Leaving you gets harder but loving you gets me th… I don’t want to let go of this / Your hands are on my hips / So I stand like your tree / Beautiful seed; I planted a one on your tw… Loving to a higher power Let’s dance again the way we slowly grind / Peel each layer off as we move to find / The center of each other without the rind / Feel my bo… The madness of loving great walls of something i woke with my sheets drenched / from the lust of such fire / the sheer madness of desire / you ran through my skin all night / like whiske… The Lovers My naked thinking heart … I will not hold your suffering, I will let mine go deny me. / hurt me. / burn me. / hate me. / spit on me with those eyes. / try to make a martyr out of me. / it doesn’t matter, / I wi… My phenomenal man bear the burden of my ache, unwaveringly / feel my pain, bleed for my wounds within / cross the abyss with fearless tenacious courage / she… SHE BLUSHES She blushes sweet sincere and chocolate, / prismatic in her character / reflecting her soul off every spectrum / and direct into my boso… Patricia So noble, beautiful too “wtf” I can’t even explain why illness and not even knowing if I am ill makes me want to fill my glass until my body says / “enough … Human Touch See me / with your fingertips / each curve / every line I WILL STOP LOVING YOU Love, Stolen Poetry, Voice, Heart, Winning Loving Art The canvas my clay I mold in faces / Rich or pale the water gives life / To the worlds of many who I seek to see / Into their eyes givin… WE DARE YOU Love me. / My warts are scares from Icarus thinking / I know / everything / falling / to my death / I / did not know / this is where I / n… Young wolves Sometimes the fear of the life grabs one; / a fluttering in the body, like the first wing strokes of soft young birds. Loving Life Passions sweep gently / Across the mighty oceans / Bringing love to life Loving Your Maestro, Passions Your Orchestra Take the neath from beneath / Let it speak or plead the weak / Never truths have felt so free / When honesty wakes for a lovings sake / A s… A Fairytale about a Roman Warrior and a Sicilian … Once upon a time, in a land far away across the sea, called Boot Land, there lived a Roman Warrior. / The Roman Warrior came from a very im… My Muse, My Silence Encased in arms of silence / Surrounded by the walls of no sound / Trapped in the discord of waiting / No word…but looking for a sign from … I’m Not Finished Loving You… Your refusal punishes me / my penance / memories / hanging sentences / what if’s / and if o n l y s LOVING SILENCE I have found that the soul’s senses / wake up in a baptism / of sustained silence. Il Pleut Slide all over me… Dreamer Sweet Angel… (A Loving Memory) A childs imagination and love of God / Dedication to my brother / Erik Gabriel Fromm / 2/4/2008 I Must Stop Loving You Throw the heart / like a cricket ball / against the wall / Splat, / leaving red kisses on the white. Return of Heaven on Earth – Celebrate Love … Princess Diana can see us all even if we can’t see her as a human and she loves us all and misses at times but she is enjoying her ti… Loving wordplay Wordplay becomes desire loving all even the darkness could no longer / prevail, / wrested from its clutches, / light spewed and flowed / filling valleys, / creating shadows, … wishing if there was still / love in my heart / I’d give it to a poet / to do with as he will WOW! – TWO MORE SALES!! – GREETING CA… Thank you so much Victoria Sheldon for buying my 2 cards! It really means the world to me that you would like my work enough to buy it. SMI… A Calm, Peaceful (Loving) What-If… … a calm, Peaceful (Loving) people = a calm, Peaceful (Loving) planet. / ? New Nikon D3100! Click here to view a beautiful video I made with a gorgeous little girl. and to see a jam session I taped at my mans band practice Loving the girl in the mirror Delusive was the name of her inner shaman / spending words with outdated emotion / She was enchanted by an indecorous spell / underneath,… To have the rights to say No! such pleasure it becomes, / the ultimate act / You lift your hand OMFG! or why I hate to re-learn things I took a stand, I let all my addictions go. Food, drink, drugs, smoke and fear. I’m keeping the sex though a girls gotta have some fun in t… Still Loving You I have been hard at work hoping to use my mind to touch you, / You don’t even honor my existence but I pretend that it happens. / My … I cannot stop loving you love, no, shadow, 1. Marysville : a Tribute … an Obituary = a… Saturday 14th a week from when the fires destroyed this town, the survivors were allowed to return.The only building to survive ironically … In Loving Memory… Grieving process A Son Worth Loving My father told me, “Whatever happens, you will always be the son I love.” I was four years old and I didn’t believe him… Loving Sam… (A Novel Extract) Once his mouth had parted itself from my burning skin, I managed / to breathe once more. My eyes remained closed, his breath shuddered acro… the loving heart If I were a rose that was red in your garden / I’d perfume the sill on your window of life and / If I were the breeze I would blow oh… Mission of Loving Mercy I’m on a mission. A “THANK YOU” AND A “HI” I learned that there are things in life we don’t want to happen that we have to ACCEPT; things we do not know that we must LEARN; and peopl… loving u SWEET MEMORIES echo There is a place, / where softly spoken words exchanged / just before the earth rotates / will reverberate; / ever so lovely in my head. … Pollinating of Distance. for space is but nothing / for those of us who enjoy / a more intimate coupling. A Loving Command of Our Trust I just cannot wait another year / to hear the sound of your calming voice, / And since you are not able to be here next to me / it leaves… Loving a wall