Regret is a Storm Word heavy-lidded and craving another and another and another / wild orbital swing, at the center of you. radiography It’s like a furnace! / I burnt my eyes / burnt my body / and soul too / I burnt all / burnt my values / burnt past on the stake / the… Fool’s Gold Bill was surprised to see the glint of reflected sunlight amongst the coarse gravel on the roadside / He dreamed of asking Cindy to marry h… Lace Tattoo More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue…. Gold Fever They came from far away to search across our land / Those tough old miners from across the sea / They found the yellow metal where none had… Manners Maketh Man A few years on, with an appalling lack of manners and tact, Tristan’s wife ran off with a young, sullen, stubble-faced writer. THE OLD WOMAN Yes, I’m an old woman, with scars and lines. / I’ve been hit and abused too many times. / Yes, I’m an old woman, I never … Lacuna Coil Here is another Finnish band I love…. Lacuna Coil… they remind me somewhat of Evanescence.. there is two of their songs….… The Mind at Work He could feel the shovel vibrating in his hands as he struck something hard. Finally, after all the digging, he had found the treasure. Qui… War Between The Worlds The noise, the deafening noise. / A battle rages to my north. / Armies of ships fall to my side, / weighing on my heart for those inside. A New Artist to Red Bubble I Want to Introduce t… Ben is a Sculpture and a artist of unique abilities Orichalcum ‘I’m surprised to have the head of the department deliver the results in person, Cob.’ / Professor Cob Stanley gazed across the desk at his… I fancy My boyfriend, the death metal drummer Precious Metal Although Paul and Richard were best friends, Paul was always in constant competition with Richard. The Iron Lungs At that moment, the old men in iron lungs were playing bridge. The man with the wooden spleen won. Precious Metal She bit the inside of her mouth hard. She tasted rust. Inside Sarawak Museum – Metal Work Metal work has been known to this part of Borneo since hundreds of years ago until the recent years. Contacts with China, India and some Mi… The Brain Trade One time when I was very little, I met a little boy. / See, we decided if it would be cool to trade brains. scrap metal I dreamt a dream of mazes, scrap metal folklore, turned out to be a sign of misery not luxury. Felt the heat scorch upon my arm as it bru… Black, It’s So Very Metal Sing to the dream child / Maybe some verses will be heard / And fountains of worth / might finally pour down. / But that’s as likely … Wire Taste the stars as I sleep is kindness red and tastes like metal? Someone leads me to a bedroom and takes my dress. The Metal Utensil He was handed some sheets, to make up his bed, / by an over-worked nurse, “Short-staffing”, she said. Lord of The Flies: The Fallen Bird The rattling roar of the engines was all that could be heard deep in the cloud cover above the large expanse of water below. Every person i… Metalsmith It´s Heart is Tenacious. Paradigm (Mature) Malignant Ignorance She expels the tricky reptillious purveyor of brooding consequences / To a darkness unrelenting / But the key is not a key, it is a scalpe… Elemental Synthesis Shatter forth cerebral beacons that languish in catatonic pupil dilations / There is no disguise that time allows / We are all integrate… Death breath but what am i, without an instrument I can tempt your fascination with tales of divinity and / ethereal music dripping from the sky like a spring shower, / washing the horizon … The Metal Thing It was left there a long time ago by little green aliens, the type of alien that lands its craft in nowhere don’t play with knives *+don’t play with knives+ / good advice, particularly around angry individuals.* THE DAY THE BEE STUNG THE BIRD: A BOYS FIRST TIME It was the summer of 1990. I just turned 16. My bedroom then still had the feel of a much younger teenager. The wooden walls were plaste… Dark Master Within… Dark master within… / I. The battle of words / 1. Challenge/accusation / I call thee forth, the master of Hell, / you’ve ruined my l… Heavy Metal I walk toward the garden gate— / Loosed by the wind; / It calls to me, / Asks that I not mend— / Suggests—throw down my tools, / Climb abo… The Divine Manifestation I gaze in wonder upon creation / Existence amazes me with its divine manifestation / The clockwork of reality woven by time / These complex… good, bad and ugly (a short account of metal musi… A friend of mine in flippant fashion commented that I always only listen to angry