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Reflections of You Listen to my spirit / Let me be your song Reflecting Reverence Lavish upon me, / through shades of copper / your stature, sheer strength / Bestow upon me / your words of glory, grace A Living Looking Glass I can see into your soul / If you let me… / Because your body language betrays you / With a nervous laugh / A shifting gaze / An innocuous… Personal Jabs This is the model for a sunny side up misanthrope: / too emapthetic to be apathetic / but mostly just too numb to care The Reflection The candle flickered / a subdued light / upon the surface / of the mirror / as the eyes didn’t / even notice, Niflheim Water / dances between / flexing fragile fingers, / flickering reflections that / (…) wonderland she floats and smiles listlessly / with a quizzical stare The Reflection The funny thing was, she couldn’t hear herself scream. reflections in the mirror i see her reflection / each time i look in the mirror / eyes that turned from brown to hazel / breasts that are fuller and rounder / a few … The perfect cracked reflection She looks so much like you. When you were a young woman you met the man of your dreams. Whenever you would tell her about those days you … Speak to yourself Voices are only words, and words are only voices. Why don’t we speak out when we need help? Mirror, Mirror I’m leaving! / No! Don’t go, you know that I can only walk as far as this glass stretches / Well, you’re lucky that I hav… your reflection if you look at your reflection / is that all you want to be Surface introspection This mirror / That shows how we appear / Is but a surface reflection. / Do not be transfixed / By this glamour. A jewel of vanity Silver and hard, / Fragile it can break like our egos, Man In The Mirror Revealed Directly in front of, my image only, on full display. / Writing paragraphs, mine, much to my dismay. Finding Value There is no affirmation of self within a shattered mirror For A Moment: The Schizophrenic (Sarah) Ironic, we share a name and a life. But one difference between us sets us millions of realities apart:… ‘Beholding as in a Glass’ 2 Cor 3:18 I said ‘I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl, / If you had any !’ Self Reflection She is strong now as she looks upon it, she even smiles / Realizing, she is not the reflection of life, but the self within it mischief just a thought… / don’t sway Glass Prism My artistic talent are received from One source of pure light. / Passing through me like a glass prism, expressing them in diversity of… mirror mirror i liked her clumsy laugh-she didn’t know how to do it cute and cocky.. / i liked her baby tees and chuck taylor sneaks-fashion just … my own medusa i cant just watch you rot away / i am my own medusa Reflection Within the mirror / There stands not truth / But a two dimensional interpretation Stranger In The Dark hauntings reflected / run chills down my spine / who is this dark spirit / tainting my mind / blasting me with cruel disdain / creeping amo… Bump Bump If i were to be hit by a car at this very moment / I would lay there in the middle of the road / and let the car wheels roll over my encase… RECTIFICATION It’s distant sometimes / The image in the mirror / The image / I / No longer call / A reflection You’re broken. Everything I ever was, you took, twisted, renamed and sold on for profit. / Now you’re sitting, lonely, destined to repeat the same m… Mirror / rorriM I become the reflection… A Reflection’s Masquerade Her vacant stare pierces my soul. The knot in my stomach clenches a bit. I’m alone for the moment, tearing and clawing at the mask that is … reflection is it an image in reverse or a whisper of some past event slightly out of focus or compleatly bent one could say they reflected while looki… Mask In The Mirror mirror / mirror / of / the / past / bloody / me / with / broken / glass / mirror / mirror / shed / light / on / truth / am / I / real / or … Reflection A dialogue with your reflection Identity There is no rest for me, the turmoil in my mind spills chaotically into my soul, 16 Divine Law of Reflection Step into the mirror / There you are, there I am / Holding my reflection / In the palm of your hand / Way beyond immortal / In a glass that… Reflective of Thee Open your eyes so you can see / the me in you is / the you in me. Age It happens to us all one day I’m afraid, men and women. We age and none of use can stop it happening! Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror / on the wall, / I’ve searched my soul, / I now stand tall. Tormented As messy as it gets. She wanted to climb the walls – paint them, smash them. She wanted out – escape. Tried to cry to free the torment ins… Hiding From My Face In The Mirror today i learned that people still worship the sun

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of mirror reflection writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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