Holding Hands- Love Lost In Transit by JessaRe Definition of an Unhealthy Relationship I fed on your words / Ate every single letter / Feasted as I was starved for years / I missed the pain. Drawn Together by flipteez Maratona di Roma - 2010 by jules572 Christmas Cheer (Noel) Yes, in our hearts, where love does start / The season is felt deep inside Overrated Love Kisses only for every other second makes me sick. / Holding hands is a crazed fad that everyone loves. Live this day by Raleigh Calendar Free Love by KythieKing Catch of the day by Steph Eisentrager distance Your voice smiles and caresses me, while your laughter leaves kisses along the arch of my back. / Our existence rests in words and messages… smile by RamonaJean comes a time take my hands / and close your eyes / see where you were meant to be / feel the sun beyond the clouds / where storms have passed / your tho… The Trick If trick to life is to be happy / Then trick to be happy is to be loved; / That means the trick to be loved is to be flirty / This would im… Valentine's Day T-Shirt by HolidayT-Shirts i love youu. by Angela Pontarelli TAKE MY ACHING HEART THAT BLEEDS take my aching heart that bleeds / its chewed , destroyed / no longer needs / it serves no purpose anymore / stop beating i ask / as with e… To Sir With LoOve by leeny Tortured in Love by LadyJacqueline Sun Love Tranquil by the oasis Carefree Girl. by Sonitababy Red love  by Harrison Cooper A Mothers Touch by jrockett Living On The Side Is this how it is supposed to hurt? / Low and sad and dark ; / Like a boulder has replaced what is left of a spirit, / A chasm throb where … Remember Me immotal verses, speaking from the the spirit / poems, love, remember me, my last words, visited by spirits Me & My Dad by Lisa Brower Wedding Rings by Jacob Hänninen Nap Time by michelle spiziri Love and Happiness by Laney ... When When push comes to shove, / and you can’t find the love. / When you’re feeling down, / and there is no one around. / When the lights are to… Marcus & Joan Begrave - Look of Love by Charles Ezra Ferrell - PhotoARTgraphy My cat by TarasKokovsky A whole otter love by katt471 Silent love 2 by kolamist Loves tragedy a three piece poem about love, loss and moving on from having a broken heart. a touching and suspensefull peopm. check it out. eternal love 4 by minimalmagic Food of love I stare at him from inside the kitchen window. / Such a pretty thing. / Like a strong stemmed rose presenting its lush red / petals so last… my love for you it almost been a year / i havent shad a tear / im so in love i know you would be there / when you touch my body / i get the feeling of be… JESUS THE LORD OF GLORY all the world is rubbish compared to JESUS THE LORD OF GLORY / i dare not put my mouth around such a GLORIOUS AND EXALTED NAME! From: BOOK OF EARNEST TEARS/TIMELESS JAZZ/CALLING… 11. / The chemistry of musical marination / How can you pinpoint spirit in a key / If it is all pre-composed where is the anticipation/inte… iLove - Gadjets Orange by Ruy Domingues Love strokes (vertical) by LAZILEES iExpress by calmmind traped in love by mburleigh8 She Ain't Heavy by ellc True Love by MyArtMyHeart Love Your Day by pixel-cafe .de CRYSTAL IMAGES( PYRAMID TOP OF POINT OF CRYSTAL) by mandyemblow Someone knows Now someone knows / It feels different. / I know it’s wrong / But it’s there. / My friend says / But… / But what? / … L'amour by ElLoboLoco " Norma-jean and wine by Norma-jean Key To My Heart The key to my heart. / What allows the key to open my heart? / There are many ingredients. / Each one important and if one is missing the k… Old Town Canoe by Corky2p THE BEAUTY AND THE BOY as little boys in men’s hairy bodies huddled like young ducks around her naked body. Death My Love Death my love. / Death my love is sweet . / Death my love, / to die a million times / over and over with you. / To only then / become on… love love was peaceful Brotherly love <3 by Schutte14 By my Side “…For him / I paused enough to breathe a space / within the perimeter around me..” Longing for my love by mromanas Love Is... by technokitty sometimes you know, / your weakness shows. / its not the calls at 3 am with / slurred words in bathroom stalls / or / counting sandwich bites and let… With You in my Life Having you in my life / …I am strong. / …I am loved. / …I am cherished. / …My heart is strengthened. / …My so… Lifes work You spend your life looking for affection / Trying to work out which is the best direction / Wondering how to make everything right / Expec… Every Other Day “..But now i can’t climb at all / ‘Cause boundaries don’t make me stronger..” Meat lover by Ninooo Perhaps love The liquid night slithers / along like a stutter / feelings awake / creep deep / feed memory with pangs / that strike / like cuckoos do / i… GenuineTee - Hottie (red/yellow) by GerbArt Big hugs by georgia01 The Distance Of A Journey We have walked one small path together. I am colorblind… I feel your hands around mine / I feel the tickle through my spine / I hear the voice in my head whispering.. / he’s finally found yo… My Chest Is A Cage my chest is a cage and it holds a ticking clock… Fair Love Juliet. love IF / LOVE / IS / NOT ALL / WHAT ELSE……. So Intense A feeling so intense,a stimulation not only to the body but you take the mind on a different journey as well.Capturng every aspect of love … Rays of Love from Heaven by Vickie Fortune Love beyond the Horizon by DiannPrickett Falling In Love by Jose  Acosta Far Apart I miss every breath you take, / Every laugh and smile. / And the way you hold my hair from my face, / When you kiss me. I Love Redbubble 2 by Roydon Johnson The Dance Do not be afraid. / Under silver blaze / coyotes sing / and I / and I / dance with you. my love by mateusz Love’s Symphony Sweet Love Willy Wonka Vs. The Oompa-Loompas My enemies, please, please, come to your senses and commence a cease fire, Shed no more tears and shut the shudders on those eyes to keep t… Beach Bliss by NatskyWPE Passionate Play by RK1313 For the love of Horses by Jane  Campbell The Crap of the Ocean (Floatsome) Great is the pearl of the clam, / the smooth, round perfection. / Few think of the beginnings of such a fine reward. T-Shirt - 37 by haya1812 Where Have You Gone ? Where have you gone, / my sweet friend ?………… / …. / So near and dear to my heart. / Where have you gone, / my… after the storm (Mature) Beauty What is beauty? / Is it her eyes sparkling in the moonlight? / Is it her sensual lips, softly parted after the kiss we just had? / Is it th… Let it Linger by iguanadongreen complicated love by derek maguire "Gateway to Serenity" by Norma-jean Morrison NEW ARCADE APPAREL by ojmarchphoto Front She puts on a front one that says she is strong. / People don’t realize that this is so wrong. / The truth is face to face is way s… Father Love by Turtle6
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