Hey Dad, I’m 40

You embed your trust into an anvil and tie it to my guts.


Oh no, you can’t come out. / Go back inside and wait. / You’ll make me say or do / something, I am going to hate. / Please don’t come out /…

poison & sunlit fur

You’re down to three pills a day.

History of madness (complete)

Used to love writing NO FIXED ADDRESS at social security called it social obscurity antisocial insecurity told then I had a job interview a…

The madness of loving great walls of something

i woke with my sheets drenched / from the lust of such fire / the sheer madness of desire / you ran through my skin all night / like whiske…

The Worm Turns

Curse the mental torture! / Damn the very thought. / To hell with confusion. / With anguish, I am fraught. / Life of ups and downs, / settl…

I am not mad

I’ve got this voice / Talking in my head / Listing facts / One by one

Rain of Rose Petals

dripping, soaking / like smears of red blood / seeping into my skin / with words of madness / in the poetry of the possessed


I remember the demons dancing at the corners of my eyes, always waiting to taunt me, always knowing how. I remember it all.

The Cat Is un Gato

In my asylum there are no words classified as of the lexical variety; / Neither words to give away nor any to steal from myself. / There i…

glass of HOURS? sweary bad words mad paul oops

I will carry it with me in a bag stitched from skeins of my own madness and plastic wrapping tape.

What is the 36th sign of madness?

Love is madness

SHOCK TREATMENT dare you to read it

hardest thing ever posted. dare you to, dare you to read it. as i dare to post this.


She was spinning, always spinning.

Inside Sanity-written by Ashleigh

Standing on the railings above the city lights, she took what was what she thought would be her final breath on this earth, / She removed …

The Celestial Engine (F. S. M. 1)

En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til… En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til…

The Mountains Of Madness

infectious, abstract madness!  / Like a wild child with an uneasy melodious beauty unhinged and filled with sadness!

life shadows

as madness seeps, like enshrouding fog / its shadowy digits / parting fontanelle / and worming the fertile fabric of mind / does it take yo…

A victim thier slave

never stripping / to reveal the pain / hiding underneath / from her entire / extended family / a victim / their slave / avoiding their gaze

Echoes of Madness

There is an emptiness that hangs over me / it sucks me in, drawing me near / with promises of lucidity, it reaches in hand / offering sweet…

The nature of hatred

How does one hate? / I find it hard to understand / the simplicity of others hate / etched on steel, or carved in stone. / Hate someone who…


He gave me a fixed stare, and his eyes got really dark and all seeing…He started pulling out my drawers and banging them back shut, f…


Once upon a time / there was a happy lens, / it called itself / Convex… / It worked so nice, / magically and sweet, / making the rays of li…

The Silent Storm

Sweeping veils are coating none, / While fanfares groan a death. / Sound and laughter, all are gone, / Except the strong wind breath.


nothing about that room is right / it’s a cold crazyquilt of colors / that jangle and shift

Madness- Sense Of The Chaos

that I’m losing my brain / there ’s meaning of the madness / sense in the chaos

The Sleeping Enemy/Lover

…A mirror glares in disgust / Blue and black and gray…


I take her radial pulse, her carotids, once, twice. I am on the grass stretched and ragged against her. Ah… something there, something life…

Starts with V (ends in odka)


Beautiful Madness

But I came to remember one thing / That I almost forgot

What can be said about the madness within silence?

There are a thousand things I could say about this / and for this reason I choose to say nothing.

The True Aesthetics of My Madness…

My heart pounds faster, faster, faster… / Faster still as my chest begings to feel tight… / I reach my hand up to hold against …

the dread biter

I know you hear his hisses too

Mind, Heart, Soul.

A comfortable silence, / Our faces, / An inch apart. / And in your eyes / I saw / The battle between your Mind and Heart.

Richard Dadd’s Engine

If we seek this place of wonder / If we can then play our part

Home…. Part 3

Abby Green had never been so terrified in her whole life. She had been a city girl almost all of her existence and had come to witness the …

Farm talk – Spring Fever and Summer Madness

4th October 2010 – FEATURED in Bug Hunt / My Celtis africana full of spring buds / Spring fever and summer madness happen on a smallh…



Madness Takes its Toll

You / Are just a lesson for me / in stretching my canvas. / Preparing , / for a larger portrait of life……

Abortive Saints

a chattering blissful and horny twist of relief…is less real than their


he walks amongst us / conquering innocent hearts.

refrigerator box death…shut

mind machine machines…a happy smiley face Smiley

The Celestial Engine (F. S. M. 2)

En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til… En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til…


My world has gone mad / As sleep evades consciousness / Unaware of thought / Just the chitter chatter of voices / Screaming chaotically abo…

Declared Madness

Contorted faces with hideous laughter / As the dead beckons me to come home / Into the night in the bright of day / A river rages in the ju…

Beware the Madman.

