The Creeping Sea

I found myself pressed against the front door, straining to make out the black glitter of water. I could hear it creep up over the verge an…


You have never left me / While I, / I walked away / No response / I refused to look at you / I entered microcosms of the world. / You may…


The grey ice floating in the sink was slowly melting and I dipped my fingers between them, trying impossibly to hold the slippery cubes.

Guitar Love

I gasp for air / screaming with ecstasy / shout louder

3 nights in an artistic and mystical city

Last week We were on vacation in Safed a small city in the north of Israel. / First, a few words about the hotel we stayed, Ruth Rimonim Sa…

Be Careful What You Wish For…

Why is it often that which / we long for is just out of reach? / Our internal conversation / How much should I reveal? / How much should …

In Love With The Single Alien

The cold showered earth slept below  / As the heavens burst in the afterglow,   / To subjugate the moment above  / I relinquish the frozen …

Who will win – You or Me?



My love is a mysterious sigh, / an ancient breath / seeking the whispering of silent spaces.

The Haunting of a Poltergeist

We heard a loud thump and something being dragged along the floor / bedroom brrrrr so cold and I’m sure I heard a moan / The stairs door r…

New Born

The shadows of sorrow deepen / The minor miseries and great / Unfold, slightly unexpected / And the great mystery is not this / But that so…

Murder in Suburbia (ooh! cool title!)

I thought I was losing it.

Irish Joke – “3 Pints of Guiness̶…

Patrick walks into a bar in Dublin / Well now, I have two brodders / The barman admits that this is a nice custom

On the writings of another

Take my hand and we’ll not be afraid as we jump off the cliff of reality; expression and imagination will break our fall.




touch me in the morning / with the dew upon our skin…

A Cloning Of My Car

it was a Policeman and the officer said / without paying for your petrol? / Police station …. and its you!


how does a seed / know the plan / to grow so tall / the grand design / of things?…

Heart light

We witness / our lives / through the filters / of our hearts / and minds…

The Orange Bus

Mystery Man led the train of children to the big orange bus.

You’re my Hope Angel

She left me without a word, and without a single tear, / The shock was so tremendous that I really couldn‘t bare!

I Know Where Mommy Is

Bobby poked his tiny head around the corner and saw the man with the metal fingers pointing one, long silvery one at his daddy. Daddy look…


When she drinks / rose petal tea / her mind caresses light / and moves with ease to open her heart, / to drop her clothes,


“There is something more than that when a pair is attracted sentimentally, there exists a very powerful bond with each other”

Searching for Claire

I loved Claire as much as I feared her. She often joked about the / buried bodies under her house.

Down the Rabbit Hole

It was a text message. “Hey” is all it said.


You listen too much even now to famous fox’s fables / instead of to the secret Lord of wolves and grass / for perhaps your young mind / st…

THE EBONY STALKINGS copyrighted by the artist el…



Ah… the holy dark is wildly, / laughingly creative

Sweet Mystery of Life

Sweet mystery of life from the cradle to the grave / That elusive thing that every single soul does crave

* LIFE * with my first poem and story line.

There has been so much trouble in my life, / But i did not give up without a fight. / As i beleave there was somthings that i was right / i…

The Vampyre Sonnet

Written for a challenge; my 11th sonnet. :) Showing a sympathy for those eternal beings!

But No One Seems To Understand

My memory of life ……………. some has been taken away from me, / My mood swings are quite often ………. Their really challenging my personality! /…

Just For You Mum

Well Mum this little ode, sonnet or song, / I love you Mum with all my heart / thank you Mum, you’re the best Mum you are OK


The dream of love / comes from clouds, / from the wild eyes of horses, / from the laughter of water falling.

Harold and His Horrible Obsession © 2010 All…

“The plan was coming together. In the morning, she would wake up, roll over and get a load of the giant mushroom.”


I become consumed / by the present. / I become / consumed. / The past tugs / at my skirt. / The future nags / in my ear / So, / I become c…

Ice Gardens

Great wings glide by Apollo’s blaze… velvet, violet dark of momentary Night… / mysterious platforms of frigid splendour a…

Dangerous Territory; The Korea of the North

A father & son take a rare journey across the DMZ and into the mysteries and mountains of the impoverished and occasionally starving na…

Forever My True Friend

When times are really sad and blue / But: we still need friends! / Thank God I can turn to you day after day!

Mistake of the Wild Hunt

The bats arrive and are funny and gray / We have to reorder the bats

Buenos Notches

What a shock no waiting at the till, / the young Senorita, / the error of my ways

Embrace the Mystery

Throughout the dawns of time / hearts continue to wander / within the mystical signs / between dreams and reality / seeking the truth withi…

= Lost =

Night was falling although the storm had kept it all dark for ages. / Bedraggled she kept on trudging through the bush! Even walking in cir…


A lady sits upon the shore / dressed in skin and little more, / she presses hand against her mouth / and sizzles like a cooking trout.

