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Many contradiction I have been seen in the last decades and it is impossible for me to understand the reality of this nation base on one si…

Five Years

Five years ten days ago / you were on your way home from war when your Chinnok Helicopter was shot down.

Life’s Change Of Plan… My Tribute To …

Reflections on a tour of Duty in the US Woman’s Army.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (#occupywallstree…

Is this a real Social Uprising that look for a real change & it won’t be over until it happen or this is just another Ant-Everyth…

Don’t Get Upset Because You Asked

I keep silent about our economic long term security / Or where the next invasion force will be deployed

To all our military men and women

I can’t explain why I like this picture. Something about it just grabbed me when I saw it through the viewfinder. I’m glad it turned out we…

A Soldier’s Story…

When you look into a mother’s eyes_ you see her tears as she cries. / Her child is gone to a foreign land_ duty called to take a stan…

A prayer for our Soldiers

Dear Lord; / give them strength / give them faith / give them belief / give them heart / give them courage, when the battles start. / give …

Republic: Sweet the Sting

No one warned her of the surprise night drills or the impromptu mock battles, the beautifully organized chaos of village life.

Military Transfers—Six word Story

(anyone that has ever had to deal with the military packers will understand this one completely)

A Different Christmas Poem

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, / I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. / My wife was asleep, her head on my …

I knew you

Just one of many men of war / You continue in a way that’s / Almost ironed / You walk amongst the dying / Unconcerned / That earth w…

field maneuvers

i dream of foxholes / with bullets whizzing overhead / i am dressed in camo / but carry no gun

Honor Men of War

“This war is my war; it is in my image and I deserve it…Thus, I am this war.” Jean-Paul Sartre / To augment the horizons …

Farewell to The Few (that are left)

I’ll never again march to a military band / On the parade ground; rifle in hand

Singing for HEROES

A photo called “Heroes Flag” goes with this work

Sons of Reason

“There are two types of people in the world, those that take credit and those that actually do the work. Take my advice and follow th…

Divine coincidence

A hummingbird circles, gathering food and nourishment for the long cold days ahead. In the silence, the flag is unfolded….

Dedicated to all Veterans

We followed our forebears in battle formation / Ever determined to defend our little nation / In the air, on the oceans, at sea and on land…






Remembering / Every / Man and Woman / Enforcing / Military Machines Many Mamed / By Bullets Bombs that Blast Boom / Reverberating Ringing …

Benevolent Concern

In attunement with my Venusians ascendent, I value genuine love / In accompaniment with pertinent atonement of the divine above / Romantic …

Best Foot Forward

Whistling shells and screams of torture / Blood clott gurgles death bell tolls

In recognition of Wilfred Owen – 1893-1918 …

A-A British soldier and poet, published posthumously Wilfred Edward Salter Owen / R-Realistic writer of war poetry on the horrors of trench…

Steady on the trigger

Zane panicked, the building was less than 200 metres away, his head whirled with calculations that all boiled down to one option; now, or n…

Soldiers of the Corporate Wars

“cannon fodders in a forever-hungry machine”


To the Marine that did this horrible act, your time will come…just wait!

Dien Bien Phu

Looking around him he envies the dead, their corpses charred and holed, for them this is over, for him, his night is only just beginning.

My first Calendar

I have created my first calendar using some of my US Civil War reenactment photographs. These images were taken of reenactments in Washing…

Fifty Four Reasons I have Grown-part1

father and daughters love, military families, devoted love and respect.

Blank Stares

A voice pleads for me not to shoot / But I have been well trained.

A Soldier’s Footprint

This poem is a song as well.

Soldier of Grace

A little boy is sitting on the ground, / abandoned and alone. / And as the shots ring out, / he hears a different tone.

Freedom Song

This song is dedicated to the many good men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom since our country has been founded.

AMERICANS (I’am afraid of them)

No matter the time. Some attitudes never change. / Time to change, time to say sorry.

Watching waves break

From the shoreside / deep on the horizon / an army approaches. / Whirling twirling unfurling / hidden depths rush forward / almost mechanic…

a military wife

please don’t go / i beg my love / i am pleading at the door / you know i must / but ill return / he says as he picks his boots up off…

Fare and Potential

Can you see your future / Fit upon a screen in memoriam / Set beneath silence / A name an age a line or two / Of your rank or honors

Scheyville – From Dreadnaughts to Diggers

Scheyville Camp near Windsor was once home to agricultural training, various military units and thousands of migrants. Today the public can…

The Whore Of Peace And War

An enemy that you can not see / The unknown terrorist of the moment

Guards of the Watchtower

United you stand. / You pronounced with pride, / You would not step down, / There would be no override.

A Visit To A Military Cemetery

They heard the silencing of guns, / as young men,veterans now and broken / over war’s cruel Catherine wheel,

Father’s Seed

His father’s arms wrapped him tight / Whispering farewell with an early kiss goodnight / The boy held on not wanting to release / The fathe…


Greasy haired Israeli girl

Kindness in Chaos

Suddenly, the roof did sail through the

Veterans of the Psychic Wars – Chapter 1

In an eerie snake-like fashion, five large men with Oriental features and shaven heads emerged from the darkness.

Sometimes It’s Hard

Sometimes…it’s not really as hard as you think it is.

The Soldier – A True Story

Now Mick was married and had a couple of kids so each weekend, he would go home to see his family…………..