Beware the Puritan, the man who sets boundaries which only he shall cross, alone and in secret in his room. How dare he call unclean that w…


A lot less these days, / but some days,not all days, / when the atmosphere is wrong, / and the circle is not your own. / The button is push…

Convergence of Mind & Matter

A man, four walls, / clad in clinical-wasteland white / and his recurring dream / of the End / (…)

Should the madness leave you cold

Twas eighteen minutes to two / what to do what to do / a shiver runs down the spine / all my thoughts are truly mine / a grab of the collar…


A mad world where meaning becomes mean

The Celestial Engine (F. S. M. 3)

En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til… En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til…


Scattered on the wind / Of your uncaring heart

Mad Dog

I stabbed myself in the heart with a toothbrush / I just made it stink less / I tried it with a paintbrush / Now I just have more red on my…

Outer outer Space

I saw an old women yesterday / She shivered / With recognition / When a rat the size of a dog / Stole a rattle from her pram

Canvas Wings

Gliding briskly, atop white capped waves, / Seemingly floationg through the sky. / The cool refreshment of the constant spray. / On canvas …




The water falling is getting louder / like a million hand clapping / a gazillion fingers snapping, / bones breaking, thunder cracking / an…

The Madwoman’s Ghost

here is this madwoman: / who once took a chipping axe / to her daredevil heart.



Cell Phone Madness

A partial fence stands in the grasses, not barely enough to keep the powerful feline from stepping over or through or just around… / …

Salt colour

I’ve pulled out an eye / in attention replete, / I’ve eaten a bug / and beaten defeat.


I, MADMAN / I, madman / That I am. / I, the lyricist of pondering / Amongst the people wandering / For gold and gifts, / Searching a langua…


It was to be a day of mourning, but madness broke out. Who can explain such things? They fly right out of the heart.

The Madness of Need

If your belly is empty / will you not feed / If your soul cries out for love / will it not reach / all levels of insanity / It’s the…

narcissus knew best ?

Disorientated now and beyond help, Narcissus became erratic.


…Lips of mad sever your thoughts…


What was a woman doing alone on the side of a mountain in an old landrover anyway? / And then she felt the rover move. Suddenly warmth was …

Secret Window

No help / No inspiration / The window looks at you with it’s grin / If only you could break through the surface / And let it all come…


Their daughter, Heathor, was on the bed playing with the bugs that were crawling on the wall behind the headboreeed…


crows being opportunistic creatures

Madness came down

In the tightness of madness…



KRATE – THE FOOL a novel

Thank you. You have opened the book, and started to read. I would have been lost without you. But we must be careful that we don’t deconstr…

odes to madness #44

at some point your face / is truely unrecognizable / and you ask yourselves / at the altar of the mirror / who asks who? / and can you beco…

September Madness – In Remembrance of 9/11

The morning sang of hope, the sun burned bright, / No warning signs of danger in the air.

noises in my head

I wish / there was a switch / a button or something / or a key or some such


They lift the Devil-child from my womb


I fade away / The world unknown / Lost in the atoms of space and mind.

Early Crime Madness At 3:30 A. M.

About four month ago I started paying more attention to what people were doing around 3:00 to 3:30 A.M. in the morning. I get up at 2:30 b…


the weight of this written word / has a wonderful sense of / madness in this poetry

Imitation world

All alone, I hear the heartbeat of a broken home / The candles flicker gently and even the flame feels unworthy / in this trust free, imit…


When people run in circles / Hand in hand with madness

I Am What I Am

*Yet hope is eternal, and our hope will live on / And I am who I am, and my heart feels so strong.&

Silent night

When silence loud ,when love sound,when light hide,when two lovers makes love at night,when madness is sane and when wisdome get mad again …

All in Time through my painful feet with Planter …

Embrace the boot, / embracing the boot, / I gave myself the boot!

2011 (year in review)

I don’t really follow numerology, / astrology or Scientology, / but during 2010 I suspected / 2011 would be a big year. / From 3-Feb-…


My teeth hurt from being clenched so hard so desperately life-bleedingly hard in seizure. It is akin to waking from a drinking binge to fin…


Power sent wooing / Shall seduce the feeble mind / Madness— it’s undoing

Quality Of Madness

I’ll be damned / If the voices don’t have ears of their own / Stitched from the core of your bone / A happening for drowning th…

The Flat Flat Footsteps

“Oh yes- it’s getting cold- but look at the flower,” she says, and nods towards it, so I know it’s another trick, and when she’s gone I thr…

Soliloquy – Freedom is Pain

the mad man wants freedom. So, should I freak out? Should I deny it?



The Fantastical Madness of my friend

I saw her slip into a pit of darkness / and could not grip her hands / she held her grasp so tightly / desperate not to fall / until one by…

Waking Lament

I’m up feeling quite mad, / my mind is me arrested to a fragile figure in the bedlam of myself, / I am not sure what it is I’m…


…chocolate pudding…eagles…

Madness of the Guilty Drunk.

I dabble in that which seeks the night in false bitter screams, / For in this wandering fading grip I hold onto dreams. / Some say I am a b…
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