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Is Anybody Out There?

I’ve checked my mail, Facebook ,my phone / Is anybody out there?


I hear your lonely song / dance its longing / on moonlit, / shimmering leaves


and I wonder why / the birds don’t hear / the noise in my heart

Remembering How to Breathe

In time, they say / But I think that it’s their time / They’re speaking of / It’s fine, I reply / But that’s just so / They’ll let me be…


Before I knew love / life was just air / suspended

The Witching Hour

I hear those voices that come just before sleep / They chant

O Life, Give me a hug…

O Life……. / Give me a hug / O dear life…… / Give me a hug / For every pain / Offered by you……. / For ev…

the way music can lose its shape

so with numb fingers and / and the curtain falling to the floor / I say we have played this song long enough


words, just words

I must shake myself from this nightmare of hold&#…

heart break, separation, lies, cheating, abandonment, loss, lost, afraid,

cutting the ropes from the fall

so I wound a rope around time / thick and plaited / then double knotted it with my soul

the hell of alone

we are born alone / we die alone / there’s no reason / for us to live alone in between

Trapped Within, My Lonely Darkness

Forever stuck in the future / Alone and lost in the present / Fear is red, I am color blind / Lost and trapped within

If you see him…

a distant stare because / he sees what we don’t / a broken heart / his daughter taken away

No Way Out

He had been alone for so long now / He wasn’t sure if he could allow / Himself to trust another human / He didn’t know if he e…


Mr Duffy…lived at a little distance from his own body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glances. He had an odd autobiographical h…

Smoking outside

I could almost feel your lips / brush the back of my neck; / in this daydream, I’m aching. / So I had to reach back / each rough spir…

Everything blurs together when you don’t ex…

I close my eyes, and sink / to what feels like the very bottom / as I sit in a chair in the corner / of this small dark cell / like so man…


these remnants of you / reach far beyond what / ever was of us

Death Breath

There’s nothing on this road. / You’re away and you’re alone, / fast asleep while you’re at home. / I’m awake…

Feeling Alone

Do you feel alone?

Esophagus Knot

I found parts of you still in my body / at the same time / I found the familiar lumps in my throat. / If only I could iron them out / cares…


No matter what I try to do / a void will keep me / waving at distance; / involuntarily out of your view. / You say the cold is bothersome, …


Sitting on the couch / with my fingers crossed, / I’ve tossed my pride off the top rock. / Oh, stop, / to see what the goblin got in…

A poem called Internal Bleeding

I’m alone in this nightmare. / Internally Bleeding for you.


secret tears / that crash onto my pillow… / Sometimes…

You Left Me All Alone

left me, / heart broken, / true love

shingle scratch

I wish I could lay; / be less alone, / and kiss you on / your collar bones. / My fingers trace / along your spine / I’ll fall in lin…


I’m sick / just another twisted kid / twisted in the ordinary / trying to find where I fit in. / I’ve been called a generic fuc…

The Dark Touch

Unknown delight


Good girl….

Who knew white was so shivering cold…

Who knew white could be so cold. / White Light… / Its bright light on this night… / So lonely and bare, / No warmth to behold. / It …

It’s Only Me

It’s only me you forgot to call / only me you left at home. / It was only me that you ignored, / only me you left alone. / I’v…

I like being the bed you lay so comfortably in

Cough outside through the cold and the smoke / while I lay in the road and choke on exhaust: / I’m melting / with slush islands in t…


Destitute / Derelict / Despondent / Huddled wrapped / Cornered wind abates / Infant slumbers

Time Tricks

It’s not even ten. / My mouth is dry / and I’m laying in the dark / on a cheap spring bed. / But it feels more like / I’…

At the bottom of the sea, please forget about me

Was it the alcohol? / Working your vocal chords / like a hand puppet, / reaching from your screaming liver / up to your screaming desire / …


Maybe by breaking the keepers / Time would be beaten

Love is Summer

The sun is still out, / but just barely. / It matches the mood / of the jazz groove grooving in my head; / as smooth as a lake surface from…

I am

I wish sometimes / that I could forget / the better half of / what has been filling up / the pages of a book / stored away out of sight / …

The Echoes Of A Soulmate

A battle of the hearts / Two souls intertwined so deeply that the rip runs deep / Love and passion turned to rage so startling / Over somet…


I AM LAZY ….. so leave me alone / Why not go….talk on the telephone / I’m tired ….played too much today / I real…


Sitting alone / With knees to my chest / I wrap myself into a ball / And cry

Partly Ground and Partly Sea

Sometimes my own sadness makes me sick. / My stomach hurts like hell; / I can feel every single pill. / I’m only trying to hold on / …


It surrounds me / Engulfs my being

Shadows on the Fog

There are ghosts all around us, / Our deeds and words they log, / Spectres of our darker sins, / The shadows on the fog.


Once upon a time in a land far away / There stood a tree and it was happy every day / The tree could sing no one knew why / It made people …

The Truth

I could say I have my reasons, / And tell you I meant this to be. / Or simply speak the truth, / In the hopes that you may see.

I stand alone.

Today I stand alone / Left pondering in thought / I hold fear and loathing in my hands / and bitterness… I have been taught

Vacancy -(Lyric?)