The Bronze Star

The old vet smiles and pours another round / Of cold and frosty brew. / If these old walls could talk, / The stories would be crazy, he kne…


There was no band, no flags, and no ceremonial salute. / He picked up his lunch box, which she packed with love / His job didn’t require an…

Aren’t you? Me too—See we are so much…

Now I am in my garden / I’m singing this song / Made a list this evening / It’s important…


Only with rise doth leave me incomplete / Waiting once again for the dark to fall / It that lies within me / Hungers for another day

Come Home Soon

All alone again / Time seems to go so slow / Will this torture ever end / I long to be in your arms once more / For you to hold me close / …

Freedom Isn’t Free

Who knows best of all and all too well? / It’s the ones who fought in the air, on land or sea, / And, also, the families of those wh…

“The Hope Of Spring”

“The salty air with the smell of the fish that filled the belly of the Gulf were a pleasant aroma to the senses of this young midwest…

Life or death.

It started off as any normal day for the New York City Police Chief Max Sparks, a blonde 36 year old with two daughters and wife he adored.

Rosie the Riveter

by George A. Yesthal / When people say things like, “During the war, I made munitions/ aircraft parts/ tank parts, (whatever) for the…

A Combat Nurse’s Prayer

So ‘til my time is over, Lord, and I have been relieved, / I’ll walk these halls and listen for the sounds of soldiers needs.

Don’t Believe the Hype

If it could happen in Hollywood/ Why not in the military/ with the radar scramblers, satellites, and a team of brain washed “Ooh Rah …

Back In Iraq

3 weeks for 2 and in 5 / I’ll be back in Iraq. / They’ll still be killing each other. / I’ll still be doing my job. / It’ll be hot then.


As though they’d been sent as the devil’s own spawn / Those beast’s preyed on us from the dusk to the dawn.


This Veteran’s Day I was given pause to give some serious thought to all the many posts and sentiments that I’m sure were well-meaning hono…

I Remember

Only the soldier remembers the pain, the blood, / The torn limbs and dying comrades, / Three dimensional, like it was yesterday.


Being the only woman here was a stupid idea, and I’m still blaming the captain.

Candy for the Conscripts

Harvey awoke with the definite feeling that today was the day. He felt it instinctually and considered it entirely irrelevant that he had …

US Military predicting peak oil in 2012 by Doug C…

Future fuel supplies are of acute importance to the US army because it is believed to be the biggest single user of petrol in the world

Sun Over Your Shoulder

Light reflecting your silhouette, / Reminding me of the softness, / My desire for you; home.

Gays in the Military…..


Truly We Are Normal

If this be true, does that include? / The Hitler’s, The Stalin’s, / Are we not all normal?

Missing My Army Soldier

A poem for those who are waiting for the one they love to come safe and sound. This is for those who have someone in the military and it…

Military Man

Thus the one who raises the flag / The one who keeps us safe from harm / But all i can think about is when is he coming home. / He’ll…

Love is the Mother of Invention

American war machine; / They’re rakin’ in the green… / Wall Street, / The Pentagon. / All around the world where / Our fl…


Then we can fire. Hopefully before they do. Hopefully we’ll get it right. That they are hostile. The next sweep should tell.

Australia Your Right At Law The Rewrite

Left or Right we are fooled / The Court will be negated to a politicians rewrite


A cheap, paper flower / Of scarlet hue / Is all that it takes / To remind me of you.

In My Dreams

Lead me away from the dark waters I stopped to drink from. Extract me from the tangled weeds that have wrapped their cold unfeeling vines …

Learn by Losing

Day by day we watch people destroy themselves.

Contemplating Our War…

pain in my soul, the empathy and frustration and also my feelings of respect, pride

‘DRM_Log Entry M212.26-709/9’

We were an advance recon team on the eastern shores of either an island, or a continent on the surface of an unspecified planet. / We were …

My Brother; USMC 2011; Promotion in Rank;

USMC Promotion In Rank; My Brother Jackson / Father a former Marine and Uncles in other services littler brother to you I thank

Antietam 1862

‘Twas no surprise that morning as the sun broke o’er the ridge / Cannon roared and smoke poured forth ‘til nearly all was hid.

Happy Veterans Day!

To all who have and continue to serve! / THANK YOU / Happy Veterans Day! / Stay safe and healthy and come home soon!

room 212.

Don’t ask, don’t tell / rears its whisper each time — / echoing through the threshold.

A Fine young Military Man

Im proud of this and I like it all. There is not just ONE juicy part.


My breathless sigh / As it floats by - / The subtle flutter of / My heartspeak.

Insipid (Working Title)

Before the captive understands what has transpired, he is scattered, in multiple shredded chunks on the floor.

People Don’t Forget

For how many more years our Department of “Offense” will continue its campaign of Military Intervention and Wars with the sole …

Boots on the Ground: Justice is Served

Order dispatched from the commander in chief / Send in the men, the mission to be done / To conquer the enemy, long last and due / Proudly …

Getting the News

31 Marines dead. That’s what the news says. I hear it as 31 of my brothers dead.

The New Year

It’s twenty-ten / Still haven’t laid down my pen / laying silent on my bed / thoughts race inside my head / About the end / All…

Steal From The Old ,Give To The Murder

But the President rather continue giving tax payer money to Murdering organization world wide,namely Planned Parent Hood, And Middle Easter…

Vietnam Photos on Flickr

I have recently uploaded over 700 Vietnam photos to my flickr account. There is 14 sets of photos in one collection. I will post the link…

The Missing

I hope it helps expanding the importance of the respect of the HHRR, Geneva Conventions. the Habeas Corpus & the Constitutions should b…

On the aftermath of the revloution to depose Hosn…

Congratulations to the people of Egypt for enduring in their peaceful revolution to overthrow the crooked regime of Hosni Mubarak and his c…

At The End Of The Fall

My whole life has become / A brick wall at my back / Pushing me over the edge / Into the darkened abyss / What lays at the bottom? / A brig…
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