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Not Today

Don’t whine to me about your petty woes, / the car that doesn’t start, the faucet’s incurable drip, / I can’t be bo…


and I wonder why / the birds don’t hear / the noise in my heart

Prettier Than Me

I war against the mirror / My reflection staring back in fear… / They’re all so pretty, / Prettier than me

Simply put, a mistake

That night there was a snow-like rain, but still, I wanted beer. I bundled in my largest coat, which was stashed between the vacuum and a …

Twenty One Questions

…If this was only the beginning / Would you have the strength to persist? / If my words made you think / Would you pretend they didn&…

Misery’s Bitch

Black cur / That hackled, slinking hound / Snarls pain heralds no warning

Dream Death

Ever died in a dream and then woken up? / That just means an alternate you in a different timeline has died. Dreams about yourself are a gl…

Decayed and Senseless – by Ushna Sardar &am…

I’ve been living in a circle / that restricted freedom / I saw the chains of fear and misery / I’m left here in chains / decaying like the …

You and I

I used to think you were funny. Now I find you annoying. I used to say, “You’re so sweet.” Now I feel that we’re in…


I write tonight, / In spite of the fact, / The sky is quesy, / The moon is sick, / The stars reveal, / The secrets are spilt, / Entrusted b…

Dear Misery

The moments I spent without you / Made me ache for more

Sweet Misery

Goodbye life / Welcome pain / You remove all love / See all energy drain


You left because death would not allow life / And came back


… just wreck my everything………….

turning whiskey into nothing

there is a comfort / in talking to you / a warmth I still feel / despite my own misery

hell’s own rock (dreamscape)

o grayblock razorwired mother, / what secrets does your ancient womb sequester?

Dystopia Your Religion

oppression and disease but you can never know love… the concept of utopia you’re the one left out now sucking on your own feces

When The Moon And I Collide

On a quest for a twilight miracle, / The journey has begun, / I search for a benediction, / Sweet like honey on my tounge. / On the horizon…

Do You Still Love Me?

That lovely smile / That I see / Is it still / All for me?

The Bedevilments

Damned if you do, / Damned if you don’t. / Why does living / in this skin, / have to hurt so much ? / I’m starting to feel mys…

E affinity

1. Can you afford our fees? / 2. Er.. / 3. That’s it!

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (23) Misery Mansion

As the figure came closer I could make out it was a girl about twenty maybe, wearing white diaphanous clothes which billowed and swirled ro…

Daddies Not Coming Home

A tear runs down her face. Daddies not coming home. He’s gone without a trace. Daddies little girl is now left alone.


I pin my wing’s against the wall, and hang there unable to fall.

Last Night I dreamed

Wherever I go, I’m chained. / If it isn’t my leg, its my neck and always my heart. / Weighed down by chains. / Weighed down by …

The Burden on Your Back

Here’s your neck, another step / All I can do is hope / It doesn’t hurt too much

New beginnings are skin deep

A goodbye to my former life / A hello to the new / The sadness carries over / I still feel blue



It’s Too Late Now!

It all started off, just like any other day. It appeared so clear, I had no idea to fear. It all happened so fast, it took my breath away. …

Reality Check

It’s time for you to get a reality check! Your day will eventually come. Spreading like a disease, you infect. In the end, you’…


Come. / Let’s celebrate, / Let’s meditate, / Let’s not debate, / Let’s never hate,

The Target

Goddamnit, she’s still there. I’ve invested more than enough time trying to shit her out but she just won’t void




I think that’s why the homeless wander the city streets. / It’s sad to see a person give up on the bitter sweet. / It’s b…

Pain is misery…

Life has brought me to my knee’s. / I’m begging… / Please, please, please. / Please, Release… / This pain im in! / …

Minutes To Midnight Review

Ladies and gentleman, once again Phoenix, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson, have outdone themselv…


Misery is you and me / This is who we are / Can nothing tear us apart / Our hearts are conjoined / And we are reformed / Deformed, defected…



A love poem: Misery

Misery is loving you…; / and, just not knowing what on earth / I’m going to do about it; / Because you make me feel far too shy…


and the only thing to compare you to / is the feeling of getting hurt.

These Feelings

I was there at one time too. / I’ve been in your shoes. / I’ve felt the same blues.


“Despair draws you down…


The blade it runs like a crazed animal / Sliding across your flesh

Misery loves company, then never calls again.

Some days, / I smile and act like I think you care, / while wondering what it must feel like to breathe / in the arms of someone who reall…


The cup of life is supped between two mouths, / so close yet miles apart, / and that honeyed brew that settles with us so nicely, / in the…

My Sincerest

I protected myself in a niche that resembled safety / I’m cautious to my surroundings cus those surroundings drove me crazy



Dear Mr. Bush

Every time I see you on the television, / More and more people in this country, / Really begin to hate you everyday.


