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Nice girls and the Not so Very Nice

All the nice girls / with the right curls / following their hearts / The ones with no dents in their head / Adventures of snow peaks and re…


I see you / gorge / on generous banquets, / python like, / swallowing whole

Lean spell

Sensing your breathing / to feel the heat of your passions / My dreams are confidential / but I know that I can rely on your discretion / W…

Face in the Mirror

It’s a tenuous thing, / that desolation can bring, / in a Sisyphean quest / to pass fountain of youth’s test. / As you look in …


An Angel / she appeared to me / and I was caught. / Shamelessly, I claimed her mine.

Poet Whisperer

Gentle now / whisper for the poet steeps

Art Deco Mirror

I noticed her veins / popping through her translucent skin / In the quiet of a personal moment / She’d not noticed I’d seen her face –…

My Mirror

The pleasure of pain.


words, just words

Reflections of You

Listen to my spirit / Let me be your song

There’s a stranger in my mirror, we graduated tog…

just a working stiff, / with dirty hands, / aching bones, / waiting to be healed, / searching for words, / a poem, / a verse, / a story, / …

The Mirror Lies

The mirror lies / The me I see / Is not the me / I think I be / I try to squish / I hope and wish / But still I see / Another me / Than wh…

An ordinary day

Love came waltzing in on a very ordinary day, a whimsical step that was easy to learn, a chance meeting, a calling-card of confusing cravin…

who broke the mirror to my soul

I see, / the wonderment, / the pain,the sorrow, / the laughter,the joy, / the mysteries, / of the world, / through his eyes, / as he sits, …

Nina’s Shoes

When we talk about school her crystal eyes go hazy. I call that Nina’s smoke screen; because I know she lies when her eyes cloud over that …

Speak the Truth

Speak the truth / See YOU / Live Out Loud / Be Proud / Embrace Freedom / Be true / Embrace You!

Reflecting Reverence

Lavish upon me, / through shades of copper / your stature, sheer strength / Bestow upon me / your words of glory, grace

Whose blood is this on the shards of shattered mi…

Who is this that sits here, / Within me, / Invisible to me, / This stranger that grasp the pen in my hand, / Spilling words upon this scrap…

The Mirror

I look in the mirror and what do I see…. / I see my mother looking back at me

~ The girl in the mirror ~

She damns the mirror for the story that it tells / she damns her past, her present, the future, herself…

The Mirror Of The Sea

Everyday seems to begin as silhouettes along the shore and perhaps beyond. Those moments just before the sun opens that one eye over the ho…

in our apartment

a woman looks into a mirror, becomes her own reflection. her eye a russian nesting doll.

in the mirror of the moon

the moon was calling / in its silver voice / from down in the marsh / so i headed there

The Mirror


Love Practitioner

A bright coloured Geometrid let me be


when you look in the mirror / does it look back at you / what is your sin / does your face hide it / to the world / but does the mirror / e…

97th in the rear view mirror

97th in the rear view mirror / Going fishing, / driving through the city, / on a sunny day, / I see,I see,I see, / the world / is full of o…

Suffocation in the mirror of time….

please don’t look at me / with those sharpened eyes / trying to find fault / a flaw inside / sand is filling up / the well in your clock /…

That mirror

she returned her attention to the mirror. She could fix things she was sure of it.

The I as mirror

You sat in the conviction of my abstinence / squirming


Spirit is gone your skin is pale,

Man In The Mirror

I often take pictures of the homeless people in our city and do what I can to address a world wide crises. I wrote a narrative paired with …

A Living Looking Glass

I can see into your soul / If you let me… / Because your body language betrays you / With a nervous laugh / A shifting gaze / An innocuous…

Soliloquy to the Mirror

I have forgotten how to lift my eyes / to the beauty I am told is out there.

Who Is Best of Them All

Another mirror had a built-in doorway to a different world.

Objects in the mirror

We are objects in the mirror / The strangers walking by / We are closer than it seems / You and I

Loving the girl in the mirror

Delusive was the name of her inner shaman / spending words with outdated emotion / She was enchanted by an indecorous spell / underneath,…

Our Future Anthem

We left feeling that we had just scratched the surface of this fascinating world / badly scratched the shadow mirrors / the face is the mir…

In a Mirror

You bitch, you stupid ugly bitch…

Mirror on the wall

Mirror on the wall, / here we are again. / I see the pain in your eyes. / I see the scar’s that still remain. / Mirror on the wall, /…

Personal Jabs

This is the model for a sunny side up misanthrope: / too emapthetic to be apathetic / but mostly just too numb to care


4:46am / Staring into the mirror I curse my own face for lack of recognition. Where are you certainty? / Where are you indeed… / Water! Wat…

Nature’s Way

Please little children / Please be aware / This Earth is our haven / We all need to share.

