i will miss you when you’re gone To my Guardian Angel, she will know who she is miss nebulosity I saw her in the sky; shaped like a cloud, she was laying on her back, without underpants, her legs spread wide open. I miss you Mom Mom, can you here my cry for you, can you feel the need I hold, my desperate need to talk to you. / I know you had to go, I know it’s… Miss This Angel of Mine. I feel like an endless night waiting for my sunrise / So, this is what it’s like to miss this angel of mine At Heaven’s Gate I scream to the gates of heaven / Can you hear me, my friend.. This is all I can give you ( sorry). You exhaled a steamy cloud and were gone. I have not set eyes on you from that day to this. I love you just the same, it’s never any … VINTAGES – A Miss-matched Life! Vintage 1930’s Hand Painted Cups & Saucers (I think!) / After spending half my life being utterly miserable, worrying about chipp… “My love” For my friend … I held him in my sobbing arms and kissed him one more time. I Just Want Her… Take the heart that bleeds for them / And squeeze it dry to the last drop / To show the love you have for them is nonstop The Things Nice Girls Miss Out On NSFW I Miss My Muse I miss my muse. / I’ve looked everywhere for her / under stairs and stars, / in branches, / behind waterfalls and ribs, / in refl… I Miss Postcards, small handwritten tales from friends from foreign destinations..wish you were here / The Darkroom, seeing an image reveal itself… How I Miss How I miss / Tender moments / When a touch / Became a word / A word of love / When the world towered / High into the sky / And lies became… Near miss… OK, here’s my near miss story. / It was about 5 years ago. Back when I was in my photographic infancy. It was pre SLR, pre digital, my firs… I miss you Like the tree needs the earth, / Like the night needs the moon, / Like the star needs the sky, / Like the guitar needs the tune, / My world… I miss the little playful words I miss the little playful words / I splattered In our sea / When we stripped / our inhibitions / To frolic gleefully. / I miss you warm ca… Pagly…Trisha…I miss you. Tears, / They are falling, / Down cheeks, / Silent stare. / For loss, / Is a hardship, / A cross, / We must bear. / A smile, / Like sunshin… I am missing you I am missing you, / My life, it is not whole, / I am not functioning properly, / I am not in control, / I am missing you, / There is a spa… Watering Senses try and touch you, / I cannot say much more, / I shall always remember! It’s Only Rain Once / she fell with the rain / Every drop carried her touch / her perfume / her kiss / It was enough to walk in the rain / He didn’t miss … I Will Miss My RedBubble Friends . . . I am sorry to say that my frustration with the “new” RB format has kept me away for about 3 weeks now. The drop down menus is u… My Love, Where Are You? Missing a long lost love from years ago. The Day’s Eye I grabbed the closest woman and clapped shackles on her. “Come along Sunshine.” Smoking outside I could almost feel your lips / brush the back of my neck; / in this daydream, I’m aching. / So I had to reach back / each rough spir… Don’t want you to miss this collaborative e… Because most of you who read my poetry do not read the journals I thought I’d post this here so you also get chance to view! Mariska… Dad I miss you I hear him My Friend, My Sister, My Love Angry at you? yes I am indeed / Kelly you left we were only 15 / you climbed into bed and said you were sorry / I held you all night long. … The Things Unsavory Girls Miss Out On Behind the optic lens of a death’s head pessimist, lies the macula… retina, door to the optic nerve. Miss Lead with Mayhem Oblivion was as some would expect. It was the ones who expected it that faired best. There was a time when she had been so quiet, but tough… I Miss The Old Time Country miss the white faced cattle and the race of old Gunsyn / Of gumtrees and the wattle blowing in the wind Fate looking back along the tracks / that form inside my mind / i wonder how it was that i’d / forgotten all about this time a hundred sparrows I have almost left this town many times / I have packed my bags full of / Everything I see, except to leave one bit of me / On the window … Tragic Miss Amy (RIP) Beautiful soul yet so sad / I wish someone could