Forget D.A.R.E. Forget the anti-drug associations of the states. Say yes. Say Please. You won’t regret it. I know I didn’t.

Oh Maurice!

The gentle breeze tickled my naked flesh and cooled my body – there was no chance of sleep though, as all my senses were in a heightened st…

Sell-All Corp

Sell-All Corp / 9:02am, a Tuesday, Sell-All Corp announced their latest contribution to the world, with promise such to turn the gloom of d…

CSG Mining – the new plague

The CSG virus will find itself a host property to attach to and enter it.

Adsense Revenue sharing website list

AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites / This is a list of sites where AdSense publisher can use their own AdSense IDs to earn money. Note It’s your…

Coloured Paper

No one noticed the loss of the living / While the coloured paper kept on giving / But when the last piece was spent / They couldn’t h…

Sex, Death and Other People’s Money

Sex Death and other Peoples money

The Lucky Fart

…He stops, he lifts up his left leg, and holds it straight out sideways perpendicular to his body, and then he farts…


…doesn’t matter.

money oF Love


Blank Pages and Fake Money…2

K is for kranky nurses / E is for everybody being a unique individual / R is for respect / Fis for fun / E is for each to their own / And d…

door ways

He’s choosing, / he’s torn, / between success and love.



Joy Share on 23 July 09

A report to celebrate my first anniversary of living the rest of my life as one long holiday of freedom & joyful adventure.

blank pages and fake money

Blank Pages and Fake Money… / It has been the toughest 2 months of my life but had I not experienced the extreme lows I really wouldn’t be …

Monopoly Money

I’m lying under the clothesline, feeling the rain on my chest. My only regret is that I left my room light on, shining in my eyes. Af…

Where the problem really lies? ( an open letter f…

Occupy Wall Street, listen, you are in the wrong spot if you are REALLY looking for a real Change. Occupy Capitol Hill, and you will see a …

Blood Money

The keeper of the keys / Has rung the bells / Wearing khaki / Has driven himself / To the edge of the sea / Expected rain downtown / Is fra…

Golden Rules

Money, wisdom, profit, getting rich, staying poor……..

Blood, Water, and Time (The state of things)

It had been 23 years since he last passed through the front gate of his parent’s estate. By the looks of things, it may have been that long…

lady of lesure

sit and smile / take a while / have a talk / pop the cork / drink some wine / everythings fine / have some fun / your work is done / no ear…

Do Not Enter (My Mind)

bullet holes and gun crimes / nothing but fear in your heart / lifeless

Arouse The Senses

Arouse my senses / My sight / My hearing / My touch / My taste and smell too / Trying new things / Travelling new / Places new worlds / Wil…

Flip-In, Flip-Out

cue up the thoughts, indoor animal mind machinery

Bottom Dollar (The Smart Money)

The hatred of money is the root of necessary evil.


I thought I had run from it. / Gotten as far away as possible. / Dreading the equivalence of everything unstoppable. / Smashing a square pe…

Time is Money

Ponder with me for a second / Would you buy what you have no need of? / Yet you spend your time on what you scoff! / How about you getting …

Health Care

I will name names!

THE BATTLE OF CHERNOBYL (26th Anniversary)

I hope this recompilation helps you understand the gravity of what happened at Chernobyl and why I’m so offended by the concept and a…


All men holler, / for the power of the dollar. / They may give praise to Allah, / but money keeps us out of squalor.

is there Money again in art?

Looks like it. But for Dead artists of course " – )) / [Video] / CLICK HERE TO SEE A NEW ART GALLERY IN NEW YORK..LOOKS FUNKY / …


Can’t love again / You bled my heart of it’s last drop / Forever empty and alone / People try to get close / But I’m so a…


WELL I am proud of the fact that I have 300+ watchers. / If they all watch this then there will be 300+ More on the planet that will REALLY…

the money

the money / “What made you apply for this position?” / “The money.” / “But we did not advertise how much we pay.” / “I need the money, what…

Blood Money

The keeper of the keys has rung the bells / Wearing khaki, drives himself to the edge of the sea / Expected rain, downtown is framed with f…

Just Don’t Get It

When I was a child I had alot of creativity / Use to draw and write story’s poems too I loved every moment of it / and dreamt that ma…


a sure promise, prosper, way of life, riches…..

A Story About Losing Money, and Finding Love

Let me tell you, there is nothing sexier than an undercover man… take that any way you want!


Work, work, work, / It’s all they think / There is no rest / “Work to make a living,” they say / “Work to support your family.” / Worry and…

Yeahhhh, I’m The Taxman

Here is a (partial) list of the taxes we pay as Americans. Theses are all I could find on short research. Our founding father’s heads…

The love of money

Smooth green paper, to love it / Here today gone tomorrow / Makes some happy / Yet all are in deep sorrow / for what money buys / fades aw…

7 Tips on How to Market Your Art From Behind Your…

If you are truly passionate about what you do — you’ve got the drive. If you can focus daily on your dream or goal — then you’ve got the d…

Beyond Betrayal

“They raped and they plundered, / They branded and hit her.”

The Final Waking Analysis

Processing the facts / incredulous / picking the details / horror / putting the pieces together / nightmare / waking / dawning.

The Two Faces of A Hostess.

