Tifa & Cloud: Tough Love by DHylton

For Billy

Sometimes I wonder if not much of you was genuine, in the beginning; / There have been many ups and downs between us, / But I’ve kep…
I Love You... by SwaySwayBabey8D water of love by mhodge I'll Love You Forever by - Ghost Horse Designs

Journal started at Dec 27 5AM will try to wri…

My life is not like other peoples lives. Not even close

Sealed With A Kiss

Have you ever felt like the lord created only one person for you? Well this poem is about the person the lord designed for especially you, …


There is a Psychic ability within us all ready to ‘connect’…
Brotherly Love by heatheree

Food of love

I squeeze a lemon into a glass. / Like zest from his body entering my glass of desire. / The snake is more alive now!

Life Worthwhile

These are the things that make me smile / These are the things that make life worthwhile
Cubic Thought by Tree  Rivera Sweet Sorrow 2 by LaNae Love by Amber Carpenter Love dance by bubz In Love & in Water by Christiane Esker

He is Necessary

He is necessary / Like breast to infant lips

God’s Love.

Love. / It means something to me. / It shapes who I am and hope to be. / It travels up, then down, then out. / It is multi-directional and …


i WISH YOU hAPPY!…. / Remember this: / What you have is a reflection of what you allow yourself to believe… / As within, so wit…

A Legacy of Love

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you poured glue down a toilet? Most would never consider it, but the few who do makes us ask, “…

I Wonder

I wonder / Do you have the courage / to do harm / to those who have the power / and intention / of harming you …


I hate feeling the shadow of vulnerability moving through my world . . .

Wings of Love

Wings of Love / She stood under the bluest heaven at first she was just clothed in the latest smart fashion as our eyes / Met it was the g…
over growing by Strabz


-Not one lone regret / And here among the / Floating people-
I Love My Dog by Hazel Dean

Midnight Reminders

In my dreams, / Two glowing stars, / Stare back at me. / Glowing orbs, / That beseech / Mine own. / Searching / Answers to questions / That…
Sharing A Moment 1 by J.M. Romig



Things can change if you make it so…

So interminable was that night / That a life time later / I fumble around / For words to express my fright.


SOME ONE CLOSE TO MY HEART / so dear, so sweet, / so gentle and fragile / yet not afraid of a thing / so young and willing to learn / willi…
The Only Word Is Love by NorthrnDownpour Hotel  Love Hurts 360 by Sazzart

Near or Far…the path to a soldier’s m…

Queen of Hearts is really LOVE. Queen of Circles is really TIME.
sister love by anniewhitt l got ballz by flipteez

I’m a Play Girl To a Fault

I’m a play girl who’s never been caught…. Or at least until him.

My Memorial to Him

With great sadness and fond memories, I regretfully say / My brother was killed on Memorial Day / Almost 17 years now and so I often I thin…
i love my babies by deltadawn i love my love bug by wildgurlphotos Hippy - Peace and Love by bleedart

Different Seasons

The sky is black, the day is bright, / the pavement is hard, the grass is green there are different seasons, / but which one will I like, /…


sister is now a blister / Eventually it went too far / I didn’t want to talk / We are at the end and our memories are just a blend.
V. by Elizabeth Rose Rawlings Elephants Love Feet Too by JasVN Love my Schnauzer by Pam Utton Tiger Lilly by heather madden love by Caroline Bellini LOVE AND FAITH by RayFarrugia The Irish love it! by Gabrielle  Hope Love Gaia by Jack MataXatu Young Love by Amanda Jordan Toad Love by jamullah Lovestruck Mascot Tag by KawaiiPunk iLove - Gadjets Purple by Ruy Domingues

Her Pain, His Love, The Foe

for years now i’ve hid the true meaning / of my actions, you’re blind in seeing / the true feelings i guise, don’t show /…


I won’t let myself fall in love / I don’t want to be raised to the heavens above / I ain’t no dove / No, I won’t give way to you / For you …
Young Love by Violet  Lily love vibe by nocturnal Look of Love  by Michelle BarlondSmith

My last conversation with Love.

Love came to my bedroom last night and laid down next to me…


Mine is of an empty Goblet. / The sunny dry of desert sands. / A thirst for all I crave for. / For this I’ve searched through tired l…
Ipod Love. <3 by omg-kiara

~ High ~

Glistening pearls of anticipation / drip in slow motion / over dark skin of perfection / nails graze stimulation / a gentle breeze cools fl…
Memories of Love by atmbroke


I need your love / I need your voice / I need your touch and smile. / Searching for you / Until the light fades / And the tears begin to fa…

hates love.

eternity, / loving losing / and all the time wondering / what is the point? / life is harsh, / death is polluting the air, / causing grief …
The folds of love... by su2anne Eve's Sun Bathing T Top by DAdeSimone You Hold My Heart by Kim Pease In Love by ELMOZGIRL


Feasting on your beautiful eyes, / My heart melts and I’m hypnotized. / When I gaze upon your face, / I disappear without a trace. / …


I just seduced a man / And together we made love / This love gives me wings / So I can fly like a dove
For the love of Shells by Carolyn Staut Calendar love by Trevor12


Proud Mother of a Fire Explorer; Bringing more boys into explore the possibilites of becoming a fire fighter
Poppy Love by Linda Parker

Letting Go of Lost Love

I’m scratching at the surface / I’m scared

Why Vote for Rick Perry When Someone Great is Sta…

If his only plan is to ask God, why not just skip the middle-man. If you plan on voting for Rick Perry do yourself and your country a favor…

You Are Love

Praise Adonai, / Exalted You are above all the earth. / Holy, Holy, Holy / Your people sing of Your great love / You alone are worthy – /…
nurture oneself by vampvamp love again by Anita57 BUG LOVE by Nia Brown


You appeared out of nowhere / Didn’t see you coming / It’s true nothing in love is fair / When words are forthcoming / You took…
LOVE YOU LONG TIME by sorcerymoon Loved to Death by MrJakk Love At First Sight by Ainsley Kellar Creations


How can mere words / Express the life and the / World you have made me?

What would they think?

This question has probably manipulated most decisions in the world. I am sure you would agree, we have our own deep thoughts within us.
baby by witson two old trucks find love. by Amanda Huggins

Song For My Brothers In Love

Where I live / the streets are filled / with memories / of trampled German flowers / & down on Lansdowne / the brothers in love / stand…
here have this by CHRiS Stahli A burnt Romance... by Rachael Burns A Painting for My Love by Gian Love Smoke by tastypaper
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