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They call it night rain; the hushed nocturnal clatter of mahjong tiles being shuffled. At 2am, it’s the final remnants of the cacophony; th…

Morphine Dreams

How your gaze never left me, how I held you in thrall, / And I did a double take, to drink in the full measure of you.

Lucky You!

Wow, what a lucky shot.

I am not a teapot

Luck runs out of my spout

This space they cannot touch

Dreams can be found even without sleeping

The rim

It’s never the same when you know. / The conversation flowed over it, around it and through it. / We did not speak of it. / One day at a …

Ferrets are Bad Luck

Probably not the best introduction but this is what has inspired me to write of my frustration with being a loyal ferret owner. / I got my …

what are the chances?

watching the rain / coating the world / in chiaroscuro - / shades of light and dark / but really awash with grey

Bad Luck Trip

…a short story…


I had tried to make a fortune too, / But my dreams all turned to dust.

complacency (good luck with that!)

hood rats just wanna be left alone / to sell their crack / and rob your home / and rapists don’t need any trouble / when they rape s…

Go Speed Racer

aj hedger race poem, motocross poem, ponca riders poem

wish me luck

If I could run and hide / Where would I go? / Far from where I am now / Far from where you are as well / Being here is getting me crazy / B…


Mornings like these / Come with less frequence / Seasons appear / so out of sequence / Breeze cross the porch / Birds son on the air / Mak…


A stick insect thinking it can fly… Then realising it has no wings… Then realising it isn’t an insect and actually just a stick…

a simple mantra

absorb my ills / restore my calm / and allow me a little bit of luck!

wish me luck

im going out on my bike to try and get some pictures cos im bored back in a bit.


  MAN / is born, / matures, / begins questing, /   LIFE

just my luck

one of those days where your full of fright / one of those days where nothing goes right / your annoyed angry and very sad / you think noth…


take me, take me

Our thoughts are with you

In sickness and in health / you vowed to one another, / and now when things are tough / you stand strong for each other. / There’s nothing …

Game of Luck

Dreams cant change the luck / u cant make a pic on the water / This is Game of Luck my Friend / Luck cant Change / if u try a million hid…

My Luck

and the sea wasn’t blue- / green like in the / photos, it was a maroon color. It was the red / tide, the lifeguard / said.

What Does Existence Have To Do With Luck?…

Luck = Skill


I am just one person, there are so many / Why should you grace me with your love…


Sitting on the side walk, / staring at the sky. / Seeing all the angels / pass me by.

wish me luck

hello to all my redbubble friends / just let u all know i have applied for a job as a photographer at child modeling agency. there were ov…

Good luck

Katy sat at the computer obsessively sending emails. / George yelled from the lounge room, “Katy, come in here and watch the lotto draw! W…


I once had a buddy named Chuck


If Anthony can believe in the absence of luck, can he believe in something greater?


Luckily for me…

Better Luck in the Next Life?

Colin was a bit nervous, who wouldn’t be? He was about to ask the girl he loved to marry him. They’d been together for a few years but for …

The Goddess Fortune

Many of today’s literary concepts are adaptations of ideas originated by Boethius ’ widely popular (in the middle ages) De Cons…

Leaving Friends

I’ll be your lifeline. Your friend, / Your two feet on which to stand.

re evon ski’s wish me luck!

i retraced time / to say good luck / quite a feat to / now have had done / now can plan/role / dramatize words / as is true verse / i, say…

The Old Mans Stroke of Luck.

He wanted to laugh at his predicament but could only stare as the wretched dog sniffed his groin.

Unlucky Youth Lucky Man

As an adult, my luck changed. Counting numbers with the TV lotto lady; I was curse-free!

Leaving High School

The French teacher said “Bon Voyage!” / The English teacher said “And they lived happily ever after, that was the end, full stop.”

Wanting somthing more

So stand there with a smirk on your face and a cynical stare watching me fall like a plane caught fire

Angels Unaware

How many times did I play on the ice? / Robby and me and Marky made three. / How many times did the river entice… / the boys on a ty…

How To Turn Luck Into Skill…

Practice! :)


It may present as a cool breeze / Or roar in devestation / But every once in a while / Even the wind gets lucky

Running for Life!

“We ran, hearts a racing, blood pulsing through my veins, feet scrambling through the thick brush”.