So much of sadness in my heart, but where do i start? / i have no idea but i just want it to stop / cause i am feeling sick and starting to…


Fear held their minds / in its creature hold / branding “I” / for IGNORANCE


I’ve buried my head in the sand, / for far too long. / Pretending everything fine, / but its not. / My self-esteem, / has gone to pot…

Spare Us The Misery

glad i could help you / get back on your feet / but you helped me fall to the ground / and drown in feelings i tried to save myself from


The magician’s curse goes POP, wonderful I exclaim. Oh hello lover, lover hello. Bang, bang, bang, out of bullets for this violent ou…

My Hibernation

I hide away from nature’s light….

No Strings

And he stares until it all makes sense or slowly passes by him / His own asylum, with paradigms turned to pantomimes

The Cold Wind Blows

The cold wind blows in the still of the night, / Veiling with clouds the pale moon. / The frigid air has fangs that bite / And a horrid, wa…

Living Here

Drugs are causing deaths in Mexico for the allumination of the mind. The innocent are being hounded to obey for the cartels’ to bring…

Lost feathers of an optimist

The hour hand wacked me / On the head again / As I dallied in the moment

my cardboard heart

my cardboard heart / is sodden with misery

POEM: How can I explain…

How can I explain… / The Pain;

Sing the Song of Bitterness and Make the Moon Exp…

We left everything to God. We were repaid in ways you would not care to hear.



Unheard Melodies of Misery

Filthy dirt; / Such an understatement of feeling / From the harsh words / You pierce into my soul / I’m gone, / Broke in half, no lo…

Love and Torture Are The Same Thing

You’ve tangled yourself in the thorns and briers of my messy soul / And as you pulled away you ripped it out of me, and / Left me wo…

The Night the World Turned Upside Down

…Oh, detachment sure was prevalent / Albeit horribly irrelevant / For it evanesced about as quickly / As our attempts to hinder intim…

Revolving Door

Sometimes life can seem so meaningless, we fight for freedom which no longer exists, we work towards a life which will never be fulfilled,

It’s Over

A Distant dream, I once had. It felt so good, but it all went so bad! I thought it would last. Instead,

Story Of Love

Seems as Though the Gap in time brought us closer together. We lead different lives, different friends, different relationships,

dying on the inside losing hope

Hasty decisions led to a lifetime’s bondage. / I collapse in the gravity of long-past choices / And see a grey future before me. / A…

Life awaits

Life awaits for those who dare

The Power Of The People

The Power Of The People is back, / Hovering over the track,

Playing the game

Lying is your intention, / To changes the rules to a game I’ve never played / Misery is your companion, / To serve you when alone / …

Paint With Feeling

Paint with feeling, shall I? / Purple for the bleeding heart / Black for the death of loving / Green for the envy-rich pain / Yellow for su…

Misery. - Lyrics.

Resting in darkness / Searching for someone / To save me; rescue me / From drowning / Can you hear my screaming? / Can you hear my crying? …


For an instant, I cupped the sunset in my palms. I let it trickle between my fingers.


I want to cry / They know this, that is why / I have to get out of the shower to get my gojo soap / I am not a dope…



everyday dream

the thoughts of someone / in pain pleases me

Misery and Me

On this dance floor / Made of lies


confusion, madness, misery, pain, love

Cloak of Misery

You wear that dated cloak of misery…pulled ever so tight across your human needing; / A shield of rusty armor , forged painfully in mistr…

Kingdom of pain and misery

pain and misery, / blood and tears, / are we believe in here, / the kingdom of pain and misery.

E Man Tribute (pt. 1)

here in Angeles / I’m just the same, / a needle in the hay / lost to miss misery / with no name. / My speed trial / in search of Ami…

The Darkness of the day

If she could just remember what had happened when David had left, he had quietly opened the door and let himself out. He was barely 8 when …

Is it me or what….

The storm, o’ so called perfect

Mr Misery

In the darkness, / I still feel you, / Cold fingertips raking my naked back in my sleep, / Your icy breath has frozen my heart forever, / Y…


I thrive off people’s misery / Creating a version of my own

Quiet Misery

But what a silent agony / And what a silent part - / Is there – the quiet misery / That quells the human heart…

Lives of Misery

A child is born to luxury / While a child is born to poverty / Both destined to lives of misery / The child of wealth runs from loneliness …

Its funny…

Its funny how miserable she made me.

Forever Broken

It is a dark night / Cuts that fall too deep / A broken wish upon a star / Nothings there / What’s the point? / Why do i keep going? …


The body / Her residence / Was her instrument / A way to express / Grace

memories and misery

You try not to think, “this time last week/ last month/last year we were at (insert proper event here_) and we were (_insert proper activit…

Through My Pain & Misery

I remember sitting in an empty closet so dark & cold / The blood from my heart pour all over the floor I arise / With tears still flow…

It’s up to you.

Minutes feel like hours. / They drag by, one by one / as I watch the clock. / But when I look away / they move at hyper-speed. / I have bec…

Her Photograph

She visited -fleeting photograph / Radiant smile
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