the freckles on my fingertips Stories trail behind me like the hem of a beautiful gown, and I point my toes as I stride. Opening of The Melbourne Solar System I would like to welcome everyone to the official opening of the Melbourne Solar System – a permanent one to one billion scale model of our … Melbourne’s Maribyrnong River: there she fl… A river rich in history and worthy of exploration. PHOTO SHOOTS AUSTRALIA & EUROPE: ALL PHOTOGR… I PRODUCE & DIRECT PHOTO SHOOTS FOR STILL CAPTURE / for Amateur & Professionals alike PRIVATE BOOKINGS ALSO WELCOME / To view imag… Moonlight Lovers Urban Hangout Tour The demoonification of The Moonlight Lover. feast eight – collingwood goat’s cheese pastries with pine nuts Royal Exhibition Building I was rather keen to gain a better sense of the importance of this World Heritage-listed building. Rejuvenation & Hope – Victorian Bushfir… Rejuvenation spreads across the bushfire torn regions of Victoria Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Ph… Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Photography & Writing Melbourne photographic art prize! $9000 in prizes! Melbourne photographic art prize! $9000 in prizes! THE TURF ACCOUNTANT However, Briac Gawain Caratacus, known to his friends and associates as the Beloved One, was far from normal and most definitely not the pe… Im afraid im replacing my girlfriend. I, Ashleigh, have fallen in love with a woman. Recovery Comes Full Circle Through an Art Exhibit… Purity is a celebration of life and experience, a journey of recovery and discovery held at Box Hill Community Arts Center Gallery. This space they cannot touch Dreams can be found even without sleeping I STARTED A SONG THAT STARTED THE WHOLE WORLD CRY… Shaking and fumbling as she left she didn’t look back; she smoothed her hair, and noticed she had lost a shoe; she started to run One Breath After The Other It’s like a constant waiting game / With each and every day the same SHIT FROM MELBOURNE Shit From Melbourne / The literary luminaries descended / Upon the windy city / For a night of piss and poetry. / They came from Melbourne … Melbourne Arts & Gardens Precinct Catch a performance at the Arts Centre, an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria or your breath in the Royal Botanic Gardens. EXHIBITION ‘Form Of The Good’ @ The S… Exhibition ‘Form Of The Good’ by Michael Kienhuis / Atrium Gallery / Level 35 / Sofitel Melbourne on Collins / 25 Collins Stree… sunday morning (Paris end of Collins St) A large woman curses in Hebrew, whilst mopping some expensive vomit from her pink marble steps. Out of the Blue Sometimes recognition comes in unexpected ways…… Victorian Vampires Poor bugger didn’t stand a chance. Melbourne isn’t the gothic city for nothing. / Welcome to my world. Cheetah In The Urban Jungle This time round, the prize – / Is a blonde that caught my eye. MELBOURNE DRAW CLUB :) <<<<<<<DRAW CLUB MELBOURNE>>>>> Struggle to the Top A poem inspired by the Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne ~ Meet You …. ~ What time you wanna meet up? / I know exactly where 12 months on (tsunami of emotion) I felt powerless to avoid the rip tide, a tsunami of emotion snared my insides. Kayaking on the Maribyrnong River The Maribyrnong River is a destination for suburbanites to enjoy leisure activities. Thru the Window August in Melbourne / Cold frosty breath Melbourne The tall thin runners pounding the Boulevard pavement / Do not stop to notice / How the other side of the bay / Is clear enough to see the … PETER At this time of year I stop to remember the good times I spent with a very dedicated aquarist, Peter Tsang. / Peter sloshed his way through… Impressionism 9 × 5 inch ART HISTORY The Heidelberg School, in Melbourne Victoria / Was the artist’s school, in South-eastern Australia Tea Parties “Oh, that’s perfectly alright. Here, let me pour you some tea. You simply must try a drop.” He poured the content of a teapot into a large … This is a brief explanation of my 2007 exhibition… I was out in the paddocks when I saw a Galah caught by its’ wing to a barbed wire fence. I soon