Her body wet and glistening, perfumed / She is. / With fragrant oils, smoothe / She is.

I am the whale of poems

And I am just the whale of poems / And you hate poems

the murder of autumn

She can smell the soul of the trees burning alive today. Their secrets are smoldering and a longing oozes through the cracks in their bark.

Football & Slavery

Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election

Dreamdex – Sandra

Sandra had been murdered. My psyche walloped me hard in the frontal lobe.

Love Triangle

I cannot feel his heart beat, / and his shirt is soaked blood-red. / I don’t think that he’s breathing, / and they’ve just pronounced…

Hollacost Final Days

Pray what you may, religious, maybe / Catholic, C of E, Mormon, who cares / Almighty god listens, but not to Jews??

Murder in Suburbia (ooh! cool title!)

I thought I was losing it.

Sweet Bramble Pie

After dinner, sticky and with purple stained lips, they had devoured each other on the kitchen floor amongst the packing cases.

You Hold My Heart (story for Cathie Tranent’…

He was meant to be home. She sat and waited; watching the shadows creep towards her.

Bloody paper cut

Crime, passion and paper cuts – good combo I reckon

headless cows

blood smells

Death of a Sibling

A family of 9 turns to a family of 8 / That loss of one is 1 loss too many

The Dark And Burried

The dark is where I wait and lay. All around me is dirt and clay.

Mary, Marie, How does your Garden Grow?

A little tale about neighbours, gardening and the blood thirsty spirit of competition.

From Light To Black

The light is now fading to black – my eyelids are coming unattached


Dead? / Thoughts jumped rapidly through his head. Synapses quickly pushed aside denial and were replaced by scenes that now made perfect se…



Justice in Payback

Imagining a bitter sweet payback or more, this offender with no clue for what I have in store

The 12 Gory Days Of Grinchmas

A dark christmas poem full of horror!

20 Motherfuckers

“I kill all you bitches!” / A general, silent wave of panic swept over the train car. Instantly, twenty people gasped. All were trapped and…

Morning Cup

His plan was perfect. He’d spent months polishing it, weeks buffing it, and the last few hours making it gleam. There had been fear, …

wimbledon in the western suburbs

I sat in the front seat, where your nose bleeds and I watched every game

I want to fuck you with music


6 Ways to Murder a Baby


Milk and Cookies

The scene was like a sick horror movie, one could envision the title A Cannibal Christmas.

Murder Musings In A Bar

A wife relives the excitement and methodology of killing her husband.

God Has Pity On Kindergarten Children

Today Thursday May 1 2008 we memorize here in Israel the 6 million Jews murdered in The Holocaust. / Yehuda Amichai one of the best Israel…

No Victims

When the one on the end of the line had gone, Thoms laughed to himself at the remark ‘we may well be depending on you’.




Run mascara down your face; / Crimson on the boards. / One less shadow now to pace / Among the snaking power cords. / Seems I made it just …


The truth about how the Olympic hosts treat the folk of Tibet!

Michael’s World

The ceiling fan agonised him with its constant rhythmic squeak, a grating cry which kept perfect time with its desultory rotation. He had …

Always a Woman to Me


Murder Palette

White were the lies told to protect me / Black was the mood it sent me / Green was the jealousy that engulfed me / Red was the anger that e…

White Picket Fence

Angela never thought her life would end this way. Nice, dull people like Angela don’t usually draw their last breath in the midst of viole…

Paper Daises

A little girl has an interesting art. / copyright2009 by John Braxton Sparks

Summer Breeze

Adjusting the top of her bikini, she knew he would never stray again

Fragile Things

Moments are fragile things.

the murder of sleep

the future gapes / a jagtoothed maw / there is no fire in this belly

Story within a Story

From / Vicki’s / Jack / in old London / to / last night / in Soho


Come along quietly, Sir. Yes that’s the way. / The victim died of his head wounds today.

Shades Of Gray

The world can’t truly be captured in the photographic lens of black and white.

Visiting hour

and in its place grows a rat-like gnawing fear…



Go To The City

Go to the city. Follow your dreams." That’s what all his friends and loved ones told him. They said things like that all the tim…

A Story of a Boy, and Part of the Journey

K and A had planned it out well. I was in the right place at the right time. K would be rid of me forever and the Nazi would be in jail fo…

she wants her nails painted black

she wore brooding silence / shabby clothes / painted her nails black / wearing bright red lipstick / “many kids have fallen victim…

Blue Condition

He now gets green and blue mixed up


To Be Insane or Not To Be…….. That is the question / I am an accomplice to murder. My whole family is on the secret but they prefer it to b…

We go


" Only Man "

Thou shall not MURDER

“Franz Kafka Molekel Never Did Die” {…

The promise to absolutely cover his monetary loss really brightened up the scene for Charlie who now expressed his gratitude with a verbal …

You who kill our children.



