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Mata Hari and her gingham piglet

Don’t make any sudden moves.

Mary Edmonds

Mary is a busy body. She does not realise it but she lives her life vicariously through other people. Mary has managed to alienate people …

Riddles in the Dream Catcher

Darn her for being a riddle even in her dreams

Into the morning – Mary, Lucy and Angela

Mary arrived at work fifteen minutes earlier than usual. As she walked through the bank door she was tickled by her own scent of lavender …

The Gherkin, London, United Kingdom

2.001-2.004 / ENGLISH / Client: Swiss Reinsurance Company / Architect: Foster + Partners / Height: 180 meters / Floors: 40 / Area: 76,4…


This tribute was written by my daughter at the passing of my Mum Mary. / she died on 26 September aged 94 / GRANDMA- FROM YOUR FAMILY –(by …

Bloody Mary

Mary knew that what she was about to do signified a dramatic change in her life. Closing her eyes, Mary felt a single tear squeeze through.…

The Blessing of Mary

Mary is every single mother / Who accepts the blessed role / Joseph every father / Who makes the family whole

The Curse of Doctor Fangelstein

They say you never forget your first encounter. She was a sweet nubile being who offered him everything Matthew could wish to experience.

Smelly Mary’s

The sickly smell of rotting food and fabrics permeated the atmosphere / At last the one ton tray top truck would come trundling down the d…


A Mother holding / Her little Boy / Born in a stable / On a bale of straw / Listening quietly / To His heart beat / As she touched / His li…

“Victorian Virtue” – Excerpt – Ride Up Acti…

Her bright red hair shone in the sunshine. Female! Mary was so surprised and her excitement grew. There was only one woman Mary could think…

hymn to the mater dolorosa

all hail the queen of heaven / born a goddess / then made human / sanctified by men

Hope for the Future

Butterflies across the shadow of the moon / Revealing secretes / Lives held in our hands / Fragile as the morning sky / Emotions drifti…


Mary was my friend and my confidante. / She was always there for me / To listen, to share, to comfort, pray / And to laugh with / When we…




Dogs can swim. Some people can’t.


He came to see me on a stolen bike


i once knew a woman named mary / her eyes brilliantly shined / she danced in the moonlight / holding a glass of red wine / her soul was fi…

Proud Mary

Proud Mary / Looking for a job in the city / Working for the man every night and day / And I never lost a minute of sleepin’ worrin” / ‘Bou…

The Christmas Story

Each Christmas we read the story anew. / A story that brings us closer to / The babe born in a manger far / Beneath a bright new shining st…

mary shelley’s seventh con./gen. niece of h…


~ For Friend and Foe ~

She fell at His feet / her Son; her heart / praying He’d save Himself / as she fell apart / Tears of sorrow / gut-wrenching grief / a…

musing about the ‘virgin’ Mary

The true ‘idea’ of virgin is: / Innocence/Love… in the sense that everything we Are and do in our lives is born of innoce…


Fiddle with the Mary Magdalene secondhand halo / Portray a peasant of a sacred land that is now unstable / This is a man made hell and we&#…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary, / I can hardly believe that we made love like we did last summer. Can you? I was still acting the fool, playing as if I was a n…


Her face barely above the water / The dead girl floated like a poisoned fish.

if Mary were afro-american….

Mary had a little lamb, / its fleas were black as coal / to rid it of these parasites / she stuffed mothballs up its….



{My New Identity}

Hate, guns, big, time, hero, get, out, normaje,


After being beaten and crucified / Upon the cross He died / He was taken and laid in Mary’s arms / Not being able to save him from ha…

You Are My Son, My Saviour

You are my Son, my Saviour. In my arms prophesy has placed You. Today I shelter You. I love You. I cradle You. I nurse You. / Your tiny …

Pilgrim – Hodočasnik – Deo 5

The Virgin Mary & Jesus – Devа Mаrijа sа Isusom / Veče je bilo zа slobodne аktivnosti, а ko je želeo mogаo je uživаti u turskoj …


Only the Angels / Knew the right key / To sing Sweet Jesus / A melody / Their hearts of gold / Sang in full force / He was our Lord / They…

God, How Mary Knew Her Monsters!

Sadly, the greatest architecture, / Artists, poets all seem of / The past; apparently we modern / Too fast, trading / Molds for carved mar…

Tanjore Paintings

This is an ancient Indian art that originated in 1600CE from a city called Tanjore located in southern state of Tamil Nadu. These paintings…

Hail Mary

Hail Mary, / Mother of God, Mother of mine, / Full of Grace, / ‘from the fullness of His grace we have all received / one blessing a…


God called home one of his angels / He took some sunshine from us all.


Here lies MARY in her grave / One of the Civil War brave / Who would have thought / That a woman would have fought / In the Civil War / I w…

Epiphany 2008

(Sunism does not endorse this poem.)



Visions into Mystery: which is, Christ in you, th…

It’s Morning One of a new year. But this is only relative knowledge. / I’m at my window waiting first inklings of dawn, the su…

Mary Lou and the Thistle

When the grass settled, I was laying with my head downhill, my feet uphill and Mary Lou was on top of one of my left leg….

Memories of Mary Jane and Friends 10 (warning dru…

Well what a weekend that was, from Sat afternoon to Sunday morning the four of us went through eight tabs of ecstasy and four grams of coke.

