In the stillness of the night / the breeze sits pensively


Swastikas and Hipster Hitlers / Baby wear for big brothers and little sisters? / And a Badly drawn grape / So what does that have anything …

Nocturnes By Xochiquetzal

The liquid darkness sunsets before me  / A guiding power of forces I cannot see / A storm sweeps across the canvas with the stroke of a bru…

Moonlight Lovers Urban Hangout Tour

The demoonification of The Moonlight Lover.

Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Only my heart is exposed / Nobody cares whether you’re bleeding, / Whether your aorta is screaming.

Bite The Bullet

And the impulse of my strength,   / Is the hair in my length.  / That incontrollable nuisance  / Of unadulterated exuberance. 


How about baby me chino over a Cappuccino / Or perhaps a manage a trios with Frappacino

Dear God

God, I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining but I deserve an explanation to this dud product you call a life which I canR…

The Love Terrorist

But I know your secret Mister.  / You’re a love terrorist, / Because your love leads to death.  / I hope I won’t ever be unhapp…

Moonlight Sonata in the palm of a Poet’s hand

It’s no accident / that light comes through / like mosaics of windowless panes: / from Sunday hats and prayer bowls— / to screaming in a …

What In Heaven Are You?

And should you be curious to discover / Whether I am a friend or a lover / Ink stains, but blood remains / Don’t look at me with distain

The Love We Used To Make

The scent of spring, lingered in the air, / I knew…somehow, / That I would find you there. / I found love, so elusive, by the lake / …

Tales of the GGB #1

I knew the game was on


A black cloud rained over me / It followed my every move / Knee deep in the memories / Where there once was truth.

Ode to my Ancient Mariners

Like Paradise and Moriarty, / with bling and glitterati

In Love With The Single Alien

The cold showered earth slept below  / As the heavens burst in the afterglow,   / To subjugate the moment above  / I relinquish the frozen …

The Look Of Love

The look of love / The unconditional dove / Irresistible in your moment of weakness / Strength lies in your meekness.

The Supersonic Symphony of Youth

We think with our hearts / Not with my brains / Our universe is not built on logic / There is no reason for logic / There is a reason for c…

Have I been waiting long?

he comes to me / the rain was falling steadily.. / a smile flitted across his face / the rain poured down / he grabbed hold of me and would…

Grave By Moonlight

Darkness falls / for it is night / no light…


Black Hole black magic / Where dying won’t seem so tragic / Intergalactic space junkies / Fly by slinky green ladies with hamburger m…


She comes to water like a prairie road— / all open legs of journey yet to see, / her heart, a fish beneath a moonlit sea, / silently …

Sun Tzu’s The Art Of Anarchy

You may stand calm and resolute / Like a deer enclosed and mute  / But in a sea of death and mourning  / No one can hear the cries of your …


with the moonlight softly / licking your body / I watch you sleeping / so deeply now after / our passion is spent / running my fingers / …

A Fetish For The Oriental Fighting Girl

Falling into hairline cracks / She stopped me in my tracks / My Yin was a comfort within / My Yang was a struggle to begin.

In Emilys Imaginary Magical Menagerie

She thinks White Rabbits really can’t walk on water, / But Lambs are for bacon, as pigs are for slaughter.


My soul is an ectoplasm / An electro spasm in my orgasm / Boiling inside the magma plasm, / The awakening of my phantasm. 

The Interplanetary Martyr

Her love was alien / With love that could not be fathomed, / A child lost in the Universe / Between Virgo and Orion.

In Cyberspace nobody can hear you scream!

Baby-faced criminals / Pretty poisonous individuals / No Antidote, No cure / For their fatal allure.

The Myth Of Beauty… It’s the ugly tru…

So where is the peace? / She is not dead, nor does she sleep / She has awakened from dream of life / And lost in stormy visions of strife

Kiss Me


That Child Within…..

