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Baby, I’m A Want You

but i can’t do it / you are / a mustard seed / but you’ll grow / even if i can’t see / you / a soul as alive / as mine


My mind goes blank / with a twist of my head. / My face is on the ground / and I think I’m finally dead.

tender is as juicy did


Ophelia, My Sweet – February 2k11

In the woods, a girl cried, lonely. / Tears dripped from her cloudy eyes / Alabaster skin tinged pink with sadness / A darkly dream. / …




Life is hard; any old fool could tell you that. It’s full of ups and down like friend drama, your mom hating you, and cancer. It wear…

The Robin Hood Murders Chapter 8

The following day, as I sat alongside DI Plum in the courtroom, Max Coons changed his plea.


CONSEQUENCES? / © / Harry James / Prologue: / Sally Geyer took a bite of the wholemeal cheese sandwich she had prepared that morning and wa…

Creatures of Grace

Man is the beast, not this creature of grace,


“You had to go and search the house, trying to find where I might have hidden your Christmas presents. You didn’t find any. But you …

Hazel In the Lake

Cold case of 1919

Rolled a Nat. One

“Did you hear me Molly? They’re coming to take me away from you. Don’t you even care?”

Nasty 1

Jolene held the burning branch, huge like a club and billowing dragons breath, and wondered if anyone really deserved to die.

Ancillary Damages?

Sticks and stones may break my bones / Those are sure to heal… / While sharp, cruel, cutting words / gouge a wound past repair. / Blood and…

The beginning

he was the only man alive who would dare talk to the Lord of the Bitterkeep in such tones.

Stage Fright

©Pete Malicki 2006 / ‘I… I really don’t know. At the time I didn’t know what had really happened, you know? I think everyone just thought i…

Cold Bones

The man was probably thirty, which was the normal age for a human to become sentimental towards a child. His throat was cut and one foot wa…

The Captain and his ship

…Well, I must leave you now, / Mostly to launder my dress, / But do not worry dearest, / At your funeral, I will look my best.




The man belonged to darker things, to nightmares, to spiders and pain and weeping, to screaming and crying and bleeding.

abduction of Mrs Maple-Leaf

the night of broken dreams, with dripping paint / fresh on the ceiling, stolen from her bedroom. / the night; the smooth smother of midnigh…

Murder in the first degree

One last twist

Walking Death (School Shooting)

8:25am. Bafflement. Guns pulled out. Ready. A shout. A few screams. No time. Shooting begins. Brains on the wall. Blonde hair. Bl…

A Drunken Mistake never forgotten

Does it make you feel better / as she lies there and bleeds? / she tells you she loves you / “please stop it” she pleads. / Bli…


My entire perspective, my life, my world, is unravelling and falling apart in front of me. And the worst part? There’s nothing, absoulutely…



Tick Tock

A bony handle between small fingers, / And a sweet perfume from her hair, / She breathed a sigh and then contrived, / Murderers like her we…

The Robin Hood Murders 5

Staring, I watch numbly as he stretched my leg out, pressing against a gushing red stain that spread slowly across the blue jeans.

Victorian Doll


018. Hate



CHAPTER 1 “papa roxie” / one day I was out on my balkane singing “Gost of you” by My Chemical Romance. My best f…


…can I see death? Can I be conscious of this abstract consequence? Of course, I recognise the milieu of death. It projects out of guns and …

Just like a head of lettuce (short story)

It was like scrunching the leaves off a head of lettuce and piercing open those small milk cartons with my thumbs, all in one go. It was a…


A woman betrays her husband and…


Surely murder is murder / Whether or not intent is there – / Or motive. / It’s still murder. / The lose of life is death – / To take anothe…

The Jump, Part One (work in progress)

A cliff, a decision, and a growing love that might ruin everything that she had planned.

Oleander Fair

‘Oleander fair; / face framed by the darkest of red / that flows in rivulets around the veil of hair / matted with such scarlet strea…

Love slayer

As night spreads darkness across the land / Most young ladies are with teddy bear in hand / Laying their heads to sleep / Planning to count…

Barring Murder

Don’t think about it / You’ve got to slit the whiskers / Don’t go out like this / If you turn away for one second / I’ll be gone / You hear…

The Visitor

immediatly 3,000 volts of electricity traveled through my body and into my cerebelum where it melts my brain into a sticky pudding-like goo.


Its not complete just yet >.<

Haiku 18

blood-red sunset / piercing cries… / a murder of crows


Skeleton Cities still stand, / The flames feeding, / On innocent corpses.

A Murder unknown

As night approaches the moon rises, / His face is covered by different disguises. / He uses the shadows as he creeps, / While deep inside h…

Murder She Wrote

We’ve come so far from being there / Where we kissed without a care / Turned to a battleground / Where all my walls came tearing down…

Another slave layed to rest

Freezing but you sweat / with fear. / You ignore them as / they laugh and sneer.

Creature- part one

Martin held the knife towards the ceiling light, turning the handle slowly in his hand. He saw his reflection in the blade. / “Now I …

An Apology for the Murder of a Chance at Romance

Today as I write, / I am drenched in regret, / as I ruined my chance, / with a woman I’d met, / it started out as a case, / of back a…

Steal From The Old ,Give To The Murder

But the President rather continue giving tax payer money to Murdering organization world wide,namely Planned Parent Hood, And Middle Easter…

Untitled Work – Pt. 1!

He looked out of place in any timeline, but he carried himself as if his style was normal. Just another Kevlar cowboy.



