the awakened, the dear departed day turns into night / night into day / pulse stopped blood coursed through your veins Life with the Cardinals Parenting is definitely a shared duty with the cardinals, and bringing new life into the world is a cycle as natural as breathing . . . In the Confines of your Mind of your virtual fibre / sending my rhythem for / the zest of life / along your viens / so you can exude / my passion as it very proud to be included in a Book collection… (Mature) Free (Mature) Straight to the Heart When men live lives that posture and puff / When men live lives that plunder / When men shoot arrows / To bolster their brawn / Two worlds … 50,000 (Mature) Life (Mature) Lookit!! Feeling grateful for being featured in People and Portraiture! On Catching a Chill My uncle, my father’s brother, only ever shakes hands; A formal greeting of two men of macho equality… date rape crouching in a corner, / like a pale / patient spider, / he waits / for her All I want is a head of hair I know I’m not the only one / Without the funds of Sir Elton John / To replace what’s long since gone ANGEL TOUCH Summoned by mortal spoken prayers / To bless those he guards with love / A winged poetic messenger / Sent from Heaven’s clouds above… Ladies, You’ve Got Male… Like ‘him’ or not… / Love ‘him’. Duality He burns old friends like driftwood; / jealousy is nothing good. / Rage burns, making her spineless. / Torture renders her careless. / Fren… Night Watchers – Nomads Stay on your way,not one more / round,they are there, just / Turn Around. White Christmas writing white christmas in all black clothes Features: Blooming Beauty & Territorial Woo Hoo!!! 2 new features!! / Thanks to the host of the group ‘Natures Wonders’ for featuring my photo ‘Blooming Beauty&… Male Formalities Excuse me Mr Penguin, / in your formal black attire; / are you going to State Occasion? / Do you mind if I enquire? / Is it for a Mansion H… “FROM ORGASM TO LOVE” To avoid unpleasant things is not the same as to create pleasure. If you want pleasure – and we all crave for pleasure as this is the… Male or Female? :o) For a good laugh!!! :o) / You might not have known this, but a lot of non-living objects are actually either male or female. the male/female doppleganger effect knowing not knowing / not knowing knowing / strong synchronistic life cycles / a powerful mirage / images lost in mirrors / coincidences in… A Public Male Ritual I enter the sanctified domain of the Penis God / Immediately, the first dilemma presents itself / Urinal or cubicle? Territorial Osprey Male – Featured June 23/… Thank you very much to the hosts of this group for featuring this image. Male thought for the day ! Hi Rick, did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa’s lips? / That’s coz her lips were rarely static&… Young Male Hunting Completely concerned / in control now she turned / whatever wish now this girl / round his heat her lip curled / Cried in passion release /… “Male Logic.”..keep cool" Man/Woman conversation / Woman: Do you drink beer? / Man: Yes / Woman: How many beers a day? / Man: Usually about 3 / Woman: How much do… Balanced Scales Concealed within this female physique also lies the mind and spirit of male / No aggressive impaler, yet equaled in strength, with a healer… The Conversation It burnt me where it shuddered across my skin. / Leaving me raw. / Longing. The Alluring Sting (Mature) Glimpse of Childhood (Character Growth) It was in the warm glow coming from the candles in his room in the den did he truly look at his child. She was everything he was and yet ev… Affection Between Two Cats Was Featured You Big Softy featured Affection Between Two Cats. Thank you so much You Big Softy very much appreciate it. THE FOURTH DAY …..Genesis 1:19-22 THE FOURTH DAY………These scriptures are a reminder that no matter what God creates he will take care of and provide for. Music is My Life And the sound that came out was / captivating, / mesmerizing, / irresistible, / beautiful, / Life-affirming First Born Daughter First born daughter, we just orta.. The female of the specise are more deadly than th… The female of the specise are more deadly than the male / THE HOLLYWOOD REEL / THE AO VERSION Have a Heart For Henry Have A Heart, for Henry 7 30 2008 / Remember the Tin Man? Sure you do. He’s part of one of the best read, most watched stories ever.… Hooray 4 Women! They used to give us a day—it was called International Women’s Day. / In 1975 they gave us a year, the Year of the Woman… Affection Between Two Cats Featured Again! Affection Between Two Cats was featured in Tabby Time. Thank you so much Tabby Time. Very much appreciate it. my POV Essay on Male and Female Orgasm (Mature) An Argumentative Moment your hurtful words / will melt away Ted’s Story Audience: Struggling men / Ted O’Bryan: Buff Stud or ‘Roided Crud? / What is it to be a man? A popular belief nowadays is that masculinity … Orgasmic Catalog (extract not available) / ‘Orgasmic Catalog’ gave rise to the film, ‘Olive Girls’, directed and scripted by Toronto… The Fox Kit Quest The Fox Kit Quest / ©Jay Ryser / I like projects; they help keep me focused (pun always intended). One of the reasons I like projects is t… I am an expert on dating ( The male perspective) Unfortunately I got divorced in 1997. I am now happily remarried. / But before I got remarried I was a very successful dater. Lol. / REAL… the last alpha male at the place of the cross / there is no longer a hedge / a mongolian magnolia / has sprung up in surprise / Wilson! that man to be stillbor… The Idiot Male A little poem about the biggest Idiot male that I have ever met. The shadows love “FUCK ME!” he roared. / “No” Isabella sobbed. / “You little cunt, I’m too good for you.” / He slapped her; Isabella just cried even harder… A Song For Another (A Song for Him) You look beautiful to me… / like a brand new angel. My Blue Note He was leaving / And he left me / With nothing but my skin…. The Shocking Truth About Gender Equality When you buy into the illusion of separation, this leads to fear, misery and frustration. See past the illusion of gender and you are just… MALE MANGROVE SKIPPER FEATURED MY MALE MANGROVE SKIPPER WAS JUST FEATURED IN CANON DSLR GROUP Bo Carter and The Great Male Depression of 1934: … In 1934 amidst the great depression, there was another catastrophe present that was to be forever remembered and ultimately forgotten. It w… Nielsen Rating (or the wrong place to make male f… Ole goes flaccid. Male Rage: Testosterone (Mature) Exhaustion (Mature) Oscar’s Story: A Short Story By Gay Perry No, I thought, they might eat me. I ran away! However, the next day I found myself creeping up to them again. Well, the rest is history, as… ODE TO A MALE “Who do ya love” ya ask…“Well now..just let me see” / " I suppose in all honesty…it`s gotta be me&… Black American Male Here is to 2008 and we and the dances and the after. Black American Male The first time I made love to you was the first time I danced with you. The second time was after the dance. A rant on male arrogance (without any swearwords … I’m tired of this game! A Woman’s Bod One beautiful woman in such circumstance can turn real ugly, real fast. The RedBubble censors (Mature) Tell Me… Tonight! Are you ready? / C’mon, tell me now, / I know I’m ready / I’m up to the fight / Cause your doing my head in / Please tell me tonight! Another Automaton Poem I let him work for me, / To do my labors and my languished laments / I let this automaton take on my muscles’ work, I Get High Off You (Mature) Mars Men are monsters you say / I say these monsters aren’t men. Adam and Eve We are separate from each other, / Nothing alike, / I have finally cut you off. / You are no longer connected to me. / You have effective… The story of the Decrepitude nudes Too much potential to lose (or badly damage) some exposed body parts I’m Not Listening To You i like boys with deep voices 22 Divine Law of Gender See the colours red and blue / Then throw in a golden hue / Yin and yang held tight with glue / Soon the child is worth it’s due The Change Machine- A Short Story (Mature)

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