I was a kangaroo meat inspector The roos were rotting and crawling with maggots, surprisingly, after about half an hour the stench didn’t seem to matter… headless cows blood smells Home made pie, full of meat and potatoes! i feel the gods, / pushing me, / spilling my ink, / to where and why, / I do not know………………………… / …………………………………………………. / As the sky darkens… Edible Leper meat and boiled red tats the revolts tongue Lizards! Soon To Be The Other White Meat! I’m off today come what may, so I wanted to garden. Well begging your pardon! / I live in the land of Lizards! / Not Geckos cos mine… My Finest Muse I mop my tears of ink with sheets of loose leaf, / attempting to staunch my bleeding psychology. / And the carnivore inside all of us licks… Guilty Her flesh bled black / and red, raw, singed scraps / of meat for me / and you / sit smug and smile down / at the heaps of heads / and parts… Monthly Rant! Why is gas 4.00 a gallon, Why does florida raise beef, who the heck does Edy’s, my personal rants Mike’s Chili & Cheese I stand alone nine floors up staring down at a faint wine smear— to the exact spot where Mike’s head exploded like chili and cheese. MEAT LOAF— MY MAN AND ME JUST MY VISION OF LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE,, A HAPPY MAN WITH A FULL BELLY AND A WOMAN BY HIS SIDE, Truth is the meat Truth,do you get the riddle? Can You Taste What’s Cookin’? (Mature) Epic Proportions “Oh, but all the hells! / Tell the priest to ring the bells!” / The people heard the mayor yell, / As her shadow passed his doo… Obscure Meat How I love obscure meat / It sits in the corner / Feigning normalcy / Which is impossible / Wrapped in butcher paper / Wearing sunglasses /… Carnal Appetite time to change my diet Hollywood Studios, Florida make of my worlds what you wish and will Meat Eater I knew she’d done it the moment I saw her. She as much as told me she would. Hell, I had practically dared her to do it. Now I notice… A poem called Survival When one eats another, / if you have another option, / it is called CANNIBAL. / When one eats animal, / if you have another option, / it is… HORSE MEAT LIKE CAVIAR FOR A CAVALIER A wild season when all disappears / Into caricature … / Elapsed into a storm / And into coloured marble inspirations / Reminiscent of… One man’s meat I’m good at giving them what they want, On line, noone would guess that my promises are empty, I charm. I simulate and dissimulate, I… Terminator Chicken Other guy asks his friend,"when you eat steroid free meat,can you see or taste a difference in the quality of the meat? " An Ode to Tinned Meat The carcass carved of all the best, / What will become of the rest? / Bone and sinew, eye and brain, / That is all that does remain. / Fear… Meat, Friend Ring around the table / These numbers are not able / To kill them all, we’d rise and fall / An epic, failing, fable functionalism 16 While information disseminates g… (Mature) Meat Don’t give me bread / Don’t tell me you love me / Lie / Disappointment / Fail us / Turn your back on me / Then / Tell me you love me / Stil… MORE THAN MEAT AS NO MORE meat & potatos saturated / in a fierce oil / glaze / straight / to my seasoned / heart / in spite of / the clots / I’ll take your / hotblood / stru… The Bled Meat CAGED WHISPERS / My hurtings tear the meat apart / Blue morning hits me in the head Tales from the pocket.. The hounds they’ll come a stalkin’ / On clear air, mist or rain. / My heartbeat is their music, / upon their minds my blood. / … Minced meat I am the noose / About my neck / The millstone that / Won’t let me rise / I have fed / My liver / My spleen and / Finally / My heart thro… The Sex-Starved ‘Send in the meat!’ tender is as juicy did cow Contentment Why do we get to decide who gets to experience the amazement of contentment? / Ignorance is bliss for some, / But is the cause of pain, and… Smoking meat. The Aussie BBQ My wife with some amusement, / also tried to share the load, / at my plan for a winter haven, / a home away from home. Vegan Relapse Before I had the chance to think, it was halfway down my throat. I am not a BBQ I am not a side of beef / To be chopped up piece by piece / Or tender chicken on the shelf / Marinating for your feast / I don’t want to … we scuttle here and there for scraps of rancid me… and let us not forget, / that there are those that wallow, / in self and disgust, / upon this earth altar. / and in the dead of night, / th… my meat cleaver is now free this bucket of putrid dismemberments / these thoughts left rotting in the outhouse / the location of the mindless millions / the bucket i… When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan – Chapter 6, &… Now if you’ve scooped the shock-induced poop from your pants or panties, picked up your jaw and wiped away the tears, you may proceed… Bovine Treat Sleep deprivation can cause irritation to those who refuse to subscribe, to a rare bovine treat that you simply must eat to get through the… Meat Puppets Everyone in John Franco’s life knew if they had to call after 10 PM it better be because they were dead, dying or his house was on fire. So… Meat Market “I do know how to masturbate”, she said, “I still have sex regularly as well. In fact, I’m a SLUT when it comes to sex. You don’… My Meat My Meat / With this piece I would like to set the stage for the holidays not so much to think but to feel, some / Admittedly have a hard t…

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