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those fig mornings I tend to look away from you. I tend to blush. In Mornings Quiet Beautiful silence has not yet broken / The sun pours in, crimson and golden / Held captive by a warm soft sheet / In mornings quiet… Mornings Speak Into the air the graceful fly / Wing-ed flight it’s down soft by / Flutter flit the feathers land / Tumbling loft left to hand / Foot… A Mornings Song To rest / To Sleep / Amidst the dawn. clouds, glitter and pink ribbons in your cereal you’ve found something good. On Morning’s Cusp On Morning’s Cusp by Karin Taylor / 28 May 2014 (copyright) / On morning’s cusp as dawn breaks heaven’s slumber / I rest… scarlett mornings i run my fingers through your hair / and bask in all the love we share Thanks for the feature!!! I am very pleased that the group has chosen my work. “Hopi Point Sunrise” as a feature. The Grand Canyon is truly a special pla… ~ Chocolate Mornings ~ can I bring you flowers / can I bring you tea / can I bring you your favourite / Chocolate on a Sunday morning Peaceful Mornings Quietly the night twilights into dawn / While waking birds chatter their cheerful songs / Dew begins to settle upon the earth / With crisp … mornings i watch you as you stir / wriggling into me / dancing your fingers around the bed / in search of mine / when you find them / you tangle th… the last mornings the last mornings were always the hardest. / full of urgency and intensity. / lunging twisting linking, coiled together. / she sat there af… One of These Mornings… prepares for battle / dressed in armour – optimism, wit, courage, tenacity / Gives her twin in the mirror a pep talk daily / The best… ajar there’s something about the voice / how it trickles / like warm honey / soft and sticky / sweetness fading as memory / forgotten laug… Birth Warm. Comfortable. Secure. / Movement. / A lightening, brightening. Fish Market Mornings Your voice amid Seagulls / The crying and wheeling / The fish market morning / With Cormorant clawing / The petrels are storming / Terns to… Sunday Mornings I watched as Dad mixed his tobacco leaves to his liking / I watched as Dad filled his pipe, / meticulously taping down each layer of tobac… some mornings… loneliness encompasses, / hides her eyes, / soul is bared, / promised hope Early Mornings…….Bah….. ……all the balloons took off from the lawns of Old Parliament House and floated over the National Library………&#… Morning Ritual Questions / speed the wakening heart / while tired eyes search deeper into / the glass… / as if an answer would magically appear / w… RITUALS Bernah and Bernie have been together for quite a while…. It was the second marriage for both of them. The ceremony took place in a … “FRENCH MORNINGS” If to begin to forget with the ability to mute / Only then … will I remember mirrors MORNING dawn brings the mist and with it the dew / the sun araises changing the moon / dampness gives way to morning breeze / awakening the grass, … “Two Top Ten Finishes” Nature’s… Thanks for those that voted on two of my images “Honey Would You Please Mow the House” In Natures Reclamation and “Mornin… Mornings In the mornings / When we gather together / Laughter / Sprinkles the grass / Like drops of dew those summer mornings those summer mornings we would wake / to a warm breeze brushing softly across our skin Mornings are for these sorts of things They held hands that held hearts / She was breathing like sighs / There was Rain on its way / He saw the Clouds in her eyes / He knew tho… Mornings~ Mornings are no longer my favorite part of the day. / I wake with a feelings of emptiness / My bed is cold and my aches are hot / I find my… Morning Fantasy This morning I woke up before the alarm went off. Half-asleep I wondered, not very optimistically, if it was Saturday. No, it didn’t … Temp Release-Faith & Max 7 mornings after~ … Faith woke this morning and knew today was different, her dreams were wild with fetishes, her sense of need was out of control, she was not… mornings although we are not speaking / I’m still telling you hello / each and every morning / in the sunshine or the snow Mornings in the Bus ‘Are you gonna go to Mad Dog’s Friday?’ / ‘I guess.’ / ‘Is he gonna go too?’ / ‘I hope so.’ / ‘Wha’ about her?’ / ‘The f@%&$ knows. Ho… Feelings But there amoungst the mornings frost / I found my feelings as if but lost A Series of Strung-Together Saturday Mornings Curled up in an old t-shirt / That you left here by accident. / It still smells of your skin. / My pillows and blankets hold the scent that… mornings Up before the dawn, my usual routine. / Coffee is my drug of choice. / Children all still asleep / Still the day has no voice. / Birds asl… Passengers behind the frosted glass, / your eyes are getting sore. ZINNIA HATES MORNINGS. (Mature) An Early Morning you know those days where you just wished you didn’t have to get outta bed Glorious Mornings What a Glorious Day! / Though it stormed last night, / The sun shines brightly, / and the skies are clear. / It almost gives me hope / … Escaping In A Cartoon World In afternoons I would escape / With cartoons like the Grape Ape / Lounging with my teddy bear / Snacks and goodies we would share / My warm…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of mornings writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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