At first I was vapour / And then a cloud / Then reappeared under a magic shroud  / A child adrift among the  mysterious stars / Gravitate i…

The Siren

she is of the lagoon draped in clinging silk / her form an ethereal reflection

A Matter Of The Heart

What  I would do if I could suddenly feel?  / With a heart that is new and so hopelessly  real!  / Should I laugh or should I cry?  / Or sh…


I first saw you in Timbuktu / Then in a poop bar in Katmandu? / Travelled to Cairo in a Jeep / I saw you lying in a colourful heap.

Moonlight Lover’s Unfinished Symphony……

A sneak preview of what’s to come..

Death Of A Poet

Once the poet is be dead and buried, / I’ll be Lazarus at a seance on a balmy / Sunday in the park.

‘Tis Pity I’m A Whore



Holding your sweet soft hand, / Made all my castles,  / Crumble and fall like sand. 

In 24 hours…I will be…… Dead.

Death may not be the dark dead end  / Not one that nature could ever intend / Life is all in a matter of distance.  / As death is just anot…

Je suis un bourgeois 

Facebook Inc / Where life can be synced  / Interface with the human race / Put on your best face

The Passion Of Lovers

Can not live with you  / Can not live without  / Yes the sex was great  / But out, out brief candle  / Maybe for our sake 

Inside The Serious Moonlight.. a film by Charlie …

“Inside The Serious Moonlight”, a film by Charlie The Tramp.

Strange Days In Moonlight ( With Charlie The Tram…

Strange Days In Moonlight : A Collaboration with Charlie The Tramp

A Star Spangled Unicorn

I’ll give you foolhardy phrases / Words from my intoxicated pages  / I’m just another small lascivious tartlet on a plate.  / A…

Ballad Of The Moonlight Lover

I Came out with my hands straight up / Surrender to a world fucked up / Cannot make my mind stuff up / Go and get myself all used up


It was a STARRY balmy night….. / And I woke up in a cold sweat. I was awake in someone’s dream or memory. I was still in my apartment but t…


Her face serene / bathed in untarnished peace / Goddess embraced by the moonlight / every curve entrancing / every move divine / she moves …

Remember.. Blast from the Past reprise

Holding your delicate soft hand, / Made all my castles,  / Crumble and fall like sand.  / Seeing that cut on your wrist,  / So delectable a…

Moonlit Fantasies

The hour is late / The house is quiet / occasional soft snoring / moonlight shining on my bed / Darkness disappears / The moon regressed / …


Hey pretty poison, / My kisses could set fire to your soul. / Are you sure you’re ready for this? / You will die a thousand times, / …


Eight miles high / The Sun and the Moon are my heroes,  / And the pain is less than zero. 

Perversions Of A Quiet Girl

Shine light on a mystery / In five thousand years of history / Beyond the sea of eyes / Rise the cliffs of sighs

*BEWARE! Dropdead Annie – New RB member

Dropdead Annie – Joined May 2012 / Perverter of truth and justice in an undemocratic UnAmerican megalomaniac way!

Atomic Shadows

Atomic Shadows  / Atomic Blast / Ripped through the pages of my heart  / Melting faces  / Bleeding hearts

Owner Of A Lonely Heart ( In Retrospect )

Now that I’m done with sex / Where do we go from here? / If you don’t have love or pleasure to live for, / Do you really want to live?


I wanted YOU to all know


In the forum we slept / In the Coliseum we wept / A pair of star crossed lovers / Shivering under the daily news covers

Hieroglyphically Speaking

A Black cat in the dark / Sinnowing through darkness in the ruins of El Karnak / Ankh bells jingle around her slinky neck / beckons long d…

The Switch Bitch ( Part 1 ) Video

In my new found medium “The Motion Picture”, this is the third installment of the Demoonification series exploring the universe…

Quartet in Moonlight ~ Song of the Steadfast

As a sunset, it fades and another voice lifts / like an oboe’s sweet tones, / this Teacher’s voice drifts…

Once More With Feeling ( recital )

Another DeMoonification Production.