A picture on the wall / Confused thoughts of what could be blue sky and you with me, a space between of what could be / No is the word that… i told you loving me wouldn’t be easy i told you loving me / wouldn’t be easy / toxic am i / i possess a torturous soul / dark is my nature / living on the edge / leaving … Pieces… wrapped in cellophane / sparkling and transparent / their sweet love / still beating / warm within me… ~ Our Fave Bloke ~ If you have not read this bloke’s stuff you have not laughed on the bubble yet! / He needs no introduction but I’ll give him on… Loving Forever We fly high to Nirvana / And sweep across the plains……… Meeting You Now …..Meeting you now…I can only cry / tears of joy runs down my eye. / No words can speak of a face so dear, / as the one who st… The Passing of One Romantic Season. We both saw the distance but she saw beyond me to those who were waiting with infinite patience. Lead To Loving You I never expected to fall in to this flame / To the point where Id happily resign my last name The loving rain What is the rain without the sky / The river without the rain / The ocean without the river / What is you without me. Yesterday ‘my dark lingering gaze..’ Loving Tare Through this gapping wound i stare / My eyes have seen too much i declare / This tare in my sight / Leads me to the endless fight / Where t… The Heart Of The Fire such a bad liar! / How could you do this to me? / Burning of Desire! Free …living on Earth is the only / way I can love her MOONLIGHT moonlight softly licking your body Loving you ♥♥♥ …being in love with you / is sweet intoxication ♥♥♥ / …old souls who love / beyond eternity ♥♥♥ Every Moment Every moment of my life / Is in Your hands To all my loving friends here I will get off, as we have a big thunder storm and i have a broken big toe on the left foot and it is giving me pain and my body a wreck /… TENDER LOVING CARE Tender Loving Care / those words were never comprehended / it just seemed to him / perhaps the words just blended / an expression with no m… In Silence I Shall Keep Loving You As I close my eyes at night my emotions begin to move me from the inside, / A beautiful face appears and I smile upon the darkness as we g… The loving pain the sunset and sunrise / make him cry …. / the stars at night / make him sigh … / he wants only to / make me smile … / a… I jumped, You ran. You took my hand and lead me. / Together we walked to the top, / to the edge of the cliff. / You let go of my hand / and took a step ba… Look Look / look into the eyes of Jesus / the dying Christ / as he hangs on the cross / Have you ever looked into those eyes / those loving / co… smoking eyes… the eyes smoking / with toxic / fire on me; My Hearts True Love My heart pounded loudly, quickening by the second………..It beat faster and faster as if it were a humming birds wing, stinging so… The Truth Heart’s pounding, well what’s left of it. / I want it, but can’t have it. Day dreaming I lie there / sun baking down / upon my back / Sizzling my skin / prickled with the heat / slowly scorches. / To cool it / I move a littl… “I got over loving” love, rest. behave, GRANDAD another extract from my book “From Desperation to Inspiration.” STILL LOVING YOU. here we are again / riding the beautiful wings of love / floating on our hearts waves At the horizon The heart it rants, hope and courage seem lost. / What remains are sorrow, despair and anger. / You fought ’till the end with all you… Loving Thanks Thank you God for another day! / Help me sow love along my way; / And cause a lonely soul to smile, / Or give comfort to a crying child. / … Loving Places People and Things We would walk down to the River nearby and swim and fish and / catch Crawfish and Mussels. / The river mud always had a distinctive smell … Claire Relentlessly terrifice Wonderful artistic, loving people I have met no finer than those who work and play on RedBubble. / Loving, talented, spirit filled, and eye for beauty, ladies and men. / Som… SUCCULENT LIPS I AM DREAMING OF A SUCCULENT FRUIT / ONE THAT MAKES ME SHAKE / YOU ARE THERE / WHEN I AWAKE / YOU KISS ME WITH YOUR SUCCULENT LIPS / FROM … Loving again… Drinking in your scent…it makes me heady Time………. Time………. / Ticks by / And I wait… I am that Blind Man: One Woman’s Story (Par… Muriel Ellen Parker was something of a Cinderella and her life is not entirely unparalleled. I once loved you, but it ended when I kept loving… I once loved you, but it ended when I kept loving you even more. “Life Through My Children’s Eyes̶… If I could see life through my children’s eyes, / I wonder what I would see. / Would I see a loving hand, loving hands The thought of her embracing / Make me weep. / And sadness courses though my veins / Like Moorish stallions invading into new land / She … Recover from disstress, Bush fires and Flood vict… Invitation to Tasmania. / Restore your energies and visit Cradle mountain. / Play Tennis, Canoe, Climb mountains Loving Me In Your Eyes Sometimes a deep sadness / Comes over me; that winter / Of thought settling / (Iced as sliver fox in steel jaws); / For certain all beauty… Loving Endlessly Find out about why true love is endless despite turmoil,and pain. You are such a melody of loving joy sweatness of love / your melody of ripeness / enters my soul / sending me into / a spinning rapture of / loving thoughts the old days. Is sadness really the worst sin? / Is indifference it’s evil twin? / P.R.O.Z.A.C. Woman of the Night (Mature) MY FATHER, MY FRIEND He was a man of honour .. a man of care / Loving me so….he was always there / Kisses in the evening …. when he came home / Alwa… The Taste of Someone Loving (Mature) my own Sonnet 147 As I lie to sleep, I shall never wake, / Of our hatred and loving which we make.
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