The motivation To earn our place in the concert of life will require the endless lessons and rehearsals to perfect our dormant beauty. motivation to live I’ve written on my hand / Hard core dots / Celebrating the separation of / Wisdom and spirit at birth / At first I thought it not fair / l… You motivate me to the heights of frustration… … Muscles tensing, straining. / Sweat beading, streaming. Just In case You Forgot Just In case you forgot or just didn’t see / What about that old spectre … A Little About Lisabella.. My name is Lisa, and I’m A Photographer Today Today I will drink my water from a crystal wine glass. / Today I will let my son fingerpaint on his walls. / Today we will eat ice-cream fo… Would you? They say you’d never / ever make it through / so tell me, girl, / Would you do it for love? Over the river Young seeds on a branch / Soaring over the river / Subject to the wind Storms Every hour of fear I spend / My body tries to cry / Living through each empty night / A deadly calm inside Motivation from a Murderer Two Hundred bastardly beggars sit on park benches waiting, / Fifteen Hundred senile hypocrites, living in the past, recline in desolate de… The Dreamer While others wander aimlessly in the depths of average. Inspiration and Genius Try not to become a man of strength but a man of value / Stay true to your word and always see it through / ‘Cause your word is the o… Space Don´t keep hard feelings inside, as they occupy too much space and cause pain. / God doesn´t have a chance to give us good things if we are… ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings She didn’t sing yet / I didn’t hear anything / Only a couple of chapters have been written / The book isn’t even finished / There’s still t… Step Right In This is a poem from Kaet Brewer’s first book called “Words to Drive the Journey”. It has been performed in over 8 differ… Labels When you were born, only a name was given to you. Later on, people began to glue labels on you. / Free yourself from labels. / You are a … Buried Alive and Within I cannot bear to see the face / The man behind those eyes / I’m so controlled by all the fear / By my loud but deafened cries The Languare of Art and Writing-bouncing along the artists strength and signature Tomorrow reaching through mist / I emerge from the darkness / to a distant light Being of Life – “being happy” from the November 18, 2007 article “being happy” / Motivational speakers are now talking of being happy. Being happy will solve… Motivation For Moving Out Discontent, yes this is probably the best word to use to describe how I feel about my parents; more specifically their overall parenting te… Live Life This is the time you can be you, and only you can be you. MORNING SILLIES & NEW YEAR MOTIVATION 1. IF YOU’RE CHOKING ON AN ICE CUBE, SIMPLY POUR A CUP OF BOILING WATER DOWN YOUR THROAT. PRESTO! THE BLOCKAGE WILL INSTANTLY REMOVE … Jack, Johnny, & Me So today I hid from shadows and the sunshine / not letting one loom behind me / or the other sting my eyes Sometimes, messages come in strange ways! Sometimes, God has to jump start our spiritual engines when we get bogged down or despondent and want to quit on life, and it’s really surp… Being of Life – “obsession” from the September 18, 2007 article “obsession” / Perhaps the obsessed person has a need to prove to themselves the value of th… Motivation. + Writers Block + Red Wine Black Nail… ELLO. Something Amazing is about to Happen. Can you Feel it? / Well We all need it from Time to Time / MOTIVATION. ( H( )( )K STUDIO WORD… Try to Keep On …When the dreams start to haunt you, / That will never come true, / And you wonder will light shine / On these terrible blues… Follow Your Dream Though many may try to dissuade you / And many a hurt may come / Just hold your head high / and never give in / And hold on ‘till th… PLEASE REMEMBER ME If you should overcome the trials / Please take me by the hand / And lift me up to higher ground / Until I too can stand I Can I can do it Today Soft wind strikes my face / brown leaves drift through my shadow / I praise the morning There’s No Time Like Now There’s no time like now / To walk past what’s passed / and leave tomorrow to chance / Dwelling is the space a mind / makes it’s noise in … DREAMS Dreams are born in moments of light, and they are fulfilled by the ability to remember that light while forging through darkness. / …Jeff B… Into the blue moon / pale moon / cause minds to