The things we lost in the fire Today I sung horribly in my car / At the top of my lungs and while some looked scoffing / I thought of a memory when I was young / A re… lost sometimes a spirit breaks little by little / hurtful words, bad decisions, reckless actions… / the down side of daily life / my soul is wea… extinct, i won’t forget you Dinosaur, I still miss you. Forgotten I’m broken now / But I have not forgotten the way it feels / To swallow rain like candy drops / And then to / Stop / And fervidly kiss / If… lets get lost tonight Creaking, they rattled like bones and threatened to throw us off, but we held on tight, clutching each others skeletons to stay locked in o… bewilderment – (chaos between heart and min… Could you find the balance between heart and mind / could you draw the line between them? Finding the Fifth Element for My Party of Two Will you swallow all my passion / my whole and damned heart? / all of it / and with pounding flesh and every morning hence Breathe now for the last breath is gone Come. / We are all invited to laugh at Love’s funeral. Chocolate and Blue Eyes Lost at Sea Many, a many a time / he had taken his love to the sea / Where like children they played / With sea horses, dolphins, / Turtles and merm… Soul Substance The simplest things in creation are blessings and I hope that I always see them this way A Walk With Winter’s Soul I went for a walk to accompany the bare trees / Of a snowbound land on a winter’s day. / So calm and soft the snow’s silence / Filled my c… THE NIGHT “YOU’RE THE NIGHT, LILA, A LITTLE GIR… …TAKING ANOTHER DRINK FROM THE CARTON SHE DROPPED THE PILLS INTO HER MOUTH AND SWALLOWED. / “THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS” SHE WHISPERE… Nocturnal Lovers You are right there— / but not really there at all / like the scent of April sunlight / playing notes upon your hair / back in the days / … The Lost Garden Dampened by each tear / formed but never shed; / loathing, pain and sorrow / fertilize this bed. The Deepest Sleep the deepest sleep is closer now / i don’t know when i don’t know how PLEASE READ, VERY INPORTANT My Dear Friends, / I,m writing this to you to try to save you the awful experience I went through this week. / Since I discove… An insight gained from a life lost It’s unclear how it started but it’s come to an end / The death of someone I didn’t know; the death of a friend / Regardless of our underst… Can’t Find My Way Home You are like a lost soul searching / Never really knowing where to look. / Or even knowing what you need. / Your life is an old, sad book. Iris I loved to watch you—how you grew, how very smart you were / I loved to watch you—in the becoming you shew so much promise / I … Little Girl Lost. I tuned out the little girl’s wails, / as she begged for forgotten fairy tales. / The world is harsh, by now she’s learned, / t… A woodcutter will not cut leaves made from love “Hello woodcutter”. BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST… … his thoughts pour with distilled discontentment into the chasms below / giving rise to tripping fingers of ocean longing, / reachin… for want of a nail the shoe was lost I’ve fought for so long that I’ve forgotten what the bone of contention is / I knew no more about something than a frog knows a… Cold Summer The cold kisses on my bare hands, I first thought was light rain was actually snow. Lost in the Ruins of our World Can’t think straight / And when I do / It leads straight to you / Endless figure eights / You skate / On my brain Lost my edge ….fuck it I apologize not. Another Boy If only I could be / The one that calls from within / Another boy another time / Living life without the sin Dear Blue Look into the basket, it is the least that you can do while sitting out there blue dreaming. I Once Was Lost But Now I Am Found Now the Devil did not loose one of his team members with out a fight. The One. The shoes still have the mud on them. Lost Love in Regards to Lost Hope Lost love can never be regained. / It dispenses pain on those involved, / And even those not suffer in its presence. / It takes away the ha… Who will it be, the slut or me? ( journal series) I dialed your number but / the voicemail said / to leave a message, you are busy, / so I did / _“hi baby, please don’t be too late / reme… Soul spill Fragmented memories spill / oozing steadily in a fluid haze / revealing vague utopian delights Alive- An Emty Plate she stood staring emptily into space / she emptied her mind of all thoughts of home and food? / And she had to steal food just to stay ali… WendyL – haven’t heard from her for o… Wendy L / I am trying to get info on a special lady who has simply vanished, her name is Wendy, living in Florida area i think. / Can anyon… To the Lost Let your new eyes stare out upon the wonderous tide; / Let the storms pass, & return to me with arms open wide, Lullabys and Lies… That some things can’t be fixed / Like hearts. / They were meant to be broken. Soap Bubble – Episode 15. Lost and Found. the soap bubble saga continues, no girl to save, baddies closing in and I’m running out of ammo! who will save the bubble now? Nobodys perfect I want it all to be over with / I want it all to be done / life it seems is just no fun / it has hit me / that everyone is against me / be… Lost Soul So much anger, so much pain, so much false hope in a glass container. So much separation, so much anguish, so much filling of emptiness wit… I Lost My Wife This Past Week Friday I laid to rest the love of my life, / Yes, a wonderful mother and a loving wife. / We were married for over 34 years, / And I miss h… Shattered Bones – Rebirth Of Lost Soul amount of make-up couldn’t hide expression / like didden dangers lurk in the ocean depths / I just couldn’t hide my fear during… Lost And Found Weeks of lost time only to awaken with the blooming grace and fragrances teasing my nose. As though I were living inside fiction as someon… Vanishing I once knew her, fairly well, I thought. But now I can’t be sure. / Lost again and losing more, fading slowly downward / into a vagu… Lost Souls Among Us ! When you lose the will to survive, / the fight to go on, / what is left ? / There is nothing more terrible, / than to watch the spirit of … Little Girl Lost I am quite proud of the piece as words were never really my greatest passion! This has been my only piece of published writing. Lost That fight you know / Still resides in my soul / Though