QUIETLY I SIT. quietly I sit / listening to the wind My Holiday Blessing My Holiday Blessing / ©Jay Ryser / www.jayryser.com / It’s the day after Christmas as I write this, but the event happened yesterday,… erosion you once told me / that regardless of our love / mother river / always changes her course / leaving a trail of destruction / to create a ne… The Dragon who lost his fire powers, by 10year ol… “There is a mountain called Magic Mountain, on its top there is a egg, if you eat the egg your fire powers will come back, but if you… Help Me Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T… The Mountains Of Madness infectious, abstract madness!  / Like a wild child with an uneasy melodious beauty unhinged and filled with sadness! Andy Reeve’s Excellent Arizonian Adventure However, the regression to one of my past lives was quickly over. I was back in the bus, in floods of tears, with one thought going through… MOONDANCE 6….final phase last of the moondance. Darkness Has Fallen Darkness Has Fallen / A Darkness Has Fallen / Hush Comes Or The Hill / Valleys Mist Now Risen / The Forest Oh So Still / Lun… how to tell you this, years later. no northern bears, no cold and naked swan to sweep across the sky. instead, obsidian, adobe, and gold…and everywhere the smell of dark wind… My Cathedral, My Addiction These mountains are my cathedral / God is in the sky / Goddess is in the ground / Spirit speaks to me in the trickling streams and roaring… MOUNTAINS OF PAIN Pain is my companion, teacher, nemesis and muse. / It’s the only way I can feel those blues, / And write the words / That heal my heart / A… Hear Me Hear me for my song I will sing / Let your heart slow within thee / Listen and peace I will bring / My song is calming you’ll see / I… Scattered dreams While the wind / blows my dreams / far away / scattering them / one by one NYMPH She dwells in the forest / Flys through the stars / She’s seen Jupiter / And been on Mars / The little Nymph / With a magical touch /… ANOLE -TN Smoky Mountains habitat – private… Anole Lizards, I saw a huddle of 8 on my deck the other day when I went out, it was cold, Humming the song through a feather in the mists o… The act of climbing a mountain is changed succinctly and dramatically by the act of observing the climb and making route root choices. A Promise My voice is not a new voice, / But one that has gone on forever. / I have spoken to you before / And we have held hands under the moonlight… forevermore standing by the rocks / on the mountain of dreams / the winds of time blowing my hair / scents of lilacs blooming / near the waterfall o… How I Shot A Charging Grizzly (With My Camera!) How often in your life do you get to photograph a grizzly in the wild? Fantasy Land Poem Fantasy Land Poem! The Lure of the Mountains When your heart calls you / You must always give answer / To come home again dream diary- poem of the gift shop by the … walking down this little dirt road / came upon a old house all lonely and cold / a little pond sitting just to the left / with very dark cl… So Torn I’m going to leave. / I can’t stand to hear myself breathe, / when you’re lost- / somewhere in a distant dream. / And I&#… History of My life and experiences, – Home … Once thought I married into a religious family of religious freeks, GSMNP history. Nobody wants to play a rythm guitar behind Jesus. ~ High Country Calling ~ open up your heart to feel the magic of the mist / open up your ears to hear the mountains call The Ultimate Photograph The ultimate photograph…Natures Canvas. / The sun is setting,fading fast in the west,slipping behind the majestic mountains capped wi… The Overexposed Photographer “To my utter amazement the view which greeted me was totally jaw-dropping!” / “Oh the embarrassment of the moment!” Leonid Night Much has been written / of the majesty of purple mountains, / their stateliness iconic THE ANGELS’ PAINTBRUSH The Angels took their paintbrushes / One by One / Waiting for the evening / When down went the sun / Flying at the water’s edge / Pai… What is Puerto Rico? It is the island of enchantment / the paradise we dream of / prejudice it does not tolerate / and with it’s always sunny climate / … Blue Ridge Mountains a yellow moon he casts a glow bright / till the kiss of dawn she morning de-light CameraView Calendars are AVAILABLE NOW! CameraView Calendars Calendars are available. ~ Ghost Gums Revival ~ It has taken some time for the new to regrow / for the germinated seeds to fall and self sow / with patience we wait, hold our breath, hesi… Inner Sisters Libran stars arisen as destiny called my chosen birth / Bloodlines from two worlds collide as I seek self worth / Atlantean division betwee… Mountain Mists Take a steep track to the top of the world where the Kosciusko moon is near LOST AND FOUND a short poem ~ Up Top ~ In the hush of the mist / nothing seems to stir / the low of a calf dream diary -poem from another time and place looking back in all the years too far to know…. when and where / breathing in life to the grandest and all the fresh air / a sea goe… CLIMB THE MOUNTAINS Climb the mountains / thru its crevices / and unexplored caverns, / and rugged face filled / with creatures unknown. / From the top: / … Red Fox Photo Book I just self-published a photo book on red foxes, and now I’m shamelessly self-promoting it. / You can follow this LINK / Thanks for c… About The Artwork: I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu… The Captive Will I ever feel the wind again…………. stand with wings tucked under like a languid exhale / from a giant’s mouth Black bear Attacks ….GATLINBURG — Great Smoky Mountains National Park rangers say they’re certain they’ve killed the black bear that repeatedly mauled a… Fly with me ……….. come fly with me / catch me if you can / for i will catch / you first breeze and mountain green across metallic black / with scarlet red strips lying in between / was that an exceptional UFO at end? When the Wind Comes Down the Mountainside It seems as if all is breathless, / For the moment the wind is still. / No life is seen a’stirring / As you gaze above the sill. love…..is just a mirage in my mind time is