I’ve no time for compromise. / No time for delay. / There’s money to be had. / Now get out my way! / You are slowing me down, /…

Better days

Tried finding work, asking minimum wage, / Hearing about once loving families captured by rage,

Common Cents

Every fraction of a cent is a skin cell- / I’m losing pieces of myself. / Heart strings and purse strings- / they are the same thing …


The most oppressive creation by man, ever.

Destroy you

I don’t mind lying / I don’t mind you crying / I will destroy you / And theirs nothing you can do / Ive raped you / Beaten you …



Artificial Rock And Water Additive

finally jarred loose from this.. i’ve got a spell on you, many miles before us all and then again.. hey, where are we

I don’t want your money

I don’t want your money / I just want to paint / I don’t need your fame / Just remember my name / I don’t want this pain …

fast money?

tricky chicky drivers???

a song without a tune

They fall at my feet / with the flicker of a smile / handing me treasures all the while / said i should’ve been a dancer / ive got ni…

Bent Wills

honest lips will tell a lie / when the wallet sounds a cry


The obvious beast of his heart stood locked / from that house of harmony in the distance of the future

What I’ve lost – what I’ve found

I’ll remember when the ‘Man’ comes around / what I’ve lost – what I’ve found.

Sweet as Honey

All these people in a big, big hurry / Look at them go, well look at them scurry. / Where they gotta get to goin’ so fast? / The Joy …

I’m so tired

I’m so tired of laws, / that distance god from man, / I’m so tired of exploitation / of poor people who can’t understand.


Breed them right, / Fill their eyes with the light, / When they do the cha cha cha, / Let them know how smart they are, / A little fee neit…

The turning of the wheel

Close-minded men outstretch open hands / and grasp undeserved at an undue reward…

It’s All or Nothing in this Dreamland.

Walking into my deserted neighborhood was always a fear for me. Funny, I lived in a nice location with friendly people, so why was I afraid…


Not every woman is independent…There are housewives too …contented. / THE clash is there when both partners are earning members…

selling tickets

the lights the sound the people


Profound people are usually poor / when it comes to money / the most insatiable desire in the human race / the most manipulating thing of t…

Manmade Money or Money Made Man

The grace bestowed upon the powerless / One who humbly accepts without care / Then kneels to the ground and remains there / Is something el…


The paradox of raising money to solve the world’s problems is that so many of the problems that money promises to solve are the resu…

The Bunny and the Cat

He’s built his fortune on sightings of Neptune and selling land on the moon / - and almost everyone he talks to ends up seeing the s…

More than cash

Money cannot buy / the happiness you long for. / Desire more than cash.



The Arson of Dollars

when who thrives isn’t the name that’s in print on the paycheck. / They shaft without a latex, / and paid less to do so.

A commentary upon Man entiled " Of Man "

And it came to pass that man shall lay his mark upon man. / That the tool of dispossession shall be his art. / And all that can be seen or…


feeling homesick for a place you have never been to

My name is Shaun

His pleads were vocal but was so his pain, / The temperature; cold, in the winter night’s rain.

Knock Knock!

But a few paces on the floor, / A round of knocks battered the door. / And shook the pictures on the wall. / As he peeked through the peep…


Does buy happiness

Presidential race?

We all know what we’ve done…

In my mind

I smell the stench of flesh as vultures have their meal, / Yet my heart’s turned hard… too hard to feel.


Darling is sitting at the vanity / light globes glowing up her skin / dead eyes in the mirror / and the glass she drowns herself i

Fight for Something Else

So yesterday I’m sitting / On the knife edge of my life / With a man who wanted money / And a wallet I don’t have

Description: Kakadu Dream and money

Kakadu Dream and


Money is wealth. / Wealth is greed. / Greed is obsession. / Power. / …

Ching Ming

coins fall down stairways / for ghosts under the bridges

Whiskey Sale

So I switched to whiskey which brought memories back. / Never did find myself at the bottom of that bottle of jack.

Living Happily with Many Interests

Throughout my life, I have been confronted with the question “what do you want to do when you grow up?” And I’ve always been at a bit of lo…

Manufacture’s Price

The famished man almost faint with shock ,of hearing this price of the potato chips,and ask the Cashier," what are you trying to pull…


Zzzt zzzt zzzt zzzt… / The Phones vibrations send tiny tremors / moving through my lounge chair, / while the vibrations sound gives …

Thursday Nights

Eager hands holding cheap beer and dollars, / hungry eyes bleeding desire as they holler, for their favorite stripper. / No better way to s…

The Game

at the top of the castle perspective is narrow / they toss us what’s left from boned sucked marrow / just follow the trail of green…

A Storm Is Coming

the tears at the walls are now a weak cry / with visions of those that are left out to die

1 and 1 make 2, 2=you

Across the dimly lit sky, / I see the evening birds fly. / Into a world of my own, / my thoughts form a quilt I have sewn. / In it’s…

Dear People

I run your country. You work for me, and your children will work for me, and you will all continue to work for me until you’ve paid o…


It comes and goes / sits and grows / going, it’s gone / never enough / can’t get too much / don’t need much / spend on fo…

More Money (Mr.Bankerman)

But like Rome now all will crumple / from the pack he made / The talking heads will surely state now / Rich man put a bullet in his head.

in Exchange.

In exchange / for a money note / she was willing / to remove her clothes / and lay back / and let you / make love to her, / but for the…

Looking for Tomorrow (Lyrics and Song)

And in this time, when money’s scarce / I can’t decide which is worst / Whether I miss bills / Or miss my kids
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