Unattached / There’s a space by my side / and a hole in my heart / I’m unattached. / No one to share my love / just a vacant pl…

~ Drifting ~

Lightening flashes as storm rolls in / Thunder damns the earth / A tear is lost in ocean’s depth / A whimper never heard

This has got to stop

‘A searing, stretching, sadness / is pushing my insides, out: / It’s like I have no centre. / I gave that role to you / these p…

I have no title

People die….., humanity shall fall

Am I Alone?

Someone must be there / To hear our lonely cry



Virtually Reality

There were so many people dancing in couples; / There were so few who were alone.

I was…

Digging here like it has in so many places in its life, what is its goal this time? I began to draw a parallel to my situation.


On the blazing, barren mountain-scape / Amongst the dried brown grass, / Upon the parched land, / Stood deary and alone, / A poor old tree&…

Mr Slickwickett

The limbs in question, burnt like fire, / partly because, of a lack of desire. / Now I’m stuck, with a load of scars, / forever em…

You Wonder Where She Came From

A young woman, nearly eighteen years old, / Lashes out as she tries to grab hold / Of the dreams she once had, she cries in her sleep / And…

I Miss You Now

I’m missing you. / I miss you now. / Do you feel the same? / My life is a continuous / Stream of “miss yous.” / Wonderin…

Alone or Lonely?

We both were all alone they said / If you were two. how are you alone?

why do i sit here alone


Being Alone

This loneliness likes to stay up late with me, waiting for me to tread the drowsy steps of one who is young and tired, waiting to trip me.

alone in the dark

im still crying because of her and i dont know why….

Just Me

There’s a blood red stain in the evening sky, / I can tell it’s gonna be a real long night / Out of nowhere the darkness came, …

alone again and again

im waiting for the sun to dissapear / its fucking eerie out there / lilac sky and too quiet / i feel crusty and filthy / the tears have dr…

Nothing to say

it’s an entirely different feeling / To anything i’ve felt before / Knowing that what morning brings, / Is you / No longer need…

Summer Sweet

Categorically / she / is an orange in / the lemon trees

a toast to

We drank to darkness, / holding our glasses high / and gulped another regret. / Empty air was all it was.

pathetic and lonely

i know im pathetic / and i know im a loser / but maybe / just maybe / you could love me…

Poem “Lonely All Alone” by Roby …

Lonely, All Alone / Lonely, all alone, / Despondent even too, / It makes me kind of sad, / And really kind of blue. / Lonely, all alone, / …


Don’t look back now, it’s far too late, / Don’t want no more Hello’s or Goodbyes / Please just close the gate. / No more crying tears of so…

She’s Lost

She wakes in the morning, / afraid to get up. / What’s there to look forward to? / She pours herself a cup, / of orange juice, that&#…

The present you never recieved

Blackness enwrapps her eyes and forecasts a music pumping dream of wishes and wants. As her body starts to sink into the matress, no moveme…

Wash Out

Empty halls, / Milk white ceramic. / It will take hours / To wash me out.

All I Have Of You

Trying to imagine the stars tonight / Hoping to find the answers


Soo… I guess it’s time to move along, / as we both know that real love has gone, / and this is why I sing … This Last Son…

a mile in stolen shoes

…throw me another line / i promise we’ll be even in the end… / …walk a mile in stolen shoes / to find out who you&#…

A Bird Now Gone

No bird remains to sing his song / So silence pounds the whole day long / In beat with memory of the day / I clapped to make him go away / …

A Lonely Place

Its dark and shady and cold and gray, / the dark spot on the city’s handsome face. / This is such a lonely place.

If You’re Still

He wishes you were here

Lonely Ballerina

Dressed like a doll / In the darkest of black / Her eyes are crystals / Much like her heart

Winter’s breath

The summer gone will haunt us for years, / Just I hope you take the time to scare away the ghosts in my heart / Now that the leaves have a …

The Lonely Night Express

Time passes slowly / As this feeling of loneliness consumes her / These last few years / Things aren’t what they once were / She look…

Won’t come… Too numb

It’s the big bad world and me alone, / Overpowering me…


There’s a part of me / that wants to curl up in a hole / stretched to the core, / dead bolt the door, / and never come out again. / I…


so high / what goes up must come down / so low / back to where i belong / never to climb again


Everlasting is the feeling, never go away.


Just another few dozen pages on a free calendar. / Dreams only come true for fragile moments

Another Stupid Poem

Instead of courage I thought with fear / I ran away when I should have been here

I Hate Valentine’s Day

Once again, memories creep. / And I turn to sleep,


Amongst towering walls / In utter solitude. / Not wanting to be found. / No one lurking. / He pauses to listen; / But he is all alone. …


heart’s broken… / when will I find? / where is my mind? / life’s pain… / i hate lonely. / questioning me. / all…

The Lonely Lover

Dark, is the lonely / that creeps inside me. / Where void needs an answer / only your love can fill. / Large, seems the bed now / with…

What am I?

A loathsome thing that wonders a lonely road? / Alone! And insecure of life’s oddities that I have strangely become. / Afraid and al…
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