Moonlight Bird

..have you changed your course and flown another way, or have you been brought down to earth by a hunters aim…


The city melts beneath my feet, / I am transported by the solar systematic beat. 

The Myth Of Beauty and The Ugly Truth..

where is HER peace? / She is not dead, nor does she sleep / She has awakened from the dream of life / And lost in stormy visions of strife


Come as you are,  / Not as a friend but as an enemy,   / A friend can very easily become your worst enemy,   / An enemy can also become you…


I lie in bed / Like I’m lying in a coffin instead  / My head spinning  / My mind deconstructing


I came to a realization today, / That my life had gone through three radical / stages of belief systems.

My Goodbye Teddy Prayer

Atom to Atom / Dust to Dust  / Pooh bear to Boo bear / Honey shall return 

Sunday night just gone,  Blue Monday dog gone! 

Blast off boxcar to Alpha Centauri / With umbrellas and an olived midori / Like Invictus and the equestrian cosmonauts / In of search Icaru…


If I was in London right now I’d be fighting the police

High Octane

High Octane.. short and sweet.

The Hour Blue

on a hairs breath of a night / light strays gently through undressed window / empty bed bathed in blue / . / time is an echo of a ticking c…


hAfter killing tens of thousands of innocent bystanders and wrecking havoc in two countries the Americans have finally got his dead body.

Strangers On A Train

Alone again on a platform with sunglasses,  / Once again late evening.    / I met a man in film noir  / In a trench coat and hat,  / And a …


I ran and I ran

The Rain, The Park And Other Things

Tonight I walked home alone / In the Rain / Passing cars and trucks / Embracing couples / Looked at my distorted face / In the puddle

Modern Strength

When you turn me over / Spread me like butter lover / With me eyes are wide open / The hymen of existence is broken

Lovesickness In My Subterranean Blues

In a ruined fortress of love! / Where Harpies circle over dead cherubs above, / Where are my western promises of eastern virtues? / But my …

Electrocute By Moonlight

They say I’m no ordinary girl / A human tornado with a whirly curl / Trapped by Television / All trashed up in my Eurovision.

Beyond Belief ( Collaboration with Charlie The T…

But in the fountain of disbelief / There is generally little relief / They say the Holy Virgin Mother appears / Her blood and tears are sou…

Quartet in Moonlight ~ Charmed Prince of the Wood…

Magic, Invisibility, and the Shifting of shape. Oft-times I am little more than a clever charming Shadow against a Dreamscape…


Death is a like a big black spider / Beckons its prey / Takes you into the unknown / And whispers into your soul!

Helter Skelter

Now open your eyes / For now you will really see / A real picture of me!

The Matmos

In your journey through the valley of love and life,  / Tis easy to ease into rut and strife!  / So be very careful where you stalk,  / The…


Now see this fist of fury, / This girl is frustrated unduly.

Confessions from a Blocked head

In the library and between the decrepit pages of my soul, / Lives the ghosts of my melancholy discord!


A single rose / Crimson red / He sat beside her / On her bed / Fragrance filled the room / She turned and looked into his eyes / Gentle an…

Become The Night

At once sullen and bitterly cold, / Perfumed in blood and glittered with gold. / Once voices spoke softly through the rivers of my veins /…



Ghost Girl

The doctor followed her through the streets at night and he came to the house where the girl led him upstairs. 

“Come and get it” ( the shadow of y…

The shadow of your love / Is a delicate thing / It can be the monster of misery / A prince of madness / A royal badass

Transmutations Of My Spirit Love

The day we run out of land, / I will return to the ocean / and leave my feet in the sand. / Like a fish out of water! / The last gasp is al…

A Regress Into Hell

If I can’t stand the heat, / You begin to lick the childhood tears / away from my face.


Well it’s almost the end of the Northern Autumn and the hymen of my frontier adventure was finally broken into which has nothing whatsoever…

A Thought In Silhouette

At twilight, I sometimes allow myself to sit on the edge of an abyss. / Silhouetted against the window of creation, / The universe as my c…
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