Abed by Caffrin25 Milton's Monologue  by Fanboy30 Henry V Speech Shirt by syrensymphony V For Vendetta Pentalogue by adamshepherd Shakespeare Quotes by VenusOak let it go by scottimages A Few Good Men - You Can't Handle The Truth by scatman The Dimensionless Monologue by Evelina Kremsdorf Shakespeare by hacklebear Waiting for Godot - Lucky's Monologue by ParadoxEleven Taken - I Don't Know Who You Are... by scatman Castle Intro by Gwright313 Chainsaw Monologue by waywardtees Monologue by Eozen She ate stars for breakfast We will be together soon in a place where nobody can touch us. / Me and her. / An eternity at hand. Pulp Fiction Monologue by Pete Marshall The Final Design by Vyles lies, all lies Another stupendous stuff up under my belt. Some more self flagellation for the heck of it. Sometimes I embarrass myself from being so weak. I don't want to... by apalooza Conversation with an X by Regina Valluzzi The Mountain And The Viper by whiteknightpaul Dramatic monologue... by Kornrawiee Ride Monologue by isotank Think Different by Ian Aberle Monologue by Roy B Wilkins ‘Hell Bent on Hedge Maintenance’ R… (Mature) Linguimancy / Motormouth by Adam Heffler / Foobix Design internal monologue i – to make sense ….this is an unusual write, in that, it is purely the conversation/running internal monologue of ceaseless thought that forms in my … Monologue Art Painting Collection by MinoYasue Calendar Monologue of Snow by Mark Fenwick internal monologue ii – dark nights and the… image taken with my iPhone last night / internal monologue ii – dark nights and the soul of love’s light / some call it the bla… Our Stan, Doris & the Bike Ride Trouble is, it ad dripped and spread everywhere / An Doris ad come such a cropper Monologue by Marko Beslac Monologue SITTING ON THE GROUND, NEAR A BENCH. ROCKING BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS. / I remember the first night, I just cried and cried. I hated everyo… Monologue by Roy B Wilkins Interior Monologue by Odd-Jeppesen their stories by Historynut95 Monologue of Silence Continued by MarkBigelow detachable penis! meowled the vagina monologue dancing on the ceiling all night long / paul says to peter “why, won’t you finish my song?” / peter says “no” / pau… Monologue by Alan Taylor Jeffries Ubi Sunt Panic is gone, and in his absence and wake Havoc spreads bat-wings under the invisible moon Mi Mam & the Curate. She’d taken er knittin and a nice cup o’ tea / To an armchair where she’d have a good sit. Monologue of Silence by MarkBigelow My Talk With God “…A prayer… a penultimate evil… understand? The most devilish prayer of a most devout follower! Ah HAHA!”… Monologue by Theraneand Eight a.m. Monologue Given enough erosion, the ground around it reveals an edge, a corner, a sharp reminder that missteps can cause intense emotional bleeding. ’Wait ’ I seemed as though garrisoned in stoicism and as I sat there attending the storm, it occurred to me that I was becoming slave again, to nee… Rose monologue by MarianBendeth Acceptance Letters <i>(Henry Ackleman walks onstage, carrying (or pretending to carry) a letter, reading.)</i> / <i>(under his breath)</i… Waiting for Eddie (monologue) Eddie is better at sport than me. Or at least at footy, I’m better at athletics, so I suppose I’m better, because he only runs and kicks a … .this isn't a monologue. by loveatgunpoint The slow motion moves me, the monologue means nothing to me... by Sukhwinder Flora Existentialism by tastypaper HONEYMOON – A Five-Minute Monologue …Are you positively sure it was possums that did it? I know you said possums, but I’d just hate to think there maybe could b… A guilty little monologue (Mature) Slow Monologue Art by masabo My Inner Monologue Journal by LoriSmaltz23 ’What He Said ’ A reprehensible state incurred by the likes of what known else; than violescent sentiment, spurred by far too soft a touch. / As in, the so… Waiting Yeah, that’s right loser bench, I kicked you. Oh crap, there was someone on loser bench. Wow, that old lady looks ticked. I’m just…… Monologue from above by MarianBendeth The Devil’s Aftershave – a 10 minute … Every step a SWAT team