Whole sweetheart, you’re only a burden to yourself I fell in love with her 2 I wake up to a sunrise impression / Looking down at this body I once knew / My eyes glide over an unfamiliar inspection / I remember the … To Touch Someone… You don’t have / to touch someone… / to touch someone. LUST or LOVE ? If you could only pick ONE…which would it be ? / Knowing at the end, you are left alone to just BE.. / Alone with your Thoughts, Drea… songs of spine & salt brush my hair aside / & read the stories in my bones life after love A story of love… lust… stars… spacedust… life…death… lies… trust… man… god… and us Because You’re Not A Poet Don’t forget dear, / that I am a poet / I could slaughter you with words like razor blades Without love… I breathe in and think in oxygenation / Tied to living by chains of alpha globulin and desperation / Heme binding my blood and DNA unwindin… Surgery of a Soul. Surgery of a soul In need of repair. / Tiny little instruments used with such care. / A spirit mechanic with a look of despair. Hey Dad, I’m 40 You embed your trust into an anvil and tie it to my guts. I wrote this first in long hand in the dark I wrote this first in long hand in the dark / to feel the words take me innocently upon the page / the distractions of the colour of life … fuck you (Mature) Love me endlessly Look in my eye / Baby don’t cry / I don’t want to leave this place by your side / I belong here…. where your heart resides / You fill my i… Immerse and Surrender My eyes without you are forlorn, / I bequeath you with all that I am. a love story like a fairy tale love roses nor chocolates / cast talismans for love / all happened to me like that goes with the territory.— / half told and half untold / like … my knight, my sculptor, my slayer I beg of you with quiet whispers / do not abandon this blade, my lover the book of blood and snow She dotted her i’s with little circles. / I fucking hate that. Liquid Love If I pour out my heart / Into your glass / Will you sip slowly / Or gulp me up fast? / If I’m what you crave / For your powerful thir… Tonight I want it like this….. You talk / And I pretend to listen. / I take another sip of my drink / And I smile at you. / I lean back / And lift my skirt / Just a littl… Rough Sex tell me / why / i love to ride / on this razor’s edge / of desire Lorenzo’s Oils (or Lorenzo’s Painted … When cast upon this hostile shore / I didn’t lose my faith nor curse / This nutshell opened up for me / Lorenzo’s painted universe This poem is all about love This poem is not about the deflate that the heart feels. / Laid bare and exposed, sucked dry with thumping ache. / Nor the pointless why’s … the two of us I have dreams of flying / What a beautiful feeling to be fledged / It reminds me of the first jump I took / Off the third story ledge … coconut & dirt I’m going to hurt you tonight / In three delicate ways dark desires ecstatic to the moment’s oblivion, / with many a play to nirvana’s infatuation, / dark these desires may be, / but an ephemeral… Never Knowing Much One moment allows the seeds opening crack and in that same / instant / grows a forest / How can we ever believe we know much? / Words serv… For Her (Mature) 10 Dating tips for the lonely Nerd So, you’ve decided you’re lonely and that it’s time for you to crawl out from that hole you’ve been hiding in and go find a girlfriend? The… We Meet Again I feel mischief in your blood and a smile in your step / I feel parts are finding the whole / and when they do each one holds the other / a… love me like sunshine slide me / ……………into your pocket / and keep me there. / close to the place / where your heart beats. / love m… Forgotten I’m broken now / But I have not forgotten the way it feels / To swallow rain like candy drops / And then to / Stop / And fervidly kiss / If… Love those breasts Stroke them suck them lick caress them / Fondle squeeze and undress them / Nuzzle sanctuary muffle play them / Dress up worship and display… Mystic Weavings An ultimate reality believed from insightful gifts / Visions from Creator and my contemplative spirit uplifts / The reason I was born, a pu… I Breathe I will not die a second before I am dead. The girl needs a monster in her man The girl needs a monster in her man. / A wolf with a heart loyal to his clan… / A fierce Warrior with a helping hand, / Girl needs a … Sex with Dead Poets You came to me at arms length, / crooked and tame / like a horny old mutt, / rare and diseased like I like; / brilliant and crawling with … Memories and Lies Locked inside a dusty old trunk / Kept for a lifetime in the basement / There lays a secret, never told / A tragic tale of life and forbidd… She thinks……He knows She thinks her shape went with the kids / and regrets not taking care of her figure / she thinks she must always cover up / he won’t find… masturbation (Mature) parted lips (rated – X/R, ex… White knuckle sensation / Intimate penetration. / Sweet thrill of thrust / Pitching swirling lust. October is a Memory Hammer There nothing in the air in October to slow down the pain that leaks from one person and into another. It transmutes like lightning. Flashi… ALL IN ONE LIFE it takes heart / to see / love / in an agitated world, ventilator I whisper you stories / without an end / hoping the anticipation / will keep you hanging, on Creation of Love a puppeteer strokes the strings / of his polished masterpiece / his tears lubricate joints / fingertips caress her smooth form / as… Next Full Moon All’s he ever wanted was / A hand on his shoulder while he was writing / About his love for her. / She made it feel like his life was eve… Cardinality “panentheism? / or pantheism?” / “body and soul, / mind -god / body – Jesus / soul – spirit / trinity! / fat… The Holding Spell In her spare time / she practices magic / but not the kind / you see on TV. / To the best of my knowledge / she can’t do card tricks,… For a girl with a heavy heart, I love you I don’t know what to say, / so I feel, / I wanna say something is brewing / but what? / climbing vines / nostalgic need / stranglin… the stagger of lips and love what