music. Although her comment was a mere observation and ma… Code Black Bastardised Bastille confines my entirety / Wallowing torment, your face my phantasm Grim Kingdoms live and kingdoms die Metal Devil this thought on the devil itself / what does that tell you Death Head “The door was being unlocked, but he knew that there was probably no escape. He turned away from the door and ran toward the far wall… Lies. Walking in the darkness of my soul, / That’s all there is to this mindless journey, / Eating hearts and stealing souls, / High paid D… Every bone with sharpened metal. And just spread my skin / Apart / From horns to heart The Traveller … Just a suitcase in hand / a small bag and my phone… / … The case travels on / with more of its kind … Double I met my i met my soul mate when i was fifteen. i don’t like that term though that’s just what my mother dubbed him. i call him… spreading the good word of metal islam_metal Pin Stripe Suit fashion week has come and gone, but the gorgeous well-heeled that fill London’s streets, go about their business confident and sleek&… Malevolence Stars and sky so bleak in light, soulless passage is in sight. Clutched to our good books and prayers he watches every day and night. Trapped in Metal In the center of the room up against the wall, / Stands unaccompanied a large wooden shelf, / Filled with pictures, rewards, and in the cen… The rubber metal vice You won’t imagine what I’m really talking about until the last word. A metal sheet A folded sheet stands in my yard / Looking quite at ease / Beside my shed, erect and tall / Beneath two shady trees. Eye of Ares “Serve your God!” Frigid Icy Punctures “It hurt so much but with death as my crutch I have risen again…” Death metal screams See, my mother had death metal screams / Used to wake me at five am from my dreams / To play classical music / While she was going off tota… ROCK’N RETRO ROOF RACKS & LITTLE ORGANS Okay so I like to think I am not an A type personality and that I don’t suffer an addiction affliction. In states of self maudlin in… Metal For those who think metal music is just a bunch of chords and fast drumming. / How wrong you are, i always hear from people all of metal is… Screens Inequality the evil, guilt the weevil / but still no help for the poor September 14th exercise Pages where I am prepared / Pages where I am / Pages that have taught me to learn / Pages that I can / Folded metal where I may be, leavin… A Devotion to Metal bang me with your eloquent beauty / I am a slave to this music When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan – Chapter 6, &… Now if you’ve scooped the shock-induced poop from your pants or panties, picked up your jaw and wiped away the tears, you may proceed… Plastic Metal Flesh and Steel. 2013 Shredded into ribbons of torn trust,,,,, Heavy Metal Lovers Heavy Metal Lovers / A rolling stone gathers no moss the only time I was good at something all it took was four wheels / And you could be … Arcana Screaming the surface by the raven and the dove Exit to Light (intro) Escorting money is an artform. Good breeding helps. Sweet, sweet suffering Sweet, Sweet, sacrificial, sadistic, suffering On Scrap Metal… It’s oh-so-easy to make a bit of money selling on your old jewelery to rip-off companies through these cash-for-gold websites –… The Nihilist Eye Errant universe expanding from the point of none / Nothing and everything join and become one The Metal Flower- a story about a painting by Tho… The Metal Flower / She ruled for a very long time on this earth and was smugly satisfied with her role. / Many men indeed became like her a… Embrace (lyrics) my cells are filled with a brilliant light / I shiver and tremble in mighty fear / electric veins run thru my spine / might you just leave… Metal Gear [Subject to Change] These of valor better tighten their hold. / Wicked of sin feed off, / hate alone! The suspension party Ever wanted to see your friend hung up by hooks? Chances are the answer is no, and that’s the answer I would previously have given too. How… The Kingdom of Men Asi’yom looked through the visor of his golden war-mask, his emerald eyes, peering through the fog of sand on the horizon. Reverse Oscillation – Part II Forget the time / Six shots from a bottle / Pedal-grinding-metal / Drop altitude, lose thr- / -ottle The Timeless Box The dark, cynical, and contemplative thoughts of an Israeli soldier on guard.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of metal writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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