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the murder of autumn She can smell the soul of the trees burning alive today. Their secrets are smoldering and a longing oozes through the cracks in their bark. Dreamdex – Sandra Sandra had been murdered. My psyche walloped me hard in the frontal lobe. Love Triangle I cannot feel his heart beat, / and his shirt is soaked blood-red. / I don’t think that he’s breathing, / and they’ve just pronounced… headless cows blood smells Death of a Sibling A family of 9 turns to a family of 8 / That loss of one is 1 loss too many The Dark And Burried The dark is where I wait and lay. All around me is dirt and clay. From Light To Black The light is now fading to black – my eyelids are coming unattached Justice in Payback Imagining a bitter sweet payback or more, this offender with no clue for what I have in store The 12 Gory Days Of Grinchmas A dark christmas poem full of horror! Michael’s World The ceiling fan agonised him with its constant rhythmic squeak, a grating cry which kept perfect time with its desultory rotation. He had … Execution Come along quietly, Sir. Yes that’s the way. / The victim died of his head wounds today. A Story of a Boy, and Part of the Journey K and A had planned it out well. I was in the right place at the right time. K would be rid of me forever and the Nazi would be in jail fo… cliffs the rain does not wet her, nor the / sun give / warmth. Abortion is a crime against humanity Abortion is a crime against humanity, as vile as the murder perpetrated against The Jews by The Nazi regime Halloween horror She had vanished, only her bag remaining on the pavement, the contents still settling to the ground. Paul approached looking round wildly. … Princess I meant to turn her away, / now I have nothing left to say, / how can I say I’m sorry, / or look her in the eye, / a touch would ask … Mistake I don’t know why I punish myself, / Why I let you infect me, / Dissect me, The Intersection I walked to his back and punched him down. I swaggered with pride and pumped fists. I yelled “coward” again where they had rolled him o… This is a Lamentation everytime we knife a baby / from his mother’s womb / Rachel is in mourning / she will not be comforted! / she cannot be comforted! Honor the Heart in Hand Antiquated customs disguised as honor / take her breath away / WHILE / men with jagged stones / steal / her last / heart beat. The Spirit vs. the flesh For the flesh lusts against The Spirit, and The Spirit against the flesh; and these two are contrary to one another, so that you do not do … THE GRACE OF GOD He saw her looking at the cereals, getting ready to chose one. She was a doll… SLOW MURDER ‘sixwordstory’ Stolen Love You have other’s who love you, / I know for a fact. / No matter what happens, / I’ll still be your best friend. / Don’t p… Bed of Roses A bed of roses / Her final slumber / We’ll lay together / ‘Cause I love her / I’ll never leave her / I’ll always hold her / But as time pas… scarecrow the sharp / blade / thrust in and / out; Who Her face barely above the water / The dead girl floated like a poisoned fish. Ring the bell Into darkness now I turn / say goodbye to sanity / never I’ll feel warm again I WISH YOU NOTHING Like the smoke from a raging inferno, it is thick, sticky and consuming. Polluting everything pure that’s inside me, it tightens… violation it is a / windswept place, / the cold air biting with iron / jaws. dancing (Mature) He Ignored, Now This …Reminisce the dog-end that changed reality… Bloody Axes We hold the blood, ripping with bloody axes. We collect the blood, dripping off our bloody axes. Take out lives, tripping on bloody axes. … Nighttime is My Time Twenty-five years later, Jean Sheridan returns to Stonecroft Academy as an honoree. Upon arrival, she learns that five of her lunch table f… foetus (Mature) Street Cleaner – Part II If a few have to die for my message to be heard then so be it. A Disturbing Dream The heads won’t sink / The current won’t pull them / How long will they remain? / The axe is now clean / Crimson grass coverin… The Death of the Senator. The death of the senator leaves me quite cold; / I know he was ill; and sure he was old, poor (Mature) Lets Go Home I had always seen Emily as an angel, a guardian, my protector… The Random Killer He waits in the shadows / In the doorways and in the shops / How is she to know that this would be her last breath and vision of her world THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS Matt felt the want and need for a new girlfriend. His last one, well she just wasn’t the life of the party anymore… Unknown (as yet) Chills rippled up her spine in waves of heat and cold. Nothing like she has experienced before. Faith’s heart was jumping out of her … THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE part 2 A SICK, AND TWISTED LOOK INTO THE MIND OF A SERIAL KILLER None at present The man from the paper was ushered into the interview room. The guards reminded him that he had only half an hour with me, at the same time… beast (Mature) THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE (copyrighted by the artist … A FRIGHTENING TALE OF RAPE AND MURDER TOLD BY THE PREDATOR Man Made My brother shot a woman / three times through / her baby’s bedsheets / while she was hanging / them out to dry. Flashes of…. Slumped on the edge of the bed / My busted heart hanging by a thread / Sweating palms cradling my head / Attempting to sleep is what I drea… On Hands I can put myself in that place; in a sad season where those hands are the tool of selfish demise. I feel the desolate emptiness. the keening