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Five Years Five years ten days ago / you were on your way home from war when your Chinnok Helicopter was shot down. love’s duty, and i done it she was awaiting my arrival / i could see it in her eyes, Open and Friendly Sooner or later, the power of one becomes two, / alone and lonely feelings bygone, from blue; / Gone are lonesome cries – now a croon… 911 Ironies (analytic criticism of ourselves ) up… Ten years have past, as we all remember through ceremonies, mentions, art and writing the victims and events of that specific day of the en… Canberra gets a well deserved vote Watch Australia’s elected representatives get into a bunfight over policy differences. Farewell Dad I’m overwhelmed by a lifetime of memories / All flooding in at once to be head of the queue / I see your eyes so deep with thought, tender… A Shrine to the Glory that WAS Intersol Few realise that the 12th of December marks the day that the famed realm of Intersol fell to the nefarious forces brandished by the Weedk… Heart Beat They say time softens grief; I say time intensifies it. Always Remember juddarwin 13 re written SWALLOWS PREVIOUS anza… in the still pagan/ edenic bush where bird still laughs at man This is what you left me You didn’t die here you killed yourself here and there is a difference IN MEMORY OF ROBIN Her art now in heaven in the gallery of dreams… Unfurled…….. Open to the Wind Wishing that this never happened / Knowing there is sadness to yet feel / Hearts pleading in selfish requesting / Solutions / from whence d… Indelible Memory I’m sorry if this depresses anyone, but at least now you’ve been warned. Catharsis: Soul’s Seasonal Lament The last auras of an early autumn / blend into nothing more than a rusted / patina palette. Leaves reduce down / to a skeletal parchment… Funny Old Man, gone Funny old man. / So now you’re gone. / And we are left to… Sky Etchings Consider this please, when you gaze in awe to the sky / Those fireworks that burst and boom, remind Vets of a time to die / Each Colorful r… Repost-Out of our past. Out of our past they came marching. Giants In the future I see giants standing here, / Protectors for all that venture near. / Shade from the sun / And shelter from the rain. / Respi… To Philippe That caressed me / Though I shall never again / Be the receiver from your now still hands How many more? On daily basis these soldiers / meet challenging situations / Proud are they / to be deployed / Facing their missions / on behalf of the… Memorial Monday Today is a special day for those that live in the US. I am sure other countries may have similiar days that honor those that have lived and… For My Mom (June 26, 1921-March 24, 2010) Guess she wasn’t anybody special… " Marching out of our past " Re post fo… Soul by soul . / One by one. / Row by row. Memorial Day The flag fly’s high today / In the land of the brave / I salute those that have served / And to those who gave / Freedom! / Oh yes / Freed… Patriot Riders/Memorial Day Their deaths come racing into my inbox like spam / World War 2, Korea, Nam / Then the young ones too, teenagers, men, women / Younger than … Memorial for my folks We have gathered here today to celebrate the lives of our parents, Kathryn, Dan and Lisle. Remember Where We Stand Remember where we stand / In the front line of victory / Defeat drenched by… Willow Oak and Memorial Garden A tree falls in singular communion with all death. Only poetry hears the wept silence, / the felling of the great god of Mercy. Then, / a… A Surfer’s Memorial Memorial to a man over the sea Oh Lordy Lawry Oh boy I can’t do this / I look at your sad sorry eyes / I see you’re not well / No more do you run to greet me / You saunter/s… Letter Written to be Left on Peret’s Grave Today I thank you for existing. For being my master. Administering blows with the mind and senses. Then I hear you say to take my tears … HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Just a thought that is directed at no one in particular, only most. Suffice to say if the shoe fits… / All day I’ve been readin… memorial memories we placed flags by the headstones / of all the soldiers who’s bones / were there cause they gave / themselves to the grave Memorial Poem for the IRC collegues that were kil… We fly to these dusty plains / with dreams and hopes / of making a better tommorrow / Let smiles take us / Gratitude engulf us / Take to ou… In Memorium My father gave his measure full / My mother gave my dad / Papa’s sleeping cross the sea / Mama’s still so sad…. Bill He was known for his temper, but usually when he got into his brawls, he was doing it for a reason. Remembering Tammy Faye How could a fresh-faced, spiritually-disconnected gay twenty-something find any connection to the pioneer of the electric church? Cape Horn Memorial Reproduction of a monument-sculpture called Albatros. This work of art is located at the tip of Cape Horn (Cabo de Hornos), South America, … Untimely Heroes Pearl Harbor Memorial Thank you Thank you Tucson group for excepting not only my journal entry but In accepting In Tribute. It felt good to see both accepted and understoo… Ghost Of the Vietnam Memorial I can see you standing there, / Looking as you do not care / And what about you do no know, / As your feelings inside grow / I see the wond… Freedom Isn’t Free Who knows best of all and all too well? / It’s the ones who fought in the air, on land or sea, / And, also, the families of those wh… “IN LOVING MEMORY” TO ALL THE FAMILIES WHO LOST FAMILY/‘S, FRIEND/’S MY HEART AND STRENGTH GOES OUT TO YOU. AND FOR THOSE WHO HAS FAMILY/‘S… A Legend Lost at Hideaway He touched the lives of so many of the locals and through encouragement and mentoring he made a difference to so many lives. “Sleep Well” Memorial to Somer Renee … “Sleep well little one’s who have left us so soon, wear stars in your crown as you dance on the moon” Memorial Day This can be a painful day to remember for those still standing for freedom, / Be it a service man or woman, or perhaps a veteran with a sto… memorial; a haiku by the mohawkman 5-26-14 @2:11pm / those that gave their all / so that i could live freely / for them my soul cries The Lad With Two Good Eyes And when it’s all over, the sun has set, / He ponders the life he has now as a vet. / And remembers when nothin’ caught him by surprise - /… Like a thief in the night – (Thinking of Se… It doesn’t matter today / if we build a building of immense height / like North and South towers of World Trade Centre / even if to u… Kaden Birchwood After the flames, life somehow goes on . . . Memorial Day Planets warned / A distant traveler / Not to come / Too near— / Risk being drawn in, / Burned up; / The nature / Of atmosphere; / Even tho… CELEBRATING DAD’S LIFE About Dad… When you grow up with a “quiet man” you learn all about the things they DON’T say. You learn almost how to decipher their… Time to say goodbye Your time has come, / My regal girl, / With head held high you sat so still, / Your body so frail, / Your mind so weak, / Your heart full o… Tomorrow Will Come Let us see your faces / To know just who you were. / Not only a number stricken by terror; / You were our brothers, our sisters, / Lovers a… Memorial Service of Aunt Gertrude oye / ya know / i had this old aunt Gertrude Memorial Day liberated the camps When I Must Fly And when the time comes that I must fly / I will not stop nor wonder why. / My wings will spread as I will soar / To search upon that dista… Upon the Shining Shore ( a fallen soldier’s… by George A. Yesthal / Would you await, dear heart / In the early morning’s glowing / By the meadow long for me / With the sleepy cattle lo… Memorial Day Memorial Day / life lovingly nurtured nine months in the womb / by its mother / dispatched in an in instant to a cold lonely tomb / by a gu… My Memorial to Him With great sadness and fond memories, I regretfully say / My brother was killed on Memorial Day / Almost 17 years now and so I often I thin… June 4th, ’89 Two-thousand six-hundred / dead on the ground… “Wingless Angels” “Their lives a testament of just how much they gave,to the families they served till the end of their days” BATTLES No golden medals lie agleam / in velvet boxes now; / No name engraved upon a plaque / or on a hallowed wall. Another You… ANOTHER YOU / When we pass through the door, / another me will be waiting for another you. / In my dreams, I’m in your memories. / another … The Winds of Tragedy/The Hope of VicTory That the lives lost / Will shine on / For all to see. / Remembering the brave, / The bold. / Those who stood up That others may live. the fleeting memorial. how / in / the / world / did / it / not / come / to / this. / everything aligned. / oh, / past tense. Ode To Esperanza Now I see you there, holding God’s hand and seeing the architecture / of that which you have built with each whisper in the night. Never Forget “May we never forget that day, that sight, / When the towers bent and broke under that fateful flight.”

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