Setting the Song by Druidstorm Seed of Life by Druidstorm Lost in Matter! by Druidstorm Light of the Annunnaki by Druidstorm Sphere of the Egregor by Druidstorm Cantus of Chaos by Druidstorm The Sacrosanctity of the Sentinel by Druidstorm Regulus! by Druidstorm The T of D! by Druidstorm Sense! by Druidstorm In a Word! by Druidstorm That which stands before me! by Druidstorm A Touch Beyond! by Druidstorm Decadence! by Druidstorm Abzu by Druidstorm Semita! by Druidstorm Serum of Sight! by Druidstorm Caged Emotion! by Druidstorm Broken Promise! Inside I whisper a truth that cannot be heard / A tear of sound that screams in the chaos of silence / A hurt that cries for the arms of ob… The Movement of Blue! by Druidstorm In Euphoria I Swim! by Druidstorm Waves of Blue! by Druidstorm Ecstatic Order! by Druidstorm Harmonic Chaos! by Druidstorm The Emotion of Chaos! by Druidstorm The Trinity of the Door! by Druidstorm Hands of Reality! by Druidstorm Continance! by Druidstorm Egregor by Druidstorm Pentaltar! by Druidstorm Torment of the Trip! by Druidstorm Divine Geometry! by Druidstorm Thoughts of Reality! by Druidstorm Six Ancient tree of the ninth degree Hold within your heart the crystal smoke of destiny. And know from deep within the hollowed oak will begin… Sentinels of Orb by Druidstorm Shift! This door is my siren of dimensional shift An emotion of tidal energy that renders me as key. I turn to the Trinity of time; I am everywher… Genelore! by Druidstorm Inanna In flight I fall and as I fall I drift into the hunger of the abyss / My heart starts to beat faster to the drums of fear; this body has be… In Sadness! by Druidstorm In the hands of passion! Upon your neck I whisper but the enchantment of the first kiss; a spell for your beating heart and upon your lips I taste your need for sat… Thy Heart of Song! As I follow you through my mind I sense a passion that I must find / Every memory of you is a vision of truth; even your scent is divine / … Never Alone! Once again the circle of repetition feeds the minds of social definition / A season of joy filled with the wanting and needing of that perf… Chaotic Twist! by Druidstorm Dreamgate! by Druidstorm Ancient Future! by Druidstorm Hidden Within! Always watching me; that’s all you do / I who seek freedom; now but a prisoner to you / We once flow as two; now it seems I carry you! / Th… The shade of Word! by Druidstorm Form! by Druidstorm Sleepology! My sanity is your madness for you cannot comprehend my ways / The transmogrification of my knowledge to many is symbolic discrepancy / I vi… In death I spy! As I look towards the midnight sky; it is she that I spy / Her glamour an ancient dance of mutable enamour / Wave after wave of reflective … 235   1   143   90   1   1   1 by Druidstorm The Harmony of the Paradox! by Druidstorm In me Nature Sings!!!…)o( I this druidae am a walker of the obscurus, / My act is to consume the forbidden, / My path to seek that which is forgotten, / My goal to b… Yule Greetings! by Druidstorm

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