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The old gypsy woman was blind: her eyes were whitely opaque, yet Jim felt like she could see right into his soul.

The Amazing Chameleon Girl

She tried not to think about it, and then tried to tell herself it had been an instant and painless death, that it was better for him than …

Author’s Revenge

I need some paper, all I have is skin— / and skin won’t win the battle raging here / between the words and mental blocks within / my …


Let the stars come out tonight and glow like lanterns in the sky. I reach out to touch you but I fall right through, you were always an ill…

My Lover in Handcuffs

Did I do it? No one will know / No one catches a pretty lip’s lies / They say you reap only what you sow / Turn around before you go

The Good Book

I listened to the echoing silence that comes but once in a lifetime. I turned and delivered blows upon my blood, till it flowed over my wa…

For The Love of Money

He seemed misplaced, not belonging to our area / His shoes were shined, almost new, while a suit he donned

Last Will and Tess Dementia.

Often I wonder why the nuclear family is the abiding model for society. / Generations do not get on, mothers and daughters scream, / Father…


Sometimes a lie is the best thing. This truth doesn’t come easy. / copyright2009 by John Braxton Sparks

My Murder Scene

Slow drips fall down the wall / Sets the scene of a / Tragedy / Surely, you take this with pessimism / But tragedy can be / Flowering / Th…

The State “Murder” Of Aaron Swartz is…

Our government is using its power to destroy and to crush, by any and all means necessary. So what’s new?

The Bitch Came Back


The Soldier


Art and Flesh

I don’t know exactly when I decided to kill him. The fact is that Eric Miller was dead, and he didn’t even know it yet. I saw myself, stand…


What’s that creeping, sneaking, / Through the grove of angry trees? / The taint of evil visions, / Painting shadows on the breezeR…



Hell Awaits The Slayers Of Our Children.

A threshold lurks beneath the soul / that teeters near death’s yawning hole; / once cross it and there’s no way back; / he fee…

Death, Deception and Drama

by George A. Yesthal / I want you to imagine a scenario where a Muslim terrorist carefully gathers a team of experienced intelligence opera…

Settling of Debt

I stared at the ceiling fan as it went round and round and round. Feeling dizzy, I slowly looked back towards the front of the classroom w…

Merideth Ann Price

“Well a quite simple reason. She didn’t get good grades,” Mrs. Ciamness said. With a smile on her face, she turned to face the police. “Of …

The Robin Hood Murders- Chapter 3

Max Coons was a quiet, observant presence in his shop as I admired his work. His love of Nottingham and sports were clear

the baptism


Unknown Criminals

We are all murderers / Criminals, each one of us / As we go through / The simple banalities / Of everyday life

Her Tomb

It was not without some nerves that he raised his lantern and peered into her final resting place. He squinted, and then his gasp echoed as…

Darkness In The Daylight (Too Cruel For A Duel)

The cop warns the man of his impending fate / The man simply smiles like he cannot relate / Slowly the cop creeps, but the man remains stil…

blinded by the light

you stare at us in / sepia / through the TV / screen of / history

The South Side Of Town… Part 3

Never one to pass up an opportunity when it presents itself, I quickly rifled through Curly’s pockets, like a fat man stuffing his face at …


a maniacal grin spread on his lips, as he cracked open the sternum to reach his precious.

The House

“I can’t believe someone finally told you what happened in this joint!” Sam grunted as he struggled through the rickety, wooden window Dave…


I wish to feel the pain, / the seething agony once again, / to walk the path with you, / to have the feeling of a tear,



David Niven

Despite several / Warnings / My wife continued / To beat me / At board games

The Aerial Hunt

He arrived before dawn / Excited, and anticipating his first / Aerial wolf hunt. / The morning mist formed / Frosted Crystals on the / Alr…

The Ad


Train Ride – 3rd Edition

“How haven’t you been caught?” / “Not many people can remember a reflection.”

The Portrait of Evil by Richard Davies. A Tale of…



‘Mankind’, go around sprouting out whatever we feel like saying at the time and don’t even realize the great power behind what …

Fictional Murderer

Did I want this occurrence? / Did I want to kill my love? / A cruel twist in my sense / Brings nothing but confusion / I stare in bloody…

The e-mail murder

The drama, The mystery, The hot and sexy JAW DROPING ending. / YOU NEVER EXPECTED / yeah this i…

Daddy’s Advice led to Murder

‘Let me live for god sake, Helen! Let me live!!!’ But his wife said no. Then she married an inflatable urine sample named NORTH…

Glass Dreams

the endless thoughts of misery, / without you i am blind, cannot see / endless paths in frount of me, / turn my back on this place / you sm…

There’s murder in the air

Taste my essence / Taste my soul / Come to my place to see a hole / This hole is dark / This hole is grey / This hole is for you / This h…



parties in the sky with dweebs and demons

there’s not a lot to say / in much the same way / that there’s not a lot to do when you walk out into the world. / and so iR…




he asked why? Before plunging the knife deep in his chest.

The Robin Hood Murders Chapter 6

I am delighted to hear from your salubrious colleagues of the press that you are alive and well.


