"Live Your Life"  on old parchment, Chief Tecumseh by Irisangel "Live Your Life"  Golden feather by Chief Tecumseh by Irisangel "Live Your Life"  by Chief Tecumseh Turquoise  by Irisangel In all my Life (Scarred as I) 1 by Henrik Malmborg Poem 3 of The Alchemy Series:The Meaning of Life … Who are we? Where are we? Why are we here? / Discuss. / I. / Back up; / in full reverse. / If you fall and nothing catches you / but the wi… Family Visit My reputation in the family’s somewhat tarnished; / they always count on me to be the black sheep. On My Deathbed… Song…Deep I lay awake i’m on my deathbed watching the globe spin / Reminiscing on old friends, / Hiding tears behind tinted lenses surrounded b… sanction, seduction, and every second gone Suduction of an open mind / dripping with inquisition / how long until you / are freed from your “religion” MY MOTHER’S DEATH My mother, as usual, judged it best. / The day before her funeral, in a gibberish of legs, / A fly refused to die on her bathroom sill. / O… Untitled Good-bye we the people of the planet earth / in order to form be Secret language Meanings hidden behind trees, / Symbols carved into their trunks, / Hints touching on deeper meanings, / Breadcrumbs leading the way. Tiny Little Star There is a little tiny yellow star, / that warms our hearts at winter nights. / No matter that the star is really far, / it … Mere Words Never trust / Mere words / Head without the heart / Logic without meaning. moving waters still smooth green carpet sits / upon moving waters still / reaching for the light A light for another day, a sign of hope. you couldnt see the end, it was like it went forever / you couldnt see where it led to / But i really didnt want to / It was a mystery that… OUR STORY Life is an incredible story. / Where did we get the idea it was otherwise, / or come to believe that our own unique story / was somehow not… A Poem Is… The best thing… / Expressions of one’s feelings / The limits are endless as a depthly fall / A cool wind on a hot day / A comfo… Immortal Dumb, / Dumb, / Dumb, dumb. / I dream I can turn rivers into wine, / Rack up another line. / Standing there noticing what my damage is, / F… Cemetery Picnic I slept on my grave last night, / crawling through sounds of night / and glass, listening to the symphony / of zealous sighs. / (the sta… not important I’ve had the dream a thousand times / Where everything comes true / When my life has meaning / And I have something to look forward t… Eyes Eyes so blue, heart so true / His mark all over you / Painted sinner, blessed saint / Chosen river, lovely quaint Night Carriage Look into the darkness / See the soul within / Be the untouched Carriage / See the night begin Name afgebid (Vir die kinders wat in toe-oog wate… en sal hy met oker hande / die sterdak van kapelle verf. Meaning of Life Just click the “read more,” won’t you? Song For Holly Throwing ashes to the wind, / Burying sunken memories under sugar water. / My friend the pianist solves the riddle. Human instinct Falling in fear, / Screaming silently in pain, / Confusion lifts it’s head to watch in glee. / With out stretched hands they touch me… The Meaning of Peace Seeing home again / After all that we have seen / Walking home from the hot desert / Changing brown and tan to green True Name When you utter / your own true name / the world’s story deepens Chaos in a Straight World the chips are down the bacon’s cooked / the sun is up and the plane is booked / the kettle’s boiled the eggs are raw / the engi… three words, one meaning you failed to say it / yet i never said / i love you too / the words tear / at my heart each day / knowing they will / remain untold Another Poem. At this point in time, / all it is is shit. / And I just want a quiet crowd / who will listen to me bitch, Fire In My Heart There’s a fire in my heart / They try to put it out / While they tear me appart / I always speak out / They tell me what to do / Can&… Redefine the meaning of husband and wife ~Redefine the meaning of husband and wife (26) / How many times I lay beside you and just look / At the slight smile that radiates across y… Electric Shore I will never know for sure / just how we came to be / so far away from the shore / self thinking slime we grow to be The Search for the Reason for Being in Wabble-di-… But still I was searching and carrying through / Looking for reasons for Wabble-di-doo Meaningless Imagery Evoke a meaning from a word, / Tear the fabric from the face. / Let the cool streams flow beyond, / Draw me from this empty place. Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time I know there are no ordinary days. / I know there are no ordinary lives. / Each day brings something new to someone. Shakespeare -Sonnet 146 by someofheather Circleuse (Poem) Careful not to lose your mind / This place tands to be a crazy ride Messages (Reincarnation) Live and let die. / Then let them live again. Contrasting Christmas Poetry. Christmas bells, a hollow sound, / On my closed ears would ring, Destiny The thoughts from my bed shape the lines in my head. Alive in this universe, I feel like I am dead, from Hell I have come to be Heaven sen… Destiny The thoughts from my bed shape the lines in my head. Alive in this universe, I feel like I am dead, from Hell I have come to be Heaven sent… Sisyphus Rising A graveled path for meaning, Color in the Grey Dream the grey slowly started to fade / and colored visions appeared Nobles Viewing the Nunobiki Waterfall, c.1643 by Bridgeman Art Library This will haunt you forever I will invade you, / poison your blood, / make you sick, / stop your heart… / You’ll be a ghost, / suffering a very human pain, / sa…

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