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The Joys of Feedback ;-) I had written him a letter / which I thought would make things better / And I sent it where they said to / Through the Bugs and Feedback tab Lorenzo’s Oils (or Lorenzo’s Painted … When cast upon this hostile shore / I didn’t lose my faith nor curse / This nutshell opened up for me / Lorenzo’s painted universe How Do I Love ? With this in mind I’ll tell you of my love / That brings a smile in wind and driving rain / And even holds my gaze from stars above /… Ships in the Night I guess I’d hoped we’d shared each other’s light / Or was it just a nod without embrace? Our Story RED BUBBLE WRITING COLLABORATION*** / “Who are you? And where are you?” The Human Condition Safety reached has shattered the illusion / Like presence of the knights who are mere men Communicate I sit alone and contemplate / As the tiny seed in nature’s world / Becomes a stately tree / Communication is the key What do you reckon Dad? I know I shed a tear or two / When father slipped the coil / The day he died and also when / They covered him with soil You Get That… Do you ever feel glum / Like the world’s closing in Words of a Feather I saw a feather fly without a bird / It spun and hovered in the morning air Fool’s Gold Bill was surprised to see the glint of reflected sunlight amongst the coarse gravel on the roadside / He dreamed of asking Cindy to marry h… A Solution for Soxy? If you don’t eat toast for days / They say your brain will shrink This Girl is a Gem She plumbs the depths of broken heart and weeps / From time to time her heart has whimsy leaps / Inspired by the words she shares so free /… For You So hindsight shows me I’m not really served No Internet Connection Available Please Check the… Is fissile fragile love the current fad? / Insincere and easily torn asunder Why is it there? Imagine why it’s there or what went wrong? / Now does it symbolise a friendship lost / A weakened love’s lament, a farewell son… The Last Hope He looked into her shiny eyes / “till death us do part”. / When you start out with three bad years / there’s little left to cling to… Personal Computer Defrag between my ears to shed some light / Clean up the disk I like to call my brain First Time She was a lot younger than me / I was new to this / pieces of us enmeshed / the earth moved Spare some change: a poem by Matt Driver What about the widow sir? / Just spare a little change? Let love be the gift… Seek not my bed, my love, / if it is only for one night; / but I shall give my all to you / if your love seeks to be my life. Thoughts for Anne Now and then we’re bound to fall / But only once, on love’s first try / We start with a slate that’s bare. Viewing batches of photos using Irfanview, part 2 Looking through batches of images using a thumbnail viewer Be Happy I’m depressed / But I guess / It’s just all the stress / Clenched like a fist / And taking refuge in my chest Viewing batches of photos using Irfanview This is a quick way to look through directories of photos and open them for editing. A special thank you to MATT MAWSON (a member of r… A thank you to Matt Mawson for his framed artistic donation to a charatible cause: An exhibition to raise funds for the RSPCA in WA. Vampire’s Cure “Wouldn’t trust him to teach my granny to suck emu eggs!” THIS is what I do. NSFW Love Divine… A clear blue sky born of spring’s sweet rest, / A gentle breeze upon heated breast, / An act of faith when trust awakes its depths, /… The Power of a Flower by MaTT Sugden This poem is about the power that a flower has. It also displays that connection between flowers and human beings. High Street Haiku – The Phonebox. We all got mobiles. / They are dead important though. / Good for pissing in. Resurrection Fern Matt could no longer remember a time when the salty air didn’t burn his eyes. As he stepped out onto the deck, a lucid teardrop trickled do… The Shitterbox Part 2 – (T.V Guide) Featuring: CELEBRITY CUM BRINE WITH ME, MANKY GENITAL SUPERSTORE, MUD RAPISTS, LIVE BAROMETER ACTION and MORE! To My Darling Matt Do you know how much you mean to me? / Through my darkest hour / You were always there. / Those brown eyes / that I can never forget … High Street Haiku – The Train Station Train Station Depression. The Crown So fear of all, but not of me, / For I am here to guide you. / And take from all, but not from me, / For I know where to find you. Those Tabloid Headline In Full… Tues 16th N… “CHEGGAZ BEGGAZ MEGGA PREGGAZ”, “MCDOWELL TO FOUL COWELL’S TOWEL” / and more…. he spent that night in the arms of the ocean R… matty barclay Diary of The Red Bull Air Race – Perth, Apr… Perth, Western