Watch the sky What makes Sky father so angry? / It has always been a riddle to me. Ocean Days There is no such thing as lemonade, on an Ocean day. Unforgotten Pasts, Beautiful Presents and the Mys… This photograph was taken on the road from Point Reyes National Park to San Rafael, CA. / The Fence / Certain remnants of the past will alw… Lessons From The Mist One day the earth will groan with the pain / inflicted on her by the carelessness and / indifference of man. Mist And you are still here / Still next to me / Colorful mist / I am scared to move my hand / Not to blow you away / I dream, to / Raise my arm… LOST IN THE MIST I couldn’t had will to resist / i drifted away with the mist / i lost myself in the mist ~ Through Reality’s Mist ~ He whispered words of forever / vowing nothing would separate us again / I looked deep into His eyes of passion / and placed my heart into … An Amazing Talent in Our MIST!! We have the most talented Visual Artist and Violinist here at the Bubble. Her name is Mare and she is just off tour from Dubai and Braz… Lessons in the Mist Moist air breathes out its weaving mist / The dragon has exhaled upon the golden land / Spring is waking up to a brand new season / As wint… I am the Mist I am the one / that nobody sees / Calling your name / through the wind in the trees / I am the shadow / of the one that is me / painting a … Morning mist Through the morning mist / I see the garden of orchids / Their hue a scent of you Days Like Today Some mornings the mist is so thick that the lake fades into the sky – everything is lost in a cloud of white. To step from the shore … Angel in the Mist Into my world an angel is born / Troubled with many against her / A simple jester given with love / Can change defeat into victory / I stum… Mist and as the twilight colours fade / my head gets heavy with your name / i sing my song to your sweet memory Beauty Luminescent droplets / Of crystal white… Me and the man in the mist I am realistic / and have no grand illusions / I’ve known for so long / no one can sweep me of my feet / So why then / being so comfortable… Dreaming in the mist As they wandered along through the fog they dreamed of a time when life was fun, before their Father went away Into the Mist I wrote this story as a dedication / to my wonderful friend, Gail / who died several years ago / after months of her courageous / battle wi… Mystery in the midst Do you hear the / sinister snorting / from steamy nostrils / of steadily approaching / beasts Nearly Midnight …I will go to her and I will hope again / tomorrow… Lady Winter I breathe out and into you. / Crystalline / Harsh chasm I felt chasm / a deep crack / the window is open / I felt I was being dragged into a whirlpool of emotion / the heart was covered in a th… ~ High Country Calling ~ open up your heart to feel the magic of the mist / open up your ears to hear the mountains call MIDNIGHT MIST In The Midnight Mist / I walked amongst the heather and the daisies / I was screaming out your name / You really drive me crazy / Never thi… Valley #5 The boy closed his eyes before stepping into the forest. He knew what darkness awaited, and did not want it to seep beneath his lids. The w… High Society Orgasmic waves of nerve shredding intensity racked his stick-figure body and overwhelmed him. His sense of oneness, self-fulfillment and to… Be at Peace can you hear it? / the whisper of peace / the hush of silence / be at peace. The Light Of Angels, by NatureGreeting Cards ©cc… _The Light Of Angels, hasn’t been one of my most popular images so far on Red Bubble, / but for me it is my favorite image I took … Mystic Path Moon and Mist / Forest of Trees / Path is Bright / Can you Find Me? / In the Light I am Weary / But Very Strong / In Heart and Soul / I wil… WHISPERS IN THE WIND #2 Like there were secret whispers in the wind…weaving in and out of the blades of tall grass.Whispers in the wind… saying move li… Ocean Mist tender breath they turn and kiss = Memories in the Hush = Percy chuckled and waved as Ella saw him through the trees. Taking the lad’s hand she hauled him at the half run of youthful exuberance to … IN THE