10 Dating tips for the lonely Nerd

So, you’ve decided you’re lonely and that it’s time for you to crawl out from that hole you’ve been hiding in and go find a girlfriend? The…

Can’t Find My Way Home

You are like a lost soul searching / Never really knowing where to look. / Or even knowing what you need. / Your life is an old, sad book.

Is Anybody Out There?

I’ve checked my mail, Facebook ,my phone / Is anybody out there?


He looked lonesome. A consoling thought for me was that the beach pebbles he lay on, were warm and soothing

Lonely level 53 Wizard seeking female

Hello, I’ve been single for erm lets see… err four… five… carry the one…erm… since birth, and I feel it’s probably time I found a nice girl…

My Tears Are Your Rain

Written during a rain storm in which I imagined that the rain was a sad woman weeping for the one she left behind.


I hear your lonely song / dance its longing / on moonlit, / shimmering leaves

Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Only my heart is exposed / Nobody cares whether you’re bleeding, / Whether your aorta is screaming.

One Is the Loneliness Number

like a precious baby


and I wonder why / the birds don’t hear / the noise in my heart

Remembering How to Breathe

In time, they say / But I think that it’s their time / They’re speaking of / It’s fine, I reply / But that’s just so / They’ll let me be…

Desperate distance

My world is totally blank, yes, tragically bare / today / I long for your calming soothing words, your / voice / yet punishment persists as…

Little Girl Lost

I am quite proud of the piece as words were never really my greatest passion! This has been my only piece of published writing.

My Boneyard is a Place of Hearts

I used to be a flesh monger / I used to bury bones / in causeways of ecstasy

La mia risposta (My answer)

…you came / like an answer / on the winds of change / a mysterious phantom / picked from dreams / an intangible fantasy / from a myt…


Before I knew love / life was just air / suspended

The Witching Hour

I hear those voices that come just before sleep / They chant

O Life, Give me a hug…

O Life……. / Give me a hug / O dear life…… / Give me a hug / For every pain / Offered by you……. / For ev…

How do you know you’re lonely?


the way music can lose its shape

so with numb fingers and / and the curtain falling to the floor / I say we have played this song long enough

Adam & Eve

“I’m getting you drunk”

Open wicker

Lionel took his lanky arms folding them around her. / She felt cozily coiled up in the warmth of his friendship that knew the true subst…


I don’t want you to live inside / of me like a secret wind


words, just words

Lionel Our Master Chef

Lionel examined the burn on his wrist from being careless near the hot plate. / A neat smart burn. / The kitchen was not tidy. / He w…

A Single Lonely Tear

And a single lonely tear cascades slowly down my cheek, caressing my skin like an old lovers touch…cold and unfeeling!!

I must shake myself from this nightmare of hold&#…

heart break, separation, lies, cheating, abandonment, loss, lost, afraid,

cutting the ropes from the fall

so I wound a rope around time / thick and plaited / then double knotted it with my soul

Shopping Girl

No bargains and no credit available. / The shops have closed their doors….

the hell of alone

we are born alone / we die alone / there’s no reason / for us to live alone in between

No longer lonely~

People called me heartless. / Asked if i was ever lonely..

School Stories from remembering Secrets

Right at the back in the far right hand corner / I sit. / Alone

Lonely among’st the Tinsel.

Lonely among’st the tinsel and the tassels / Among’st the crowds and lights of Christmas / Among’st the songs and carols …

SHH. I can’t take the silence anymore

how loud can silence get? / it’s resounding in my ears / deafening me / SHH.


You always thought of me as a / Mermaid / In a sea of sharks / You thought they were always looking at me / So you were protective / Then y…

Trapped Within, My Lonely Darkness

Forever stuck in the future / Alone and lost in the present / Fear is red, I am color blind / Lost and trapped within

lost and found

nothing worth living for / no one to hold / no more ’I’m home love’ / fled band of gold

If you see him…

a distant stare because / he sees what we don’t / a broken heart / his daughter taken away

Owner Of A Lonely Heart ( In Retrospect )

Now that I’m done with sex / Where do we go from here? / If you don’t have love or pleasure to live for, / Do you really want to live?

I am lonely for you

love, real, need,

On Your Own

On your own / When your sad and low do you weep / Do you shed your tears in solitary / Weep in silence / On your own / Close the doors / B…


I met him long ago / needing someone / to dream of when bored


So when I hurt you does it play on your mind? / Oh do those lacerations tingle with spite?


The loneliness just cant stay / I dread it each and every day



left behind

a snag, a tear, a sharp jab / left behind / to wander alone / in the realm of darkness / no where to go / silence prevades / distant is …

a wish (for the lonely)

compassion for the lonely ones

No Way Out

He had been alone for so long now / He wasn’t sure if he could allow / Himself to trust another human / He didn’t know if he e…

Lonely & In Despair

Alone the next day, yes, no calls. Life is about / self preservation!

Garden Of Sadness

She lays in the dark / Where sadness grows a garden / Covering her in vines and black flowers / Stealing her tears as nourishment / It grow…

The Lonely Cricket

The lonely cricket / chirps in the moonlight. / Calling out, crying. / The lament is not heard / but the weeping continues. / Darkness prev…


can i escape the lonliness with the love ill one day feel for you?


