Dear God, make me a bird How very rarely one looks up. / Each timed step, / weaving feet to ground, / looking down— / to earth, and rock and boards / of life— / th… You Make Me Melt I always think of you. / I think of your energy. / I think of your mind. / I think about the way you make me feel. / I think about you in m… How-to: make a digital pinhole camera Part of the fun is playing around to see what works! It took me only four or five go’s to get a pretty good pinhole. I couldn’t make you love me I cannot make you love me. / I can’t make you love me. / I couldn’t make you love me. / Lionel has a new mantra. / He felt like he was livi… The Imagining We are everyday magic Make me wet Fall upon me…make me wet with abandon / saturate my being and let me become. Their Passionate Love… Underneath the starlit sky he reaches out for her, / Running one hand through her silky brunette hair / And with the other pulling her clo… Make it Stop Minutes tick by / tick / ing / fast. / With each split second / comes another stab of pain; / another guilty rush of / emotion / at not be… How You Make Me Feel JESUS Kneeling at the foot of Your throne / Blinded by the radiance of Your light / Overwhelmed by the power of Your love / I praise Your Holy Na… beg (M) the extra tension he felt brought him so close to the edge of climax; he punched the mattress & begged her to stop… ’ They don’t make bras with a single … Infiltrate, penetrate and radiate these cells / Everyday with this is like living in hell / Can’t eat because my food taste like meta… The Love We Used To Make The scent of spring, lingered in the air, / I knew…somehow, / That I would find you there. / I found love, so elusive, by the lake / … monocular depth cues empiricism denied my empirical data / I’ve been running around barefooted in the snow / seemed I ain’t got the brains God gav… Time To Make Amends The book of life seems heavy now as the years go by so fast / And in the night the book falls open at the pages of the past; / So many good… careful make-up – beneath the surface we are standing at the far end of the surface / waiting the situation came to an end / an emotionless voice / an emotionless faces / carefu… My Make Up And it came back / No excuse me / Just right there / Dropping the inkwell / Into my mind / Dispersing the thoughts / I have tried and fail… Why does someone’s death make people happy?  Yes Ding Dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead.. Yet another despot is hunted down and killed but are we any better when we rejoice in … How to Make Mood Bread The longer the rising time, the more crusty and crunchy the bread will be. A short rising time will be good in a different way, especially … Make me a bed in your caravan Make me a bed in your caravan / Of feathers and fine straw / Warm me with your love / Mo stor geal is mo gra / Lave the lantern burning lo… How to make and print business cards This tutorial is based on using Photoshop. I have CS3 but I think some of the earlier versions would do the same job. Can’t speak f… Religion attempts to make God into a machine Organized religion, is not the Voice of The Almighty! But religion has usurped His Word, irreverently reducing it to dogma and traditions.… kiss me crazy Kiss me, love / Lavish- faze me / Kiss me kiss me / Splendid crazy / Forehead / Cheekbones / Lips / And hips / Curves / That merge to … Why did you make me BLACK? Why Did You Make Me Black Lord / Why’d you make me black? / Why did you make someone the world would hold back? they don’t make em like this any more . . .… his best friend / boyhood chum / in the service together / they talked every day / sometimes 3x’s @ day / a ring / a short question / usua… Can I make you mine again Can I make you mine again  /  hear your soothing sounds / The rustle of the crisp sheets / As your heart ache pounds / Take me by my hand  … So are we about to make a large black hole? large Hadron Collidor Powder Tins of powder lined up in rows / In every hue and shade / Across the dresser top / Powder to cover the blemishes / The scars too deep to s… make me make me / make me / make me draw / blot out the world / field my calls / release me from / these mundane walls / come in to me / feed me /… Thirteen I am Thirteen today… make no mistake………. staying stuck / what the fuck / to scared to move on and fight for what we’re worth / here in the habit / dumb as Icarus / we fly tow… You Make Me Wanna (Mature) Make Believe take me back to that other world / that fantasy land with its backstage lighting / cruel and cold but so inviting To Make a Gin and Tonic The bike is heavy, low to the ground. It has no gears, no breaks, but wide tires that take me smoothly through piles of weeds and broken b… Avoidance The door opens, / I walk in and you walk out. / The door closes on you. / I sigh and shrug / My day begins.. / I run, i smile, i wave, I ru… To make you holy! Not to make you straight or gay, / but to make you holy / to make you whole! / to make you holy! I’d Love to Make Your Hoobs Bounce (Mature) THE GARDEN OF EDEN sitting in the garden of eden / apple trees abound / and there’s that frisky little snake / slithering around / whispering sweet noth… Make Your Dreams Come True Always choose to seek out beauty, even when the world can seem so ugly. / Always seek out truth and never be swayed by the disloyal and man… An Easy Mistake To Make Ignorance and arrogance are walking hand-in-hand, taking care on the stepping-stones. How to make a cup of tea in 25 minutes Four of the cups are so ultra-slim that they can barely be called cups, and the other one looks like it was gnawed on by a hungry alpaca fo… Part one of ‘Fun Times’ (Mature) FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT pretend i see a brand new me / A butterfly am i / Gutter angel spread your wings / again it’s time to fly when lovers make love.. sitting in heavy silence, looking out into nothing, remembering the night i made your body shiver. imagining my fingers wrapped around your… Denial In the time is of the essence / We found our thoughts are swirling in a thousand vows endless / Truth less / hopeless / we couldn’t… does this make me religious? He wants to find God / I told him he need not look far / For he that seeks, shall find / God is here / Just believe and he will enter your … Fifty Things to Let go of from 2009 – to ma… 39. All the