A stranger on All Hallows Eve

There, in front of him she stood. / Her eyes were sparkling and the reflection of the moon shone in her long, dark hair. He dare not breath…

The Mystery of Life

It is not the thought of death I fear / But never knowing why we’re here;

A child visits 51 mystery road

A deep breath squeezed me through the railings / black snow flakes of paint, twirled and fell / Then a scramble through the thorny brambl…

Moon Call

moon calls

To Be Disturbed

It was as if she never existed.

You are an abstract of my imagination

as i touch you ever so lightly / i feel a pulse running through / your viens / i come closer to you / and listen to you breathe / i inhale …

When Love Hits You

I feel so excited . / but my body can’t do a damn thing! / Your mind is all over the place


She lets her night robe slip off / and stands naked / in blue water’s laughter / and sunshine’s silent flow,

Spirit Rising

In front of him was a majestic sight, a pure white light eminating all around from a central source within a circle of people. Both light a…

If only…

The answer isn’t found / Between the covers / Of books / It starts where it ends… / From within

Mystery in the midst

Do you hear the / sinister snorting / from steamy nostrils / of steadily approaching / beasts


The Golden Being who cannot lie, / who created infinite fields of stars, / and this blue and green / spinning world in space,


And the poet’s words / should sound something like this: / “Blue sky… Be Amazed!


Goddess statues sing her praise / Lamplight cradled in their hands


sees old tree souls whistling silence / like a divine word.


There is a trembling / of the heart that comes / in the presence of birth, / or death, / or a pure soul:

ma luna

what promise the night holds / release the energy of countless scores / who have gazed upon your timeless / mock face of understanding


Chained onto the mystery / Unravelling its links / For the dead end road / While foundation sinks

The Promised Garden

for lest our love in Eden grew it simply can not be / that blood nor sweat nor tears would end / nor set the garden of thy heart from thorn…

To My Dear Mum

No one could have done it better, / I hope you could see that in my face. / I feel so proud of you dear Mum,

blue bird detective agency. Chapter 1

The doors to the bubbles first detective agency are thrown open. the first case – murder! art theft and the first picture added to re…

How do you know?

Can you find its essence / in silence? / Can you strum its / tawny string? / Can you colour it / like music? / Will you fumble or follow…

Paper Daises

A little girl has an interesting art. / copyright2009 by John Braxton Sparks

Fragile Things

Moments are fragile things.

Too Many Bones

He saw only the shadows and silhouettes of the elderly trees and weathered gravestones that were dimly illumined under an October half-moon…


There is an island / that holds me young / in its ancient memories.


Sometimes, though the hidden night sky / is white with stars, / still dark descends inside our bones, / like ink seeps into white linen,

Haven’t Haikued in so long.


Shades Of Gray

The world can’t truly be captured in the photographic lens of black and white.


freshening sky-birthed breath / to soak into bodily cells, / until brains dimple and dazzle

Excerpts from ‘Stained Glass’ by Rich…


Several Haiku Regarding “Our Own Paradise&#…

Eroded liquid / ultra-grass helmets bamboo / and, under, shivers. / From below, greens clash: / Snow betrays sun, but breezes / carve river…

The Iron Lungs

At that moment, the old men in iron lungs were playing bridge. The man with the wooden spleen won.

No Kand Do

" Hopelessly, he tapped the keys and clicked the mouse. His eyes flew over the display, looking for a way to contact someone. But of c…

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #3

A sexual waking and the romantic quaking / to touch less …


What is life just a curiosity of mankind or something else / I have been searching endlessly / for the brick of life / what is life? / what…

shadows of mystery

Within many shadows of mystery / dance ’s shadows of happiness / walking along side by side / with shadows of sadness lurking / inbet…


Have you caressed the inside of trees / lately, sailing by / on clouds like a child’s dreams?

Featured Again! —Bits and Pieces :>

Thank you for My Moment!


my mystery has long black hair / and eyes that look forever / my mystery has a web to snare / that holds me on a tether / my mystery has lo…


We are all of us, / together, / arising up out of / the center / of existence. / We are twinkling in and out / of God. / Created, we c…

Lost Love

You had no choice in the decision, / But no one pleases me! / Where we had a daughter then a son!

Chasing the Mystery

I must find the mystery. / Unravel it to shreds. / I will make it old and weary, / until the mystery is dead.

The House Always Wins

Silas was very good at his job. Being a cop was something as subtle to him as a mother’s instinct


There is a great photographer here on Redbubble that oozes sensuality, sexuality, quietness, peacefullness, calm, mystery… has a grea…


Darkness / in blue-black-plum shadows. / Night shadows, / looming loud ,with no sound … / falling / like Jacobs ladder . / One branc…

The House of the Unknown Identity

This is the house of the Unknown Identity.. / Unspoken Lethanies, / Trivial musings on past days. / Unworthy reflection about “memoir…

Butterfly Mask

The room was cold. It tasted like blue on the tip of Fran’s tongue. Blue splayed out in delicate tendrils to cover her face. In another tim…

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #1

The earn of love’s lasting … / The spirit of naked soul / pleasures. (A CRITICAL THREAD POEM)

Loves mystery

I cannot sleep my head is full / With gossamer thoughts of you / And every time I denied your there / Your presence grew and grew / I ache …


i question; what got me here to start? / sitting, thinking hard / and wanting something from my heart / inspiration from afar
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