if i told you / i don’t just want to taste your sex / (though it’s on my mind) / raw as it could be / addictive / like man sweat and … My Shenandoah Dream In the air are traces of sweet / things; honeysuckle and apple blossoms, / bluegrass and jasmine Even When You Feel Alone Your state of mind is tenuous / As balanced on a knife / And even efforts strenuous / To take control of life / May in the end just miss th… Bathsheba Her body wet and glistening, perfumed / She is. / With fragrant oils, smoothe / She is. Love in Black & White The balance of love / should never be a burden in your sails Freckles “Mum says only one, huh?” / She nodded sadly and slumped to the ground, still cradling her prematurely adopted toys. / “W… my birthday thoughts, with love and cracked pepper today… / today, slightly awry i was when i woke. / you never know what to expect on your birthday / to think 26 years ago i was spat … I am the whale of poems And I am just the whale of poems / And you hate poems Love on a Couch Just a little lie / The air around her became filled with the soft, crooning music of light jazz, the type you might hear at a dentist̵… My Lust …your fingers draw masterpieces on my body, / wetting my skin and my apetite, … A Vision from the Ocean Her voice called to me in the night, musical and haunting; calling from beyond the crash of the surf. lets get lost tonight Creaking, they rattled like bones and threatened to throw us off, but we held on tight, clutching each others skeletons to stay locked in o… Meeting the Mad Woman She is nice / She is kind / She is subtle / She is compliant / She is nurturing / She loves so much / She is sweet… / Oh the feminine… her lips all I could think about was her scent. And how much better she would smell, closer to me The Bouquet of Orgasms …the undulating and pulsating embrace that moistens our bodies and… / we are deafened by its amazing whisper! rapture As night descends upon us, the candles cast a luminescent glow / Our shadows dance along the wall, matching our bodies, nice and slow THE MANY WANTS OF A HUMBLE MAN I want / to amble through the garden of souls / harvest the fruits of well tended thoughts Passion of Love: Part one chapter 1"Left Beh… “You really want to know what I’m grinning at?” he asked. “Yes” Jean said. “Ok, I’ll tell ya, see when you get past this belt buckle darli… IF (a poem) IF / Rain / September 08th 2005 / If I were you and you were me / Would we be the same us that others see? / If eagles were buzzards and b… When I Found Out My Father Was Mortal how lucky we were to have known him and that morning a mortal man again became immortal, in my heart Both Sides It’s no fun to be loved from both sides. When every decision will break someone’s heart. Naked and laughing …whispers promising raspberry kisses and galaxies of freckles swirl into my ears… I will love you the length of love’s imagination Finding the Fifth Element for My Party of Two Will you swallow all my passion / my whole and damned heart? / all of it / and with pounding flesh and every morning hence Not Now Not now, / Just / not / now / Tomorrow / I want / now / But / Not… / now / I keep seeing and feeling more / And / … more / you see, / r… “MOTHER” …….a beautiful p… A mother I think so much of, / a friend I truly need / Sometimes I may seem horrid, / but it’s only teenage creed / Mum, I love you s… Compose who needs a fucking pen? Love Bombed – The story behind the painting… ’You’ve been love bombed.’ A lady psychologist said to me. / ‘What is love bombed?’ I questioned. / ‘Lo… Nothing Feels Better Nothing feels better than loving. / Nothing. / I have a memory of the sly details of deception / I would lay on me heart, / But I am old no… DAVID’S ANGEL Do not cry for me / For I did not die / I am an Angel / With an Easel in the sky / My life was worth living / I followed my heart / Drawing… Breathe now for the last breath is gone Come. / We are all invited to laugh at Love’s funeral. NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO ~ ( Prayer for Exoneration ) NO MORE / Pain. / I want to claim / My fame… / with fortitude and good fortune. for you, love the night is myrrh lush and oh so frankincense painted pretty / my shoe laces are undone / and the strap of my thinking has snapped free / … You Make Me Melt I always think of you. / I think of your energy. / I think of your mind. / I think about the way you make me feel. / I think about you in m… I Love you… in 100 different languages I Love you… in 100 different languages / English – I love you / Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief / Albanian – Te dua / A… How Do I Love ? With this in mind I’ll tell you of my love / That brings a smile in wind and driving rain / And even holds my gaze from stars above /… the steps of my shadow I’m walking here with nothing to hide / I’m feeling i m alike the clown that whom walking in the steps of my shadow / Empty e… climbed a hundred times. they know that special place… Words of Wisdom by Saint Teresa People are often unreasonable and self-centered. / FORGIVE THEM ANYWAY. / If you are kind, people may accus… Little Girls Without Fathers A Mother Who’s Trying So Hard / And Filling Both Shoes… / It’s The Little Girls Without Fathers / The No Father Truth…. Anna’s Eternal Sorrow – (collaboratio… Does she roam every day, with her beautiful sorrow her only companion, on that simple piece of earth wherein his bones rest? Secret Dance! (Mature) Can you love, like this? The rain never tells the earth / “you cannot live without me”. All this in the name of love Love abandons you helpless on a dark road / Hurling drunken abuse as it screams away Strong, confident woman Strong, confident woman / Why do you cower 50 WaYs to LOVE YOUR LIVER……X 0. Take Maybe 2 Days to Read…………………………x / 1 Drink Water…..Obviously.....&… How Far Can A Hug Travel How far can a hug travel? / Can its strength endure the miles? / At the speed of light over five thousand k’s / Can you feel my smiles? … Baked Alaska The greatest joy of life is to love & be loved!
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