stuff my 8 year old leaves strewn about 5 acres… / 40. Blow flies. Make me laugh challenge – A bad attack of d… Make me laugh challenge – A bad attack of diarrhea…. You don’t make sense, why should i? if i / bathe Your / feet / in / tears / will You call me Mary and / remember my / face? / will you embrace me / if I left / my / limbs / i… I will make it.. gave you my time / which can’t be taken back You touch me and I’ll make it. © You touch me and I’ll make it. © / BY: Hector A. Encinas A true story to make you smile Between the ages of 7 and 8 I was paralyzed after contracting Polio, at that same time my Grandmother had a stroke, we were both bedridden,… a place where we can make our dreams real tears washed me from the face of the earth, / took me away, / swept beyond the here and now, / to where you were going. / and i had to let … Just to make people aware Proctor and Gamble … Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God” You Make Me Sick I wish I didn’t love you / But I do / Wish that I never met you at all / I wish I had never let myself fall / But I fell, / In love with … ferris wheels and all things make believe I know what I want. But I know its just a dream. / Things like these / Ferris wheels and spinning tops / They are all just make believe / I… internal monologue i – to make sense ….this is an unusual write, in that, it is purely the conversation/running internal monologue of ceaseless thought that forms in my … THE BEAUTY IN KNOWING THE YAKUSA (Mature) Don’t Make Me Laugh! © 2006 June _I am not Irish, Dutch, or French / just one person sitting on yonder bench _ You Make An Impression… … every Time you open your eyes. Lord Make me A Garment of Praise O’ Rock of Ages / secure me, and gird me / Hide me in the cleft of the rock One to make you think – sharing. 1.. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. / 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, & th… The cyber friendships we make Why are we all here and what draws us to each other’s welcoming company? I am sharing this, but have a few comments of my … THE MYTH OF THE LONELY, BOSSY ONLY CHILD by Susan Newman, PhD / Who first told you that only children were lonely and bossy? When was that?… Artists Make Love… …" out of Nothing at all. " the girl in the snow at christmas – by vamp… In the cool glow upon white snow the little girl lay / making her snow angel feverishly she did play. / Up she jumped dusted the ice from h… Faking Love Ready to drink vodka vileness To Make An Impression Last… … smile first. / ;D Make Believe… … IT’s True! / ;D Please don’t make me say it….. My hand is led away to here. / My journal. / My private place. / Without thinking, I pick up my journal. / Without thinking, I begin to wr… Powder Tins of powder lined up in rows / In every hue and shade / Across the dresser top / Powder to cover the blemishes / The scars too deep to s… Tease. You want me to chase you / like a fool! / I run, / I’ll never catch you, / I grab at air. / Close enough to imagine / your touch, / e… i hate the sound that goodbyes make You learn to read people / Fall into a rhythm / There is a pattern you fall into / How to say goodbye make me stop i bent down / to kiss you.. / And, / a flicker of a smile / upon your lips / now makes me / do it / again / and again, / then again! / :) /… You guys truly make me so HAPPY!!!! THANK YOU SO… Over 40,000 views, 90 features and 22 top ten challenge!!! WOW!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING YOUR PRECIOUS TIME TO VIEW AND COMMENT MY WO… MAKE MONEY Contest Group is a new group for artist to try to win some money every month. Check it out. Good Morning to Everyone (A MORNING MAKE UP) *Good morning to everyone. The lies are coming so high…sho high asthe storm clouds. / I am lost in the contours, so wrapping, so sug… Little Things Make You Think Have you ever wondered about the little things that effect how we act, think and communicate with one another? Did you know that the color … “Make No Mistake About It”… … there are no mistakes. / :) MOONLIGHT THROUGH THE TREES Look at the moon / Through the trees / Touch my heart / Feel the breeze / I am so in love / My soul is burning / The moonlight shining / I… Something to make you smile a cat died and went to heaven God asked him if, seeing that he had been such a good cat all his life, if there was anything he would like. … Stuck in the middle What is it? / Looks like music I ordered twenty-five years ago, someone cleaned out the attic and threw it in the garage. To Make A Lasting Impression… … smile first. / :) A Petition to the Make-a-Wish Foundation Just a stab at corporate America and greed. Making a difference The question was posed: “What does it mean to ‘make a difference?’” / My reply is : Making a difference can have… Don’t think you don’t make a differen… You make a difference IMPRESSIONS The dress is right, for tonight must be different, / A whole new chapter, not just a turn of a page. Choices We Make Life doesn’t often go the way one might suppose… Make The Pause… … the urge. / :) Make it happen Dream the dream of all dreams / Of yesterday / Of tomorrow / Of what once was / And dream of what will come / Inspiration alone can not ful… You Make My Day Every morning that my eyes get to see you I am truely blessed, / I thank you for letting me look at you while I get dressed. / You are not … you make me breathless when your near You are close / i know this / I feel the caress of your wafting fingers scent / My flesh slows to stillness / In feather like solidness i s… to make the shadows disappear and you sit in the only open space / and you hug your knees to your chest / and you have your eyes screwed shut / so you won’t see~ Make my day Are they afraid? Hell no, they seem to thrive on games. Little do they know I decide the game of the day. Silent night When silence loud ,when love sound,when light hide,when two lovers makes love at night,when madness is sane and when wisdome get mad again … Make of You My Dream Eyes, like an emerald / Like it’s snowing on my soul / Peace like a snowflake / Like a pure winter’s warmth / You’re a rainbow / You shine … – An innovative, free, online … Innovative, free online photo editor and graphic design software, for making designs and illustrations for custom printed products such as …
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