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Lean spell Sensing your breathing / to feel the heat of your passions / My dreams are confidential / but I know that I can rely on your discretion / W… Angel An Angel / she appeared to me / and I was caught. / Shamelessly, I claimed her mine. Trapped words, just words An ordinary day Love came waltzing in on a very ordinary day, a whimsical step that was easy to learn, a chance meeting, a calling-card of confusing cravin… Nina’s Shoes When we talk about school her crystal eyes go hazy. I call that Nina’s smoke screen; because I know she lies when her eyes cloud over that … Love Practitioner A bright coloured Geometrid let me be The Reflection The candle flickered / a subdued light / upon the surface / of the mirror / as the eyes didn’t / even notice, Letters on the mirror Her calligraphy is filled with ribbons and bows, / Nobody comes to read or study them, ‘See Your Self’ would you like to see us / as we really are? / look to the mirror; / see your self… / now turn from the mirror, / and gaze within… / feel t… The Woman in the Mirror II That woman in the mirror, / haunts me occasionally….. The Man In The Mirror The Man In The Mirror / ---————————————————… 5.45am on the 26th floor Naked except for the morning light, her nails were like talons on the porcelain basin. THE MIRROR LOVE’S SILLY GAMES Mirror, Mirror on the wall….. Often, I’ve wondered, as I stand in the mirror / Is the man staring back at me standing in fear? / He looks a little wasted, he looks… i am i am an ocean / of words / you a chaser of silence… / and i am yours now “Death falls like a lonely leaf…̶… death falls like a lonely leaf / hands break towards grief / to be alone and say good-bye / to drink, to live, wonder why / misunderstood a… Man In The Mirror Revealed Directly in front of, my image only, on full display. / Writing paragraphs, mine, much to my dismay. HUNGRY LOVE on the ceiling was a mirror / a couple wrapped in ecstasy / sparks of desire burning / in red hot intimacy / making love as the moonlight … Mirror Masked Two separate lives / One heart beat / mirror, masked / in a world of denial watchin’ your soul depart was watchin’ your / soul depart / from the earth / and it didn’t even stop / to pay the handling fees / as you slipped away Puzzle All the little puzzles click together. / together they make the whole that is we. / we are the pieces of the shattered mirror. / mirror ref… overused When you meet that person who seems great for you Mirror “You must know that you’re beautiful / Not merely where the eye beholds but where it matters / Where the soul see…” An Idea of a Twisted Love Story This is impossible. / Calling this love, hah is foolish for sure. / You can’t see the inside. / It’s like a mirror. / You only … you pretty little sunshine whore shock me / you pretty little / sunshine whore / your blond hair / turning gray A Hopeful Lamentation Translucent verbal expressions of honesty ebbed into a colorful palette of exuberant abandonment; only when I had become intelligible enoug… The Mirror … Enter that mirror-world and see here-after / This world is much the same forever after… Age It happens to us all one day I’m afraid, men and women. We age and none of use can stop it happening! My Chrome Nightmare And the vision becomes a chrome nightmare. Pupils melt beyond eyelids, imagination pressing crusted fingernails to possibility.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of mirror love writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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