If I were Mary Magdelaine This is what I would te…


Crowning Glory of Man

When they tear your virgin robes, insult you / and twist you to make you a shrew, / Know this, that I created you to be the Crowning Glory …


MOTHER LOVE .. how can anyone explain / All the sweetness..all the pain / A gift to her..from up above / Such a wonderful woman..so filled …

Mary Lou, a horse story.

She finally got the best of him, reared up and went over backward. I managed to jump free but went flying backward down the road, twisted m…

Mary Ann Dow Stuart Gardiner

Mary Ann Dow Stuart wis her maiden name, / Noo, she wisnae a Scoatish Lass o’ fame.

The story of the virgin birth

Now, I don’t know much about history / But this little tale was told to me. / It’s about a baby born / And how a vagina got torn / That fat…

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

I would never assume I could reach the caliber of citizenship like our former President, William Jefferson / Clinton, but I am not naïve e…

Mary Street

Walking home alone / In the electric sheen of post-thunderstorm April evening, / The night is lambent with reawakened moonlight; / The stre…

ABDUCTED NIGHTLY #2. Mary at the speed of light.

Then she dropped her towel……

A Prayer of Peace for the Sherman Brothers

“Chim Chim Cheree” / such a light and breezy kite / into the chimney tops of London

A Mothers View

Without being asked I was chosen for this / To see you betrayed by a friend with a kiss




Mary is the wallflower at the school dance / Who all the boys ignore when choosing partners.

Third Word

She wants to wrap him with her robe like she used to do when he was an infant – his body looks exposed and vulnerable, splayed out fo…


I would like to say I hope everyone has a wounderful Christmas

Mary, Mary.

To make flour for the bread.

The Perils Of Mary Jane

There is someone I used to know. Her name is “Mary Jane”. / I thought she’d be a lot of fun, but all I found was pain. / …

Crazy Mary

We’ve tried it your way / and we’ve tried it mine / but we just can’t seem / to get our life in line / Maybe we need / t…

An old man remembers

I was all set to join up as a drummer boy when one night I was out with the other young lads. Well, how I got separated from my mates I don…

white bread mary poppins

maybe it’s the loss of feeling / loss of life, however slight / a certain numbness / creeping in from the night~

To Mary Oliver and Returning Soldiers

My lips are shaking / my hands are tied. / “I’m cold,” a whisper softly whimpered. / “Too bad.” in a fearful …

A Poets Day

Acomplished in what best they do / So come on , what do you have to say / Lets get together starting now / And nominate a poets day

Wind cries Mary…….


Mary Clair

Mary Clair / Long silent nights be for Mary Clair

Personal Dilemma

The girl was pregnant. Her announcement hurt Joe. He was saving himself for marriage; for his fiancé, for this girl; but now this awful n…

The Demise of Old Mary

When life is slipping away from you, it’s time to take control.


A fiery Sagittarian / But irritable I am not / An eager, glowing ember / Of a God given star lot


Tape it to the window. Wipe it. Wipe it… Keep it straight. Press it down. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Keep it straight. …

The third coming of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

I passed along the river / The waters did they reek / Hyper sensitive / Cyber active / Living out / Happy families / All good things must c…


“For all you helpless romantics”.


Pearls of sweat forming on her forehead, mouth dry. Tears welling.

Miss Mary Matchstick

She catches your attention… / …there is no smile visible…

The Overshadowed

look… / her halo aglow, / a story / of glory / and grace / in face… / so hallowed a mona / lavender veiled. / a radiant flow b…


Mary the maiden of Loch Ness Lake, / Sunken below the waves. / She lives in shadows, the ghost of a wreck, / For the Loch is where she play…

A moment with Mary

I saw her at the well, hem rich and spoilt with earth. A mother blessed among women, yet a child chosen among all women, for nothing said b…

A Viking in my Dustbin. #91. HAIRY MARY.

I knew I wasn’t going to be the one to acquire a blow-up doll.

I would do anything at all for Mary Sue

I made a shoe for Mary Sue / in beautiful shades / of pink and blue, / with fine, fine leather, / and stitching too, / and filled it with l…

Alex & Mary

Alex and MaryAlex George moved to San Francisco and moved in with his sister when he was a teen. They lived in a rather seedy part of town.…

Mary and I

…It’s time for Mary and I to have meeting / No need for formal greeting / Smell of mint in the air / Close the entrance to my l…

An Ode to Mary Ann

An Ode to Mary Ann / She snuck into Studio fifty-four / at seventeen / with a friend / and saw Peter Frampton / his eyes like mother of pea…

mary speaks

mary speaks an unknown sea



Theotokos Speaks

I never wanted / such a holy burden, / I would have much preferred / a life mundane


Perspex dress? Aluminium Skirt? Sure!


The old priest sat / in the dark of the / confessional. A girl / had entered on the / other side and knelt. / A rustle of clothing, / …

Dear Mary Jane

Our insulating relationship had to be reviewed, / Like all young love, reality took the back seat / As we prioritized endorphic vice over …

Mary Jane

I hope you and Mary Jane are very happy together.

The Mighty Mary River

The mighty mary river is quite now / Soon it will run again, / when it does there will be a flood. / Like one has never seen / The land is …

only some smock around close sensuous as mary mag

a walkway often visiting then visited ‘gain / not indeed having visited much at all some time / forced awake by the poet well super i…

Inspirations of Mary

Spiritual, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary

To: Mary

I still miss your voice even if time has past / Memories of you with me will forever last / Of course I still wish we were together / Deep …

Quiet Humility

She pondered all these things in her heart / The Majesty she was to carry inside her womb / To give Birth to The Creator
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