Shaking and Sober I’m tripping someone’s given me uppers / and I’m just a tea toddler with no basis for comparison / the world is flying flying / and I’m sit… Mind Reading What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts? Ebony head trip My eyes slide gently between / satin sheets of darkness. / Embraced, caressed by the / liquid texture of ebony around me / I have… /… House Cat I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made A MODERN PRAYER??? Oh Multinationals / who art in glass towers, / hollow be your image Prometheus The Sun’s flames could not compete / Against your own soul ablaze Dear God God, I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining but I deserve an explanation to this dud product you call a life which I canR… Modern Courtship: 6-Word Story (Mature) A Daughters Farewell Revisited It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father Modern vs Classical and beyond Modern Abstraction Vs Classical Realism and beyond. / The rise of the camera and the effect on realism and abstraction and their re-birth a… Stillborn Rambles about old loves ;) VERY old. modern grief is rubbish If I get knifecrimed, / Think only this of me: / I dont want a Facebook group / Set up in my memory. The Rothko Room Here in the / Rothko room, / here in the Tate, / these paintings / vibrate – with greatness. / Flat tones of red and black glow / w… A TALE ABOUT MY MODERN JULIET I once had a heart; it pumped deep red blood through my veins / It reveled in being filled with the love of a woman / No matter that such “… She is a Romantic… She walks in haste; she’s stayed too late / to wander casually / and stop to watch the dragonfly / with wings a-glittering&… Difficult life A world I do not know moves around me / It never sleeps. / It never stops. / A constant movement. / Stand still long enough, / And you’ll l… What Sort of World? In this world we bring our kids / This world of constant heaving / Life is just a series of bids / What sort of world are we leaving? ‘Our modern times’ Voluminous red drapery slowly peeled apart to reveal a massive, flyspecked screen. All the eyes of the expectant audience looked up, as a s… Little Red Riding Hoody There once was a little girl named Red Riding Hoody. This was because she always wore a Red Hoody when she was pimping around the town with… Modern Masquerade Each day passes fast / Like an ad on my TV screen / Each emotion fleeting / Like my smile in the bathroom mirror / I got voices whisperin… Modern Strength When you turn me over / Spread me like butter lover / With me eyes are wide open / The hymen of existence is broken The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Day Sou… We cannot stop bad things from happening… you and I have no power to control others, but we have the power to love and love changes people.… A Handful of Sky Enormous, looming, blue and beautiful / The sky is emblazoned with your soul-print. / I am consumed with an impulse to steal a handful / Lo… Mozart – A Post Modern Slant Then set about composing / In his lonely room / A concerto for kazoo / Fork and spoon Modern Times( a rambling reflection ) It’s a strange, surreal attraction / To a person you’ve never met / It’s the newfound reality / discovered on the Net .… cut paper angel cut paper angel magazine page RAMBLING IN REMEMBRANCE Quail thrash the morning sky / and my blood jumps. / Plumped up, pumped up, / I’m spinning like a whirligig seed leaf tumbling. THE TWILIGHT ZONE Yes….it was a Friday Afternoon, / I just finished my shift. / What a week of shit! “DAVE DANGER” / Modern Day Adventures… 5/22/2008….. With the final Indiana Jones epic due out this May its seems that all the great adventurers are gone!…. Shakelton … Sample Section from “a Shadow in the Night&… Sample section of novel written by Theo Squires, Age 11. Enjoy, and make sure to add coments, and check out my other work! Modern Poets Never Prosper Another way to voice opinion, / Rhyming Rarely Pays the Rent. / Modern Poets Never Prosper, / All they do is Rant and Vent. / Vocal Vehicle… Endymion I am content to be as Selene / As long as you remain my Endymion Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford. Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi… Thanks for the Feature Healing Journey Group! Thank you to the Healing Journey Group for featuring, “Ladies in Waiting, Diptych”! Poem: The Modern Woman Keep looking younger This weeks avatar Painters In Modern Times This weeks avatar is Jazz Miles Davis 7 by Yuriy Shevchuk A Chant for Modern Day Cowgirls Here’s some cream pie (For your face) / Here’s my breast (Swathed in lace) / Here’s my buttock (Here’s my thigh) / … Modern Suicide. In the dark it waits for footsteps on the cobblestones. They echo like music in the dark. It raises its head to smell the air, to catch a s… Sacrificing Lucidity With lunch today / Insanity is… / brewed like tea, in a chipped pot, / and poured… / It leaks from a cracked cup / leaving a… Eric David Lough read at Kent State University Fo… [Video] Do you remember the clarity? it is astonishing because it communicates with our inner child linking directly back to a time of freedom, clarity, and happiness. It takes… Modern Life My body is rigid. / My muscles tense. / And Modern life / Brings me to this. / The known world beats / An / Unnatural rhythm / Against fle… Artlink » vol 28 no 3 » Xstrata Coal Emerging Ind… Beaver Lennon, Glenn Pilkington and Archie Moore are probably the closest to being conventional emerging artists The Subway (a short story) She didn’t particularly want to touch the man, and she stood there with ease on very steady legs as she watched him die. A tale : post-modern fairy tale. They were all deformed people adorned with silky clothes. One had horn on his head; another had extra long ears; yet another had four hands… Traditional source, modern take Books feature in Archie Moore’s entries: the Bible in his Maltheism series and an art book showing a reproduction of Albert Namatjira… Modern Day Courtesan I don’t sit in a court with Kings and Earls / I shop on Ebay for all my diamonds and pearls / Like those that came before me, I’… Mugabe’s Tsunami Tsunami Wall of terror approaches / Wave after wave hits / Pouring down seas of Mugabe’s ammunition / Threatening all in his path Modern Mans Momentous Mishandling All His Bridges / Have been Burnt / Nothing gained / …..Nothing Learnt Purple Sky And The Moon In The Morning gone to check the expiration dates on the calendars and bravo, we’re at the same school of streetlight. our birthdays all over again Featured Artist in Painters in Modern Times! Wow, I am so excited for David as he has been featured in this wonderful group for his painting Avenue of the Oaks!!!! Wooooo hoooo! Great … ‘The Shard’ Firstly, there was the boy. At some predetermined juncture, there came the dreams. From that point it was irrevocably set in motion –… A tib bit i found on the internet about Haven Mod… Lein’s Cabins’ last guest unruly by nature" / Fort Atkinson – When I drove past the onetime tidy and ever tiny cabin… Making Modern Australia. My part in it…R… Suddenly there was a loud bang and the front doors burst open. Machinery flew through the building and my father and the young man climbed … Ancient and Modern A cloud of dust is billowing high / And soon the sky will turn to rain………… Lakes and Elegance; Today and Tomorrow Lakes Seem Much a Part of Our Lives / Lakes Represent One of God’s Most Complex Creations / Lakes Play a Role in our Society / Lake… About Him – Copying the structure He is trying hard to grasp his youth and arranging the pattern of this zeitgeist, forming their code in his temple… Modern Slavery So aren’t you glad you are now a free man / Free to be slaved to our debt as you can Modern Music? Bright and shiny instruments / A strong bass vibe / Synthesis of sounds / Samples, memories / All to confuse, distract / Such sweet deliriu… <Testing> Marta (Segment in the Chronicles … A recounting journey of a childhood in Tashkent. The trials and tribulations that have fallen upon a young girl named Marta. modern life is rubbish money is an impossible promise / drugs perpetuate the illusion of freedom / religion monopolises integral oneness / human life is treated a… Primitive Modern I I can hear a small waterfall rippling antiphonally down over / The stones of my poem (James Wright) / Since the spectacle / of shadow ev… To Swim With Dolphins SMS Poetry – exactly 160 characters. On Espresso and the Divine An under-caffeinated life is a life without order, and a life without order is certainly not worth living. The Paper Chase I can only see snippets of recognition Tendencies Or will you wear me when I’ve got to entertain my disease / With my pant leg pulled up, wish I had something to show Modern World Change your shoes / Change your underwear / Change your pants / Change your hair / Dance dance dance / Spin spin spin / Settle settle settl… Witch Bitch A nameless bird by name / Whose infamy is fame / Her flights of guiltless fantasy / Are free in dreams of anarchy modern fables, and little girl dreams My love / as i sit here, / contemplating the close of yet another cycle, / i cannot help but wonder / how do i call you from above, / Wh… Bastard Elegance They must tear the fear from the groping fingers of the berieft. And they must lend swift wings to our feet. Carapace A pain and agony. / Incasing, / The thalamus is but a whining puppy. / Not even the power to scream A Modern Tale The shadow man marched down the street / And asked those cowering bullies why? A poem for the Modern Day Parent Give your child everything, / and they shall know nothing. / They won’t know the value of the dollar, / and the importance of work to… Short Saga of an Almost Lost Journey: A desperate… In very distant lands untouched by modern bullshit – a tribe of beautiful and intelligent people re-create the utopia of days gone by… Intellectual Morsel Your hungry eyes pass / over letter after / letter, word after word, / devouring piece / after piece to / satisfy the brain. / Your tong… Thank you Painters in Modern Times Group! Thank you for featuring my painting ‘Poison Apple’ in your wonderful group. I truly appreciate it and consider it an honor. Modern Lament There were those I suppose, in the throes of that rose / that had spent their lament and that is just how it goes. / Like a whisper in the … My Never Lost Solider And maybe my face will / Replace hers. / One day far away. / Dry. / They can picture a crying girl / In the newspapers / It’s too emotional. Collateral It is true these times are worth it / Looking to what is realized for success / Setting goals very high in hopes and renditions / Passions … The Winded Warrior of the Modern Pax (Pox?) To the steps of the house of the Queen he rode. / Not a soul opposed, / To all was known the battle he’d thrown. Modern Technology It had so many function buttons on it, it resembled a flight panel from a Jumbo jet. MODERN LIBERATION attraction to natural beauty turns to detachment + wisdom A Sestinal Ode to the Modern Franchise (Mature) Slipping The old decaying world of tomorrow is but a shadow fo a thought on my mind, as I ponder on all the modern evils of current times, sweeping … A modern monarchy A modern monarchy. / Please spare it a thought, / This monarch of new. / Rare crazes have caught, / And opinions too. / No more Kings and Q… The Heart Works In Mysterious Ways…. Why do we allow ourselves to fall in love? / Is it because we want to? / Is it because we have to? / Or, is it simply because we need to? /… founder of the Museum of modern Art, Mexico City miguel salas anzures / Estaba pensando en mis primeros años al lado de Miguelito, como tú lo llamabas. Años de gran cambio. Años intensos, … MODERN RUNES The signs were there / I feigned blindness / Now time is gone / You are gone / I stand not strong / Before the new day / Clad by no armor /… Also featured in Painters In Modern Times Group! “Hiding In An Old tree” a pastel was also featured in Painters iN Modern times Group. Thank you! The Modern Moral Decay the grass is beaten down / the path was started by someone else / even as sprigs & twigs & sticks abound / the way has been previou… Dinner In A Bun Here’s a frozen meal in a bun, / See ya later, gotta run. Rash Judgement The oven. The oven had me out there doing what I had to do because of the oven. I hate going out there. The people and everything. Looking … In This Country! In Indias heart / There lives a child / Foreboding / Young and wild / In the east / There is a beast / Formidable and mild He’s Your Scapegoat I can do this all on my own. Yes I can. Because my mother told me i could, and father did… (Sh. Story) “The Secret Mission” After hearing the front door open, a pigeon pair of happy kids flew across the kitchen perching on the comfy couch in the cosy lounge-room.… mechanical messiah instead of luxurious life / and promised exodus of man from manual, / he became all the more a savage and slave; / Machine has received the…
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