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2012 Lost For Words Calendar by Franchesca Cox Calendar forget-me-not by Bridgett Ferguson Pitseleh by melodious Forgotten I’m broken now / But I have not forgotten the way it feels / To swallow rain like candy drops / And then to / Stop / And fervidly kiss / If… Walk Away by LoveringArts Tis Better by Adam Howie Guys Forever Remember T by Amy-lee Foley 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover by Marion  Cullen Someone Left a Rose Out in the Snow by SummerJade Life goes on… by Naf4d Seek Not My Heart. by WickedlyLovely Broken and bleeding. by cultlestat Life goes on… iCase by Naf4d Lost Love in Regards to Lost Hope Lost love can never be regained. / It dispenses pain on those involved, / And even those not suffer in its presence. / It takes away the ha… Lost for Words - August 2014 by Franchesca Cox Lost by Varun Tyagi The Look Of Love The look of love / The unconditional dove / Irresistible in your moment of weakness / Strength lies in your meekness. bare by jotography Letting Go by Scott Mitchell Stillborn Rambles about old loves ;) VERY old. She wanders through the empty darkness, forever bound by his love by Scott Mitchell "Betrayal" by ArtByJuan Deja vu? (art and poem) by Rhonda Strickland A Hidden Me behind this veil / there is a hidden me / someone only i know / you will never see / fragments of love / that still remain / embedded in m… What is it? by Kristi Bryant A Song of Loss For a thought has just now landed; / Love is a Dream, grasping for Reality / Which comes back Empty Handed. How can a life How can a life / be defined / by bits of paper? Wall of Honour, Australian War Memorial. by lu138 If I could only remember her face... by Scott Mitchell Its All In The eyes by LoneAngel Every Moment Has Beauty by Joe Misrasi A mother is forever by Scott Mitchell Soul Man by Julie Everhart Darkened Heart Come and see yourself free / Hold nothing back in the fight for life / Forget not who your are / But who you once were The Numb After Rantings of Grief Dark Paradise by Raine333 Lost Friends by cardiocentric She wept for the fallen by Scott Mitchell Regrets by Julie Everhart Does a compass ever lie? To escape this white winter landscape / Is to travel NORTH to where your ice-melting sun rises Wall of Honour by lu138 Back to Yesterday by Joe Misrasi Barricane Beach What brought me here / to suffer the shrieking indifference of seagulls / and the apathy of rocks? Unrequited  by Scott Mitchell I AM LEFT BEHIND I know the feelings / Of being left behind / I’m still scared / Of the pain that shatters ones mind / As they escape to magical lands…    * LITTLE BLUE CORNFLOWER*AN INDIAN NAME WE CALLED YOU* by shaquayla Peace for You but None for Me by Lisa Knechtel Love lost I remember that night / The sweetness it brought / So easy to forget / The way I was caught / By a lovely surprise / In an unlikely place /… Solitude by Scott Mitchell Resting on a Thorn by Barry Doherty For Ashley by Ellen Cotton into the sunset by Jan Stead JEMproductions without a trace I lost myself in little pieces / wings and grace and all / in songs and tales Love Lost by Kerry  Youde The Darkness of the Heart There’s a sensual sort of / Romance in / The darkness of the heart- The Unfixable I say can you / love a broken soul, and / endeavour to make it whole / can you fix it? LOVE note #9>   FUGUE or lost without you by Sassafras Memory Loss by Jonathan  Sexton 23 Months A mother’s tears can never dry / pain that gets that deep, finds no relief / and sorrow governs the heart / the depth of which, evident in… Corrugated Cardboard by ducttaped Here Comes The Fall by Joe Misrasi You made me cry I think… I’ll never stop missing you. When loved ones are lost Your friends still stand with you, / To help you be strong. / To help you each day, / To just get along. "Prayer For Those We've Lost" by Leyla Hur True Love Lost. I think of casting them aside every day. I want to just forget all the pain and loss & pursue you into the darkness of you depression. … Regret Maybe there was something. / I could change. / Something I should have done. / A word spoken. / An embrace I held back. / Revealing I was y… To have lost a loved one once before To have lost a loved one once before, / To feel the ache, / To face the pain, Faith by Victor Varela That Day by Joe Misrasi One Tier Drop At A Time by LlandellaCauser The Dog I Fed I’ll wave goodbye with the broken hand / bitten by the dog I didn’t know I was feeding. Storm Claims One… Thirty days has September. / rain began, I remember / hearing, softly felt it sinking in. Something Lost Your big hands are still the same shade / the same texture / as when their touch meant Always Loss by Lisa Knechtel Letting Go of Lost Love I’m scratching at the surface / I’m scared Seek Not My Heart. by WickedlyLovely Long lost love by Lee Ann Reed Am I lost or just less found? by Emma-Victoria Loss The destitution of two in the morning / The room is vaguer than it was / And the sides have unearthed their / Way of suffocating me Lost Love by joAnn lense Lost Love Thought runs at silent sights, / The sheer feelings from deep, / Clear beat within my mind. Familiar Terrian Where have all these night gone? / where do we find the strength, to run. / lost in translation; / i don’t know who you are, anymore. How much do you remember? I / Was the one / You wanted / I / Was the one you / Leaned on / I / Was your / Sister / Friend / Guardian a gas oven to rest my weary head in not breathing / not thinking / for so long / my nipples got hard Crescendo I am anything but composed, / your composition / shakes my root, rocking the / tree of us. unresolved and just like that / simple like a trigger / the choice and power is in your fingers / you choose. you decide / i pulled it and its gone / … A love lost Leo by katrinajane Step One You Say We Need To Talk by whithss65 One Love Two days until Christmas / Two hours until light / Too often you fill up / My dreams in the night / Too tired to keep going / Too weak to … What’s Left Of Love Too many years, too many times / I’ve woke in sweat and had to find / A way to push you out again / And pray once more that it will e… Lost for Words - June 2014 by Franchesca Cox Lost for Words - September 2014 by Franchesca Cox Vanishing Boyfriend by Aiden Malecky Historic Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga by Scott Mitchell Two Sides  by BugletLou Lost heart by erinstudio
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