Ill Secret

My brain cries murder I see it in my dreams / can’t hear my heart beat over your bloody screams. / I try to cover it with a smile on …

Asymmetry wins at last.

that’s when i pull it back / and the purring of my machine / reminds me of the / glory of man / and that’s when / i divide y…


In it sat a creature, three times the size of a man, with talons of metal and eyes of evil pure.


Down in the basement is where I keep my birds. My birds are shy, trying to hide from me as I enter their room. It’s hard to see their prett…

Insipid (Working Title)

Before the captive understands what has transpired, he is scattered, in multiple shredded chunks on the floor.

Telmazio, the Italian Assassin is a great place to discuss important stuff – the people around you are too drunk to remember anything, and no one cares about the ric…

Rose Red

The car on the left gained speed until it came out ahead. Swerving in front of them, it killed its engine. They braced themselves as the ca…

The Robin Hood Murders Chapter 4

“I’m to take you to the police station, Detective Inspector Plum wants to discuss this with you personally.”

I am the monster

The silence was deafening. The blackness of the dark was suffocating, climbing down my throat, constricting my lungs. I could hear my hear…


Maila sits for a while, waiting until she is confident her father is asleep. Then she puts on a dark hoodie, charges the front door and bre…

The Robin Hood Murders Chapter 4 (Extended)

the police were unable to identify a likely shooting position, so I was going in totally exposed.

Government Shut Down

The United States Government Will shut down at midnight to night due to the fact that special inrterest group funding is the diving wall t…

Death by Moonlight

She sees the attacker, she knows! / What to do she must think, as she sits there some more, her dress is now crumpled, but she cares none, …

Man With A Gun

man stands with that killing tool / so easily procured at his disposal / ready to unleash his anger / just a small pressure of the index …

“Harold and His Horrible Obsession” N…

Harold tiptoed to the stairs, then held his breath, waiting . . .anticipating the inevitable blood-curdling scream and then . . . and then …

The Entirely Edible Mom and Dad

Sam was the son born to Gilbert and Ruth / Seventeen pounds / The majority: tooth

Broken Family

In a family of seven Rose must learn to break her silence.Tell the world her secret but before she can her sisters life is taken.Rose must…


…they hammered into his chest. The blood began to seep around the holes the bullets created and he collapsed on the ground in front o…

it seems the axe was the only gift you left me

that’s where i have left only pieces / shards and gurgling bows upon gifts / tied about the leftover hopes and sorrows / of what the …

The Rouge Fedora

He screams out a single name. Johnny spills a little more red before I am convinced. He twitches in his chair, and lifts his swollen eyes t…

The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place

[Scene cuts to the black and white checkered floor of the bathroom where puddles of water cover the floor]

Deadly Affection

Her skin paled, / that waning light, as darkness crept / like dusk into night.

Cathy Unearthed Part 1

People said that before him the town was happy and prosperous. / Then kids started disappearing, just when he started school.

Killing Mrs Nagel

Ye bastard, she murmured in a low, tremulous voice. Ye Godless, evil bastard. Haven’t you done enough?


While I was waiting, I read that e-mail, scoffed at it, and then to defy the request of forwarding it even further…I headed to the ba…

First Blood

Anger flowing through my veins / So much so I feel no pain / Pulsating cold and clear / Shaking, but not with fear / History of violence in…


They won’t never ever fuckin stop, / So you can keep callin on the cops, / Bar the windows, deadbolt the locks, / These drugs got me …

The Island Of Duplicity By Sarah Longridge

I used to want to be a journalist. Not just any journalist, mind you; an investigative journalist. I wanted to uncover, expose, expound, an…


You and your sister, Nina, stand by the doorway listening for the return of Mrs Mictim and her daughter, Martha. Nina is anxious in a way …

climb aboard the murder train

cars are found flying over houses and the oil fields are all set ablaze but the only reason is this: there is a limit to how much self pity…

Love through a Murder

Your heart is broken / Blood all on the floor / The beating just reminds you of her front door / Everything painful is all around you / You…

Murderous suicide

The casket is closed. Not that anyone wanted it to be closed, just that my dead fathers face was blown off when he stuck a gun in his mouth…

Brian Blackwell…An ode to an evil little tw…

Nice boy Brian, clever and that / I actually believe he’s an evil little twat / July, when confronted by mummy / As to just what he&#…

“Extremist?” I prefer “Peaceful Thinker”

Our blades, barrels, ropes and bombs slay the evil thrust upon us, / And yet we are not terrorists. Nor terrorising

A Sarcastic Story About An Unknown Shower Killer

I figured if I kept my eyes peeled, I’d be able to bludgeon my killer with my aluminum can of shaving cream before he head the chance…

Something Charming(A short story)

There’s something charming about a weeping prostitute.

Rings of Smoke

The hoot of an Owl and a sudden rustling in the nearby trees brought Fitch to an abrupt halt. He froze, letting the knotted end of the cour…

Prologue: Things You Should Know About Jacob.

In many ways she was his mentor, moral compass, and primary comfort after being murdered in his sleep.

The Approach of Evil

They shivered against the evil breeze

All Hallow’s Eve

There is a legend about how a deal was made to give the dead one night to come back / and walk among the land of the living. This is the st…

Get Used To School Shootings

You harm every person you interact with.


The adamantine blade sliced with cold precision and equal mercilessness through everything, even the thick, sinewy neck of the King.

then death hit the brakes

and death was driving / while in the back / i was fucking tranquility / double-crossed style

Boxed Bestseller (my first Redbubble short story)

You can never really appreciate the way brains splatter against walls until you really see it.

Drowned in hate

I see the mother dab her eye / She’s crying for our state / It’s not just the other guy / It’s our nation drowned in hate!
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