Love in Black & White The balance of love / should never be a burden in your sails The Lucky Country It was the lucky country once / because, / those of us who came / in wave upon wave of boats and planes, / on occasion running toward / … LUCKY IN LOVE Lucky is the person who walks amongst the bad in life Sometimes.. if you’re lucky! Sometimes a soft wind blows… and occassionally… Lucky She’s quiet today. I’ll try the weather- that always elicits a little conversation. / Snow? Today? Really? Gosh, I hope you’re right other… lucky . . . to . . . i said to my girlfriend . . . / sometimes i change my clothes three times IN a day . . . / other times I can wear the same thing FOR thre… LUCKY EDDIE Lucky Eddie wasn’t baptized with that moniker, he was baptized Eduardo de la Hoya Miguel Hildago Antonio Trujillo Fuentes, by the village p… Gills She sways more visible in the breezes of new times to be had. Lucky You! Wow, what a lucky shot. how lucky i am i have been in many fights / and none of them turned out good / seems the other guy never got my point / as over them i stood I am not a teapot Luck runs out of my spout Salvation Salvation comes only from within. Magic of the Lucky Shit Stain I discovered shit stains in my underpants today and now I am feeling lucky and singing the praises of mathematical certainty. Why? Well, le… Lucky Dip I’d not been there long. But somehow I’d been pushed down to the bottom of the lucky dip bin. I suspect the others had been here much long… Happy and lucky to have friends (and acquaintance… I also have this impression, this ‘theory’ that, in Australia, there is that superficial ‘friendship’ and the ‘real’ one. Maybe we find the… Lucky… Black cat. / Exuberant dog. / …screeching tyres! The Lucky Singer The singer sang a song about flowers that popped out of cans of diet soda and turned into potato chips. He lined the children up along a pa… The Lucky Dog “Joe, lately my lustful mind has kept me in a prison of guilt." That’s How Lucky I Am When I was young I had and accident, and it almost killed me. People told me how lucky I was. Lucky Find Ironic coincidence takes the reigns If You’re Very Lucky Pride is fine, / especially with flaky crust and sweet meringue, / but keep this man and toss that pie / into the foolish taunting face of… STRIKE IT LUCKY He fell, with a thud, into the abyss of another day. “Always darkest before the dawn” they’d said, but now the sun was high in the sky. H… Oh How Lucky I Am With the current bush fire crisis here in Victoria, and the smoke have driffting in the most part, i had trouble breathing and sleeping the… the lucky country It’s Sunday at 11.30am on the street with all the car wreckers. A man sits on a plastic chair on his front lawn. lucky to feel nothing its a thought i get when im living in my emotional dark land / a taste i swirl around when i cant seem to get up cause i have fallen so far… Lucky One (Mature) So… I was sitting on the train and it was, about three no. It was closer to four in the afternoon Two features (61) made it in the top ten and a fe… “Viola’s secret…” was featured in the group Bits and Pieces / “Green reflection” was featured in the group The Beginners’… December 12, 2008 – lucky day with 4 featur… So many thanks to all hosts who feature my works today. Wow, 4 feature in one days, what a wonderful present. / 1) “Little Princess” was … My lucky day Another feature! Can’t believe it! Thanks a million Tereza and Eduardo for featuring my Smiths Beach panorama in their SEA group. … The Lovely Lucky Moon Touched by lovely bones / Love made by almost moonlight / I’m a lucky girl This is a lucky sunday ….sold a card!!!!! Happy dance….sold a card to AndShesGone / Let’s Party / Thank you so very much Andrea …you are the topping of the cake&#… My lucky Day! I had two photos at the same time featured in the group All That Is Nature / Wow thanks guys.. Lucky Thirteen I see pictures of that time and there is a tired skeleton staring back at me. A shell of a person. The year prior to all of this, I had ros… my lucky charm How precious is your existence / Your life is more important than the world / I hope you will always look to me Very lucky I am feeling very lucky .I have Featured Work in theTechnical Photography group. / Thanks so much shot Morning church was picked. Lucky The rain stomps on my steel roof, the humidity draws moister from my skin. I can’t sleep, I can’t rest. Comfort is absent and … Lucky Me, Lucky You Lucky Me, Lucky You / We have a belly full of food. We are all extremely lucky With all that is going on in the world today isn’t it great to know you are amongst caring individuals. No matter what happens in you… The day Lucky touched our lives. On answering it, i was presented with my neighbour Manolo, his two youngest, Estelle, who was 13 at the time and Maribel, who was 11. I See You I See You / The sun shining over a cloud / As the two of you stand so proud / Are you planning your next meal / Or communicating how you f… 2 LUCKY PERSONS Only 2 Peoples are / LUCKY / in the world / 1st those they have / LOYAL FRIENDS / and 2nd Those / They Have Prayers of / MOTHER. questions and answers [well answers if you are lu… ok so you know how annoying it can be … so why don’t you answer ME…. Lucky Man! Cheeky grins, / Rosey cheeks, / Simple fun, / Funny weeks. / Wonderful days, / of giggle and smile. / Long in wonder, / The days seemed to… Why am I so Lucky? Are you certain that your love for me is true? / If not, then let me know, / No matter what the answer, I WILL always love you. / Even if i… Lucky. (part one) He found it by chance. Luck had played him like a fiddle. One of his only pair of cufflinks popping off as it did and falling down into the… Lucky Pendulant you are, across the bars that contain you / No, I couldn’t send you to an eternal sleep wittle archie-bad dog ( lucky escape ) hi my name is archie and im jusht shevan yearsh old im from a village called sauchie in scotland uk / the story is about