of putrid aromas leaps out at me with guns blazing. I soak up stone stairs and greasy metal railings, passing the tu… Aegeus Bull-ears listen for terrified footsteps, / Man-muscles grab and rip soft fearful flesh. WINNING – Monologue – Female First Gr… Well, I guess I wanted to win. / I wanted to be the best. / Now it looks like I’m gonna be. / …But I wish there was someone wh… monologue by alexaism Musings at Midnight Perhaps then I could forget. Perhaps then I could finally forget how cliche that previous sentence’s style was, and too the ideas of … ‘Shade’ How could you but resent anyone you were placed with, against or at least irrespective of, your own volition? / This was that; was framed-i… cutthroat’s scapegoat I’m just a fragment of imagery ‘Alive’ I felt suddenly permeated by the thought that we’re all crowded into the same instance; together, alone. / Staring ourselves blind in… Inner Monologue Over under over under over under over- / Step low, step low, step low step down / Over under over under over under over- / Not lost not los… SHOWER MONOLOGUE I wonder what the truth is about that fat Lollipop Man! He always has a book in his hand. Even while he is directing the traffic. What i… ‘Volley’ Like bodkin-tipped-cloth-yards loosed en masse through the night, toward targets on the same field; our trajectories carry us seemingly so … ‘Inheritance’ Every morning I rise, to find the blade is hefted. The first of all my daily orders is one of evasion; to reposition that I might, effect u… gone, but not forgotten the story of a girl who never wanted to let him go.. but knew she had to. knowing she’d never forget him.. Toast — A 30-second Monologue …I had four-and-a-half months sober last time…  Concert Monologue by ArtistByDesign ‘Between [Salvos]’ What fateless resonance is this? / Some desolation plaguing the realm of my mind. / Comfortable rhythms drench the anguish, / lulled into a… ‘Razor’ I can’t articulate it. / I’m too busy throwing up walls. / The fortification of the absurd habits I created to deliver me sound… Monologue by thielaut358 Table 41, Party of 8 Yes ma’am, I know it has been 7 minutes and your food isn’t here. I’m sorry, it might be the extra well-done ribeye steak… Yellow Monologue by MarianBendeth 9/11- Another monologue from another victim… BBABARA: yeah well the whole day started out fine ya know? I woke up and got my kids ready to drive them to their high school like I always… When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan – Chapter 6, &… Now if you’ve scooped the shock-induced poop from your pants or panties, picked up your jaw and wiped away the tears, you may proceed… MY REALITY By: Nichole Martinez Character / JOHN DEAN MAKENLEY, 35 / Scene 1 / (JOHN is a scruffy looking man that has just got off of work. He walks in a warehouse that h… Me and Buster Brown – A monologue …They can’t talk. / But they have feelings. Getting it Right – A Monologue …an empty shape within an empty shape… Alan’s Monologue : Lawyers, Drugs & Mon… (Mature)  MUSIC by: Nichole Martinez Characters / Christina, 19 / Scene 1 / (CHRISTINA is seen sitting on the… ‘Evade and Seek’ The notion of imprisonment by negativity, one that escalates my blood pressure. / I do not care for this frustration, nor can I seem to unc… Original Monologue: Louis from Angels in America Scene: / Minimal set, black backdrop, two chairs sit side by side, looking like a waiting room in a doctor’s office. Louis should be dresse… ‘Burn (In Rampancy)’ Flowers bloom as thunder peals and waves break upon shore, rifles scream their brilliant threat, a violent clarion call. Universes crash in… Sister Act - Grace by csztova Contemptible Humans!!!!! Written from the point of view of one of my cats who is particularly mischievous. Insight into the mind of the fickle feline Blowjob Tee by Yoshi95 Talking to Myself (Monologue Version) Talking to Myself / For this monologue, our lead character, Cole Baxler, is being informed that he is Schizophrenic by his doctor. The twis… Swimming/Spalding by MontiFoxPhoto Spalding Swimming by MontiFoxPhoto
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