The first sex scene from my novel The sensation of her touch prickling the skin all over his body. / She bit his palms softly; licked his wrist. Game of Kings – Grand Master Sherry The first of a planned series of interviews with the Grand Masters of Game of Kings. / This instalment – “ideas man” and … what the true master knows 6-10-10 @9:31am / that the path never ends / that the beauty is in the journey, / not the destination / that patience and tenacity / will … Master Your Technique Allow for flexibility, / bend, yield and sway / Discover some agility, / grip, position and play THIS IS MY LIFE In truth I am a young soul, / infant, / trying to learn the way of this world Master Let me give you a look / Into the dazzling abyss / Of my longing soul / Where love is at its purest / And where you see me change / Into th… The Beast Master …Under that suit, behind his face you may see muscle, organs, bones – but if so you are looking with entirely the wrong eyes… As You Will Teach me Lionel Our Master Chef Lionel examined the burn on his wrist from being careless near the hot plate. / A neat smart burn. / The kitchen was not tidy. / He w… Welcome To The Depths Ye place is prepared in the middle of the dead… A Deluded Man Behind your back she smiles / While in a million ways / She delights in cuckolding you Testing Times Some trial come into our live like a hurricane that up roots trees Master of your own destiny Suppose a farmer has some land, and it’s good, fertile land. The land gives the farmer a choice; he may plant in that land whatever h… Time and Change A small reminder to how powerless we really are. I’m a Mermaid! I encourage everyone to look at his profile, you’ll be amazed at what he can do! / Thank you so much for a lovely surprise Navybrat the puppet master is bringing her to her feet morning doll How Does Your Garden Grow ? So when The Master returns / Will He be pleased with what you have cultivated in His field ? Our Bodies Were Both Made of Wood He experienced life through images rather than words and carried a virtual pet in his pocket for companionship, as there was no one else to… Master of Earth I have seen things you will never see. I have experienced sounds, tastes and sensations that you will never experience. I trace my ancestry… ASHEN SKIN Ashen was her skin / When she saw him glance / She wanted to run / It was her last chance / Perhaps in the frenzy / Of people all about / … if only we could be forever…- ancient poeti… “When is the brilliant moon coming?” / Holding a glass of wine I asked the dark night sky,without knowing which year it is now … I Am A Child Of God To buy back the human race / From The Master of sin and slavery Paul Smith – Master Artist and Great Man Paul Smith – Master Artist and Great Man / 9/21/1921 – 6/25/2007 I Painted A Master Piece With my eyes I started to paint a picture / with colors of light brown and a taste of pink. / I didn’t need a canvas for the creation… A Master’s Pledge I accept your pledge as it be / Your submission unto me / Along with that Responsibility / I shall care for thee / From this day forward / … Master Creator wisp of a tendril Artiste en trabajar May seem as effortless matter / ‘Cause passion stirs the soul. / Enjoyment at every stroke – / Be it of pen, brush or chisel! THE MASTER DRINKS LIFE’S ELIXIR In his eyes stars shine, / bears waltz, leopards prowl, / a horse kicks up and prances. my boyfriends master peice It’s in the spring time in Italy, / You’ll pay a visit to a little bee, / Who’ll speak in bee into your ear, / And you… The Master In another time, in another life, Franz would / have been a school teacher – / A tall, dignified, black man with a rare / missionary educa… MASTER OF OUR DREAMS We are the MASTER OF OUR DREAMS / The sower of our oats / The keeper of our hearts / The captain of our boats / Every decision that we make… Yes Master (Mature) The novice monk and the master “Yet you have never lived the world of humankind, never lived the lessons that you preach the results to others, passing judgement on… He When I pass through rough waters…He is with me; / He will take my hand when rivers overflow. / When the flaming fires of doubt dare overtak… YES, MASTER YES, MASTER / Thank you for letting me sit for a while / We have walked many miles / I am tired and I have a heavy load / Travelling so far… A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (16) A Masterly Rip off Divorce was very difficult in those days, not as easy to get as now, and there was no guarantee that mum would have got custody of my siste… Master of Flight. Early morning: The perfect time for a glider flight. The night’s fog was slowly burning off in the gentle morning breeze and beads of… The Host of My Heart Oh Lord, and light of my entity / I will follow you into eternity. / The host of my heart / I have nothing to fear. / I feel peace in my li… Silvergate Conversion I bow to the tyranny of wisdom / like the bison nuzzling snow / for frozen grass. Mistress Got Owned WARNING Explicitly Explicit (Mature) slave of the past i am a slave of the past / memories invade my mind / rights, wrongs, indifference / love, hate, despair / drowning in the well / of yester… MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE Yep Steve Hook has a total Vibe on Steve Hawking. / I find the guy totally fascinating. He is considered the pre eminent BRAIN on the Plane… Guarding the Fort If you ever come looking for the Master of Thieves / Perhaps you may say he is waiting for the penny to drop / Or the robber to draw a cros… Master Potter Only The Master Potter can love in such a manner… Henri Cartier Bresson MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER A man who made Pictures,very special PICTURES / A Wonderful INTERVIEW WITH Henri Carier Bresson / “SOME MORE GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY By Hen… Master Peace maybe Master Piece Dedicated to all people who feel like their not cute enough or handsome enough. I Will Never Be A Master Gardener What could go wrong with a cactus? Caged What you don’t know / Is that I will devour you Master Of Disguises Just who’s fault is it that someone’s Facade is beleived. / Is it the deceiver / or really the believer? / We know magicians do… master peace pyramidal / primordial / elemental / essential / sentient / Omnipresent / Omni scientifically potent / OM / Of Mind / we called four r… Is He your Master? Is there a Greater Name / carved into your soul than your own? / Is He more than mother or father, / husband, wife, or child? / Is He wor… Master of Corruption, Please Take Me. corrupt my innocent mind / … Sword-Master fresh off his kill of the shooter, the sword-master / is acting calm so that he can avoid such disaster / that could lead to his death / so… Dark Master Within… Dark master within… / I. The battle of words / 1. Challenge/accusation / I call thee forth, the master of Hell, / you’ve ruined my l… Words are a tough master Words are a tough master Upon a new beginning Sitting, typing, so delighting, in the sound of clicking keys; a new site, a new time, a way to kill the old, while ringing in the new / Fi… The Puppet and the Puppet Master Sad Girl / Going through the motions / they all seem so meaningless / like watching puppets on a string / moving around in circles with the… A PROMISE It was a dark and cold night in November, in Huntington’s beautiful little town / That I was summoned to a certain young man, to prepare hi… Bound If I’m not tied down by anybody, / Then why am I tied up in knots within? Master To be master of my destiny / I must conquer my soul / I cannot allow anger to easily / Entangle my heart at all / But oh, you enemy / You m… PUPPET MASTER. to my puppet my minds eye stays / through his life my blue eye’s haze Link(s): Master Artist: Master Art Teacher: Rob L… Rob Liberace… / Stainless (steel) servants Stainless (steel) servants, / Bowed in obeisance, / To every hot and cold / mood/whim of their master. / How would you like to be a tap!? Master Piece…… Dear Mr. MD, / Through this mail I, Gurpreet Singh would like to show my keenness and Interest in regards to the requirement of Client Serv… The Master Key You / hold the key / to everything ~ / the Master Key. / But / how i long / to live in a world / where there are / no locks Puppet Master The freshly painted picket fence, / Hides the sleeping darkness, / That feeds the weeds and spiders, / That spin the webs of starkness. The Rebel Master. rebelion Fog As you are the Master / Of the fog Destiny’s Master I can barely hear thoughts / over the white noise. / It’s hard to focus in the middle / of storm. / Dreams don’t take shape; /… The Master Abates (Mature) To Become A Master It seems like I forgotten / more than I’ll ever know. / My mind is just a resting place / for thoughts that come and go. / The ones I… “Fantasy is my master” 1986-05-26 Last night’s dream / Sets my eyes a gleam / Makes my heart beat faster, / Fantasy is my master. / If it all came true / There’d… Master Plan I have a master plan / Learn, Love, Repeat / I have a certain way of life / Listen, Feel, Speak / I have a routine / Wake, Change, Sleep / … The Shark Ahead, upon the flat of the reef, a strange form, black, but with bands of brilliant colour. A DOG AND A MASTER My days were numbered and I prayed that I would see his face once again…my real master! Where the problem really lies? ( an open letter f… Occupy Wall Street, listen, you are in the wrong spot if you are REALLY looking for a real Change. Occupy Capitol Hill, and you will see a … Master Of Disguise(satan) Its sad to see that many lost souls are out there,sat this prayer,sprinkle water.baptize your baby,ask him to come int your heat.All man ma… Master hunter Master hunter, / Your voice chasing my mind, / Stalking me with your embrace, / Love infecting me like a venom, / Paralyzing my limbs, / Ov… Puppet Master To orchestrate my every move / My strings you pull so tight / Dress me up to your pleasure / Confident in your own delight / To be in contr… THE MASTER SMILES IF I FINALLY LOSE IT ALTOGETHER / WILL YOU STILL BE MY GIRL / IF I START TAKING IT TO THE WEATHER / TAKE THE SWINE MAKE IT MY PEARL / GOD B… My “Baguazhang” master……. CLICK HERE A QUITE MAN It just didn’t seem real, / That the beautiful life I saw last week / A warm friendly smile he wore cheek to cheek / Certainly he can’t be … Roissy’s Journal – Entry 2 i channel my newly developing soul’s force to the area where i feel, or hope and pray, He will direct His attention to next. …the master of… misunderstanding / mistakes / misthoughts / miswishes / misbehaviour / misleading / misspelling / …i am the master of… / …… Master? I have none… I am an endless chime / I am a constant ticking / I am the master of all / But a master… I have none / You watch me… you try t… Master Bate’s Debate Sorry about my premature eradication / This has never happened to me before / Perhaps next time I won’t exacerbate / Maybe I could tr… Kidnapped My mind raced, I filled my thoughts with his gentle touch. How He would run his hands so lovingly over my body, the look in His eyes as He … MASTER AND SERVANT Wee barking bawfaced dog using the lampost or fireside rug. / who is the master and who is the host ? / who fetches and dances to let other… Master of Puppetry Even though you were the one pulling the strings / It was I who became the Master of Puppetry. Benefits of Being a Reiki Master If you want to learn to become a Reiki master but have no idea as to what exactly are the benefits of being one, then you are in the right … Master of the Mask He hides behind those pretty blue eyes. Master at work shuting the door behind him he stands by the door / he looks at the objects, for his work / he opens his case of tools / chooseing careful… Master Of The Game Alone under a street lamp / An angel came to me / She said there was a demon / That had something I should see / She took me to a cave / Wh… The poet man*que “And I pity those who look down upon me- / For this is my blessing.” Daddy’s philosophy of life(and death) my dad comes clean(and dirty)
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