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in the mirror

as you gather / my hair together / and wrap it around your wrist / for a moment / i am your p r i s o n e r…


she tried to forget the thorns / that ripped into her flesh / leaving holes of discontentment / longing and pain / she could feel the spurt…

Talking To Me.

i like u. do you like me too?

The perfect cracked reflection

She looks so much like you. When you were a young woman you met the man of your dreams. Whenever you would tell her about those days you …

The Man In The Mirror

The Man In The Mirror / ---————————————————…



Speak to yourself

Voices are only words, and words are only voices. Why don’t we speak out when we need help?

Magic Mirror, On the Wall

A mirror of light / On the water so bright / It beckons one to look / At the image in the water / Looking up from quivering / Yet serene wa…

Silver mirror

silver threads are weaved / around longing / like the train on a coat / it is winding after her / leaving silver flash / on the surface …

“Look at me…”

her mirror is her best friend (or worst enemy) / his bottle is his best friend (or worst enemy) / she looks at herself and she says “…


She looked in the mirror / With so much pride / It was the first time / She did not hide / She realized her sexuality / The beauty she bore…

“Tell me Little Mirror…Is That Myself…

I am altive.. / I am a prisoner of self deception.. / I am any thing that could be hidden.. / behind the iron mask of denied approval̷…

Mirror, Mirror

I’m leaving! / No! Don’t go, you know that I can only walk as far as this glass stretches / Well, you’re lucky that I hav…

Dark Long Bill

Everyone comes to see me / Handsome is all they see / Look at the reddish brown / On my feathers all around / With green and white wings /…

Mitchell looked in the mirror

Mitchell walked over to his bedroom cupboard. He opened the door and looked into the full length dress mirror that was secured on the insi…

Mirror, Me? (poem)

… Which of us will win, the one with the sin …

Look in the Mirror Occasionally

You’ve done it all yourself / If you take a minute to look


she stares at the mirror / the mirror stares back / once it was fun / now it makes her feel bad / once she loved the mirror / and the mirro…

In The Rear-View Mirror/Perhaps They Were Lavende…

the sea and i.. to this day

the astonished mirror

the date for the crucifixion was announced in advance / leaked from innermost circles / creating a mythical symbol / for rebellion with fo…

Assembly Line

there you appear in all different colors

The Sound That Stars Make, No One Knows

the sound that stars make no one knows

What’s behind the mirror?

You look at yourself in the mirror / “What do you see?” / “I see me”. / With a single glass tear / That rolls down …

5.45am on the 26th floor

Naked except for the morning light, her nails were like talons on the porcelain basin.

Mirror Man

I meandered from lackluster card table display of forgotten debris… boiling booths of brain-scrambling banality. It was so hot and I …



Mirror, Mirror on the wall…..

Often, I’ve wondered, as I stand in the mirror / Is the man staring back at me standing in fear? / He looks a little wasted, he looks…

(See me/DON’TSEEme)

these OTHER PEOPLE with all their eyes open at OTHER PEOPLE, i really don’t know what they see.

This Beautiful Mind is Bright: A Mirror Image of …

A tribute to Stein’s “If I Told Him: A Complete Portrait of Picasso” / Sunshine, hey sunshine, sunshine hey; / you’re bright. You’re brigh…

your reflection

if you look at your reflection / is that all you want to be

In the Mirror

Do you want to know what I see when I look in the mirror? / I see beauty, peace, love and truth. / I see a girl in control of her mind and …

Lunar mirror

Radiant its feisty angry glow / ignites the sky / pouring trillions of bright reflections / to dance and swirl upon our waters / seas ripp…

Black mirror intimacy “into-me-I-see”

The mirror with the morbid look / Does not display my spectacles anymore / For it lacks reality whereabouts / No glow or flow just formali…

why not

better to just toss it all to hell

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror / on the wall / what will happen / when my fruit falls / no longer lovely / like a doll

Surface introspection

This mirror / That shows how we appear / Is but a surface reflection. / Do not be transfixed / By this glamour.

Mirror Of No Escape

another night in the naked city


Which face do I see now, telling so many lies / Medusa had less heads, which one said the goodbyes / Take another look and tell me if its t…

i am

i am an ocean / of words / you a chaser of silence… / and i am yours now

How I look in the mirror

“how can we put it into words? how can we sing it? how can we walk it out of us? / how can we get to the other side? etc etc etc̷…

Side by side, Mirror and Shadow walk

I came here to say something profound…to spin words in to images that would not be forgotten…a blanket of rythem and ryhm, colo…

A look in the mirror, a reality check

We go to work every day just to put food on our tables, but food prices are on the rise.


Lena glanced at herself in the mirror, looked away and then quickly glanced back again. She stared, unable to believe her eyes. / The young…

Morning Ritual

Questions / speed the wakening heart / while tired eyes search deeper into / the glass… / as if an answer would magically appear / w…



Friendly Mirror

A new page unsullied, uncorrupted / Like a nascent flower promising / To emerge from within the bud / What hope is hidden within? / Could i…

Broken Mirror

a life without pleasure / not even an embrace / a heart so cold / all of her mistakes / turning away from love / living in solitude / engro…

“Death falls like a lonely leaf…̶…

death falls like a lonely leaf / hands break towards grief / to be alone and say good-bye / to drink, to live, wonder why / misunderstood a…

Broken mirror

Watching me…devouring the light….utter chaos in her path / I feel her presence…I try to leave…but she grips me in her hands / “All the king…

the mirror


A jewel of vanity

Silver and hard, / Fragile it can break like our egos,

Man In The Mirror Revealed

Directly in front of, my image only, on full display. / Writing paragraphs, mine, much to my dismay.