dream your call / catch me / catch me / as I fall / Into the blue Intrinsic Motivation… it comes from within. Self belief Why do I let myself down? / Why is it so hard / to believe in myself? ‘The Red Letter’ A battalion of colour, salient through my window; brings about the rain. / As all potential and actual realities, past, present and future … Oh dear, oh dear. moment of clarity…… HAPPINESS I desire happiness. / The Constitution guarantees me the right to pursue it. I was unaware that it is on the run. / I have heard of the se… Murdering Silent Beast crowded streets empty hearts beating brain drum / high knights roam eyes match in unison troops assemble We Fall Down I have been here before. / This dry place, a stationary place / Not forward. Not backward. / I have been here before. / Neither against th… Inside my heart cries To what avail is this person, / For whom pride is the arbiter of liberation? When I believe………..I can I search within / My body cries out! / The search continues. / I am at the limit of suffering / as finally whilst looking, / searching, / s… Learning to Fly You have to go some where to get somewhere / reaching out into nothing holding the buttons of your coat / you have to start some where to g… dreaming again Motivation to keep going in the world. Experience and let the world experience you. / Live and you shall succeed. / Love and you will be happy. / Create and you wil… Motivation Meltdown Motivation Meltdown / You stand at the door. / I still lay in bed. / You are chirping at me. / I don’t even wanna look your way. / But I do… Artists; wanted That moment we look at something and think; “YES! I understand just what he meant…” Roses In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. / He told me… I stumble…. I stumble……. / I was born I couldn’t walk, but I learned… / While learning, I stumbled…sometimes I fell. / As I grew, I stumbled…sometimes … Awakening This was you all along, trapped in the chasm of colorblind, enslaved to the powers that bound you to your sorrow. revealing the times through explicit rhymes This book is a concoction of Anthony Robbins, Dr John F Demartini, Guru from Gangstarr, KRSone and Ice T to name a few. With an ability to … You. You, who is so deep. / You, who dreams. / You, who hurts. / You, who breathes. / Control what humanity is, / In your own eyes. / What do yo… Nectar Of Life I hear you percolating, I vibrate and get a chill You are my motivator, the one who gets me through…… Challenges of Life I’m so tired / Tired of these weeping eyes / Endless lost desires / And continuous lies / My soul lurks in meaningless living / I los… Motivation II It comes and goes… / …like ebb & flow. Sunrise Let fall the agony of our pain / Let the sun’s warmth caress our aching hearts / Cast away the sorrows of our past / Live, live for t… Another Tale of Wanting I want to be desired, and loved, and fucked, and have that contagious beauty which inspires artists to create art and musicians to make mus… Oh glimmer of hope Dawn is breaking and I am sitting all alone with a pen and a paper to myself. The mind wish that it was writing but the heart just wants t… Gotta Go Sweet thrilling reverberation of awe down the spine, / You just gotta go and do it now. Jeff Builds Song “it’s not what it looks like” who’m i again? Yes or No ..or please ..Motivation Writing If we open our Eyes just a little more, / open our mind a little more, / if we cling to the past, we wont see the future, / if we hide or r… ‘Rant 0604M212’ It’s twelve-thirty AM and I must be over-caffeinated; the world is silver, black and blue. Sleep had been forecast but when did the w… Motivation Inspiration only rain clouds instead of sun / cause inspiration shouldnt be gained for free / you should trust it praise it learn its unpredictability The Gift Soon, Peter’s secret was beginning to be revealed. In small ways at first, but soon the secret of his brilliance was shining forth br… Spire Textbooks and Timeclocks I’m loosely a working stiff, / my job’s done worked me stiff / and with my schedule / so hectic / my dreams are mere what ifs. Call to Action We have a mission, a duty to fulfill / A glimmer of hope that can be made real / You have a calling in a certain field / In some way, you c… ‘The Gamble’ I watched light play across the echo of an artifact as I prepared to plunge again unto the void. Fragmented thoughts of all the women I lov…

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