WOODS IN THE WOODS, where few tread / Is where two lovers met / Afraid of family and of ties / They met together, amid many lies / They kissed as… a mineur song (for winter) picking frosted tansies … ~ Run For Freedom! ~ Freedom is calling me I can taste it on my tongue / was that a whimper a shout a bark / I cant see anything but the trees and the fence / l… THE CHANNEL I stare high up toward the jagged peak where I think I began / But my view is blocked by the weeds and wild flowers I’ve nourished / … The Dull Soul Of Winter So, you knock once more at my door / And I open it to feel your chill breath. / Your iced eyes stare mockingly through me / As if to say, /… nocturnal rain Not quite night / rolling mist / Not quite day / shining dusk / Bark hangs a noose / swaying corpses / Leaves drip their load / raining gr… Sea Mist mist / slow, silent… / gulls scream / like souls / drifting searching.. / sea barely perceptible / came as mystery / to an awaiting shore /… The Clock Blinked 03:00 AM Don’t tease me / I cried / My fingers clenched / in a fist. / Who is standing / here / calling to me in the / mist? Mystical Green Mythical, / magical, / mystical green / shrouded in mist Maid in the Mist I love the mist in the morning / The beauty of it is mystical / I love the mist in the evening / makes me feel whimsical / My walks in the … The Urging The guy just disappeared, through the mist and under the water. It was strange actually, no ripples no sounds. He’d just vanished bel… Mist Mist pissed on my world this morning / Mist pissed on my mood so blue / Now the sun has dismissed the mist / And I am content in my mourning SUNSHINE AFTER THE RAIN I won’t anything else! The mist of unseen Standing on the jetty / Middle of the deep sea, / Looking down at the waves / Sets heart feeling heavy / Of the fear of something falling … Just a Thought Details? Too many… / Aspects? Unknown. / Choices? Unending… / Tragedys? We own. October Mist the truth about the october mist / reminds me of our first kiss. / subtle, cold and / makes my knees tremble. / i face you / two octobers l… In The Mist…… Go outside, into the cold mist. / Stick your tongue out into the night. / Let the waterdrips…… / moisten your tongue. / The air… Thoughts Thoughts, wrapped in the mist, / Careesed by its softness, / Transformed to a vision of you. Through the Eyes of Love each raindrop was a mirror of each tear that rolled down her cheeks Blue Ghost ~ aka ‘Love In A Mist’ About the flower in the photo I named ‘Blue Ghost’, which I do plan to change to the real name of this fascinating flower. / Fa… Remember Me Remember me as you journey on / May the scent of roses lead you home / The aroma of the memories we gathered here / Shall comfort me till y… The Mist The mist takes me to a time when the rivers and mountains had no names… / A time when you and I were but one soul. / 2009 Copyright … Sea mist night / mist shroud-like / drapes gently / where i walk now / lamp by lamp / dimly illumined… / thronging road… / a time to loo… My parents warnings Spirit prediction of cancer comes true Wander with me in the Mist of the Morn…R… First step and then pause / smell the damp of the night / as the air leaves it’s perch / as the morn spreads delight Rainbow Mist Pitter patter / Then sudden rain / Puddles coming from everywhere - / Waiting for the storm to calm / Dark clouds gets the victory again / … Sensual Mist Candy Gone Bad. Both are always on the hood of the car, dancing the night away at the same place. The End SPIRIT OF THE MORNING MIST She purses her lips / And she exhales the mist / The spirit of a soul so old / Strong and oh so bold / Many lives did she live / Always fai… Say The Words Don’t hold on to them / they might slip away / only to recalled when you least expect them / knocking the wind out of your sails / ox… a deeper order it is where, you see, / i first found / the concept of your / decision mist we tip toed through into the new day / once more spared, / risen to accept / to begin anew, what we must do. / a slow mist hung, / undaunte… its vapors and even when i did know / i didn’t know yet / yet i knew too… Gentle Mist