sometimes / a generous circle / but as of late / the shape / is somewhat / deflated / I thought / my mountain / was in view / bu… Sitting on the Thinking Step New slogan for environmentalists – Save Water, Buy a Motorhome. The Memory Of Storms The great summer thunderstorms of my childhood / Seem far distant now. / Perhaps another young memory / Distorted through the filter of… River Songs So, the next time you travel mighty waters, listen carefully for the songs of the river, for they shall whisper in your dreams of things ye… Mischievous Black Bear what Smoky Mountain Rangers do with mischievous black bears / (with photos) MOUNTAINS OF PAIN Pain is my companion, teacher, nemesis and muse. / It’s the only way I can feel those blues, / And write the words / That heal my heart / A… I’d Cross The World For You Eyes trace delicate silken lines. / Kiss you in my beaten mind. / Long for so much more than a… / Blank. / Page. / And / Blanker. / … Featured in Old barns around the world…! Featured in Old barns around the world…! They Stand Like Individuals They stand like individuals, / their heads in the clouds, / and sometimes they have faces… Seeking Tomorrow …(thoughts on “Overb… “a beginning of newness stretches / transforms the vastness into a marvel / the eye, and all other senses celebrate …” Gaia’s hum I exalt in my scales… agelessly, I breathe the hues and caress the currents of the deep fathoms of blue.. Moon Dream I stand in the light of the full moon / it’s silvery face gorgeous and cold. / So far away yet real. / Mountains softly glow, / snow … A SPECIAL DAY….Happy Birthday DEL gliding on astral / across deep ocean blues Life With You Sparkling crystal waters, / Alive with shades of blue, / Many moods of the ocean, / Reminding me of you. / Wide and sweeping wheat fields, … mountains of dreams many dreams i have before me / dreams as high as that of mountains / far above the clouds do float / so high above the peaks of life, a lif… Playing Strange Music in the Mountains of Pictland Here I will wait for you always. Above The Tree Line Above the tree line I found peace / Stark and crisp / Under a blue moon / Full, and shining / Ethereal and silvery / I felt free / The air … beautiful men and woman Beautiful men and woman. MOUNTAINS OF GOD-Thy righteousness is like the mo… I have collected many old books, and lots of beautiful things in some of them….Mountains of God – Thy righteousness is like the… Memories Of a Mountain Climbed Innocent and full of hope and wonder…nurtured by one kind soul / ….and my beautiful mountain. Snow in the Mountains of West Virginia “OH FREAK” I muttered to myself as my heart started pounding and continued to slide. My Heart Expands My heart expands / As I breathe in the mountain air and the hills speak… a shadow of feeling / and stillness moving / in the motion of clouds Seventh Hour Driving Mountains I drive your tires / into soft moans along the Gallatin GREETING CARD SALE – RAINBOW OF LOVE Thanks so much to CEBRFA for purchasing a card from my photo “Rainbow Of Love”. It’s so nice to know that someone likes … = Near Stanly = There had been a blizzard and she had been stuck inside for days. She was hoping it was morning; she was also hoping her man was all right … Double Feature My shot of Cul Beag Sutherland managed a double feature today……firstly thanking Canon Dslr…………… Where does your heart live ? Where? / out there / in the world / does your heart live? small mountains this fellow-feeling we have / is fine compensation / on what can seem / a companionless track. Bullaburra ma hame toon in the Blue Mountains: Fr… whare thoughts beckon fur auld lang syne. Erina’s Story: Part 1 She heard the guttural grunts and the thumping impacts as it careened down the hill after her. Erina’s breathing degenerated into random, p… In the realm of machines: prelude, part two 2. / Time immeasurable passed with indiscernible slowness. Nothing changed. No machine moved, the green-blue Earth stood still. The sun … Move Mountains Together It’s time to put your best foot forward / Start off with the right one / Walk straight ahead / A song in your heart / Some pep in your step… Mountains to climb Sure…… / there are / mountains to climb, / and rivers to cross….. / but I just don’t want to / spend a minute / awa… Highlights from my trip to Mexico City and the mo… First, going thru customs in Mexico….first I speak no Spanish…..and we missed picking up our bags at the end of customs….and after wanderin… Mountains of the Moon Search for that old lost magic ….. Memories of Bullaburra That world existed in the Blue Mountains, only about 60 miles West of Sydney but for an awe-inspired toddler, it could have been on another… Home Alone up on that mountain / But lonely I’ll never be. / Surrounded by the silence / The mountain speaks to me. Yesterday then, was a criticism of mountains. Draw what you see. Not what you think you see. This is the whole of the law. You must understand it to ignore it. “It” It slithered over the mountain! ! ! FALL ASLEEP we’ve driven November / north in search / of color / only hinted at / nearer home Scene Of The Crime the last operator of this craft had been murdered by a primitive human over two million years ago. The primitive man had been a tenth gener… The Mist The mist takes me to a time when the rivers and mountains had no names… / A time when you and I were but one soul. / 2009 Copyright … Love came Love came / In the colour of the warmth of the soft morning sun / Love came / As the clear blue calming waves / Inviting me to dive in its… Dear Jesus I walked with my head held down / Looking at the ground / I didn’t know where to go / There were things I had to know / With troubled… Why my Heart is in the Montana Mountains MY heart is in Montana mounains because I listen to the voice of the as it flowto the sea over the rocks and rills in its bed. / And i ca… THE VIRGIN MOUNTAIN The virgin mountain suffers / The limp and empty rope / Of the excited novice / Like an impertinent scar of youth. / Unruffled by the tensi… WALLS AND BRIDGES Show me the light up above / REVERBNATION: Click music link
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