discovered that I couldn’t free the bird bu… Melbourne Trams Riding supremely, proudly, erect, / A green and cream pullman in adverts bedecked, / Squeaking, bleating and reaking with life / From Bruns… Did I Say I’m Just a Boy? somehow she always managed to look like she was following, but then, usually she was. Me and Melboune There is no othervoice more China than that-"Radio Australia……" from Melbourne.Ah...I have recalled my first grade Ch… A Streetside Café In Melbourne An insight into the peripheral thoughts of a cafe obverser. Grey is the color it rains in Central Place. Grey is the canvas that every artist is drawn to, painted to, attracted to with spraycans and charcoal and pens and paper. Designer wanted! Richmond, Melbourne Jan 2010 Designer position available in Richmond. Work with VI young members to design and produce a high quality hard-cover art book, e-books and a… Eyton Rd- my new performance project on now in Me… Hi all, / Over the past 18 months I’ve been researching and developing my latest performance project “Eyton Rd”. / Togeth… “Channel 31” viewers in Melbourne (A … Tune into Channel 31 tonight at 9.30pm for an awesome show on the paranormal. / They’re psychic detectives who visit haunted domains!… For the love of coffee It has been commented by many through the years of my life that in the morning my movement and speed is matched only by a pot smoking turtl… Melbourne Rocks!!!! Whatever suits your needs / Melbournes got it all! The Recipe (Rendition) Poisons are bad, mmkay? South Melbourne Life Saving Club Calendar My friends at the South Melbourne Life Saving Club are building a new home. / All profits from this calendar will go towards the club, to h… WOW! I am so excited…. my first feature! M… I am so honored! My daughter is going to love this. WOW! “I am jumping out of my chair”. This means a lot to me. / Thank you… “Revok…grafitti artist busted at Melb… REVOK Voices of death (Mature) tramlife (or Why I Love Melbourne) People write songs about this city, I think to myself as I wander its streets. / It’s not hard to see why. WOW I don’t know what to say…. MELBOU… I am shock that I was featured again! Thank you all for viewing my photo and leaving the sweetest comments! / Love You All / Zoraida Five minutes of cafe talk. Life is a cup of well-made cappucino. Until someone lies to you. sardines People packed in like sardines, crowded, noisy, and smelly and not all those smells are food. Like a leaf Silhouettes of passing figures wind between a web of streets / and under giant figs, / their shapes morphed in dark reflections / on the ag… This is my third feature in one day……… Melbourne & Victoria, thank you again for giving me this great honor. / I want to THANK everyone very much for leaving me the sweetest … YOU WANT TO SMELL MY WHAT? You want to smell my what? Reminder The bird stops amidst the chaos / But it takes no notice of the hustle and bustle / In which the human race endures / Its attention focused… Shit From Melbourne The literary luminaries descended / Upon the windy city / For a night of piss and poetry. / They came from Melbourne / With a superior atti… “Dali in Melbourne”…… Awesome, y’all should do yourselves a favour…..and get along to it. FITZROY, MELBOURNE, 1958 When ‘coonskin hats were the rage / The Greek kids’ heads were shaved / Funny heads / Funny meat and / Funny bread The streets of Melbourne So many faces / Pleading / Stained with sorrow / Watching others / Blinded by ignorance / Walk straight past them / In a hurry / To get … EVE DESCENDS IN MELBOURNE TOWN EVE DESCENDS IN MELBOURNE TOWN / So When is Adam’s Coming? / In the Morning maybe? / Tis a change of season. / In Melbourne Town / Th… Outside Broadmeadows Do I look okay, helpful, professional? / Relaxed, unstressed, distressed? / People make no sense. / I cannot sleep at night. / I worry. I w… Protection and duty of care Not all members of the community / Are aware that they can anytime / Call psychiatric services / On a person who / Has a history of attemp… Mr. Executive The overpowering scent of stale cigarettes QUIT I think its my perception of