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Bathsheba Her body wet and glistening, perfumed / She is. / With fragrant oils, smoothe / She is. I am the whale of poems And I am just the whale of poems / And you hate poems Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election Love Triangle I cannot feel his heart beat, / and his shirt is soaked blood-red. / I don’t think that he’s breathing, / and they’ve just pronounced… Paper Daises A little girl has an interesting art. / copyright2009 by John Braxton Sparks Summer Breeze Adjusting the top of her bikini, she knew he would never stray again Fragile Things Moments are fragile things. Shades Of Gray The world can’t truly be captured in the photographic lens of black and white. Visiting hour and in its place grows a rat-like gnawing fear… An Eye for an Eye…a Gothic Poem (Mature) Princess I meant to turn her away, / now I have nothing left to say, / how can I say I’m sorry, / or look her in the eye, / a touch would ask … Bed Of Leaves By: Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sp… He should have felt more comfortable. / A story written by Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sparks Mistake I don’t know why I punish myself, / Why I let you infect me, / Dissect me, Underneath The Mistletoe (A Holiday Tale) The amber glow of the candles warmed Alicia’s heart like the gracious glow of an Angel’s Halo. 451 It was a pleasure to know you. / But mostly- / It was a pleasure to burn. Confession I told him… / I’ll give you everything for nothing. / He took the deal. / Now he has everything.. / and I have nothing. / He sa… The Spirit vs. the flesh For the flesh lusts against The Spirit, and The Spirit against the flesh; and these two are contrary to one another, so that you do not do … The freaks who Murder Love I sat outside by the Princes Highway and watched for the end of the age of bliss. SLOW MURDER ‘sixwordstory’ Stolen Love You have other’s who love you, / I know for a fact. / No matter what happens, / I’ll still be your best friend. / Don’t p… Sweet is the Virign Perfection doesn’t falter Ring the bell Into darkness now I turn / say goodbye to sanity / never I’ll feel warm again The Swaine Witch. An innocent story of life, love, grenades, anti-personnel mines and a child-eating grandmother. “In Disposition” In my pre-programmed resistance / Is a wax lyrical persistence / It mirrors the distortions / Of worlds in portions. Confession You can’t dance in flames and not expect to get burned. What is love, after all, but not flames? For You… you can’t plead guilty to suicide / my love… “love” (Mature) Paper love I used to whisper it to people as they went past, scared of being disappointed with the sound of my own voice, of how feeble it may appear,… Describe it to me – In Progress The clouds dimmed my room but artificial light is so taboo, so I sat in the darkness, sipping velvety cocoa, and read . . . something. On Hands I can put myself in that place; in a sad season where those hands are the tool of selfish demise. I feel the desolate emptiness. Sour Desserts Do you fight the fight or follow the well worn curve? / The lonely chill of sober late night walk home. / The warmth of a body warmed bed. … Tarot The old gypsy woman was blind: her eyes were whitely opaque, yet Jim felt like she could see right into his soul. The Love of Two Lost Souls (Pt. 4) “Get in bed. I don’t want to see you, because if I do, or if I find out you’re still lying to me, I’ll stab you and him in your sleep,"… For The Love of Money He seemed misplaced, not belonging to our area / His shoes were shined, almost new, while a suit he donned Katie Sometimes a lie is the best thing. This truth doesn’t come easy. / copyright2009 by John Braxton Sparks Waiting I wish to feel the pain, / the seething agony once again, / to walk the path with you, / to have the feeling of a tear, WHAT YOU DON’T USE YOU LOOSE ‘Mankind’, go around sprouting out whatever we feel like saying at the time and don’t even realize the great power behind what … Glass Dreams the endless thoughts of misery, / without you i am blind, cannot see / endless paths in frount of me, / turn my back on this place / you sm… Brown eyed Boy her brown eyes dont close Unjust Death Unjust death / Sprouts without bloom / Broken in many pieces / All her beauty gone… / Not even “The Reaper” / would permi… Part One ~ For All She Knew~ Josh is having a hard time showing the new girl Sophie his real feelings when his ex girlfriend Abby is always at his back. Will Josh choos… New York Killer. It read: “NYC Killer takes a new victim”, then followed a photo of my poor Casey. Love Letter Love is forever, after all. Forget Life is hard; any old fool could tell you that. It’s full of ups and down like friend drama, your mom hating you, and cancer. It wear… The Captain and his ship …Well, I must leave you now, / Mostly to launder my dress, / But do not worry dearest, / At your funeral, I will look my best. The Jump, Part One (work in progress) A cliff, a decision, and a growing love that might ruin everything that she had planned. Oleander Fair ‘Oleander fair; / face framed by the darkest of red / that flows in rivulets around the veil of hair / matted with such scarlet strea… Love slayer As night spreads darkness across the land / Most young ladies are with teddy bear in hand / Laying their heads to sleep / Planning to count… Claudia (Mature) Deadly Affection Her skin paled, / that waning light, as darkness crept / like dusk into night. Love through a Murder Your heart is broken / Blood all on the floor / The beating just reminds you of her front door / Everything painful is all around you / You…

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