bad dogs / sleepin… Lucky Do you think you’re lucky? / You think you’re lucky? / Do ya? / Then let me tell you what I’ve got. / I’ve got a ma… Lucky ME ~ FEATURE! Thank YOU ~ Domestic and Pe… i sincerely appericate the attention my photo recieved by being featured in the Domestic and Pedigree Cats 2 GROUP. THANK YOU! / sincerel… Unlucky Youth Lucky Man As an adult, my luck changed. Counting numbers with the TV lotto lady; I was curse-free! Meeting Bill Clinton advice from Bill Clinton Lucky draw. keep talking! and hope tomorrow exists! Isolation Like ants, we built this colony. / You could be hung for any new felony. / We set to work, clearing land. / And built our prisons with our… Lucky and the Big Jump Knowing an animal trusts you to that degree is humbling. You know you’ve done nothing to deserve it, for you’ve placed him in d… Lucky to be alive *2 walking on my mothers “right” lines The beginning the middle and the end… If yo… if you’re lucky My Dog Lucky When I was growing up I had a dog named Lucky. Lucky was my best friend and sometimes my only friend. / My parents both worked and she wa… Lucky Never vulnerable and is never held back, / only one thing, it gives life, / and we can’t live without it." You’re lucky to have a job! What is it worth living or die for? / Is it an Idea and it’s rightness? / or a good deal and the sake of your buisness? / One thing i… The Lucky One I reach for you then ask myself, / What would your life have been like? / You’d be me, times two: Interview Perfectionn It may have been layla’s lucky earrings Luckiest Girl on the Planet You held me in your heart and then breathed new life inside of me… Lucky Poem Here’s / a / LUCKY POEM, / Written / from / ME to YOU. / Filled / with / 4 LEAF CLOVERS / In hopes / your / D R E A M S / come true… A Lucky Sob Laughter echoed and screams penetrated the house, wild laughter and loud screams that would curdle the blood of the stone hearted and fearl… Lucky Day It was a lucky day, / When I found a colorful flower / As if it had been protected for me / It smiled and was happy to meet me / Dull gray … MADDY P. & HAiLEE T. = TWiNS FOREVERR;D Whenever I need help with anything she’s my number one. Lucky One I don’t know where I’m from Two Times Lucky Love is just a word. However Living in Love, even in your 70s and 80s, is the most satisfying, comforting, and WONDERFULL thing in this wor… Lucky One Jut fight through the night, / and hope for the light. / Take up your strength, / And protect my heart. Mirror Modes and there is already a title predetermined, you could stare at a building for days and still not know the back of your hand.. very well the… THE LUCKY COUNTRY Poverty, the root of all evil, is ugly, full of teeth, green with envy, revengeful, disrespectful, / cannibalistic and so primitive ready t… I Had A Fright Yesterday I strained my ears as I ran… I listened for her cries over the thumping crunching of my boots on the gravel. I figured I would hear h… The Lucky Fart …He stops, he lifts up his left leg, and holds it straight out sideways perpendicular to his body, and then he farts… Australia, The Lucky Land High atop a mother rock / Looking in directions far away, / While overhead a phantom flock, / Search for their nights prey. Lucky Stone I have a stone / As smooth as a bone, / In my sky rocket. Twa Perfict Roses.Hoo lucky kin an’ Auld Yi… A oaftin crack a wee joke wae ma noo Mither- in- law, / She kin be the funniest Mither-in-law yea iver did saw. lucky one I want to be the lucky one / who opens the exit door / and leaves / with mixed opinons and deflated / passions / ready for something / insu… Sorry Jesus, what a lucky girl she was. Nearing eighty, Betty, although still young at heart, her body starting to betray her, was having one of her little “turns”, so… Saviour Excerpt 004 – Lucky, Charlie, Kai “Hello fella,” she said softly. The dog jumped at her voice and withdrew a few steps, his tail between his hind legs. im lucky (Mature) “Lucky Girl” featured in “Statu… Wow, it’s great to see this photo get featured in “Statues and Such”!! Finding the right pose was a challenge for this st… Crush The crushing weight, slow and foreboding. nononsense my socks have / nononsense / proudly stitched across / my toes / at least those lucky bastards / don’t take shit / from anyone Me Lucky Rock Hello there little stone / Who knew that the man who gave you to me / Would up and leave like he was free to roam / Like he had no daughter… Gee I’m Lucky…Lyrics Start the day I’m bathed in sunshine, / Even when it’s pouring rain, / Got that feel I’m blessed with some thing? / Gee I… The Lucky Cock of Chapel St Sunday, Sunday / at the La La Land / with longnecks / and a belly full of beer / and sun on the windows / of Chapel Street / and a whiff o… Lucky Ticket The story is a mystery and it is fiction, The plane ticket that she lost before boarding, was it really a Luckey Ticket? Lucky lucky to be looken after someday / to have someone stay / to have some things in between the bitternesses / and all our sweet cries / a bar… How Did I Get So Lucky this a small view into my heart. Lucky Escape I’d never even heard of felatio, / I thought it was some new Italian bread. Lucky Man Perhaps he doesn’t know it / No realisation of what he’s got / Touched by the hand of fortune / A love beyond compare / I have … lucky do you know how lucky you are? / I know how lucky I am. / I’m lucky that the bicycle accident I had at 18 unsettled my life enough to… lucky man I stood beside a lucky man / with crossed fingers / tapping wood / staring to the tamed / brown feathered eagle / hooded below the eyes / s… I’d Like To… I’d like to sit you upon my shoulder / and tilt my head to better hear your words of wisdom. The Lucky Tie (the quiet love of a father for his… It was black with white polka dots and made of silk. It was tied around the neck of a photographer when he was recording the most joyous m…
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