gentle mist / drapes the trees… / gulls herald / creation now / resplendent in / gently blurred light… / branches / yearn upwar… Dreamers Mist! In every person lies the chase / That need to flee from Pan’s embrace / Smile and lets have fun / “Run, run, run!” / Let the child that hid… Misty Morning Tendrils of mist curling up from the sea / Gentle salt spray caressing my face / Island of solitude beckoning me / Through the mists of tim… INTO THE MIST I feel so lost / A cold mist / Surrounds me / It carries / Sorrow / For the loss / Of one I love / Confusion / How could things / Come to … Autumn Mist Autumn Mist / trees / skeletal, broken / yearn through / enveloping / mist / i walk / among / desolation, / cool air / anoints, / birds cha… ~ beneath the mist ~ Perfection at dawn as the mist hides all the imperfection of man! Dead Mist Mist creeping towards me / Strokes my cheek and wipes the tears away… SUNRISE IN THE MIST FEATURED IN LIVE,LOVE,DR… THANKS TO THE EDITORS OF THIS GROUP FOR FEATURING SUNRISE IN MIST / I LIVE IN A DREAM ME FIFTH FEATURE IN TWO WEEKS YES YES YES Walking In The Mist [Original Prose] The haze, the mist / made the world a strange fairyland / where the outline of reality was indistinct and clouded. Morning mist from distant fires Morning mist from distant fires mist every chance missed / is no cause for regret / every chance missed / is a butterfly that flies away / every chance missed / is the view thr… Limelite The light of Green brings up a smile, Gentle Mist. Behind the eyes of glory / In a beat that echoes / And a thousand people stand alone / It’s before the bell rings / With true loves g… Mist Irrelevant timeless drift moisture in a collate state triggers dispersion of thoughts and intent what to / Pursue an airy void trouble and… Secret tryst in fountain’s mist (Mature) Veil of mist behind the beauty of the cobweb / the golden carpet of the mist is seen / wrapping around the tree / the warm light of the sun / is sensed … Window I looked out the window. It was so cold outside that some kind of mist had forbidden me from seeing what was beyond the glass that separate… Goodbye So like the mist I fade away. Remaining if even this, a distant memory in the subconscious realm of your mind. The Cracked Red Mist Gesticulating wildly from my safe glass cocoon / Windmill arms, face contorted like a goon / The anger is inexorable; “Move, MOVE!” In a mist… There once was a beauty, / Young,happy,and carefree. / Full of hope,wonder,amazement, / Of what life would bring. / Now in her thirties, / … Through the Mist through the mist / i taste your kiss / light like dew / upon my brow / just now / i imagined you there / do you care / our love vaporized /… Rain Sestina …My skin is raised with goose bumps as the drafty window welcomes the stormy chill / And the invisible face of death lurks outside my… A February Mist I can’t see far / The early morning mist / Lies lightly over the ground / Gently swirling over the sharp, white frost / Filling the space b… ~ mist performance ~ I love Autumn – the misty mornings and the colourful, crisp, sunny days! What a performance Nature puts on for us to remember through… A Birthday Sunrise Treat Just an essence of vibrancy / Its time to awaken the spirit and dance…… mist the way mist drifts through the trees / the way it mizzles on the leaves / the way it sparkles all around / when a ray of sunlight finds th… Something is in the Nightly Mist Something is in the Nightly Mist / We walked below the trellis grove we wondered aimlessly strangely out of it our clothes didn’t / Seem t… Awaken the Light Cycle of life… First Minute of the Mile Early morning mist / Woke just to walk away / Saw myself standing peaceful / In the middle of far away Alone in the Mist Glistening white mist of surrounding silence / One slacked figure stands alone amongst it all / Waiting, wandering, and wondering for rescu… TONIGHT: London Untrusted, they took my Paris away / And I let go in a free fall toward the skies between spaces of time, misty a precious you / is waiting to notice / in this moment / saved for you
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