife he adored.

i love poodles

he was a fluffy little caracter / and some how the red suited his new look / wash into the white and formed a lovely pink!
Getting Ready by Brittany Kinney

She has opened something in me

She has opened something in me / That I had locked deep inside / It was so hidden, I couldn’t even find it / But somehow she did / She foun…
The hideaway  by SeptimaK Magnetic by Joe Christian Another Mystery........on Board.. by Warrior

Settling of Debt

I stared at the ceiling fan as it went round and round and round. Feeling dizzy, I slowly looked back towards the front of the classroom w…

be you

because i entered / a story, immersed / now full of words
Visions of you by Linda Cutche The mystery of inside by ccorkin Mystery Rack... by Yesim Osman 065 by myndzi Mystery Guest by Hilary Robertshaw 070 by myndzi Curtain of Infinity by GregoryE Mystery Bud_2 by Krystal Cunningham Happy Christmas, Christmas star and cat by Mary Taylor rust by nefos Silent evil white vampire woman. Monster secret by Ryan Jorgensen The Adams Memorial -- The Mystery Of The Hereafter And The Peace Of God That Passeth Understanding – Grief by Cora Wandel Mooncaster by janrique The Black Forest by Damian Morphou Holding On To Yesterday by Evelina Kremsdorf Travel Air Mystery Ship replica G-TATR by Colin Smedley pyramid with the eye by SIR13 spherical trinity by arteology A Place Called Earth 1 by Bob Christopher Allure of the Prairie by Brian Gaynor Secrets Within by AmbientKreation Untitled by athex Free Spirit by owlspook Beyond to see the other World. by Kenart


on the ghostly imagination of age winding

A World Without Values

Bryanna Butler, after a life of strange ups and downs had finally achieved one of her life goals. She had obtained a license to kill. If by…

What it means to be alive

ten words tell the tale
Eyes Only by Peter Maeck

This Humble Holiday Home

Make sure your covered well as not to burn your bum / kick up too much of a fuss / Tis time to pack up your bags and to depart,
Tower of Mystery by L.D. Bonner stormy night by Juliane Porter


This is dream-land moving through me, / full of ancient voices, where sea stones / speak…

Dolphin Dreaming

A simple visit to see dolphins becomes a journey into the past and the esoteric.

the Inevitable fate

The thing is, her head was loose. Not in the sense of a ghostly play of words, or that her head was in fact detaching from her body, more a…
Mystery Location Falls - Kangaroo Valley, NSW by Malcolm Katon To the Center They Fly - PostCardArt by owlspook 094 by myndzi Intense Dive by GregoryE Lake Kanas enveloped by clouds by Brian Bo Mei sunrise mystery by BellatrixBlack Mystery Lady  by Maria Kumlander Blackout by Jim Ferringer
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