Australia, and it’s Time for the Second Round of the Red Bull Air Race of 2010… / It has been 18 months since t… For Matt….my heterosexual life mate time is the enemy brother / nothing is gone before it starts / and every single end has another shit beginning when you think that it will … Sonnet 1 If only words could prove to you how my / Love never dies, then I would speak a lie. High Street Haiku – Antique Shop Dusty old bollocks The Day Nothing Worked. The day nothing worked started rather late for me. I couldn’t be sure of the exact time I awoke as my alarm clock had stopped at exactly m… “Kenny’s Ghost will protect Matt &… <object width="960" height="745"><param name="movie" value="">&l… High Street Haiku – The Cyclist. Saving the planet / You look like a right dickhead / ’Spose someone has to Sonnet 2 Let not the waves of fate to crash upon / My flame, for you and I will crash along. High Street Haiku – The Postman yeah. postmen. Sonnet 3 As long as not to halt the Sun to set, / Then spare me not, for I have no regret. High Street Haiku – Clock-tower Scowling down from high / A municipal time-piece / You’re ten minutes slow Matt Davis Trail Matt Davis Trail / Intersecting Bootjack trail perpendicularly at Bootjack campground, Matt Davis Trail is one of the more popular trails o… High Street Haiku – Roadkill Painting the town red? / What a shame that you are not / Re-cy-cle-a-ble High Street Haiku – Bagpiping Busker yeah High Street Haiku – Subway Big Sign Says “Subway” / Not the useful one you ride / Odd smelling baguettes. High Street Haiku – The Bin. Yeah. High Street Haiku – Kebabs Open Late Miscellaneous meat / Grimy floor tiles, stained ceiling / Smells like cheap dog food Your Definitive Guide To Pets NSFW High Street Haiku – Sainsbury’s Local The Sainsbury’s Local / Is not what it says it is / It is miles away I Am The Official New Face the Milk Marketing Boa… NSFW Beating Hearts Like Bass-Drops I watch the moving picture. / The smoke rolled effortlessly from the end of the blunt. / Suddenly, I could see myself and everyone I’… High Street Haiku – Parking NSFW Poem: For Matt. They trickle down my arms / my stomach my legs my feet / and they are entwined again, / disorganized, Matt Matt / My man / I love him / I’m warm & safe / Matt / Copyright © 2008 Angela Arnold High Street Haiku – H&M Very loud music / Wearing mass produced fashion / People look the same High Street Haiku – Blockbuster Videos Closed up shop now yeah? / All the shitty films have gone / Your block’s been busted Leading Homosexual Outed As Conservative. Dennis Hogg MP (major poofter) was secretly filmed by a Sunday tabloid newspaper meeting a seedy man in what was described as a “Cons… to Matt Jones Matthew Jones / (i am sorry i could not reach you trhu the independent forum, so…) / i immediately suspect you were a gay man. you ad… Artist’s Sonnet But like a scrap blown southward in November, / forgotten now may someday be remembered. High Street Haiku – Lloyd’s TSB You’ve got a damn nerve / Selling more shit mortgages / Like nothing happened Prison: Shattered Heart The resistance is this: what is love, when does it prevail, / it wins when the air has grown salty and stale. / Maybe that will be a cold … High Street Haiku – Charity Mugger Corners me alone / Save The Children need my help. / Yeah? I hate children Dear Cousin Matt Why do you feel like you have to run away? / Remember those games we used to play / We were so close back then / But you are so far away ho… High Street Haiku – The Bus Stop. Yeah High Street Haiku – Vomit Pool Yeah Life – A poem by Matt Haskins A Whimsical World of ups and downs we find ourselves riding the Existential Carousel An Open Letter To Channel 5 I would like to congratulate you for implementing the return of the remarkably talented Vanessa Feltz to our television screens. ITV’s “Take Me Out” – Feb… NSFW High Street Haiku – Petrol Station Mini-Mar… Some squashed sandwiches / Been kicked around the floor by / Resentful employees. High Street Haiku – Gamestation You’re looking tatty / Missing a letter there mate / Sign reads “amestation” “The Shitterbox” Part 1 – (T.V … NSFW High Street Haiku – The 99p Shop How much is that mate? / Ninety-nine pence is it yeah? / Oi! What about this? High Street Haiku – Man giving out flyers “Pound off a Big Mac?” / Thanks but no thanks mate / I would rather eat my shoes High Street Haiku – Police Community Officer Fighting knife crime yeah? / But without any handcuffs? / Good luck to you mate. WARNING, “Christian Parents” Matt.26:… The end time is near, we are in war, wake-up out of your sleep!

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