Conundrum by Travis Clarke Future lovers. This force holds it all together; / The earth, the ocean, the stars. What is it? by Kristi Bryant Spirit Of Freedom Each bird, each butterfly that you see, think back, and think of me! / In this place of ecstasy, there are no cars, no planes or boats or t… The Crown There lies this nice tavern, / Who’s bite is really worse than his bark! / Our Little Anstey Town, Pick Wildflowers For You by Monica Blatton 2 hearts and 1 arrow by houk Beautiful carnival girl by torishaa Fall by Monica Blatton Part One of SaintClaire ……….slinky black dress that sparkled under the lights with the blue saphire necklace ……the rest of the night … Bed Of Leaves By: Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sp… He should have felt more comfortable. / A story written by Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sparks all i am, known You know how to feel my moments. Beauty of Soul: Oscar Wilde by ikenna charles Of… The eponyms of The Happy Prince and The Young King, for instance, are both granted artistic visions, one through a bird, one through a drea… Sherlocked (sticker) by RebelArts Underneath The Mistletoe (A Holiday Tale) The amber glow of the candles warmed Alicia’s heart like the gracious glow of an Angel’s Halo. THE CLOAK.. by NorthernWitch Kiss of Winter by Adrena87 This Family Of Four Enriched in love and laughter, / These two little people make up this family of four, / will pay you the dividends BECAUSE I LOVE Because I love my sister, the wind / and the way she shouts / and streams this way and that, / thumping on things, mysteries uncovered (poem) having stifled my heart / and packed it away / for storage in hope / of a better time A Tribute To Lesley This little Angel Lesley, / With tender loving and mothering care! / You were a joy to be with, IN THE GOLDEN AGE TO COME and every thought eases effortlessly / out of pink clouds with silver shivers / of ecstatic joy in the free creativity / of wild, holy beau… Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge by Morgana Horn WHEN SHE SECRETLY AROSE You listen too much even now to famous fox’s fables / instead of to the secret Lord of wolves and grass / for perhaps your young mind / st… Amazonic Past by Robert Bergner If Only Doors Could Talk the hammer went down which caught a knuckle or two! / Impregnated me thinks, / Crash bang wallop as things were dropped” The Secret of Secrets by Raine333 Miles Apart And when I go to sleep / A rendezvous with you I keep! Gateway by Bjondon  Magical Metamorphosis by Mystic Raven 9 Ghost Nothing, Nothing that i can say, / My lips are sealed, all tied up, / A man, addiotned as a faint figure, / Standing starring at me, like … Secrets of Living by Juliemrae Outer outer Space I saw an old women yesterday / She shivered / With recognition / When a rat the size of a dog / Stole a rattle from her pram MST3K by KDGrafx Change is the Essence of Life by Mystic Raven 9 FOR ALL OPEN MEN When a man is wide open, / beyond fear, wild as a hungry tiger, / fierce for gentleness and resting in it, / fully present, eyes meeting ey… Au revoir by Taylan Soyturk Turning The Page A Victorian look that blends with her chair, / It cascades down to the floor, / Gives this photograph the quality and proof of its age! She is! She’s like the morning mist / Mysterious and wonderful / She’s like the deep dark forest / Inviting and magical / She’s l… The Red Rose, like Love, is full of mystery by trueblvr Forever On the paths our hearts do trace / Forever, you and me. A MAP to HAPPINESS ~ sqiggles by James Lewis Hamilton LoVe by MsSLeboeuf The Longing by Rachel Valley Man of Wisdom by Juliemrae Voice Of My Silence by Evelina Kremsdorf Mystic And Divine by Evelina Kremsdorf Lessons In Love by Evelina Kremsdorf Love Letter by Monica Blatton The Pangs Of Love I miss you loads and still feel the need to cry / My life seems oh so incomplete and in a mess, / I really don’t know the reason why Breathing Earth by Robert Bergner My True Love For You You just shout and squeal / You are so sensual, / And gaze at you one more time! I Trust You - Dog Art By Sharon Cummings by Sharon Cummings Winter Sonata by Evelina Kremsdorf Isengard by Robert Bergner Forever Watching The loss of a loved one, / the despair, the loneliness, / can be turned around by thoughts of good times, / the sharing, the caring. / Ther… The Creation of Man by Robert Bergner Sweet is the Virign Perfection doesn’t falter Allure Me I like the way / the cigarette caressed / between your desirable lips / dances with the words you speak, / as if your vernacular / has a rh… Peace Angel by Raine333 Three Rows Of Sunshades with topless ladies all around, / suddenly engines from powerboats broke the silence, / coming fast and furious now, Intrigue Surprise - pen, highlighter, white out tape - 5 by  by Micheal Bilyeu I love Mystery by Celinda Enchantment of the Heart So will Neptunes kingdom tell a tale that only the heart will hear Coconut Butter (Mature) a bliss of a horse by ronnyhaklay Celtic Legend by Robert Bergner Zoom by Monica Blatton Travel to Distant Space by Robert Bergner Boulder Opal by Robert Bergner Bon Voyage Ms Tainia Finlay Was it Fate? Or was it Luck? / a lot better than that nurse I saw “Old Antoinette”! / we both lost someone good, Venn Diagram You and I are circles The Magician's Lover before and after progression by Adara Rosalie a man by lollored My Spirit In The Sky Whispering secrets to me from above. / What has made me oh so sad? / I am so confused and out of touch! does anyone know? There’s so many things I want to say / But I can’t find the words. / And once I think I’ve figured it out / I realize it’s only the beginni… D&Kaye by Dangnas LOVE is ALL by James Lewis Hamilton Porcelain - pen, colored pencil, highlighter - 2 by 2 - 10.1 by Micheal Bilyeu Suspend - pen, pencil, highlighter, white out tape - 1.5 by  by Micheal Bilyeu On the Eve of Incarnation by Robert Bergner Curvilinear Project No. 41 ( Unfolding The Mysteries Of Love ) by CurvilinearArt FaIRY AnD Pixie by Andrew (ark photograhy art) Life by 15wilsonwu Don't we all do? by zarkhoc Hold On To Your Heart by Evelina Kremsdorf Morning Breakfast There was bacon cooking, a dozen fried eggs, / “Buenos Dias” Cherry Blossom Dress by FallintoLondon True Love Where two loves entwine and become unto one, / The pulling of it’s core has a fast and tremendous force! Photostudies 3.20.07  9 by12 by Micheal Bilyeu Our 10th Year Apart I hope there aren’t any guns, or no knives, and definitely no killing device, / No silly rules that may apply, no taxes to pay, now that wo… THE MYSTERY OF LOVE WHO CAN EXPLAIN LOVE? Crooooowwwwwwww by MustGoFaster Michelle - pencil - 9 by 9 - 3.24.07 by Micheal Bilyeu YOUR LOVE FOR ME IS A MYSTERY by ANNETTE HAGGER Photo rendering - pen and ink - 5 by 4 - 1.12.06 by Micheal Bilyeu
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