progress is slow / I will make it back home Chair pouring Pour me a second glimpse of If Shattered… As she held it in her palms it shattered into tiny pieces – jagged and sharp. The Dragon who lost his fire powers, by 10year ol… “There is a mountain called Magic Mountain, on its top there is a egg, if you eat the egg your fire powers will come back, but if you… Innocences Lost Society continues to fail her; ineffective SERVICES betray her / No help for her in gaining freedom from her captive mind / There is no rel… The Look Of Love The look of love / The unconditional dove / Irresistible in your moment of weakness / Strength lies in your meekness. Valentine’s Kiss Down the path my love was led…. My Mirror The pleasure of pain. You Made Me Dirty I used to stand in the shower, / with the water as / hot as I could make it. / Then I would wait until / it got colder and colder, / silent… My thoughts are lost . . . My thoughts are lost… / Somewhere, deep in the human ocean / Have you found them??? / My thoughts are lost… / When I was thinki… LOST LAST THOUGHTS….(a repost for Easter) Destiny strikes, / lays my weary body / upon splintered crucifix Black Magic Woman You tricked me into believing / And now my soul is consumed / By this Black Magic Woman. / My heart can never be exhumed. Memory of You But the bird of my heart will not sleep. / Still he sings… hush, bird. Lost inside… Waiting for a stop sign to turn green, / Talking myself though another / Situation, / Problem, / Circumstance unseen. LOST IN THE MIST I couldn’t had will to resist / i drifted away with the mist / i lost myself in the mist LOST – A poem Its a maze …we must negotiate, / this sense of self , this US we’ve come to know. Maliau Basin, Sabah’s Lost World The Basin represents a single catchment, and is drained by a set of radiating tributaries of the Maliau River, one of which descends a magn… the lost souls they call out / hidden in a veil of darkness / the lost souls / looking for comfort / wandering the earth / heaven is not theirs / nor is… I lost my poetic licence in Curdie Vale I raise my glasses to my wonderful friends here and wish you all a spectacular new year… / xx Perfume (poetry) my old work: / Let the Perfume touch me / As it always wants to / But it’s my bare hand that holds it / A bottle filled with smelly l… still hot (pointless) i’ve just about closed the book on love / my rewrites are no good / no new juice A LOST MOMENT I’m feeling scattered and lost / watching my broken spirit walk past Love’s Lost Dream And in the darkness now, I lie awake / Regretting giving in to love, for love’s own sake I must shake myself from this nightmare of hold&#… heart break, separation, lies, cheating, abandonment, loss, lost, afraid, Lost Boys It’s how I meditate. / Doing donuts in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church on a blue boys’ Schwinn Collegiate, circa 19… Middle C Last Wednesday, I found a middle C on the footpath in the city. It looked dusty and worn. I wondered who lost the middle C… The Siren (A poem) The Siren / By Rain / June 16th 2005 / Funny, who think talent drips from fingertips / Like blood from cut fingers run. / When moisture fe… I Lost A Friend Today – Again I lost a friend today. / When I lose a friend, I lose a piece of my heart because I love these people like family, yet I haven’t know… the loss of a soul it didn’t happen in one day / nor one year / not at a certain time / rather randomly / slowly throughout a lifetime / perhaps it was … “Had” is past tense I miss / those times when we were alone. / When we were the only ones left / on the streets at night, / walking arm in arm. / The sidewalks… MISSING: Tom Starkel “Somebody” got you they took you away… / And I’ll never forget every detail of that day! / The moment I realized yo… Why is it there? Imagine why it’s there or what went wrong? / Now does it symbolise a friendship lost / A weakened love’s lament, a farewell son… The Receiving of Love Your courageous clouds / Always disappearing / To free / The impossible / Bond As I Wait……… I am alone in thought of you / do not disturb the mind / to find a memory of you I’ve replaced my eyeballs with moons, to be… She came to my morning / like a maid / to the loose memory of a full night / of impetuous sex. / Those are the real senses burning—like … Lost to Insanity All my life I had wanted to be a warrior / To live out my dreams in righteous warfare / And sacrifice my soul to God and country / Giving … Stillborn Rambles about old loves ;) VERY old. Unknown authors,bleached bones,lost words and a t… I sometimes, / Hang out, / In second hand bookstores, / I like tings, / Used,worn,tattered and torn, / dey accept, / me second hand clothes… How the Forcefield was won and lost. Not long ago there was a man who almost lived in his shed. / Day and night he worked in his back shed until finally, through sheer determin… Dying Man. should I inherit his legacy / even if thats what they’re telling me / just because I can? / What would you do / if you saw this dying… In a grown up world….. Like a child / lost in a grown up world / I wander / in amazement / and bewilderment / searching / for something lost / something close / … White Sheets She was wearing her white pearl button shirt her favorite brown boots and her short denim skirt, Red lipstick to leave her mark and a vanil… Love lost by the side of the road… I saw it, / By the side of the road, / Laying motionless, / Broken, / Slightly trembling, / Moaning, / Surrounded by pity, / The pain was i… Lost For Words They are telling me I am mad again / For believing in the Word / Thinking there is a Creator / Of all you see and all you have heard The Boy Who Lost His Laugh. There once lived a small and beautiful bird, so beautiful that words themselves could never describe her. She was a small delicate thing wh… (with) relish this dream I am getting lost in your understory Anything one more push / and we drown again Mermaid You always thought of me as a / Mermaid / In a sea of sharks / You thought they were always looking at me / So you were protective / Then y… Lost Are the Words as Buried Treasure they’d glisten / like juice, like rubies / daring to be found / but they’re gone / like a crevice in my flesh / gone LOST Lost in my lonely glow / like a lazy bird / flying to his home. / Seeking myself and love / like a drifting boat (or drifted?) / in the lie…
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