being ‘good’ and ‘reliable’ and ‘strong’. Sometimes (a lot) it hasn’… Melbourne City Nights I am moving into the direction of making films.Here is a link to a short film I made, titled Melbourne City Nights.It was filmed using a Ca… PARIS GOES TO MELBOURNE What is it with This Paris / Cameras Love her? IT SEEMS / ENLIGHTENMENT / ENLIGHTENED MASTERS A great Local Melbourne PUB BAND. The SAND PEBBLES / They are great to go see live. Not sure if they will ever do the Global tour thing? / WILD SEASON SEE MELBOURNE HERE Depressions lullaby As you brush the wild hair out of my face / I kneel beside you / Once in pleasure / Now in pain Melbourne Weather On far horizons, the sun yet to rise, / Hot air balloons waft across the still morn, / Gentle warbles are heard from the magpies, / While … Waiting For The Last Train Home Something I wrote while I was a little drunk in Melbourne waiting for the last train home. 99 Versus The 1%ers Clan Chapter and Charter protect their backs the guy who lives in an alley way between Myer an… The years of heroin. The decades of pot. / “it’s fine” “i’m fine” he use to say. / Now he cant barely talk, all he can do is grunt and groa… Dawn’s Story Part 2 of 5 My heart started missing beats! / I do not know why that happens every time I am in her presence! Melbourne at 5pm The yellow sky, smudged with the smog from the factories, looks down on the city, blanketed in a dirty grey. It looks down on Bourke Street… Herbs and rain 151009 I bought Thyme and Dill seeds on a whim / Not sure if they will survive / But Im happy / I decided to plant them / in between / Melbourne… Melbourne Town Melbourne town, Melbourne town, She’s quite a Lady to be around / She’ll hold you close when the sun goes down Blogging Myself Senseless Everybody wants to feel… / pretty basic statement. / Sure we all know it is truth but feel – feel what exactly? Blogging Myself Senseless Everybody wants to feel… / pretty basic statement. / Sure we all know it is truth but feel – feel what exactly? Perception vs Preconception Majority of the city’s population doesn’t know the definition of rain anymore. The Go-To Man ……………… He was on his way to Hoppers Crossing to finish something he had been planning for weeks……….. Wanderlust. You smell of fading mist now. Your fingers have become bony and a bit rough too. See, your palms have routes traced to several other valley… How I found poetry Poetry was beautiful and an ugly poem was daring and thought provoking. Tullamarine This is an uneasy freedom. / We find it so appealing to keep on letting go. / but slowly, surely, I lose my footing. / My feet grow light w… Exit to Light (intro) Escorting money is an artform. Good breeding helps. Dead In Melbourne this morning I woke up dead in Melbourne / mashed and mangled beneath the wheels of the St Kilda tram Research Weddings In Melbourne Now What ever your tastes in melbourne weddings we will be able to fulfill your expectations. On the day of the marriage ceremony, the woman wa… Heaven above Collins Street (Melbourne) Since 1839, there has been a library of sorts above Collins St, originally started as a working man’s club, or Mechanics Institute. I… Alas Poor CRAM…I Knew It Well. …Littered with intense young tertiary types, and rich kids with their Judy Is A Punk hand written t-shirts, I’m sure they feel their … His father takes Stanley to Melbourne’s Vic… During the ‘Great’ Depression his father had lost his meager job in The Royal Victorian Market. Death To The Ego I watch kids cycle by, laughing beautifully, adults run, staring solemnly. When is the point we finally lose that child-like wonder? Discover The Best Wedding Receptions Melbourne Fo… Yacht is another wedding venues melbourne that you can utilize for wedding receptions melbourne . This venue is very suitable for those cou… The Go -To Man……………… Malcolm had a disdain for the burbs that often got him into trouble……. melbourne on a train, it was early on a saturday morning about eight am, so the streets were dead quiet except for old viet women and their push-cart…
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