Then the battery exploded and the acid ate away at her face. It was very gruesome. I watched her face melt. It ate right through her head u…


Sorry to break this to you, honey, but suicide is murder.


the rain does not wet her, nor the / sun give / warmth.

Abortion is a crime against humanity

Abortion is a crime against humanity, as vile as the murder perpetrated against The Jews by The Nazi regime

Lady Merydon’s Little Secret

Lady Merydon loved her house, / she loved her gardens, / she loved her pearls

A Throne Taken by Treachery


from a tongue of marine and murder

For a moment, you were. / You were; a moment.


with the fire in his brain exhausted / he took her back to the bedroom

I’m A Radical Terrorist

Trained to maim and kill, / When blood stains the grounds, / Mangled steel, schools and crèche!

Halloween horror

She had vanished, only her bag remaining on the pavement, the contents still settling to the ground. Paul approached looking round wildly. …

An Eye for an Eye…a Gothic Poem


The Oreo Cookie Murder

What he saw then was so disturbing, so shocking, he gasped in disbelief.

A Murder of Crows

She threw feathers from a roof and watched them fly / as a charm of finches dreamt and a heart cried / She heard the rain fall on the corru…


Doldrum eyes, dark and bottomless / Golden hair, pale freckled skin / Serious, tiresome, cold and frowning / Skin is painfully tight. / Thi…


I meant to turn her away, / now I have nothing left to say, / how can I say I’m sorry, / or look her in the eye, / a touch would ask …

Bed Of Leaves By: Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sp…

He should have felt more comfortable. / A story written by Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sparks

Burn (Images project #6)

The emeralds and rubies of a destroyed art work in glass were stomped unceremoniously out of sight as the battle between man and the life-f…


Curtis was his best friend and Attorney, but turned his back on him when he needed him the most.


I don’t know why I punish myself, / Why I let you infect me, / Dissect me,


On the outside, I was a king, but here, I am nothing. Just dust in the wind, floating away just to settle in another decrepit location and …

Mr Bernstein solves a murder or two (excerpt)

Susan Varg clearly envisaged that when her ever-loving husband Ivar announced he was going to purchase and train a police dog, it would be …

Underneath The Mistletoe (A Holiday Tale)

The amber glow of the candles warmed Alicia’s heart like the gracious glow of an Angel’s Halo.

The Intersection

I walked to his back and punched him down. I swaggered with pride and pumped fists. I yelled “coward” again where they had rolled him o…

A Murder Of Crows

The crows ripped / the skies of evening tide / scattered formations, / black cloud wide / their cawing / caaing and calling / their twis…

The Christmas Eve Nightmare

An evil santa!!!!


It was a pleasure to know you. / But mostly- / It was a pleasure to burn.

Girl in the Window – Short Story

In the mirror was a little girl holding her doll and laughing.

Serial Killer

You build your idol / Thought by idle thought

This is a Lamentation

everytime we knife a baby / from his mother’s womb / Rachel is in mourning / she will not be comforted! / she cannot be comforted!

Honor the Heart in Hand

Antiquated customs disguised as honor / take her breath away / WHILE / men with jagged stones / steal / her last / heart beat.


I told him… / I’ll give you everything for nothing. / He took the deal. / Now he has everything.. / and I have nothing. / He sa…

The Spirit vs. the flesh

For the flesh lusts against The Spirit, and The Spirit against the flesh; and these two are contrary to one another, so that you do not do …


He saw her looking at the cereals, getting ready to chose one. She was a doll…

Prime Suspects

Cats were everywhere. Twining around each other on the floor in little cliques. More were perched on top of tables and countertops. There w…

Out of the Darkness

…I could see a scrap piece of paper with something scrawled on it in green pencil. I picked up the paper and read it. “I know your th…

Introducing a murderer

I paid no attention to the rain pattering against my plastic protective cover. My competition training calming my breathing and steadying …

The freaks who Murder Love

I sat outside by the Princes Highway and watched for the end of the age of bliss.

Revenge From Beyond

‘Tell me where it is!’ / ‘I won’t!’ / ‘Listen, kid,’ Reg lowered his voice to a threatening growl, ‘just forget what you thought you saw. I…

Introducing Nina Gadon

As the early evening gloom descended, I turned the key in the door with its usual grinding reluctance, and eagerly stepped into the warmth …

Take Out

I slid my foot under the sheet and kicked at the John’s leg to see if he was well and truly out of it. I’d slipped him enough valium to ki…



Stolen Love

You have other’s who love you, / I know for a fact. / No matter what happens, / I’ll still be your best friend. / Don’t p…
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