Luck = Skill

Good Luck everyone! :)

Third Time Luck.

great, i’ve fallen into a ditch again. / great, you’ve put that ditch there again. / great, i’m not falling into that dit…

Friday the Thirteenth

You see, Mischief was off-duty when she was at home.

Luck Finally Took Pity

Through twist and turns / I’ve spun around / I’ve tripped and fallen / Face first to the ground / I’ve lost my way / Not …

A terrible punishment awaits me

Only the theatre gods know what terrible sentence I will pay for expounding on this profanity.

Good Luck

if you wanted them so much, why didn’t you tell me? / people i talk to, i make sure you see / that they are my friends and i won̵…


I am just one person, there are so many / Why should you grace me with your love…

Dumb Luck

It isn’t necessarily the fact / that I can’t mentally grasp / simple concepts. / I feel as though I’m quite capable. / …

the Good Luck Kid

“born under a bad sign / been down since I began to crawl / if it wasn’t for bad luck, / would have no luck at all” / …


If we are looking for something / we want / sometimes we can be in luck / finding / what we really need

What Luck

Just as you think it will not last.


A number, / On the roll of a die…

Platinum Memories

Grips of thickened swollen moundflesh / Wafts up a shared olfactory passion / Grasped tween wee hours of apparition / Erupts upon yon solit…

Wishes are nothing but fake.

If wishes actually came true, / Then why am I here and not with you? / 11:11 ticks casually away, / And as I wish, this is where I stay. /…

Auld Lang Syne, or “Make Your Own Luck̶…

“The usual hosts planned the usual parties, and with clockwork precision had them decimated by events both unforeseen and blatant.…

Go Get Life

I know it seems nonsensical / Like Dr. Seuss spit on your brain / And it is only theoretical / But you must listen to the pain / As you fee…


What does it mean… / when the kiss doesn’t scream love.. / when the hug doesn’t mean much… / when the words " …

A Perfect Day

“FINE, GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU GOT” “I CAN TAKE IT” I grunt in discuss, my body relaxes and I take a long deep breath

standing smack dab in the middle of the luck of t…

while i stood in line / for an hour / at the buddhist college / to see the famous poet / read his wisdom / the woman in front of me / kept …


if you change the way you see the world, / the world will see you in a new light….

“Lady Luck”

“Lady Luck” / “Call it.” / “Heads.” / That perfect tinging sound followed by a soft thump. / “Hea…

Good Luck and Don’t Dare Give Up

The man outside started hacking at the door with his axe and her head pounded. Her palms were clammy and cold, even though her whole body w…

As Luck Would Have It

addictive is your voice, your mouth, your eyes




shoes on feet that walk in beat down / empty streets the silent cities of / your mind

How’s this for writer’s block.

You know, I must say I enjoy the words I share with you, / I really love these thoughts, that come to me from the blue. / All of these idea…

goodbye and good luck

today i found myself daydreaming. much like i always do, except recently, my daydreams haven’t been much about you. but today i got t…

Love, luck and a broken heart

Is it love and will it break your heart in the end?

“McMurtree’s Wallet”

Beatty waited to hear why they had been looking for him. Micki spoke. “May I tell him, Dad?” “Yes, yes, go on, girl!” McMurtree agreed. “W…

just my luck

a creep creep creeping down the lane / i hear my back creaking in pain / my fingers grow like scissorhands / i’ll meet all of my swee…

Advice for a friend

don’t be afraid to fall / . / Don’t be afraid to win


Sometime between the Late Show and the Late Late Show, We retreat to the bedroom / Where we lie with our paperbacks held in cupped hands

Holes In Time – How Do You Know?

How do you know if it was him / That stopped you committing another sin / That helped you out of the hole you were in

good luck chuck

I am officially THAT girl. / Touch me and your next / fuck is gonna be the one. / My ex-boyfriends, let’s / not even go there. They /…

GOD Save the Spring…. !!!!!!!! Meanwhile , …

GOD Save the Spring

re ‘’good luck with your toshiba :) j…

ta very much / be glued to’t soon / nonstop / ’sif to sheba / didst verymuch / comestop / . / juddarwin

Coping In A World Of Crisis

My head has been really dizzy / Cause of my life being busy / I want to let the stress out / By a big loud noisy shout / That comes from th…

‘Of Thirds’

‘What, pray-tell; was His opinion on the matter?’ / ‘In the raiment of an absurd grin, he cast me an odd look and proclai…

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