58 Year Old Motorcycle Mama Surviving a100 mile motorcycle trip…thoughts, musings and ponderings on being the passenger… The World’s Elsewhere New cars are built by machines, not hands – they have no spirit, only circuits. Give me the smell of engine oil and age; imperfection… Motocross, MX, Motorcycles, Speed Let you kids be who they are / God speed for motorcycle riders October 9, 1967…Che death will come as bullets…for revolutionaries on the run Trucker’s Concerto He enjoyed listening to the traffic. It was like music; each vehicle with it own, individual pitch, harmonizing with others to produce an o… Ed and the Black Beast of Burtle With Ed on board the beast it flew / From Burtle on the Level / To Stoke sub Hamdon it was bound / And all that saw did marvel. / Controlli… New Painting On It’s Way I am posting this way due to my hurt finger. It’s easier than doing separate descriptions,etc. / The Original Photo, courtesy of Kam … The Biker But, you didn’t see me. Juan is the Loneliest Number I can’t tell you just how incredibly ethereal the desert smells in the Northern baja just after a rain in July. An Ode To Bandanas A Bandana’s a Bandana / But sometimes, Zandana / And although on the head, / It’s not a hat, and that’s that. / It can be… SIMPLE RIDER I’M JUST A SIMPLE RIDER RIDING THE ROAD WITH THE WIND, WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE OPEN ROAD AS MY GUARDIAN. GOING NO WHERE BUT EVERY WHE… So Very Honored! I woke up to day to find out I had sole my 1st peice of work on Redbubble!!!! / Gost Rider! / Thank You! Sarah Tracy!!! A Sunday Bike Ride The open spaces, lovely straights / Our riding now is sound. MOTORCYCLE GIRLY I would be so excited / If I were ever invited / To ride with some bikers / And pick up hitchhikers / It would be so much fun / In the beau… The Beast has Left the Building I shall have to ride another wind / Now the beast has gone / So often strong and silent / Waiting patiently to be loosed / Until the grumbl… The Ride Her blonde hair flashes over my face, / As she bites her bottom lip and cries out, / A rebel yell into the wild night, / With her white h… Just a Name on a List More names highlighted in red. More failures. Another Day On The Black Beast What a glorious day for the beast / It starts firing on one which is unfortunate / As it only has two, but it settles after a while / The h… Motorcycle Series The way we go, / The way we follow / Has been most of the times / Out of our plans / But the path we are following… / Yesterday / Is … tribe, she said, and walked away, her motorcycle … in the brilliant day where she always lived her wellspent youth / she’d say oh, come on, how about “I came back home!” fr… Hypocrite Hypocrisy runs through each of our veins, / Opinions we have, always changing lanes. / We may say one thing, and some time later do the opp… Santas 2007 It was a wet and windy day / That Santa / Went his motorcycling way / This year the eighth, December came / To make his mark would be his … Home Has Unfriendly Streets Grassy plains around the pupil, stretching on to the midday skies that eventually turn to the striking night. I always liked to think of th… Will Tomorrow Be The Day? I didn’t ride my bike today / Nor did I ride it yesterday / I got as far as taking off / It’s cover for another day / Perhaps tomorrow is t… Journal from Motorcycle Trip Santa is 69. I know this because we camped with him and his wife, Wendy, one night just outside of Idaho Falls, Idaho. But I’m gettin… Fair Weather Motorcyclist I’d love to be riding my bike / I know that its something I like / With the roar of the engine / The promise of action / It perfectly match… How Much Success Can One Man Have But I think I’ll wait ’til spring / Its bloody cold in Burtle! A Motorcycle Experience A breath of gentle, balmy breeze / And the smell of warming leather Who Puts Worries on the Conveyor Belt? Whether heavy frost or driving rain we soldiered on / And did what had to be done and went where we should. The Motor Bike With straining cog, and speeding chain, with swirling wheel, and bucking main. / On upward hill, or downward dale, my pipes sing out there … Lead Up to “Hot Coffee” from Skrelle&… Skrelle smiled ghoulishly at the destruction she was about to bring. It made the normally dead nerves in her skin go electric. She promised… In the Garden of Good and Evel I have never broken a single bone in this body / But there were days where I felt as though I had hit pavement, snapping hard Time And Again (a screenplay) Henry is on crowded train station waiting for train. The train begins to enter the station when suddenly a young, pretty girl grabs Henry b…

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