I lie alone with the / moon. Deal With Death He found the man, / Who’s soul he would trade, / He would take the life, / With the edge of a blade. My Murder Scene Slow drips fall down the wall / Sets the scene of a / Tragedy / Surely, you take this with pessimism / But tragedy can be / Flowering / Th… The Bitch Came Back (Mature) Art and Flesh I don’t know exactly when I decided to kill him. The fact is that Eric Miller was dead, and he didn’t even know it yet. I saw myself, stand… dead? (Mature) Troll What’s that creeping, sneaking, / Through the grove of angry trees? / The taint of evil visions, / Painting shadows on the breezeR… Death, Deception and Drama by George A. Yesthal / I want you to imagine a scenario where a Muslim terrorist carefully gathers a team of experienced intelligence opera… Darkness In The Daylight (Too Cruel For A Duel) The cop warns the man of his impending fate / The man simply smiles like he cannot relate / Slowly the cop creeps, but the man remains stil… striation a maniacal grin spread on his lips, as he cracked open the sternum to reach his precious. grief (Mature) WHAT YOU DON’T USE YOU LOOSE ‘Mankind’, go around sprouting out whatever we feel like saying at the time and don’t even realize the great power behind what … Train Ride – 3rd Edition “How haven’t you been caught?” / “Not many people can remember a reflection.” Glass Dreams the endless thoughts of misery, / without you i am blind, cannot see / endless paths in frount of me, / turn my back on this place / you sm… THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE PART 5 THE THOUGHTS OF A SERIAL KILLER ON THE PROWL First Night Wake up. Wake up. It’s time to wake up. / My eyelids peel back and moonlight stabs at the revealed pupils, drowning them in white pai… Unjust Death Unjust death / Sprouts without bloom / Broken in many pieces / All her beauty gone… / Not even “The Reaper” / would permi… Surprise – Story She lay there, drowning in herself, her eyelids closing heavily. Turning everything to black… Breath for the moment Nothing ever stays buried when the rain never stops murderer I love how our scars shine together; Murder Plan another odd one A Walk. Which one of us living, I wonder askew, / will be next to join, this macabre milieu? The Followers of the Spider Queen Fleeting glimpses, / Through endless night. / The tell-tale signs, / The end is nigh. New York Killer. It read: “NYC Killer takes a new victim”, then followed a photo of my poor Casey. F’d up country song In the middle of the night / you talk in your sleep / I hear the things you’re thinkin’ / And I start to weep / In details so v… Ophelia, My Sweet – February 2k11 In the woods, a girl cried, lonely. / Tears dripped from her cloudy eyes / Alabaster skin tinged pink with sadness / A darkly dream. / … Forget Life is hard; any old fool could tell you that. It’s full of ups and down like friend drama, your mom hating you, and cancer. It wear… THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE (part 3) A LOOK INTO THE MIND OF A SERIAL KILLER, AND HIS EVIL WAYS Walking Death (School Shooting) 8:25am. Bafflement. Guns pulled out. Ready. A shout. A few screams. No time. Shooting begins. Brains on the wall. Blonde hair. Bl… Zoe My entire perspective, my life, my world, is unravelling and falling apart in front of me. And the worst part? There’s nothing, absoulutely… 018. Hate (Mature) Fates …can I see death? Can I be conscious of this abstract consequence? Of course, I recognise the milieu of death. It projects out of guns and … Oleander Fair ‘Oleander fair; / face framed by the darkest of red / that flows in rivulets around the veil of hair / matted with such scarlet strea… The Visitor immediatly 3,000 volts of electricity traveled through my body and into my cerebelum where it melts my brain into a sticky pudding-like goo. War. Skeleton Cities still stand, / The flames feeding, / On innocent corpses. Creature- part one Martin held the knife towards the ceiling light, turning the handle slowly in his hand. He saw his reflection in the blade. / “Now I … Asymmetry wins at last. that’s when i pull it back / and the purring of my machine / reminds me of the / glory of man / and that’s when / i divide y… PRETTY BIRDS Down in the basement is where I keep my birds. My birds are shy, trying to hide from me as I enter their room. It’s hard to see their prett… Death by Moonlight She sees the attacker, she knows! / What to do she must think, as she sits there some more, her dress is now crumpled, but she cares none, … Man With A Gun man stands with that killing tool / so easily procured at his disposal / ready to unleash his anger / just a small pressure of the index … Broken Family In a family of seven Rose must learn to break her silence.Tell the world her secret but before she can her sisters life is taken.Rose must… it seems the axe was the only gift you left me that’s where i have left only pieces / shards and gurgling bows upon gifts / tied about the leftover hopes and sorrows / of what the … The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place [Scene cuts to the black and white checkered floor of the bathroom where puddles of water cover the floor] Deadly Affection Her skin paled, / that waning light, as darkness crept / like dusk into night. Cathy Unearthed Part 1 People said that before him the town was happy and prosperous. / Then kids started disappearing, just when he started school. DRUGS They won’t never ever fuckin stop, / So you can keep callin on the cops, / Bar the windows, deadbolt the locks, / These drugs got me …
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