Mr Duffy…lived at a little distance from his own body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glances. He had an odd autobiographical h…

Split The Wood

Wood chips shot into the air, / Like all those promises made, / He hoists another Iron Bark log, / To stand beneath the blade

The Architecture of the Tortured Heart

Rip it / Shred it / Slash it / Squash it / Tear it apart.

dream diary- poem of the gift shop by the …

walking down this little dirt road / came upon a old house all lonely and cold / a little pond sitting just to the left / with very dark cl…

Golden Lion

A golden lion once crossed my path, / With hypnotic eyes – he held my stare. / He moved so gracefully with natures songs:

Smoking outside

I could almost feel your lips / brush the back of my neck; / in this daydream, I’m aching. / So I had to reach back / each rough spir…

Her Own Friend!!! ©

She sits all alone, a lost look in her eyes, / emptiness in her soul surrounded by lies. / She cries out in silence, a feeling of despair, …


I lie in my bed / With our memory kaleidoscope above my head / I turn it most every day / And I feel like some sort of abandoned ship / Roc…

Glory Hole

Smoking hungrily out of the hole / Crudely cut on the wall in the cubible.

My Friend, My Sister, My Love

Angry at you? yes I am indeed / Kelly you left we were only 15 / you climbed into bed and said you were sorry / I held you all night long. …

Lonely Bird On A Tree – A song for regenera…

they drink your milk to grow, your man’s strength to plow, and yet, they eat your meat?

Everything blurs together when you don’t ex…

I close my eyes, and sink / to what feels like the very bottom / as I sit in a chair in the corner / of this small dark cell / like so man…

once, you loved me

I never wished you / Any sorrow as you / Walked away from me / I had just set my / Forgiveness in your hand / Closing your fingers / One b…

See, Speak, Hear

She gazes somewhere beyond / A person alone and unloved / Eyes open wide / Expression lifeless / Nothing about her is revealed / To all who…

The Endless Walk

a cold rain pours / Soaking her to the bone / she lost her shelter / Panic seized her deeply / Fear clutched at her heart / she was walking…

2 × 4

I felt so much pain / Or should I say / Too much pain / For you did leave me so / Or should I say, too / And didn’t I give you enough…

a hundred sparrows

I have almost left this town many times / I have packed my bags full of / Everything I see, except to leave one bit of me / On the window …

Not Gonna Play Myself/Lonely I am

A Very close look into my mind, at funny story that happened to me


these remnants of you / reach far beyond what / ever was of us

Lonely Is How We Feel…

… when we forget / we’re surrounded / by angels.


Freezing hands on warm coffee will never sustain like he could.

Death Breath

There’s nothing on this road. / You’re away and you’re alone, / fast asleep while you’re at home. / I’m awake…

The Hermit

My heart is broken tin / I have to bear the grief / of the outcast and the lonely / of the shipwrecked on the reef

Feeling Alone

Do you feel alone?

Somebody Loves You

Are you feeling a little lonely/unloved these days? There’s somebody who loves you deeply, who knows everything you’re thinking…

Being Alone

This loneliness likes to stay up late with me, waiting for me to tread the drowsy steps of one who is young and tired, waiting to trip me.


I met a mouse the other night. / I was alone, as I generally am, / Typing by lamplight. / Clattering self-advancing words / And post-Mille…


they waited by the elevator / glances were shared / she looked at him carefully / as she touched her hair / her hair was jet black / with c…

I wait….

I wait all day and watch the road, to catch a glimpse of you… / I wait in hopes that we will get to share a moment or two. / I wish o…

the acoustics of charcoal rain

Walking down the crowded, grimy streets I am always surrounded by people, chattering in their sharp language but usually not saying anythin…

Esophagus Knot

I found parts of you still in my body / at the same time / I found the familiar lumps in my throat. / If only I could iron them out / cares…

A Wifes Teardrop to Her Husband

I symbolize how much you’re missed, / and how many prayers have been said

Dark is the loneliest of loners all !

Dark is simply a loner lost !

The Lonely Dance

Behind those eyes, a dam was bursting.


No matter what I try to do / a void will keep me / waving at distance; / involuntarily out of your view. / You say the cold is bothersome, …


Sitting on the couch / with my fingers crossed, / I’ve tossed my pride off the top rock. / Oh, stop, / to see what the goblin got in…

The darkest moment!

Treasured things so out of reach / Were never meant for me to keep

Attic Window

Locked away in the attic / so dark and so cold / One little window / so small but tis my own / As the tattered curtain falls / falls to t…

Giving up!

I feel all alone and have lost my will to live / I cannot see what beauty lies ahead of me

A poem called Internal Bleeding

I’m alone in this nightmare. / Internally Bleeding for you.

The Blind Man.

He knows not of color, / nor the changing of time. / Which has made him speechless, / and because he has nothing to say, / but the ability …


I’m so lonely. I’m so lost. Without a friend. Without direction. My tears keep falling. No one sees. No change in sight. No c…


When the wind blows / were it not but to take away your pain / up and away / far out to sea / disintegrate / and dissipate / absorbed / an…


secret tears / that crash onto my pillow… / Sometimes…
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