The lips on her sixth head move. He knows he should be listening but the vision of a seven-headed humanoid beast distracts his mind. Sat …

According To My Dreams

The antago, the false alarms; / from sheer impulsiveness / I tried to believe the meaning missing / from your letters. I thought / I unders…

Family Business

‘Crawl five feet then turn left. Crawl another foot and start digging. Remember to show this to no one and keep our ‘treasures’ from any …

The Scarf

‘The bastard’ she had thought at the time, ‘I knew you were not everything you seemed to be’




He came to kill but he did not bargain on what he would find…..

First Night

Wake up. Wake up. It’s time to wake up. / My eyelids peel back and moonlight stabs at the revealed pupils, drowning them in white pai…

Serving the Moment

The moment reached into my chest. It ripped out my heart with its clawed hand.

The Mercenary

And soon, he spotted the lady in red, / selecting a bloomer of wholemeal bread.

Brown eyed Boy

her brown eyes dont close

The Wig

“What was broken?” Jeremy asked with a soft, calm tone. / Without warning, the man leaned forward, “Her skull,” he whispered. / Shocked, J…

Unjust Death

Unjust death / Sprouts without bloom / Broken in many pieces / All her beauty gone… / Not even “The Reaper” / would permi…

Surprise – Story

She lay there, drowning in herself, her eyelids closing heavily. Turning everything to black…

Breath for the moment

Nothing ever stays buried when the rain never stops

Good Business

He pointed her towards the mirror that had been cleaned of all dust and grime. / The woman made her way over, stepping slowly as she…

Jack’s a Poor Boy

The bell of the dead came a ringin’ / and the whole of the town was asleep, / the grave digger just kept a diggin’ / he had muc…

A Walk.

Which one of us living, I wonder askew, / will be next to join, this macabre milieu?

How Can You fix It,If You Can’t See It̵…

What can be done to turn back these plague? Can the government deliver us? / The Government is limited in turning back these plague becaus…


I love how our scars shine together;


How does a woman kill her own daughter, without conscious and without any remorse? is it in the genes or is she a born murderer?

Two to One

Ah, Texas, he thought. It was the right move to get in the car and drive to SouthEast Texas. He’d planned to follow the coast to see …

Murder Plan

another odd one

She screamed blue murder.

She screamed blue murder. / “She was still screaming and shouting when they took her away.” / “What do you think then?” / “Oh I am at a c…

Murder By Degrees

Sunrise sunshine / The innocent eyes / Peer shyly skyward to / Magically gasp aloud / Wonderment where all is possible; / And begins gr…

The Followers of the Spider Queen

Fleeting glimpses, / Through endless night. / The tell-tale signs, / The end is nigh.

I’ll be famous…….

Like a hand in a pale of water….. / Leaving no impression….

Neda, The Scream of Silence

call out to her in hopes of a response / the sounds that part waters / the sounds that break thru the thickest crowds / the sounds that mak…

‘I remember asking’ Red Writing roo…

Roid rage was definitely simmering away in this no neck motherf—ker and the expression ‘3 steps from the tree’ came to mind, only thi…

Inspector Benson: ‘Murder on the Waves̵…

“It was the sailor who did it. I’m so sure it was…It had to be him. He was the only one there,afterall, he did hold the b…

This is Murder

…There was a man lying sprawled on the gully floor. One bullet whole could be seen through his stomach, dried blood surrounding the w…

Part One ~ For All She Knew~

Josh is having a hard time showing the new girl Sophie his real feelings when his ex girlfriend Abby is always at his back. Will Josh choos…

The Murder of Me

There is someone approaching, weapon in hand for all to see. / He seems harmless, but by sundown, a murderer he will be. / I know who his i…

New York Killer.

It read: “NYC Killer takes a new victim”, then followed a photo of my poor Casey.

Across the Valleys and Streams the Prologue

Tom lifted his nose and smelled the coming onslaught. The evil sweat of the burgeoning night dripped from the starless sky, sending more th…

The Robin Hood Murders Chapter 2

“You were concerned about further murders?” / “Yes I was. Mark Coons’ initial two murders in the Narrow Marsh beneath Shire hall were targe…

betrayal II


cutters, trains and heroin

3 friends in 2 years they’ll never find rest, they’re mulch and they chose that path i don’t blame them i just wish i had…

screaming bloody murder

Screaming bloody murder / i run from this life / into the next where paradise lingers / and hell struggles to taint, / where the grim reape…

Alphabetical Musings

“Right out of those cop TV shows, huh? Suppose now you’re going to call the police? Tell them about the terrible scene we’…

a murder of crows

the war to keep alive. / the theory of walking the maze, / the politics of instinct, / all I want is to wash me clean, / wish me clean, / …

Love Letter

Love is forever, after all.

BLOODY murder

she was crying / left her dying / i know her personally / getting hurt everyday for a mother of 3

F’d up country song

In the middle of the night / you talk in your sleep / I hear the things you’re thinkin’ / And I start to weep / In details so v…

The Sin of Murder

No God rewards for murder, / Nor condemns / For that is the command / Of your-own soul; / The heaven or the hell / A dwelling for the spiri…

Travel is murder

Screaming, they died. Now we disembark.

shadow shadowless stick figures

a sunny casual guernica afternoon…drive by shootings gangbanger style

Baby, I’m A Want You

but i can’t do it / you are / a mustard seed / but you’ll grow / even if i can’t see / you / a soul as alive / as mine


My mind goes blank / with a twist of my head. / My face is on the ground / and I think I’m finally dead.

tender is as juicy did

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