have reached out to you before you died. / Tragic Miss, tortured yet gifted, / I wonder wh… 4 PAGLY, we’ll miss U ! we were all in some way / touched by your grace / and found sunshine in / your smiling face I Miss You I miss you in the evenings, the softness of your lips, the breathless sigh that filled me as you embraced me with a kiss ……. I Promise I Will Not Miss You Time will reflect your image, though, / Even when my tongue no longer speaks your name. I will miss you. I’ll send you: / All the good vibes, / all the pajama hugs, / bear hugs, / and running bear hugs. / I’ll send all the love an… Sometimes. when you look at me, / i catch a glimpse of a need / that is so intense it makes my heart swell / and make me want to sweep you off your … New Yorks Miss Nancy There is a shot over there / I want you to see train He would take any train to see her face / thoughts as long as her lips / silken highways of the night / you grow more beautiful with every … I miss you Cheeks stained / Wet with weeping / I miss / All that you are / I sit and I wait / For the warmth / of your embrace / swallow me whole … MY SISTER Although you were a child yourself / You put your toys on the shelf / And sat me on your lap / And hugged me while I napped / Stopping all… When When I feel you in the rain / Amidst the tonic dropping / I only wish to lie engaged / Until I float by, sopping / When I see you in the su… Dear Miss Dear Miss, / Not to be rude / But / My tongue / Is already involved / Spoken for / So to speak Miss-a-beat your heart lay beating / on the stand / ready for transfer / by slight of hand… The World how we see… it or how we missed i… Every tall person started off small. / Our Inner child just grows and grows / Knowledge learned from baby toes. The Chronicles of Little Miss Argonaut I was nevertheless moderately thrilled to be unconscious in the ether this evening. / I would have slipped on my evening gown but my birth… I Will Miss You. There is a tear, / In a farewell, / There is an empty spot, / Left by you. / I feel the weight, / Of nothingness, / where once, / stood you… Miss Diagnosed We can’t have you / Wreck the Status Quo I wish it could last but blink and / you miss it / pause and / its past Departed So I keep you in my heart / my head even though I don’t kiss you. I open up my / Eyes amidst the / Pastel stream of / Light / I put that same / Song on / Yes, that song again / Swinging my hair up / Insi… I MISS MY REDBUBBLE I miss redbubble ,, I broke my left foot and I am unable to go out exploring and taking pictures. God is watching over over me and testing… “Missing You…” so now I’m missing me … / which is you / which is we / and can’t live because I’m not free / I’m a slave sha… Miss Terrie What you need… Paranoid Romantic did i miss the album? ~ I Miss My Bonnie Dora ~ The day grows warmer but my bones remain cold / When did my heart stop and I grow old? The Adventures of Miss Perception ( with subtext ) I once met Socrates in Paris! / I knew I would be slightly embarrassed! / He was arguing that I don’t exist, / But do I really… give a sh… Miss Scarlet, in the Burkean Parlor, with a Candl… It’s right there, on the tip of your tongue, / that thing you’ve wanted to say to me. / It’s been there for so long, too, festering / in … wishes do this Come to me / In summer’s / Heat / Move the floorboards / Signs creak / Let violins / Amend my bed / If worries flood / Love treads / Tur… fading in your thoughts I feel you near, my love / Like promises stolen from / My palms as I shake the / Beatific residue / For it is not ok to be here / Within… Reoccurring Disappearing Acts / Under-Qualified S… not so much of a read anymore Cerulean Sky This is not all, love / This is not our end / We shall see more life / As the road can bend / I shall clutch your hands / You shall hold… Telling Here is this dim girl, world / Here she is / Once bright with phrases that / Humored you / She rests, now, in slow turns / Of sorrow / Ther… The thought of you I wish that I could tell you tonight, / that I miss the thought of you. / The real you ceases to exist in my mind. / I miss the person that… if tomorrow never comes …so what can i give you to last till tomorrow / when all that i have here is just for today / i’d offer you something but all