Bad Mirror

Today I peered at my reflection in my mirror; / And I must say it was a sight! / There I found kinks and wrinkles; / That seems to get wors…

Finding Value

There is no affirmation of self within a shattered mirror


on the ceiling was a mirror / a couple wrapped in ecstasy / sparks of desire burning / in red hot intimacy / making love as the moonlight …

So, You Want To Change?

Want to be a new person? / To be a new you?


What a waste you are! Of blood and bones, and flesh!

Haiku (mirror)

in the mirror / I see reflected / an empty vessel

Mirror nightmare.

I ascend her to the tallest spire and laugh as I watch her fall away.. / My Doll lies broken on the floor a wicked child am I.. / I make no…

:::::::rear~view mirror:::::::


Aunt Marjorie’s Nautical Mirror

Aunt Marjorie teaches inner city grade school kids in the south where I was born. / Her kids say “Miss Evans” and raise their hands when th…

The Mirror

I look in the mirror and who do I see / It is a woman but it is not me / Where is that girl with the long soft hair / Where is she now, the…

A Look inside the Mirror


Mirror Lies

What has become of my body… / the beautiful place that once harbored my soul?

For A Moment: The Schizophrenic (Sarah)

Ironic, we share a name and a life. But one difference between us sets us millions of realities apart:…

Reflected Glory

I glance down at the mirror and feign disbelief, / A mocking smile – Are you talking to me?

Lose the Mirror

Lose the Mirror / Time is a sandstorm / ankle deep / images blow by / sometimes real / sometimes not / I lose the mirror / therefore I lose…

Mirror thoughts

The bitterness of my tea washes away the melancholy lingering on my tongue

Ghost Writing On The Mirror

Every day as he’s shaving, he is aware of a hazy form on the stairway watching him. If he turns, there is no one there. !

Self Portrait

Yesterday I did walk past / and empty room behind some glass, / and in the blankness I did see / my own face staring back at me.

Broken Mirror

Right now I stand on a broken mirror / I’m afraid / Afraid to step forward / Afraid to step back / In fear of shattering the pieces beyond …

Time Lost In Dust



stealing myself / from the fire in my aura

The Mirror-ball of Desperation

I walked into our local supermarket and saw something painfully familiar and sad, which caught my eye and reminded me of a version of me i…

she stands before her daily mirror

she stands before her daily mirror / not so routinely as many another / but, as she does she knows to discover / the thoughts behind her ey…

The Image On The Mirror

In the master bedroom a giant mirror hangs from the wall, / Once your face often visited to see the image of an eye’s call. / Beauty …

I See Her in My Bathroom Mirror

Often I’ll catch a glimpse of her in the reflection, on the patio door, as I walk up the stairs. When a friend tells me a funny story…

Vanity Mirror

Speaking into the mirror, / Your flaws screaming back out, / Twisted expressions, / Damaged skin, / Too thin / Too fat, / Nothing’s e…

‘Thee’ Mirror…

I am thee, I am.

The Broken Mirror

Bending down, / I pick up the pieces / Of the broken mirror….

Mirror, Mirror

Your expectations / of me / are nothing / but you / covertly spying…


the patient mirror held up a vacancy sign for the headline violence / it was capacious reflective of reflected light whose distant explosio…

‘Beholding as in a Glass’ 2 Cor 3:18

I said ‘I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl, / If you had any !’

Self Reflection

She is strong now as she looks upon it, she even smiles / Realizing, she is not the reflection of life, but the self within it

" Reprimand as a mirror for self beautify &q…

Human ego always said if he completely perfect. There are no defects. There are no stains. All good. If there are people who judge others, …

My Universe

My Universe, a silvery sphere, inside / surfaced with triangular reflecting plates / that are arranged all around itself / to form the oute…


Shadow selves dance around in circles

I Look in the Mirror

Write of the witty, / And the sad. / Write of the good, / And the bad.

The Mirror of Reality

Absorbed in The Mirror – / Who do I see? / Is that you, precious friend…? / Or could it be me? / The Mirror Knows, / And can n…


The mirrors true reflection / is from one we cannot hide / i shows all our faults our guilt and misgivings / it can even see the soul ins…

My Mirror

Kicked aside, forgotten on a damp dank basement floor.

A look in the mirror (TWO FACE)

The night was cold and fast approaching in Gotham City. I walked down the street from the library and stopped when I came across a silver d…

to see the mirror cracked

maybe it is time / to see the mirror cracked / to finally reveal this new me / the real me~

Mirror Masked

Two separate lives / One heart beat / mirror, masked / in a world of denial

Dwelling in the mirror

Deep in the swirl of the mirror I’ll dwell / looking out ever witness / to the dream of existence preferred

The Mirror

Each effort to control, to be / Ridged, and frigid in / Self-obsessed, maniacal / Perfection.
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