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Myka Musings by comickergirl Life is a Game by Mui-Ling Teh Captive Angel by Mui-Ling Teh A Medley of Musings and Reflections by Charmiene Maxwell-Batten Original Ink Drawing (Midnight Musings) by Christina Martine Tyrian Dawn Logo on Black T-Shirt by tyriandawn Daily musings by BellaBark Calendar park bench musings by Loui  Jover Imperial Black-Musings by Cleave Musings II  by © Kira Bodensted


I bring no words, / no jewels of the profound / or holy water / of sacred thoughts
The Pondering Pool by Julie Marks Up the Duff Creek without A Paddle: Calendar Musings for Bewildered Mums to Be by ellejayerose Calendar "Silent musings" by Helenka MUSINGS by Tammera Windsailing Seagulls © Vicki Ferrari Photography by Vicki Ferrari Musings by © Kira Bodensted Beach side musings on perfection (Lara Flynn-Boyle & Drew Barrymore)  by Ken  Wentworth

musings of a passionate gypsy – 2010 is nigh

I hear the stars smiling
Musings on the Back Step by Julia  Thomas Musings on the Foreshore by Kylewis

Seduction of Righteous Indignation

For those who take the moral high ground beware the seduction of righteous indignation. There is an adrenalin rush of extreme excitement w…

The Titan’s story (White Kings Rook and pawns)

Episode 7 of the ever expanding saga called the Game of Kings
musings of a dreamer by ShadowDancer Silent musings by Christie  Moses Gentle Musings by Laurie Search The Messrs. Magical Musings:  Elemental  by The Messrs.

Musings on Love

1. / Nothing creates intimacy more than the lucid articulation of feelings from one lover to another. They say action speaks louder than w…
Morning musings ... by Rosalie Dale SOUL MUSINGS by Tammera Evening musings ... by Rosalie Dale Golden musings by Vikram Franklin Pondering Pondrings by DJ LeMay Abstract Musings by Medusa Calendar

Poetic Musings: An Ode To Tofu

Oh, thy spongy textures and lattic’d innards, / coated in rich black bean sauce. / You satisfy my inmost parts with your high protein…
JAZZ MUSINGS by exvista Calendar


if every choice i make today / is shaping who i am, / i wonder what i will become / many years from now?


What use is outward good behaviour if the mind is darkened by hatred? Change the inside first, and the outside is bound to follow.
A Shaman's Musings by Redviolin Countryside Musings by Pamela Phelps

Only a Glimpse

It is time for us to look around / and see the beauty that truly surrounds. / Yearn to be conscious of all that is. / Be not consumed by th…

Murder Musings In A Bar

A wife relives the excitement and methodology of killing her husband.
Countryside Musings by Pamela Phelps


Too many individuals are made to feel embarrassed by their reactions if they are not readily acclaimed publicly
Mosque Musings by EveW Moonlit Musings... by Nina Toulmin Shivered by Kylewis Invocational Musings Of The Romani by ☼Laughing Bones☾  Calendar Cover: Up the Duff without a Paddle: Calendar Musings for Bewildered Mums by ellejayerose Musings by Wojtek Kowalski

The Observer

So much to see / so much to know / too few desire / to look beyond / their lives / their worries / their experiences / to listen to what i…

muse musings . . . . .

misstepped / stepped out of the flow / nothing working / loose ends / distracted / stumbling / mumbling / missing / disjointed / I was lov…

Late On A Rainy Friday Night

15 May 2009 11:11 PM / I’m sure it’d be easier to write if circumstances were nicer. If the sounds coming in my window were merely the rain…

midnight musings

Delicious obscurity within midnight hues. / And I recoil within the confines of foetal.


Lend to reality / your vision of perfection. / Nurture and grow its will. / Manifest the courage to move flesh / in the direction of you…


Looking watching seeing learning / Hoping living loving searching / Finding gaining growing dying / Reminding evolving inspiring rejoicing …

Musings #4

The brightest light – you, / reaching into and through me: / your heart is pure joy!

an abstraction of unrelated thoughts

this didn’t get any easier
Site of Many Musings by Laurie Search musings of sadness and joy... by scottimages Wildflowers by Alison Pearce Love's Sweet Musings by Brandy Thomas Indigo musings by Regina Valluzzi

Wooden Chair

Musings from the car park of what was once Pentridge Prison, now a trendy residential development.

Musings #1


Two young magpies on my front lawn

5-03-2010 / Two young magpies watched me step out of the car. One of them was busy pecking at something in the grass. The other eyed me and…
Page 1-Nature Journal by annimoonsong


Ghostly cat photos. / Red and white sneakers. / An old smelly boot. / A dead cat.

Musings on the Discourse of the Hairy Ferretman

Today I saw a photo in the paper of large hairy man with Ferrets. Do you know what my first thought was?
Time for Twilight Musings by Charldia

When I die.

I sit here, watching two yellow balloons float to the glorious heavens. I try to acquaint myself with the earth, with the wind that blows s…

shapes in the fog

bitter-bitter salt melting on red lips / dripping pearls of wisdom / or maybe just dross and chaff / the writing on the wall / is made from…

The Musings of an American Punk

How many times have I thought / That I had crossed The River Styx / Never to return again / Only to find myself / Not in Hades / But furth…
Like Smoke Rising by Alison Pearce Life, still...musings of being dried up 3 by deltos Life, still...musings of being dried up 4 by deltos

Something about peering into a person’s soul

2010-01-02 / Lover and monster. / My desire to read the soul. / What words exist within the frame I see before me? / I would rip you open i…

field trip . . . . musings

I walked thru the rooms of the galleries / Within my 5 foot 2 inch frame / Scanning out from under my bucket hat / I am small strong woman …
Melange II--4 of 13--   Introspective Musings by Sassafras

Thoughts of the Homeless

eyes watch me, pity / compassion,disdain / always watching, / laughing, crying, / what do they think; / the clean ones, / do I care?

One Way

Sooner or later, the power of one becomes two, / alone and lonely feelings bygone from blue. / Gone are lonesome cries – now a croone…
Musings by Janie. D

I brought an umbrella, though it wasn’t rai…

Hmmmm, hazy, hot, and humid.. / Said the weatherman, but no rain.. / I stuck my head out the door, it was clear / but I brought my umbrella…

Need for Unity or Need for Belonging, Revised

I long for unity. / I don’t mean / everyone the same. / I mean everyone connected.
Reflections And Musings by EvilTwin

I will lay out a feast before You of all my inter…

I’m giving You my / heart / and everything that is / inside / I don’t know what You’d like it / for / but You can’t…

ramblings on a sunny spring day

maybe I will let the words fall out a torrent of pent-up thoughts caught for so long in my heart with nowhere else to go already treading d…

Multicoloured Musings

The colours that make us feel all the ways things are- / And they ways they can be.

small town parade musings

I shook my head / I was running late / I gave myself a nice full eight / minutes to find / a place to park / scanning down along Clark / to…
Graphic Musings by michaelgabriel TD Eyes Betray by tyriandawn

First Light

Dawn rushes over the mountains / Sun rays cascade like a waterfall / into my soul / awakening my consciousness / to perceive endless beauty…


now both watch / a world changing / rushing / super yachts passing / the still musings / on times gone / by

musings about time

What’s the bridge between knowing and not knowing and living and not living? / That’s where I want to be. / In the moment has i…

One Moment in Time

One moment in time / Glimpsed from afar / An eternity away / Measured in tears / Reached on bridges of dust / One moment in time / A shimme…


Listen to the songs / Playing in your head / Musical notes / Connecting to create dreams / A reverie coming to life / As you nurture the me…
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