i… AGAIN I MISS YOU I saw you again today / Standing there / Where you should have been standing / I saw you turn your good ear to me / Smelled the cough drop … i miss you Grandpa you’re gone and everyday i miss you, / I remember the times we laughed, played and cried / It was such a shock the day you di… To the old Bubblemail logo A story in draft, for my eyes only? A new vision of an ancient tale? Until tomorrow, then? No, let’s talk all night…. I Miss Your Smile There is nothing more tragic / than happiness losing its happy / A smile, once vibrant, now gone / Where does the warmth go / when it leave… Time Tricks It’s not even ten. / My mouth is dry / and I’m laying in the dark / on a cheap spring bed. / But it feels more like / I’… Plain ‘Miss Jane’ The clink of café cutlery / clashed cheaply, / ringing out / against raucous laughter, / heartily regaled with / show-stopping applause By your side The rain is falling soft outside / I want to be there,by your side / You’re in my thoughts,I miss you so / You’re in my heart,p… At the bottom of the sea, please forget about me Was it the alcohol? / Working your vocal chords / like a hand puppet, / reaching from your screaming liver / up to your screaming desire / … Dear MUM I really did find comfort in thinking there is something better than here, a place where you are, because where you are is always a better … Miss Cute – RB Homepage Feature Thank you REDBUBBLE for featuring ‘Miss Cute’ on your homepage. I am thrilled and delighted to be sharing such a space. YOU CAN`T MISS IT Not sure if there is a technical term for what is wrong with me although I have bumped into a few people who suffer from the same malady &#… pondering haste. You are / A sunrise that leads to / Chapel steps / Coffee fog / Curtain breezed tress / A photo in between / Love’s mind / Kissing wor… a day left a tear runs down my face, / whilst I lie here thinking of you / of the cuddles that will never be / of the things you’ll never do / the mem… How I miss silent breakfasts regrets the unrest in my heart / to hear your voice / and feel your lips and skin / will not subside. / i miss you, / though it’s been barely… MISS DYS (THE DANCING MODEL BURLESQUE) She was home / I caught the falling key / Opalesque rectangles of warehouse barren / I climbed the shattered Polanski stairs / We met fligh… Trying not to miss it in waves in waves in waves in waves Come get me Please come get me tonight / The chill in the air is marking every / Twist and turn with the ghost of you / I see you leaning against the … I Miss You i miss / breaking every rule and reservation i ever set / for you / i miss creeping out into the deep black blue velvet of the night sky / … MISS YA! I tried calling you tonight — several times / You were not there, and / I was disappointed and sad. / I was low and needed to hear your … Oh girl I miss you so Lost and gone / our days of youth / yours too short / and mine too long Miss. communication She is at the podium of my discontentment / She holds a Miss Communication tag to her beguile chest / But nowadays I miss communicating wi… Habit 2008 These cigarettes are the only part of you I have here, / that I can touch, / hold, / put against my lips. / This smell is my face buried i… I Probably Won’t Even Miss You I hurt knowing that you weren’t , but knew that I would have to be, so I saddled my horse and leaping up took off in a gallop into th… I miss you I wish you were / here with me / right now / That we weren’t separated / by what feels / like an ocean. Dear Grandma It’s big with the frame, / (it’s a pretty white frame) / But on it’s own, / It’s very small. / … / If this painting is of / A real pl… TRIBUTE – MISS YOU You were my lover, / My friend, / My soul mate to the end / And I will always be your loving wife. Miss Lala Procknoy’s Wondrous Booger Shoes. The Ploppadiddlians washed the poopy wall and tore it down because they didn’t need it anymore and they went on with their lives. miss you forever, love you for longer Ever-present as the sky, / I’ll always carry a part of you with me, / You’re in my heart, in my soul, / forever you’ll be in my memory. the stranger in you You are the enigma / You are the puzzle, / That I feel no desire to unravel.
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