The Reflection

The candle flickered / a subdued light / upon the surface / of the mirror / as the eyes didn’t / even notice,

mother in the mirror

You hated my beauty as I grew so beautiful and ripe / But now I look back I see my beauty only / to know I didn’t know / I was told…

The Magic Mirror

It is a moment of enchantment. / A little girl gazes with approval at her image in the mirror… / Wearing a crown of flowers and tend…


when you figure out, / that there is beauty in this world, / when you realize, / there is wonder in life, / when you know, / there are mome…


See how you shine

Reflection of Beauty

mortality… / she hides in the mirror / pretty face reflection / strangely tinted of rose / within such vanities / . / each visit tain…

Letters on the mirror

Her calligraphy is filled with ribbons and bows, / Nobody comes to read or study them,


Water / dances between / flexing fragile fingers, / flickering reflections that / (…)

Take A Look In The Mirror

They were uncomfortable. Weird, like they shouldn’t be there. She guessed she would get used to them eventually. She very slowly put one…

Man in the Mirror

“And they say men like / sex / more than women…” / her voice proud and clear, / my startled breath spilling / from bet…

Broken Mirror

With clenched fists, I stand before the mirror of my past, / I shatter it to pieces, breaking the many illusions I’ve cast; / Finally seein…

Mirror, mirror

Look in the eye / of the one you love / and try to see more than “I”

the mirror

I look in the mirror and what do I see / Sometimes I see a beautiful girl gazing back at me / I look in the mirror and what do I see / Some…

Suburbia in the rear view mirror

Charcoal rooftops, / Camouflaged by the midnight blue, / Of a January sky, / Surreal darkened eyes, / Glimmering as life passes by, / Searc…

Perfectly Broken

I dont recognize / the / girl there / but she isnt / foreign in my / m…


Standing on the edge / Just about to jump / Just wanting to fly / Your heart starts to thump / Looking around / No one is there / Should yo…

Brutally Honest

the truth hurts.



Mirror Mirror On The Wall

mirror mirror on the wall / tell me the truth / i love you most of all / am i still as beautiful / as i used to be / are you a magic mirro…


Please don’t touch me. / I’m going to lay down a while. / My mind is fermented / in images / bathed in electric blue from the television…

Symphony of Dark and Light

A dark parody / A mirror of distortion / A symphony of discord.

Looking Glass

Mouth open wide to taste the sticky sorrow of the other side


she floats and smiles listlessly / with a quizzical stare

Looking glass

A world I cannot touch / Yet, it is my world, I see.

it was already yours

will you catch me / if i fall?

The Colour of a Storm

Shapes shift / the light / impresses upon the mood / dark / shadows / reflect grey / a hint of blue / cotton wool white / a feverish hue

Who Could This Child Be?

©WhiteOak November 2008 / I saw her standing there- / Her hair messy and disarrayed / Her clothes were dirty and tattered. / You could tell…

‘See Your Self’

would you like to see us / as we really are? / look to the mirror; / see your self… / now turn from the mirror, / and gaze within… / feel t…

For A Clearer Mirror…

… shear the fear!

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror / on the wall, / I’ve searched my soul, / I now stand tall.

I looked in the mirror today. I saw a face that was not my own, or at least not how people have described it to me, when they know not who …

Mirror of her mind

She once was / an innocent child. / Then she turned / into somone wild. / A different person / with a different character. / Ruined and d…

The Mirror Girl Kissed Me First.

Snow White, you deplorable child…

Mirror Me.

Inside the mirror, / Beyond the face, / A moments recognition, / Illuminated grace, / Eyes staring back, / Familiar stare, / Filled with te…

A Dyke Looks in the Mirror

When a dyke looks in the mirror: / Age 3: Looks at herself and sees a Prince!

Girl In My Mirror

Empty.. / Cold.. / Lost.. / Lonely.. / Feelings one usually aint happy of feeling / But not that girl; she’s just happy she still fee…

The Mirror I

Who is the woman that I see / looking back at me / staring from the mirror / just as plain as it could be….

The Mirror.(explicit language and triggering lang…


Glass Prism

My artistic talent are received from One source of pure light. / Passing through me like a glass prism, expressing them in diversity of…

Mirror and Reflection

Though the mirror / never lies, / it is often overruled / by personal reflection— / Self—no objective / oculist… / No sta…

Written in lipstick on a full body mirror

Seductive / too sensual / your photo shoots to fame / I once received what you suggest / you’re passions best left for / imaginat…

Mirror Lies

“Leave me alone, I cry! / Let me hide behind my silent cries and mirror lies! / This face I hide behind.” / It helps me get th…

Asphyxiation [Little Dear]

Cut these strings that bind our obscenities.

Tell The Mirror…

… I Love YOU!


Candy on the mirror / sticky candy stain / Five dark thoughts I kept hidden in my brain.

The Reflection

The funny thing was, she couldn’t hear herself scream.

reflections in the mirror

i see her reflection / each time i look in the mirror / eyes that turned from brown to hazel / breasts that are fuller and rounder / a few …

her eyes


mirror mirror on the wall whos the worst of them …

Father I hate you; the seed you droped while u ran has become a tree without roots. / I know no family values, I trust no one, and have dis…

Within “MY” Mirror

A Path To Follow / Of Light Or Dark / A Choice Given… / Yes Near Not Far

Untangled (I missed me)

Stumbling on the vacant page / I saw an empty mirror / Bleeding


Different paths are taken / Some more traveled / Others foresaken / Life does not always end / Walking the path / That is our friend / To s…

The Woman in the Mirror II

That woman in the mirror, / haunts me occasionally…..
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