The Flesh

Ale now he needs for his parched throat / And balm to salve his tender peeling skin / And noise to block out his own final cries / The trut…

How Do I Love ?

With this in mind I’ll tell you of my love / That brings a smile in wind and driving rain / And even holds my gaze from stars above /…

I Dreamt about the Porker the Planner and the Pro…

As the porker scoffs the tart / The procrastinator waits / The planner scans the calendar / And ticks off all the dates

Meeting the Devil

Did I ever tell you about the time / I saw the devil? / penetrating the shadowy darkness / I don’t believe in the Devil / this horrif…

The Truth of the Orb

“The land where legends are born,” my father would say with a faraway look in his eye.

I Remember

They always said that god was there / You didn’t walk alone / But visions of the lonely morgue / Still chill me to the bone

Nancy @ thetears dot flow

I dreamed I sent an email to a broken hearted female / Cause I’d met her in a forum on redbubble months ago

This Girl is a Gem

She plumbs the depths of broken heart and weeps / From time to time her heart has whimsy leaps / Inspired by the words she shares so free /…

On Childhood

When does boyhood finish / And an adult life begin? / Some seem to think it happens / When he finally “gets it in”

Love From a Leper

It manifests, / deep within the vulnerable parts. / And pollutes, / what once was pure. / Think the black plague, / in Europe. / Think Ba…

What Makes Men “REAL”

As a way to counter these cultural caricatures of “real men”, here is a list of what actual men do who embody the Sacred Mascul…

Picture – Matthew

A black and white plaid scarf / wraps itself loosely around a mans neck / Pitched to the back of his head sits a fedora hat / Wrapped arou…


When love’s goddess is hardened is there hope / Can flesh regrow upon a soulless bone?

For Matthew

A small step, one foot infront, / A skip runs through my heart, / Twisted emotions escaping my shell, / this love a brand new start. / Eye…

The Last Hope

He looked into her shiny eyes / “till death us do part”. / When you start out with three bad years / there’s little left to cling to…

Personal Computer

Defrag between my ears to shed some light / Clean up the disk I like to call my brain

First Time

She was a lot younger than me / I was new to this / pieces of us enmeshed / the earth moved

Let love be the gift…

Seek not my bed, my love, / if it is only for one night; / but I shall give my all to you / if your love seeks to be my life.


I will be a tower of strength beside you. I will be a pillar of light before you.

The Curse of Doctor Fangelstein

They say you never forget your first encounter. She was a sweet nubile being who offered him everything Matthew could wish to experience.

Smelly Mary’s

The sickly smell of rotting food and fabrics permeated the atmosphere / At last the one ton tray top truck would come trundling down the d…


“You can have that in three words, son,” said Reggie. “Understanding and compromise.”

The Meeting

Seven men who spent most of their work days surfing the internet.

The Bridal Trail

The full moon, gravid mother of light that she is, only makes things worse.

The Hidden Hand

His eyes opened, then, and he smiled at her.

S&ra’s Request ;-)

I love to write in verse / I never pay attention to a rule / the words I speak are from a fool / That silly style that wipes a frown away /…

The Leviathan Sea

The sea is a mighty leviathan beneath an enormous grey net.

The Sound of the Sea

The ocean rolled over and over, scrapped across the seabed and then leapt and lapped against the seawall.

I Travel

They will lie on a bed that thousands of other people have lain on.

crashing, collapsing, against the dripping deliri…

against my slice of forever

The Small Step

But then, ahead of him, he spied something different: two teenagers sitting on a small step outside a shoe-shop.

Love Divine…

A clear blue sky born of spring’s sweet rest, / A gentle breeze upon heated breast, / An act of faith when trust awakes its depths, /…


On rainy days, sadness seeps through me.

If Love is a Drug

He spent his days watching televangelists and talking to Iggy, his pet iguana.

Mr Stanthorpe and the High-Speed Newspaper Perfor…

Individual pages are far easier to manage, don’t you agree?

The End of the Road

He was ashamed of his melodramatic tendencies, the banal way in which his mind chose to occupy itself.

Side Tracked

I have been side-tracked. You have seen me.

The Department of Unexpected Consequences

“How in God’s name did you know that?” Mr Johnson exclaimed. / Malcolm Fisher tapped the abacus. “Calculations sir: that’s what we do."


The trunk it creaks and prays for winds to fall.

My Sins

My Sins / My sins were plentiful and deep, / Often causing me to weep, / And moan at the cruel thought, / That perhaps it was not for me he…

One Hour In A Strip Bar


The Retreat

Truck drivers are 91% more likely to have beards than car drivers.

Billy Gently and the Annoyance Pandemic of 2012

Global annoyance levels peaked on the 23rd October, 2012.

The Solution

I’m observing people who feel like they’re being observed.

Making Money Made Easy

If I was rich I would start an organisation that taught freeloaders to become fisherman.

Matthew Bray – artist’s statement

… my technique involves applying and scraping back paint through cycles of spontaneity and control to create layers of drama.


His wife had kept him going, the thought of his wife; it was the thought of the look she would give him once he’d completed the race.

The Heartache of Remembering (For Matthew)

Close of the / eyes / his face / appears. / Close of the / eyes / his voice / they hear. / Close of the / eyes / his touch / short of sh…

Thursday Angel

His memory of her could be encapsulated in the image of a grain of sand caught amongst strands of golden hair.

Buried Treasure

Commander Bennet stood staring at the map. His eyes were blazing orbs of polished magnetite.

Connor Buys Coffee

The first time he saw her it was if he’d been punched in the solar plexus: he was in love.


Oh, little brother / how your blue eyes brightly shine / they’re identical to my / own / and they reflect your / perfectly sculpted /…


This did not happen.

Organic Hotels

In 1968 Gil Scott Heron said the Revolution would not be Televised. Why? Partly because Nothing that really Said Anything would / ever ge…


Paul stood over Kim and Kim could see that he was full of fire.

The Broken

He re-read the note. They all know, he thought.


“I will always be here for you, little girl,” I whisper.

Pytheas and the Midnight Sun

He took a biscuit from a small sunny-yellow plate, moistened it in the smoky infusion, and ate it.

Flip-In, Flip-Out

cue up the thoughts, indoor animal mind machinery

My Mountain and Me

We are like the sun and the moon, my mountain and me.

10 years ago – a revelation

Recently a NOAA expedition by the Gordon Hunter has confirmed that there are massive underwater lakes of oil floating beneath the surface o…

re matthew dawkins ‘boudoir’

my wall used to have / a secret door / and so did she / now our beds are / against the same wall / juddarwin


The way he smiles when I burp or fart / The way he loves me with all of his heart / The way he dances in is shorts for me / Shaking it all …

Matthew, Baby Brother

Oh, little brother / how your blue eyes brightly shine / they’re identical to my / own / and they reflect your / perfectly sculpted / smile…


My mind was restless. My mind moved across the surface of the earth looking for trouble.

The Black Hat

She has no caution. She drives like a demon, as if she is possessed by the devil.


Matthew knows the ropes. / The girl lies sleeping on the / Pink pillow. He will not wake / Her yet, he’ll watch her sleep, / See the eyelid…

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